Why Are We Here?
(you and me, at this specific time…)

Hello. I want to say how happy I am that you found your way here. Are you happy? I ask, because I think there are no accidents, and you are here with me because the Universe brought us together. And with that in mind, I encourage you to keep reading, because on this page there are a couple of free gifts to support you.

So let me also ask, are you fully engaged in your life with a passion, and insight, and inspired fervor of excitement that entices you out of the cocoon of your bed each day? Or, like too many women, do you feel empty inside even though you’re well-put together on the outside?

Are you guided by your passionate purpose, and learning to trust yourself more each day? Did you finally step out of the shadows and claim your divine birthright to shine brilliantly while others bask in your inspiring light? Or, like so many others, do you hide your authentic self somewhere beneath a painted-on smile?

Is your life, at this very moment, the manifested expression of your deliciously fulfilling personal taste, of your most preciously held values, and of your highest caliber expectations? Have you created a life by design that makes you feel satisfied at your core? Do you have plenty of time for following inspired creativity, for connecting with your inner goddess, for relaxing and self-care and for nurturing sacred relationships, and for allowing your life to unfold as a reflection of your feminine principles? Or is your current life something ‘less than’ you know it could be?

In other words, are you living a fabulously textured life consciously created by you, in the frequency of your infinite spirit, and crafted decidedly to suit your expansive purposeful desires? Is your richly hued life far more than enough to sustain you at the level of your deepest emotional, intellectual, and physical cravings? Or…does it reinforce your feelings of emptiness?

And in this glorious life, are you celebrating the unique wonder of you in all your energetically limitless potential? Does your unique energetic brilliance shine so brightly, that others take notice? Is there more than enough wealth in your world to allow you to support the causes you cherish, to offer you the freedom to travel to wherever you wish, to feed your soul with the experiences of whatever you want, to support those you care about, and to make it such that you never have to worry again about money? And in this life, are you well-loved and pampered, both by others and from yourself? Is your wellness a protected daily ritual? Are you living each day in your optimal state of mind-body-spirit alignment? Do you feel whole, complete? Or, rather, do you feel like something’s missing? Something BIG….

Daring to Dream

Do you dream of a life that’s different from the one you are currently living?
Is the grass greener on the other side of your thoughts?
In your secret mind wanderings, is there a “better” version of you, perhaps more polished, less frenzied, more confident and secure?
In this dream, are you living a “better” lifestyle with more creature comforts and less stress and overwhelm?
Do you play and giggle and celebrate with “better” friends and do you have a “better” more functional family dynamic?
And in this dream-state vision, do you reap decidedly “better” rewards than those you currently see show up?

Take a moment and allow yourself to feel into the truth of you…

Do you dream of having more money?
Do you desire the richness and freedom to fully taste life?
Do you wish you felt better about yourself?
Do you lament about love and romance?
Do you sometimes feel a deep urge to step out of your own shadow?

Do you just know there is something so much greater to be experienced?
Is your authentic voice silently screaming to be heard?

Is there a higher purpose pushing at your consciousness, pleading to come out and play?
Do you instinctively know that you were meant for something more?
Are you sick and tired of giving away all your energy just to survive the day? 

What Are You Thinking?

Sometimes, we have recurring thoughts that we misconstrue as thinking. Actually, these are nothing more than repetitive monotonous noises that generally bring no reward. The circling of obsolete messages about who you are, and what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do or be, move around and around in your head, are not conscious thoughts. They are mind-litter, aka garbage disguised as thinking. These cycling thoughts are reinforcing what is, or more accurately, what is believed to be true. They create super-neural pathways of whatever the message of the thought is, and this means if the thoughts are not supportive, if the thoughts are repetitive stories that keep you stuck in a low-level depression or high-level dysfunction, it’s time to take back control of your mind….

Maybe your head-speak is a cycle of repetitive laments like:

If only I could leave this job
If only I could leave this town…move to Paris, or India or….
If only I had a (better) lover 
If only I had more money….
If only I had a better body
If only I had the confidence to _______
If only I felt the courage to ________
If only I had enough ________
If only I didn’t feel so tired
If only I had the vitality of a two-year-old!
If only I were younger?
If only I had the education
If only I had a beautiful dream home
If only I could afford that _______ car
If only I’d had a better family!
If only I could let go of that ghost of that old lover
If only I had a better routine
If only I would finish something to completion
If only I were smarter; prettier; younger; thinner; enough

Maybe when you close your eyes for a little time out, you imagine yourself living on a completely different continent, long nights and dreamy days spent with a passionate and irresistible lover…or perhaps in this daydream you’re sipping sweet tea while leisurely writing your memoirs…a story that will be published, making you millions, and touching the hearts and souls of thousands around the globe. Or maybe your dreams are of opening an orphanage, of feeding and housing and educating the less fortunate, of leaving a positive impact on the planet….

Maybe you can imagine yourself turning your experiences into a calling to connect with others, sharing your stories and the wisdom they bring to the world. You have this inner voice that keeps telling you that you’ve got something to share, that your experiences can make a difference for thousand, perhaps millions of others…if only you decide to take that path. You are passionate about something that others need to hear, or to feel, or to learn. Deep down, you feel that you are the expert, if only you were brave enough to ‘own it’ and give yourself permission to step into that leadership role….

Maybe you just fantasize about making it through another day, intact.

It could be that you don’t even allow yourself the luxury of imagining a larger more rewarding lifestyle because you’re too in the spin of day-to-day survival…your thoughts and emotions are chaotic and your focusing ability is not a skill you currently have at your command. Maybe stress has stolen your patience, and self-pampering is something from an advertisement in a fashion magazine -one which you have no time to read! You barely have time for the demands of life: The linens aren’t going to change themselves, the laundry needs washing, the floors need a good scrub, the dust has gathered to become a community with a newly elected mayor, the bills need to be paid before the lights go out, the kids need shoes, and by the way, the litter box stinks. Argh! Maybe the fantasy is to run away and never look back!

Oh how I remember the days of chaos…

I’m not a stranger to the notion of stress and chaos, and the brutal truth is, there was a time when I was painfully shy and never felt “good enough.” My abysmal bank account balance, my frayed friendships, the dark circles beneath my eyes, my roller-coaster love-life, and the pounding of my heartbeat were clearly indicative of my lack of focus and out of control lifestyle, not to mention my awkwardness and lack of self-confidence….

Clearly, those effects indicated that I was not in alignment of my mind and my body and my spirit. In fact, I was so far out of alignment, but had been in that state for so long, that I didn’t recognize any other way to be. I never stopped being in the cycle of overwhelm long enough to consider that I could do things differently and have different results….

Transformation in the Moment of Clarity

First and foremost, I just must say that YOU’RE NOT BROKEN!

There is nothing wrong with you, and you will never. ever. never. be judged as anything less than perfect in your humanness while you are here with me.

I want you to know that I feel you. I feel your torment of “not enough,” and I know personally the chronic ache of not living the life experience desired. I’ve been there! And I want you to know that it can change, if that’s you decide.

Start by giving yourself permission to step away from overwhelming feelings for even fifteen minutes, and allow yourself to dream about all that you desire. It might help to journal your biggest, most audacious life possible. Give it a lot of detail: What you’re wearing, who you’re with, where you’re at and what you see, smell, and even taste. Describe the scene. How’s the weather? Put all the internal resistance aside, and allow yourself to fully feel into this picture as you envision the life you desire. Stay here as long as you like. You’ll intuitively know when it’s time to come back. And here’s a little women’s empowerment secret*: If you’ll begin and end each day with this emotionally charged vision of your audacious life, you will raise your personal vibration and will begin to shift physically into this desired realm….

When you’ve fully detailed this vision of your inspiring life, answer this: What stops you? What is it that causes you to resist creating such a richly rewarding lifestyle? How might you be in your own way? There’s no judging yourself here. Be honest with yourself, and simply notice what is.

Is THIS You?  

Sometimes (often…) a woman is well-put-together on the outside,
but inside she is secretly feeling that gnawing inferiority of not quite being “enough.”

She may be a prominent successful business woman,
(and if she is considered ‘successful’ she probably doesn’t feel it)
or even a woman who has braved and blazed her own entrepreneurial trail.
She could be a stay at home mom, a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, or a nun…
Young or older, of any culture…

It doesn’t matter how much education she has,
how many degrees and/or certifications she’s earned,
what her status is as measured by the world’s yardstick of regard,
or even how much money she has in the bank.
Her physical beauty, her kindness and caring, and her intelligence
have little impact on how she feels about who she is….

In fact, her self perception comes from the opinion of someone outside of herself.
Her self-esteem and self-worth are products of external validation.

It’s a conundrum that the most culturally accepted versions of “beautiful” are the most apt to experience the stinging feelings of not being “enough.” Some of the most revered Hollywood starlets, for example, have the lowest self-esteem…some to the point of self-loathing. It’s palpable. You can feel the insecurities, and if you look closely beyond the hair, costume, and makeup, you will see it there behind her eyes.

Something, somewhere has shattered her confidence.
She’s not broken; she’s neither helpless nor hopeless;
she’s just allowed pieces of her authentic feminine power to be misplaced….

She’s given away her power.
Have you?

She’s not living in alignment.
She’s not in her authentic state of wholeness.
(mind-body-spirit connection)
Are you?

From every walk of life, teen moms I’ve coached, mainstream women around the globe, and so-called ‘A’ list celebrity clients, that worn-out weave of waning self-worth has created a threadbare tapestry worn thin by spirit-trampling repetitive thoughts of “not being, doing, having enough“! No matter how hard she tries, that frayed thread of self-doubt is often the only thread holding her together….

Is this your experience too?

For years she struggles with the inner feelings,
sometimes turning to recreational use of numbing substances,
maybe noticing she’s drinking more and enjoying it less….

She may have a best friend to confide in…
or she may confide in a lover,
or sometimes even to strangers in coffee shops and bars.

Usually, she just keeps quiet, shrinking to suit others’ expectations…
suffering in silence while choking down the truth of what she knows deep down:
That her life could be different…better, if only….

Just give me a break!

“Just give me a break” is the call of overwhelm.
It’s the scream of desperation.
And I’ve heard it thousands of times.
It’s like a mating call of those who feel like they don’t have enough,
that they’re not good enough….

In law of attraction fashion, that mating call is the lower vibration of stress and overwhelm being broadcast into the creative consciousness and attracting the exact energies to feed the call. It can be no other way. That’s why it’s called the “law” and not the “suggestion of attraction.”

In other words, if you’re vibrating in the frequency of overwhelm, the generous universe will bring to you an overflowing plate of experiences to keep you in that essence of overwhelm. And if you instead, begin to transmit in the higher frequency of “enough” your sense of being, having, and doing enough will be matched. You alone, can decide.

What if, those “if only” statements above could be transformed into:

  • If only she realized beyond an occasional thought, that she is enough!
  • If only she would let go of past thoughts that continue to circle and plague her mind….
  • If only she knew that her life could be easily and permanently so much richer…
  • If only she embraced the means to transform that itchy uncomfortable life into smooth silk…
  • If only someone understood her unique feelings…
  • If only someone wouldn’t judge her…
  • If only someone would confidentially hold a safe, sacred space for her to explore her ‘self’…
  • If only someone would hold her accountable and take her through the process…
  • If only someone would show her the way to release what eats at her self-worth…
  • If only someone had been there before, and could confidently lead the way… 
  • If only she dared imagine her life as it could be…
  • If only she then dared believe that her life could be experienced on her terms
  • If only someone could help her see herself in that life of all that she desires…
  • If only she believed she is worthy of the journey to the other side of this pain (which is platinum)
  • If only she believed that she deserved to invest in herself…
  • If only she dared take the risk to step into her feminine power…

You may or may not be a celebrity, an entrepreneur, or a business woman, you may live anywhere on this globe,
and still, you may resonate with the same nagging inner gnawing of not being “enough.”

If so, don’t make yourself “wrong”.
(There’s nothing wrong with you.)
And here is evidence of your perfect humanness:

You showed up.

You are here with me because you are ready to face your truth.
You’ve tried to change…for years, maybe even decades…
…you’ve been in the spin cycle of doubt.

Maybe you just cannot seem to focus,
can’t quite put your finger on what’s holding you back.

Maybe you’ve bought lots of programs,
tuned into webinars, sat through seminars…

This could be your first time reaching out beyond your thinking,
because you realize, as Einstein reminds us:

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.
You must learn to see the world anew.”

Either way, you’re here because you’re ready to “learn to see the world anew.”
And that’s why I’m here too: to help you learn that ‘new’ habit.

You’re here, reading this, because you are testing the waters of my expertise.

You’re on this page because you are ready to commit to an inner practice of self-connection.

You’re here, because you’re so bone tired of not feeling well about YOU.

You found your way here, because you are committing to self-care,
to discovering a new way of showing up in the world.

You’re ready for some pampering.
You’re ready for some direction.
You’re ready to stop the pain.
You’re ready to live in joy.
You’ve had enough.
You are enough!
You are perfect.

You’re here to dip your toe in,
and to test the waters of my invitation to connect.

You’re here with me, because your spirit has guided you here to me.
Your spirit is your source of wisdom and prosperity and love…
…and your spirit will never lead you astray.

You complained, you got depressed, you even prayed…
You asked the universe for answers…
And here I am.
The universe brought you here, to my doorstep.
Now it’s up to you to walk through.

You’re here, because it’s time for you to own your wings….
…to claim your bliss….

I help women align their mind, with their body, with their spirit.
And when you are in alignment, you are in your feminine power,
…and nothing can stop you when you are in this authentic frequency of infinite you.

Why me?
What makes me the choice for coaching you?

My repertoire is long, as I have been in the women’s empowerment industry since 1984.
Long before the Internet, there was me, contracted to empower women of all demographics.

I have a transformational toolbox overflowing with proprietary self-awareness tools that you will receive once you commit to working with me in the capacity of:

My coaching practice is steeped in the richness of conventional education layered with formal training and experience as a ‘Gestalt’ practitioner, and is further enriched through personal experiences, by unquestionable intuitive gifts, and is topped off with decades as a women’s consultant, with myriad certifications, degrees, awards, and commendations including being an International Best-Selling, award-winning transformational author, certified as an LOA Law of Attraction expert (which I now respectfully and lovingly refer to as the law of appreciation & allowance), as a certified hypnotherapist, as certified in NLP Neural Linguistic Programming, blah, blah, blah, and just too many labels to continue listing here…

But here’s the thing:

It’s not about me, and it’s not about my credentials.

It’s about YOU.

It’s about the outcome I can deliver for you, personally.

If you’re ready to connect at a deeply authentic level, your shift will take place.
That’s a promise.

What Your 6-month Winged-Women™ Coaching Package includes:

  1 complimentary introductory phone call where we will create the step-by-step plan
18 deeply immersive highly transformative personal phone/Skype coaching sessions
Homework as assigned each week

18 inspiring empowerment lessons arriving with instructions in your inbox on a weekly basis
12 video recordings, each with a complimentary audio version
Access to the Winged-Women™ Private Facebook Group
Unlimited email access & support services for as long as you are in the program
Unannounced downloads: info-graphs, e-books, templates, miscellaneous programs as deemed by coach
Unsurpassed self-love tools and techniques for lasting empowerment


You’re probably wondering what the investment is for this transformation. And before answering that, I ask you to consider the costs of not taking action to change the way you are moving through life….

We already touched on how your inner doubt is stopping you in every area of your life. What’s the cost in terms of your wellness? What is the value of what you are missing out of in terms of missed opportunities? What’s the price tag on your self-worth? Can you put a price on the costs in terms of your relationships? How about putting a price sticker on your wealth potential? And maybe the biggest cost that you paying is to your mental, physical, and spiritual integrity, when you are not living in aligned empowered integrity.

What’s the cost of all that?
What’s the value of you finally being happy and prosperous in your dream life?

The investment in the 6-Month Winged-Women™ Coaching Program is $5997 full-pay
or $1497 deposit and $997 each month for 5 months.
(Payment arrangements must be made through admin@winged-women.com)
Get in today, and save!

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I really want you to succeed.
I want you to feel sure about investing in yourself.
(That’s a big part of a successful outcome -you committing.)

…if twice pay monthly works better, with a small deposit
we can arrange for 2 X $500 per month for six-months.
(Email Admin@Winged-Women.com for arrangements)

To keep the bookkeeper less physically taxed, we offer incentives for full pay

When you begin to take guided and inspired action, your transformation happens.
In fact, the absolute moment you decide to click the secure button below, your transformation begins.

So do it now.
Take that inspired action that led you here: Click the PayPal button,
and once your payment is processed, you will arrive on my personal schedule page where you’ll schedule our first personal contact.
That call will be on the phone/Skype, and is where we will set the schedule for the coming months.

Your transformation lies on the other side of the button, so click now, and begin.

Are you wondering if we’re a good fit for services?

Some people believe there is a difference between self-esteem and self-worth. This may confuse you too, but here’s something to consider: We’ll enhance both!

Self-worth is the said to be an inner image of who you are, based on what you know to be true about who you are. That sounds a lot like self-esteem to me. According to Alexa of Google fame (you know the voice) self-esteem is said to be “a feeling of pride in yourself.” It is perhaps, more of an externally validated appraisal that you take to heart.

  • As example, you may excel at a particular skill or talent, and as a result, you receive validation for your skills and talent, and that feeds your self-esteem in that particular area.
  • As another example, when you were a child, maybe you received recognition from a teacher for your spelling or mathematical abilities, and that recognition fed your self-esteem.

My belief is that the terms are interchangeable.
And the bigger truth is, your self-esteem affects every area of your life
from your bank balance to your romance.

So imagine every area of your life….

…when you close your eyes, imagine your life as a circle, with wedges like pie slices. Each slice is a piece of your life. And if all the slices are equally sized, the circle is a nice round pie.

But what if instead of each slice being equal, your pie had big bites out of some of those pieces? What then?
What if one of those pieces represents your wealth, and there are enormous bites taken out?
What if a slice was your self-care piece, and you’ve been neglecting yourself either physically, or mentally, or emotionally or spiritually?
How do you ever get your whole pie back?
How can you make it so that your pie is most perfect?

A client once told me that she was “great with money.”
She “had plenty,” but her love life had a big “vacant” sign hanging over it.

When we went deeper, we discovered that she loved money, but was not so enamored by romance.
In fact, she was scared. She was blocking off the flow of love.
It was not until we addressed her long-neglected inner goddess, that she was able to create the love life she deeply craved but had been repelling.

You see, it’s all about your inner connection.
And when you learn to connect with you,
you will know how to consciously create the life you desire and deserve.

Whatever pieces of your life aren’t working optimally offer a clear sign that your alignment is off. And I will provide the expertise and will give you the tools to come into full alignment. That’s what the Winged-Women™ self-love focus is all about. Being aligned in your full-winged authentic power is your divine birthright, and in fact, I believe it is your soul destiny to re-claim your feminine powers and to help other do the same.

So imagine now, you have completed the immersive coaching,
you’ve come out intact and better than ever…
…that inner gnawing is transformed now to a radiating light of self-love and acceptance.

You transmit the vibration of love and the love is returned.
You’ve learned to love every facet of yourself…
…you magnetize abundance of love, money, opportunities…
Magically, people and experiences show up to support you.
You have all you ever need, and more.
And you share, making this universe a better place.
This is your divine calling, manifested.
Own it.

Click the PayPal button below, and step out of the past and into your wings….

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If you’re still on the fence about how your life, and indeed you can transform in just 180 days, I encourage you to step away from this page, and go sit quietly with your inner goddess. It’s the best way to connect with your spirit, and is the well of wisdom that guides you. Place your hand on your heart, and ask the question is this Winged-Women™ coaching program a right fit for you. Take as long as you need in order to allow your answer to come into focus. And then follow the direction of that inner voice. She will never lie to you. And the more that you learn connect with and to trust her, the more you will expand your lifestyle into the life you desire and deserve™.

If you are definitely on-board, but feel absolutely unable to swing the investment at this time, do one of four things:

  • Option #1:
    Do nothing, and nothing happens.
  • Option #2:
    Up-level your life circumstances by committing and finding a way. You’re worth it. Ask the universe to deliver the means.
  • Option #3:
    Check out the 6 months interest free PayPal option (if you’re in the US)
  • Option #4:
    Consider this introductory alternative 90 Day Deep Dive

Whatever you do,
do it for you.

You are worthy and deserving of the life you desire.


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