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11:11 Alignment Offer

11:11 Alignment Offer

Do you frequently see 11:11 on digital clocks? Is it often enough to catch your attention? If so, you may be open to receiving guidance from the universe. Your mind is tuned into the frequency of alignment, and each time you see that familiar 11:11, you’re reminded of the importance of living in alignment with your whole/gestalt mind-body-spirit self, and attuned with the uplifting frequency of the universe.

I wonder if you know that you have a unique vibrational fingerprint, as unique as a snowflake, and that your frequency fingerprint is the calling card you leave behind after you’ve visited. It’s infinite. And it’s yours alone.

You may be now asking, “So what’s my fingerprint have to do with clocks?”
And, “What could alignment possibly have to do with the number eleven?”

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For everyone, and maybe particularly for my sister Scorpios, you’re probably fond of the number eleven, even when not being called into alignment, mind, body, spirit with the universe. It’s definitely a number that shows up often in my lottery picks. And it may be the same for you.

But when you see 11:11, don’t you stop to take pause and at least wonder about our infinite connection with the universe? I know I do. And when I’ve gone for extended periods of time without noticing the 11:11 showing up in my life, I begin to wonder if I might be wandering too far from my core self. I wonder why the numbers are showing themselves to me. And then I wonder if I am too unaware.

If you’ve been with me for any distance, you know I’m all about promoting self-awareness as a key to creating the life we desire and deserve. So when my own awareness seems to be vague, I know it’s time to go a little deeper; maybe meditate a bit longer; pull out the divination tools and align my frequency with that which better suits me.

The most important thing to know is that all during the month of November, the 11th month, you want to live in your heart as much as possible. The 11:11 gateway is open all month, and the more you consciously come from a place of love, the more your life will shift. This requires forgiveness, of others and of yourself.

Give yourself the luxury of some personal time to sit in silence and breathe in deeply seven times thru your nose, and exhaling always through an open mouth.

When you are relaxed, close your eyes and see the number ’11’ in your mind’s eye. See the ’11’ as yourself facing yourself. Imagine a conversation between the two of you where you forgive yourself fully. Say what needs to be said. And then, when you intuitively know you have forgiven yourself, end the encounter by saying I love you, and merging fully with this number.

The next time you see 11:11, know that you are forgiven, and aligned mind, body, spirit whole.




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Celebrating Life in Small Wins

Celebrating Life in Small Wins

I think it’s important to celebrate life in small wins….

November, as you may have noticed (especially as it’s all I blog about all month) is my birthday month and as such, it’s a time for reflecting, for considering what’s left of the future, and for finding gratitude for even the smallest wins.

It’s also a month for giving back and giving thanks.
And that includes giving back and giving thanks to you too.
So first and foremost, thank you for being here. I appreciate you more than you know.

You probably have some favorite ways to express gratitude. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind hearing about ways you choose to express gratitude or about the causes you support.

And sure, I too have my favorite causes to donate to. St. Jude Children’s Hospital is at the top of my list for tithing (tithe means “10” by the way) and I also like to support political candidates I deem worthy of my donations, and I support those charities that help the fringe of society to learn valuable life skills.

It’s not always about money. As example, I am donating transformational books to a women’s shelter in hopes of empowering women to transition out of dangerous conditions and into their own power. That position of lack of secure shelter is really starting from the bottom on the Hierarchy of Needs* as per Abraham Maslow. Lack of security is like quicksand; it’s tough to escape….

But I’ve seen women through the decades finally look inside and find the self-worth needed to lift themselves from unhealthy and/or unhappy situations, and not just women who find themselves in shelters. Women globally have been awakening to what I like to call fempowerment, and the paradigm shift has created ripples in both directions of a power tug-of-war that will continue until the center is found. Look no further than the current US mid-term election for evidence of the fempowerment beginning to become the norm. In fact, women are making history (her-story in this case). In 2019, 100 women will enter congress. That’s more than a glimmer of light for a kinder and more sensible world.  I’m guessing I may not live long enough to enjoy real balance and equality, but I still envision that scenario. And I can appreciate even the small wins in the direction of that kinder more accepting world. (Hey, a girl can dream….)

Celebrating small wins in life is really an important discovery when you think about it. Each little win builds on the last, and that creates momentum towards whatever it is you’re striving for. In the spirit of creating the life you desire and deserve, that’s a big puzzle piece!

So today, what’s something you can claim as a “small win”? What puzzle piece is now in place that is helping you progress towards that life you desire and deserve? The more you recognize the wins, the more wins there will be to inspire momentum. Celebrating life in small wins then, is a smart habit to adopt. I think that’s a habit that I’ll adopt as soon as I pick up my journal tonight….


* Hierarchy of Needs per Abraham Maslow is a lesson in MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting.
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Welcome to November, a Month of Gifts & Inspirations

Welcome to November, a Month of Gifts & Inspirations

This month promises to be full of value, fun, inspiration and gifts.

It’s also a playground (or grow-ground) that’s going to get a lot more action than usual because November is my birthday month. That means gifts for you!

The first gift I want to offer is a free online mini course.
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Confidence, or lack of it, affects every area of your life. It matters because you matter.

For the month of November, everything here will be intended to give you tools to boost your confidence, and to inspire you to live the life you desire and deserve.

Tomorrow a second gift will be announced on the blog, so be sure and check back!

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Beneath the Angry Face is Grief

Beneath the Angry Face is Grief

There is a truth so deep and hidden that few ever realize it is there: Beneath the angry face is grief.

To complete our month of “mask” posts, I decided to end the series by looking beneath the mask of anger.

Anger is rarely an emotion all to itself; in most cases, that mask of anger is masking a low vibration of grief.

At first glance, grief may appear to be quite separate from anger. After all, grief is near the bottom of the vibrational spectrum, an ultra low frequency that debilitates, and where little movement takes place. When we’re in grief, we can barely put one foot in front of the other; we can barely make it thru the night….

In fact, on the vibrational spectrum of emotions, grief is right there along side apathy, the lowest vibrational state. Anger has energy. It’s much easier to translate the energy of anger into action than it is to create progressive movement from a place of grief.

If you’ve ever experienced grief, you’ve felt the drape of apathy. Grief stops us in our tracks; stops momentum. Very little activity takes place while we are in a state of grieving. Grief is a low energy emotion.

Anger on the other hand, can create enormous bursts of movement. And anger can be scary for the momentum it can take on, and can take on quickly. In a paradoxical vein, there is less passion in grieving than there is in anger. But anger turned inward is depression. And depression is the full circling back to grief and apathy. When we look at it, we see there is not a linear frequency pattern, but is more of a circle of possibilities that are not nearly so separate as they seem.

When we peel back the mask of anger, we may find a deep emotional wound in need of excavation and ultimately, of healing. Until the healing is allowed, that mask will continue to be the face of anger, even as it hides the true nature of grief.

We’ve all seen someone who is chronically angry. That anger is spewed outward onto anyone unfortunate to be in the cross-hairs. And an ugly truth is that an addiction to the stress chemicals takes place, and that person must constantly find reason to be mad, to continue the mainline supply of these addictive stress chemicals. For the chronically angry, there is an addiction to be fed. These persons must always have someone in their sights. The targets are anyone in their pathway.

But look closer and when the mask of anger is removed, you’ll find grief. It could be grief that comes of deep seeded self-loathing, or it could come of any other depth of insecurity, but whatever the roots, it’s there: grief beneath the mask of anger.

Am I suggesting the next time you see an angry person you should hug them and help them feel better about them self? Nope. Leave that to the professionals. But do see anger for what it is. And then get out of the cross hairs….

So what if it’s not them, it’s you?

Are you often angry? If you take a step back and become the observer. do you see an angry person? Do you notice yourself being angry?

Remember that you are energy -not made of, but that you ARE energy.  You’re like a tuning fork that vibrates in tandem with the frequencies in your environment, and they with you. Like it or not, the law of attraction is real. Use that information to peel back the mask to see what’s beneath that anger. Where are you grieving?

If you need help with that, I’m a call away. Life is too short to live in either grief or anger.

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Cultivating Worthiness …in an Epidemic of ‘Not Being Enough’

Cultivating Worthiness …in an Epidemic of ‘Not Being Enough’ sprouted from years of spoils. Women from all around the globe showing up with a look behind their eyes, even as they smiled to mask the inner gnawing of not being good enough….

In an epidemic of constantly hearing how women felt as if they were ‘not being enough,’ my heart swelled with love. That love expanded in my heart for women globally, as it came of the knowing that I too have felt that heavy drape of not being good enough. It’s a shadow, a sadness, and a heartache that takes root very early on. And it’s fertilized by the culture in which we are planted purely as a chance of birth.

I look around and I see it still behind the eyes of the women I meet, or simply observe. It’s prevalent in the supermarket, on the streets, and clearly evidenced by the way almost every woman I see, is not standing as tall as she should be standing.

Because what I know for sure, is that every woman has a story. It’s rare and rich with experiences known only to her, and is felt deeply in her heart and soul. It’s the voice of her true self, shared rarely, and yet is a wealth of wisdom. And likely, that story will die inside, without being told.

My bias is that every woman has a story worth telling. And because I believe that to be true, in the coming months, I will supply the safe and sacred venue for encouraging women to write that story. We will gather the sweetness into one nurturing venue, and the synergy will be, I’m imagining, spectacular and healing.

It doesn’t have to be published, if that’s what you choose. But if you do agree you have substance to share with other women, stories that empower, inspire, or up-lift, I hope you will save the date of January 7th 2019. Yes, I realize that’s a ways away. And that means your calendar is likely to be open. 🙂

You’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks and months, but for now, please plant the seeds of possibility. Because when you share your story in such a way as to not have to re-live the pain if it was painful, and to learn to find the hidden gems in the experience (and even the most nefarious events hold a gem), you are enlivened by the sharing, as are those who receive your wisdom.

Cultivating worthiness in an epidemic of ‘not being enough’ is an important mission. And my heartfelt hope is that you will join me in creating tidal waves of love by way of sharing your story. Imagine what a group of women can do when we join together and create the feminine-powered synergy of self-love and acceptance. It’s beyond the scope of imagination. And the world needs us more than ever.

Save the date: January 7th, 2019. The first new moon of a new year.

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The Wealth Test

Today we’re peeling back the mask to get at your money blocks. This quick little video will set you on track for sharpening your self-awareness as a power tool for manifesting the level of wealth and the lifestyle you desire and deserve. In addition to the video, The Wealth Test is provided as a downloadable PDF so you can print it out and follow along with the video, or complete it at your leisure.

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The Wealth Test is designed to enhance your self-awareness toward the end goal of mastering money manifesting. It’s taken from INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love.

Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra

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The Mask of Not Good Enough

The Mask of Not Good Enough

Some people spend their entire lives “looking for reasons to be offended,” as the late Dr, Wayne Dyer would address many times in his career.  In this post about peeling back the masks to reveal what’s beneath the easily offended habit, (Yes, it’s a habit) we’ll take a close-up peek at the true nature of the constantly bristled personality….

You know someone who is a nag. She criticizes, she back-seat drives, and she always notices when you’ve “missed a spot.” She’s the shadow at your back constantly standing over you, telling you how to wash a dish, how to make a bed, how to correctly fold a sheet, how to clean a window, how to complete any task, how she would do it, and she tries to control, control, control every situation.

These people are easily offended and are uncontrollably driven to constantly talk about how wrong everyone else is. It’s as if the world would collapse without the non-stop input of how we could do things “better.” Without the perfectionist’s unsolicited opinions, it’s inferred that the world and everyone on it would surely perish if not for the guidance and parallel-trait of condemnation of others that spews ad nauseam.

This easily offended person is tiresome to be around. No one wants to be criticized by anyone else. And frankly, unless you quickly see the truth lying beneath the critic’s mask, you may end up removing this person from your life.

  • So what is that makes some people act as if they know better?
  • Why are some people so easily offended?

In the first layer beneath the mask of the offended, you’ll find anger. But let’s keep looking, because anger itself is just another mask.

Under the anger is self-doubt. (Ahh…now we’re getting somewhere…). Somewhere in the critic’s past, she learned that she was not good enough. She felt inferior, maybe even bullied. And to mask feelings of inferiority, an emotional defense mechanism was shaped. She became the critic. At first, the anger and criticisms were directed at herself, because that’s what she was taught -that she was not good enough at doing something. And that message quickly turned inward, seeding into an internalized belief that she is not good enough. She is undeserving.

And then, because life and especially communication is built on projections of what’s going on inside, all that self-doubt and insecurity became the mask of the critic.

As years go by, the mask becomes the truth. And her self-loathing becomes the fuel for attacking anyone within earshot.

The behavior is a clever way of reinforcing the undeserving nature, because it’s very effective at keeping others away. The defense mechanism as a critic’s mask, actually hides the feelings of a women who is in intense grief.

Masks are not the problem. Feeling worthless is.

The next time you encounter someone who is easily offended, and looking for reasons to voice it, whatever you do, do not be offended! That energetic response just feeds into the dysfunctional fires….

Instead, muster all the love your heart can share, and emotionally project it onto her. She needs it. Smile a reassuring smile that tells her she’s okay, and lets her know that you know, she’s a work in progress.

We all are.




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Playing Dress Ups with Albert and Oprah

With a promised nod to Halloween, the blog posts in October are supposed to be connected to the masks we wear, so I think it might be a fun challenge to tie in the pre-launch of Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve with a bit of masquerade play….

One of the components to the Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire and Deserve  is that of using Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) to “try on” new ways of showing up for yourself. I’m imagining that we each try on the masks of any one person that we admire, and emulate that person’s traits and feel into their life experience as we perceive it to be.

Take a moment to think of one person you respect and admire. A common choice is Albert Einstein. A close second is Oprah Winfrey.

Whom ever that person is, take a deep breath and give yourself permission to step into his or her skin. And then put on the imaginary mask and be that person.

As you imagine yourself slipping into character, really allow all your senses to get on board. Let your imagination out to play and get into the feeling of being this person.

  • How is this new you version different from the old you?
  • How does it feel to be this version as you are now being?
  • What do you see as you are looking out at the world thru this person’s perspective?
  • What do you like about being this person?
  • What kind of difference can you make as this person?
  • Do you enjoy the feeling of being this person?
  • Do you like being this person more than you like being you?

Stay in the persona for as long as feels comfortable and get as much information as possible from this imagined immersion. The more detail you provide, the more you will be able to adopt the traits and feeling of being this person, even when you remove the mask.

You don’t need to stop being you, nor do you need to pretend you are someone else in order to change your life, or at least the parts of your life that you are not satisfied with. All you need do is learn to create the life you desire and deserve.

Awaken the Goddess Connection to Co-Create the Life You Desire & Deserve is the newest offering at the newly online Winged-Women™ Academy, and it is the course that can give you the life you love.

From accepting yourself fully, enhancing your sense of worthiness and deserving, to learning to create the life you love and the relationships you desire, learning to Awaken the Goddess Connection is the place to start.

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Finding Worthiness Beneath the Mask

Finding Worthiness Beneath the Mask

There may have been many times during your life when you have instinctively felt the urge to hide your true identity beneath a mask, or to build a little moat around your heart to stop people from hurting you, or to build a gigantic fortress to stop anyone from getting near you….

Today, we’re going to look at why wearing a mask or building a wall is not the answer.

Masks can be suffocating and walls are ineffective. When we put on masks or build psychic walls, we effectively become incarcerated by our own design. Masks stop us from seeing ourselves clearly, and walls lock in the pain, the past, and the emotions that stop far more than the entrance of others into our lives. Walls and masks create an environment where stagnant energies kill any chance of creativity and expansion. And they are the ultimate power give-away….

In other words, when we cut off the outside world, we cut off the lifeline of our own evolutionary flow. We’re “cutting off our nose to spite our face,” as the cliché goes. It’s a well-meaning but misguided intention that has no up-side.

What’s a better solution for avoiding being a victim to others?

Cultivating Worthiness is the wiser solution. And here’s why:

  • When you know you are worthy, you stop tolerating any abuse. You simply remove yourself.
  • When you have owned your self-worth, you stand in stronger integrity and are less of a target.
  • Owning your worthiness attracts opportunities that would have been otherwise missed.
  • When you own your worth, you empower others to own theirs.
  • When you claim your worthiness, you are happier, thus, healthier.
  • When you cultivate worthiness, you are no longer content with forfeiting YOUR life under the guise of self-defense.

The truth is, the list of benefits is potentially endless. It’s as long as you want it to be. And the list of disadvantages of remaining in the state of feeling undeserving are equally long.

Rather than allow anyone else to define you, decide for yourself, that you are worthy and deserving. Because you are. And it’s time the masks came off and the moat came down. Stand in your truth: You are valuable and powerful and deserving.

If you want to bolster your self-worth in the next 30 day, consider enrolling in the 30-Day Cultivating Worthiness: You are a Perfect Seed course at the newly online Winged-Women™ Academy, where wise women re-claim their self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, and their wings. You deserve the life you desire. Claim it.

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Masking the Pain

Masking the Pain

For the record, it’s not only women who wear masks. Everyone has a mask she or he wears as protection against the pain that’s going on inside. But masking the pain is only a band-aid at best. And no mask will ever heal what’s hidden beneath the surface.

To heal the inner pain requires the mask be removed, at least in the privacy of one’s own space, a space where some deep personal exploration can take place. And taking the risk to remove that mask, to peek at the rawness that tries so desperately to hide, instead of showing its face to the light where it can be healed is vulnerable. It takes courage to even look! And it takes conviction to leave that mask off, and allow the healing to happen.

When we do risk peeking at our wounds, we may discover that they are not nearly as bad as we had remembered. The wounds could be from childhood or from adult interactions, and either way, it’s time to apply the salve, put on our big girl panties, embrace the lesson, and let the pain fade.

The act of masking only delays the healing.

Have you ever experienced something so painful, that all you wanted to do was either drink, self-medicate, or sleep? But instead, you had to get up every morning, place one obedient foot after the other, and go out to face the world. During such times, you probably put on a mask like a suit of armor, to protect you from any possible touch that could disturb your fresh forming scabs. And eventually, those scabs were part of the face you put on each day….

Too often, those masks become such a part of who we are, that we forget they are not real.
Those masks are not really US….

Each painful experience we survive, takes a piece of our unique ‘wholeness’ pie, pecking away at our mind with relentless thoughts of “coulda, shoulda, what-ifs” that do not change the past, compelling us to add yet another brick to the wall that guards our heart, and leaving us to question our infinite authentic self.

When finally, we look at the ways in which we give up pieces of who we are, we see that we are living out of alignment with our integrity. And when those rather large chunks of who we are go missing, we are more vulnerable than ever.

Our integrity is threatened when we refuse to remove the masks and re-claim our right to be seen.

Whatever you’ve been through, you have come out the other side. The past cannot hurt you, because the past does not exist. There is only now. And now is the time to be who you are, on your terms. You don’t need the masks. Unless of course, that mask is consciously applied as you head out to celebrate the festivities of Halloween. Then you can rock that mask all night long! Just remember to take it off when the tricks and treats are over.

If you are ready to look beneath the surface and heal whatever is there, be brave and immerse yourself in a 90-Day Deep Dive Coaching. You will emerge in 90 days, without those itchy scabs of past pains….

Want to chat first to see what, together, we can do for you?

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Peeling Back the Mask

Peeling Back the Mask

Take a moment to be present and feel the statement that your confidence affects every area of your life…. Does it resonate somewhere deep within at your “truth” center? Your confidence affects every area of your life, and that means if you are feeling a lack of confidence, it’s affecting the way you show up in life.

The next question then becomes, how confident are you?

Sometimes, when I am working with a new client, we have to dig past the armor that she’s created to protect herself from getting hurt or being seen as she feels she truly is. In other words, she’s created a facade to hide behind and to show to the world who she wants them to see her as. Inside, she is weak and crumbling. And on the outside, she is painted and stoic, maybe even smiling.

We all have the masks. Some of it comes from a jar or a tube or a cosmetic pencil, and some of it comes from fear held deep within. And it’s fear that has probably been with us for a long time. It also likely has some pain attached.

Masks are fine for Halloween. And because this is October, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog space to content about the masks we wear. Over the month of October, we’ll look at:

  • Benefits & Limitations of Masks
  • Where they first appear (You may be surprised!)
  • How masks differ from the hats we wear
  • How masks are stopping your potentially fabulous life from unfolding
  • How to lose the mask without losing the protection
  • What changes when the mask comes off
  • Healing from the inside out as the only way to healthy healing
  • How to courageously live in your authentic skin

October promises to be a bit scary (you can handle it) and comes with a lot of treats and no tricks.

Be sure and subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already! And if you know someone who will benefit from this content, please do share this post and any others you find helpful and/or empowering. Together, we make great ripples that are transforming the globe, one woman at a time. Let’s create some positive tidal waves!

PS~ If you are ready to look beneath the mask, even if it has been with you for a great length of time, consider a 90-Day Deep Dive Coaching Commitment. It’s immersive and you will emerge with more clarity and fempowerment than you could ever imagine.


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Is Your Inner Child Ruining the $$$ Flow?

Is Your Inner Child Ruining the $$$ Flow?

Ever since the doors opened to the MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting course at the Winged-Women™ Academy, there have been a LOT of discussions about the messages learned in childhood, and how those childhood lessons are still affecting your money thermostat. It doesn’t seem possible, does it, that lessons learned before you were even seven years old could be governing your wealth potential. But it’s true.

We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through
life creating experiences to match our beliefs. Look back in your own life and
notice how often you have gone through the same experience.
– Louise L. Hay

The quote by Louise Hay has been a catalyst for conversation in the course, with many of those enrolled emailing and messaging me for clarity. So as a blanket response, here’s something that may make the idea of your inner child having a say in your abundance flow, easier to understand. And more importantly, since we cannot change what we do not see (another adage from the course) acknowledging the childhood messages allows for them to be examined and transmuted.

  • Start by asking yourself what was your earliest childhood memory around money?
  • Did you witness your parents or guardians talking or arguing about money?
  • What was the wealth energy of your environment (affluent, middle-income, lower income, poverty)
  • Did you receive an allowance, and if so, was it consistent and did you have to work for it?
  • Consider who your role models for money were, and if they were happy, stressed, etc.

As a child, you were a sponge, soaking up the vibrations of your environment.
You were also soaking up the emotions that swirled around you.

The messages, emotions, stories, conditions, of childhood were being interpreted by a child’s mind. That’s not a problem if all was smooth sailing. Yet even without money stress, you learned habits, formed beliefs based on those of your caregivers, developed biases and opinions about wealth and the wealthy.

And all of that was solidifying in your subconscious mind before your seventh birthday, and much of it, before you were two-years-old.

Now that you know that, sit with your journal and start writing about all the beliefs, values, biases, ancestral and current money stories. Look at your current finances, and without judging yourself, make a plan to re-determine what your money story will be as we end this year.

It’s time to gently take the money control out of the hands of the two-year-old.

Re-write YOUR money story.

And if you are ready to deep, far beyond mindset and vastly more layered than the law of attraction, ENROLL in MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting. It’s where the big girls are owning their wings, and re-creating life on their terms.

INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love is the book to buy if your finances are not what they could be.
Get it on Amazon:

Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra

Confidence and Money

You were born brave and strong. You fought your way out of the womb demanding to breathe! The concept of self-esteem, or of “confidence” was nowhere on your radar because it was such a natural part of who you were from birth. No one had to reassure you of your worth. You didn’t suffer some neurosis about not feeling “good enough.” You were born whole and perfect in your humanness.

Systematically, that mind/body/spirit wholeness of you got chinked away at. And by the time you were seven years old, seeds of insecurity had begun to take root in the fertile soils of your subconscious mind.

Those seedlings became fertilized with playground bullying, by insignificant thought leaders in the classrooms, by the words and actions of unskilled caregivers, and through the childhood filters with which you strained all the details that came at you….

Eventually, you translated your life experience through the eyes of that child, and brought those beliefs into adulthood where they kept you feeling as small as when you first felt the sting that told you maybe you weren’t all that special, that had you believing maybe you are not “good enough.”

And not being good enough, is the point of attraction vibrational frequency that keeps you stuck in the same predictable level of romance, finance, friendships, opportunities and happiness.

Yep. Your confidence is affecting your bottom line for more than just wealth. 
Your confidence has an impact on every area of your life.

So what do you do with that? Do you see it, feel it, and turn the other way, or do you finally take action to own your wings? Do you decide to stop letting the interpretations from childhood from effectively harnessing you to past lies that keep you feeling small?

Confidence enhancing rituals can be inserted easily into the activities that you practice every day without much mindfulness. A few simple tweaks can help you break the cords that tether you to self-doubt. It’s not hard. It doesn’t require drama. It asks only that you become aware, as you implement the new ways of showing up for yourself. Because when you start to show up for yourself, the result is a fast shift that opens the doorway for more blessings. And who doesn’t want that?

At the newly online Winged-Women™ Academy, every course starts where you are. That is, it starts with your current situation and your current confidence skill set and with your current inner feeling of self-worth and deserving. That’s because with thousands of hours of counseling women (and some hundreds spent with men), the one core thread that every woman shows up with is an inner gnawing of not being good enough. EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN.

Now consider that I have worked to empower women since 1984, and the spectrum of personalities, of socio-economic variance, of race, religion, family, culture, city, state, country, and mindset is, in an understatement, WIDE.  And one true thread in the weave of the lives of every single woman is self-worth.

It doesn’t matter how much wealth, how much popularity, or the family roots, the thread of not being good enough is consistent.

I say, it’s time for that to change.

I am asking you to do something. I want very much, for women to awaken to their feminine strengths to create a strong and kind and supported and self-nurturing existence wherever they are on the globe. And I want you to be a ray of that global beam that connects all of us at a vibrational level. I’m asking you to spread the light by sharing this post with every woman you know. All you do to share it, is to either copy the url and send an email to your favorite friends, and/or to copy the url and write a little social media post to share with friends.

The reason I ask, and appreciate you sharing this, is because I was considering what Albert Einstein referred to as the modern-day miracle of compound interest. And that got me to thinking about how many positive ripples we can create when we compound our effortless sharing of empowering content. It’s all about the numbers in both equations! So let’s see how big the wave can be when we consciously send out the ripples.

My hope is that women will visit the Winged-Women™ Academy, and will find the perfect course/courses to empower living by the feminine power principles that make this world a more enriched place to be. And at the same time, each woman will begin to create her own inner shifts that lead to personal and global transformation. Isn’t that a divine picture? I think it is.

I envision the whole planet aglow with the light of billions of enlightened women,
each owning her subjective power, and in every corner of the world

I hope you’ll join me. I do realize that it seems an impossible dream. And that’s what makes it especially worth doing….

Are you in? Will you be my Winged-Women™ Ambassador? It’s as easy as sharing this post.



Visit the Winged-Women™ Academy

OOPS. I came from the heart, but my brain wasn’t on board

So I sent out not only a blog post, but also a newsletter about the last call for the massively popular (and affordable) Queen’s Dozen series, (which is being discontinued). Oops. When I wrote it, I came from the heart, but my brain wasn’t on board! In my defense, I had donated blood, and apparently it takes a bit of brain cells as it leaves my body and enters the vial! lol. At any rate, thanks to those of you who alerted me to my oopsie, and here is the unadulterated link:

Some of you asked why I would discontinue such a popular package. The truth is, with development of the new Winged-Women™ Academy well underway, I am simply too time stretched to offer one-on-one coaching to more than a handful of women. It makes more sense to reach women globally in a classroom setting, and to be able to reach more women than I could possible reach with individual coaching. It makes no sense to try to do both, as I am so busy creating the course content for the Winged-Women™ Academy.

Does that mean all individual coaching goes away?

Not yet. But here’s something to consider: The Queen’s Dozen is a package that you decide how to use. The sessions can be combined into one powerful VIP day, or can be spread out over up to twelve months, and can be anything in between. AND the payments can also be either paid all at once, or can be spread out over up to 12 months. That means you could be getting PERSONAL CUSTOMIZED monthly coaching for less than a 15 minute session! WHAT???!!! And the big thing to recognize is that I cannot possibly have a dozen of you wanting VIP days all at once, and because some of you will want to spread out the payments and the services, that effectively stretches my time into a do-able solution to continue to coach one-on-one. That’s where my focus started, and honestly, I still love the personal depth that comes only of that personal connection when we are together (virtually, of course).  But I cannot possibly continue to offer my signature customized coaching at this price. All that makes this possible is the higher end 24k Platinum Elite Signature Coaching. Consider this last call for the Queen’s Dozen a benefit of the trickle down effect. And that’s the REAL reason it is being discontinued; it’s simply no longer time or economically feasible. The only reason it has lasted this long is because, again, I cherish the one on one connections and want to make as many of those personal connections as possible.

And I want to be ultra honest here: I cherish those personal connections as precious friendships. And another layer to that, is that your voices bring me new personalities to spread the self-love. And that’s the reason we are here, right? Winged-Women™ has evolved into a self-love movement that is real, and is growing momentum with your shared voices. That’s another real power that comes of coaching one on one. You become an evangelist of sorts, spreading self-love around and causing magnificent ripples that bless us all.

Anyway, before I get all gooey and teary-eyed, I want to just say that my heart sort of aches to say that this is the last call for the Queen’s Dozen. And I trust the universe to bring the perfect connections to me, as we close the doors to this chapter. Is it you? Are we the perfect connections?

If you believe we are that perfect connection, go now before it’s too late and get one of the final opportunities to be coached one on one, for less than most group coaching costs, and with so much more benefits that you could ever receive in a group setting.

Queen’s Dozen →
(a new window on the Winged-Women™ website will open)

And if you want to chat first, or need special accommodations, or have questions, schedule a quick chat using the link to my schedule below:

Schedule an appointment
to meet with me

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I hope you know how much I value you. Whether we have coached, spoken, or emailed, and from wherever on this blue marble you reside, I honor you for being here, and for being interested in enhancing your connection with your self. I cherish our connection, however deep it is. Thank you for showing up.

Much love and gratitude,

Write a Book with a little help from my friends…

Have you ever thought, “Someday I’d like to write a book that inspires people”?

This is a beautiful vision, but how do you even start?

Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take away the overwhelm, cut through the confusion, demystify the publishing process, and help you make your dream of writing a book come true?

That’s exactly what my friends, bestselling authors Jodi Chapman & Dan Teck, will do in their upcoming Facebook Live video series, “5 Essential Keys to Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Your Soulful Book.”

It’s completely free!

And you can join live or watch the replays any time you want!

Plus, when you sign up, you’ll immediately receive the free supplementary guide, “It’s Time to Write Your Soulful Book! 10 Powerful Tools to Turn Your Book Dream into Reality”!

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Becoming a published author is potentially life changing! It opens doors and new directions that only being a published author can do!

And imagine this:
You have shared your story with the world, and you are holding your brainchild in your hands.
Imagine how that feels!!

Holding your book for the first time is one of the highlights of life. And as an author who has felt this more than 10 times, I want you to know that the incredible high that comes from the satisfaction of being published never gets old!

So while this post is in front of you, go now and sign up for the FREE upcoming Facebook Live video series, “5 Essential Keys to Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Your Soulful Book” video series…

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Even if you cannot make the Facebook series live, sign up and get the replays and get the FREE e-book too!

You will be so happy when you can add the status of AUTHOR to your repertoire of accomplishments! Write a book, with a little help from my friends.

And by the way, feel free to share this post with anyone you know who may have a book in them too! Let’s get the stories published, because it would be a shame to die with that story still inside of you….


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The Psychology of Money…

The Psychology of Money…

Do you know there is a psychology of money?*

*As always, you may download the audio version of this post below.

MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting, the newest women’s empowerment course being offered at the Winged-Women™ Academy, bravely delves into that psychology of money.

Does that leave you with questions about what the psychology of money is and about how or if it affects you?

We all have a psychology of money, and although MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting is not a psychology class, it does build upon a foundation dependent on a clear understanding of the ways in which you may be blocking the flow of money, and also blocking abundance of other good things too.

MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting goes far beyond mindset. You may acknowledge that you have a mindset challenge, and you may have done some work to shift your mindset. And maybe, you still have the challenge of not manifesting the money you need or want….

Because MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting goes far beyond mindset, and looks deeper at the psychology of money as your learned beliefs, behaviors, your personality quirks, your inner thought processes, your perceptions around money and about the wealthy, and excavates the core of your interactions with the energy of money, it empowers you from the inside out. That makes for lasting transformations. In other words, mindset is only one piece of the pie….

All of this psychology of money is presented in the first module of MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting. It’s also a thread through the course weave as you discover how your sense of self affects your ability to acquire and keep money flowing.

  • Could it be that lessons learned in childhood are impacting your wealth potential?
  • Could your self-esteem truly have a hand in how you attract or repel money?

The answer to both those questions is YES. Your childhood lessons and your current self-esteem absolutely influence your wealth potential….

There is so much more content presented in MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting beyond your psychology, but the fascinating truth about how your psychology is at the core of all you do, of who you are, of the risks you take and the fears that stop you, that it had to be included in a course that gives you the tools to master money manifesting.

Here’s the thing to consider:

If you are not where you want to be financially, where does your finger point?

  • Is the system to blame?
  • Are current politics controlling your finances?
  • Is your mother the root of all that pains you?

If you are over the age of consent, there is no one to blame. It’s now up to you to unlearn the lessons of your life that have you tethered to the energy of “not enough” or of “barely enough.” It’s thrive time, and it’s on you to take the next steps to get to the wealth level you know in your heart you deserve.

And here’s something else to consider: You deserve the life that you desire.  That’s the real starting point of your psychology of money. You DO deserve abundance yet how few ever realize true money mastery? And why is that? Why isn’t prosperity the normal state of being, and beyond chance of birth, why is poverty ever the conditions that any humans live in? And even if you are doing “okay” financially, how secure are you in the feeling that you have nothing to worry about financially speaking?

We’ve all been inundated with content about “mindset” and that’s a sliver of the pie. As mentioned, MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting goes far beyond mindset. It fills your self-development toolbox with the stuff of real transformational shift. And requires something greater than looking at your mindset….

I don’t want this to feel “salesy.” I want this to be received by you as an invitation to up-level your money manifesting mojo. Empowering women is my passionate purpose, and money matters. It matters because a lot more good comes with prosperity than will ever come of poverty. Your wealth helps and heals the planet. And I want you to be as prosperous as possible. That’s my sincere desire…to empower you in every area of your life, and that includes monetarily.

MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting is shaping up to be astonishingly effective for manifesting the life you desire and deserve. Although not a prerequisite for attending, if you want an extra layer for your mastery of money manifesting, enroll in Cultivating Worthiness: You are a Perfect Seed for just $97.

Cultivating Worthiness provides a foundational piece to your wealth creating puzzle that gives you an edge when you enroll in MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting. (After the hard launch of MONEY MATTERS: Mastering Money Manifesting, the price of Cultivating Worthiness goes to $247.)

To get in on either of these life transforming courses, and to begin to tend to the tender soils of your subconscious mindset and plant the seeds for abundance to grow, go here today and start immediately:→ 

You deserve to live the life you desire. Why not start today?

Love and Abundance,




Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra

Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance,
the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love

Buy it thru this special Amazon link, and a donation is made to St Jude Children’s Hospital:

The Confident Woman Webinar

The Confident Woman webinar is the first live Google Hangout for Jan Deelstra, International best-selling women’s transformation author and CEO of Winged-Women™ Business & Life Coaching (

It is a raw and candid ‘hangout’ that not only introduces viewers to the theory of Gestalt, which means whole (mind-body-spirit whole) , but which also goes deep to provide confidence-building self-esteem tools that you can implement into your own life journey.

Learn and participate in some hands on tools as you tune in!

This video is less than an hour (54 minutes) and will inspire you to take the proprietary tools and use them to empower you!

And you can do it for free!

Download an audio version of The Confident Woman webinar below.

And if you want more, check out the newest course at the Winged-Women™ Academy..

Get in today! Learn more or ENROLL here→ The Confident Woman Series ←

The Confident Woman Series is only $27 this week, while it’s still in BETA status! And when you enroll today, you still have access when it goes to full-price in about 30-60 days! That means, as the updates take effect, and improvements and tweaks are made, your enrollment remains constant and you will get the upgrades.

But only if you hurry. Because when this series leaves the BETA status, the price more than triples. 

You have one purpose in this life and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.

Jan Deelstra is and International best-selling author of several books, not limited to this short list of titles:
(Clicking on any title below will open a new window in Amazon)

INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love

Escaping the Chrysalis: Transform Struggles into Strengths

Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections

The Flying Game

Chasing Rabbits & I Am…the Art of Attainment

Inspiring Words for Reflection: Quotes for Women’s Empowerment

Empowering Women Since 1984

Are YOU ready to own your wings?
Schedule a Complimentary Connection Call
Let’s see what together, we can do for you.

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“Women are the Cheerleaders at the Banquet of Life”

“Women are the Cheerleaders at the Banquet of Life”

You may watch the video (approximately 6 minutes) or listen to the audio linked below.

Women are the cheerleaders at the banquet of life. ~ Dr. Mack Gift Click To Tweet

My cherished professional and personal mentor and precious friend, the late Dr. Mack Gift, often said that, “women are the cheerleaders at the banquet of life.”

Because of all that “cheerleading” taking place, women too frequently neglect our own self-care to the point of irritability, exhaustion, or severe burn-out, and even to what could have been preventable disease. (We all know the correlation between stress and disease.)

If you are guilty of over-giving, it is not my intent to stress you further, nor is it my intention to judge you. If you are anything like the majority of women I meet, it’s likely that you already judge yourself harshly. That will never be my reason for addressing any issue.

My sole intention is only to bring your self-awareness back to the root where self-love fertilizes a happy healthy life.

I created an easy to implement way of adding in some self-nurturing practices to those things you do every day ritualistically, without awareness. My concept is that if you add in a few fresh tweaks to your daily practices, your life will automatically up-level. It’s easy. It’s enjoyable. And when you implement even just one or two new daily practices, your life and your well-being will be enhanced.

Mindful Life Creation is a super easy program to get on-board with, and the payoff potential is limitless. All you do, is enroll, and follow the super easy suggestions. I gotta say, as I created the e-Book, it opened so many tributary ideas for ways in which we can embrace the self-love, that I may have to consider creating a second edition of tips!

Try it out. You’ve got 30 days to change your mind. But I promise you, if you will follow the plan and implement some new fun ways of showing up for yourself in life, you will benefit.

Here’s the fun part: For the first 30 days, I will be in the portal with you! We will interact via the comments area, and share the good, the bad, and the ugly. My bias is that there will be plenty to celebrate in small wins that create the big changes. If you are interested, the doors are opening now!


Winged-Women™ Academy



From Finance to Romance,
the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money and Love

Do you want more abundance in your life?
Would you like to get a free chapter of Infinite Pie?

Abundance of love, money, happiness, opportunities, authentic friendships, creativity, and high-vibe experiences are your divine birthright.

That means whatever you desire, you can have, as long as you don’t block the channel for receiving your bounty of wealth, love, happiness and such.

Women are receptive by nature, and yet many women come to me for coaching because they are stuck in the frequency of “not enough.”

There is an orchestra of voices all singing the same lyrics of “never enough; not enough; not feeling as though she is enough; not feeling worthy and deserving.”

The one word that I most use in my coaching business is, “Enough.”

  • You are enough.
  • You are deserving enough.
  • There is enough.

And when you let go of the old internalized messages about who you are and what you deserve, you open the channel to receiving all that you set out to attain.

I want to tell you that I have empowered women since 1984. Some were “welfare moms” barely getting by, and some were teen moms who were too young to work to support themselves and their babies. And over the years, some clients in the 7-figure salary range still don’t feel as if they are “enough.”

That tells a story: “Enough” is an inside job. You will never feel as if you are enough, or have enough, until the insides are healed of the old stories about who you are and what you deserve.

And by the way, I want to state clearly that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.

You have never been broken. And you are perfect in your humanness.

What has happened, is a simple matter of alignment. If you are not living the life you know deep down that you deserve, you are out of alignment with your mind/body/spirit gestalt whole self and the universal frequencies of what it is you wish to experience.

Here’s what you want to know to open the pathway to your divine right to abundance:

There is shared energetic frequency of abundance that resonates in both finance and romance. This is the feminine frequency of giving and receiving that can open you to allowing the abundance of all you desire…. But first, you must know what it is that you DO want, as opposed to complaining, commiserating, and attracting whatever it is that you don’t want.

Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money and Love will compel you to take an honest look at the way you connect (or not) with the universe, and will simultaneously inspire you to take an honest look into your own culpability for your current life conditions.

Maybe you’ve heard it said: “The way you do anything is the way you do everything.” It is! With that adage in mind, excavating your role in how and what you’re attracting in your finances and in your romances, creates an empowered perspective from which to take control, and to then consciously alter the trajectory of your results.

If you’re ready to change your personal paradigm, to up level your inner thermostat settings for abundance, and if you are ready to step fully into the life you dream of living, Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money and Love is the book you’ve been waiting for.

Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance
includes more than just the basic book!

Infinite Pie is loaded with tools, including a Wealth Test that you won’t find anywhere else!

It contains an Abundance Questionnaire that is designed to enlighten you as to the ways in which you may be blocking the flow of abundance (also not available elsewhere).

And, it also includes a Manifesting Meditation to help you loosen up stuck energies in your psyche and open the pathway for the flow of all that you decide to allow in….

In other words, Infinite Pie is the book that contains the transformational tools to change your money and love story!

Download your free chapter of INFINITE PIE  

Prefer a smaller sample: Download a brief free excerpt

Are you ready to get your hands on the book that others are raving about?
Get it on Amazon:  INFINITE PIE

Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra


Are you ready to commit to changing your life?
Schedule a consult to see if we’re a good fit for services.
With a wide-range of life enhancing products and services,
there’s surely something here to enliven you!

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You are enough.

In fact, you are more than enough.
And when you fully own that truth, your life will unfold in ways not yet imaginable.

Goddess Magic in a Queen’s Dozen

This is one of those posts that have a couple of glimmering facets….

There are once in a lifetime opportunities that are not taken. And that is usually due to a self-sabotaging fear response that sets up a roadblock in an attempt to keep the status quo….

This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that will never again come around…. I trust that if this is the puzzle piece that will enhance your life, you will not allow fear to sabotage your expansive nature….

You may already know that the Queen’s Dozen is a fabulous value that’s going to be discontinued. There is a beautiful goddess magic in a Queen’s Dozen, and it makes my heart over-flow with an inner happy dance to realize how many of you have been able to get in on the rapidly life-changing transformational experience. It has been a true blessing and it is my honor to connect deeply through the Queen’s Dozen process.

What does “goddess magic” mean?

Whether you are feeling like you are not enough, or are struggling with romance or finance, or are simply feeling like something is missing, the goddess magic in the Queen’s Dozen is undoubtedly the best way to dip your toes into the soothing waters of personal, customized coaching.

It empowers you to nurture the inner goddess, and to claim your divine birthright as a cherished, expansive, full-winged woman.

The goddess magic comes from the feminine power perspective, a paradigm shift to a time some 5000 years ago when women and men were equal.

This is a re-claiming of you, aligned with mind.body/spirit whole (gestalt) self loving that you cannot understand until you experience the outcome brought to you by way of this proprietary process.

Simply stated: You will fill your self-love toolbox with the techniques and tools that help you to release anything that holds you small, constricted. And you will blossom into your full spectacular goddess version….

You’ve been weighed down for too long. Maybe that’s manifested in excess weight, or depression. Maybe it is a craving or an addiction or a tendency to neglect your needs above the needs of others….

What I know for certain after coaching and consulting for almost 35 years now, is that women suffer a general malady that presents as unworthiness. And that feeling of being unworthy, of not deserving the goddess life, is where we’ll start.

Because YOU ARE WORTHY and DESERVING of the Life YOU Desire.

The unfortunate truth however, is that, because the Queen’s Dozen is a personal connection with me, completed over 11 sessions, the service is limited to only a handful of women each month.  And because the future is becoming more about the Winged-Women™ Academy than it will be about personal coaching at this intake level, the Queen’s Dozen will soon be fading out as a service offered here. VERY SOON.

With the expansion of the Winged-Women™ Academy as a developing playground for goddesses, more women than ever before can immerse in the fempowerment tools to enliven any woman’s deepest desires for creating the life she is born to live.

When a woman focuses on one primary area of life to enhance, the domino-effect makes changes in other areas of life. That’s a beautiful benefit of the Queen’s Dozen. Rapid and profound transformations take place. I am proud of that.

And that rapid transformation is also the intended eventual effect of the Winged-Women™ Academy, only with the ability to reach far more women than I can possibly reach on my own with one-on-one coaching.

Women’s empowerment by way of self-love has always been, and will continue to be the focus of everything offered. That won’t change.

What does change is the one-on-one coaching. It is simply not possible to continue to individually coach more than a dozen women each month unless I start hiring outside coaches or sending my current and expanding clientelle to my train-the-trainers dharma coaching interns. That is a very real possibility for the near future, but it is not currently an option.

In this specific moment, I am still here for you.

And, I am still providing individual coaching via:

  • the 30-Day Proprietary Breakthrough Coaching (also being discontinued)
  • the 90-Day Deep Dive (being considered for the chopping block)
  • the 12-Month 24k Platinum Signature Elite
  • the popular 6-Month Winged-Women™ Coaching Package

All that is soon to change….

In 2019, which is only a few short months away:

  • the coaching services are taking a price hike
  • the number of available coaching positions are being cut down by approximately 50%

The quality of the coaching services will reflect the prices, so again, not to worry about that.
The availability is becoming a consideration.

The point is, if you are wanting to try on coaching from a world-class women’s transformational life coach with 35 years experience and an over-flowing toolbox of proprietary self-love tools to share with you, this is your chance to do so for a shadow of the normal and future costs.

And when this offer is gone, it is truly gone. I don’t pretend to know when that is, but it cannot last for long. The service is simply too time intensive to continue, especially at this amazing rate.

To clarify, the Queen’s Dozen, is a package of 11 personal coaching sessions to be used per your discretion, and is one of the programs being permanently discontinued in the future. Rather than raise prices on this high-value package, it simply did not make the cut. 

With that said, here is the truly good news: It’s not too late for you to get in on enormous savings for an opportunity to coach (from anywhere on the planet with Internet access) via Skype or Phone, for as “lite” or as “deep” as you choose. You are the Queen when it comes to the Queen’s Dozen. That means you decide the challenge we will address. And I will supply the expertise to empower you to transform whatever you wish to address.

Here is something to consider: 

  • You may choose to use these 11 sessions over the course of 90 days
  • You may use them all at once like a VIP customer
  • You may decide to spread them out or combine some

You choose how to ‘spend’ your package for optimal results!

Priced individually, each session is $497. At that hourly rate, 11 sessions would be $5467.

By investing in a Queen’s Dozen (bulk package) you are saving $3476.00!
-almost 65% savings off the regular investment! 

What can YOU do with a Queen’s Dozen? 

What will you address with this exclusive offer to transform YOUR life?

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem need a boost
  • You want to know your purpose
  • Romance are needs enhancing 
  • Your wealth threshold needs a lift 
  • Your professional success could use some attention 
  • You are ready to look at that inner gnawing of not feeling worthy
  • Maybe it’s simply time to finally start to take steps to change your life…

Nothing is off-limits!
And in 35 years, I don’t think there is anything I haven’t seen!

Who will you be, when we have gone deep into whatever block stops you from living that optimized lifestyle?

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I won’t tell you to not feel the fear. I will tell you to embrace it.

Feel the fear and excitement and hesitancy as what they are: Signs of a new adventure.

Step into the excitement and invest in you.

Remember, YOU deserve what you desire™ and it’s time to claim all that you desire and deserve.

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You deserve what you desire. Dream big.

Sending you bushel baskets filled with love and self-nurturing. 

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Mindful Life Creation

Mindful Life Creation:
Incorporating Up-Leveling Practices into Daily Life

Are you a person with volumes of self-help materials on your bookshelves? We can all get a bit carried away with the promises of a better life, yet often, the content of self-help books and programs is either seriously lacking, or is too laden with jargon to make any sense.

In some cases, the content is simply dry, or overwhelming.
Maybe, it simply doesn’t resonate.

In all those cases, the once-enticing promoted content takes a back seat as you continue to seek elsewhere for the answers that will once and for all, up-level your life.

Here’s some good news: The search doesn’t have to lead to dry, burdensome, overwhelm.

What if I told you that you could change your life simply by adding some easy to implement practices to your daily routine?

It’s true.

And today, I am pleased to share a new course that gives you 30+ up-leveling life-enhancing hacks to change your life in any area of your choice.

Mindful Life Creation is an effortless, easy, fast and fun way to change your life. It takes you through a simple process for incorporating up-leveling practices into daily life.

And when you incorporate these up-lifting, up-leveling practices into your daily routine, there is no real “work” involved. Your life is up-leveled and up-lifted automatically as you go about the enjoyable process of living… albeit, a bit more mindfully….

…and here’s the thing: By their very nature, the practices offered in Mindful Life Creation are pleasant, enjoyable, and fulfilling. They effortlessly align your spirit’s infinite energy, calm your chaotic thoughts and soothe your current mental state, generally improve your life physically and psychologically, and enhance your emotional well-being….

Here’s something to consider: Your repetitive thoughts are the creative source of your beliefs and values. With that in mind, consider areas of your life such as romance and finance and wellness and happiness….

In every area of your life, what have you created with YOUR thoughts, when you weren’t paying attention?

  • Are you satisfied with your love life?
  • Is your wealth thermostat set high enough?
  • Are your friendships authentic and inspiring?
  • Is your intellect expanding or shrinking?
  • Are you creating thru expression?
  • Is your spiritual thirst being quenched?

Mindful Life Creation shows you how incorporating easily implemented ‘up-leveling’ practices into your daily life creates the foundation for optimal living…and who doesn’t want that?!

This quick course includes at least 30 ways to up-level your life in 90-days or less, and most methods take less than a few minutes each day, or weekly, yet the payoff is immense!

Here’s why: You’re actually changing your personally unique energetic frequency when you create conscious shifts to the way you have always done things.

  • You are changing the neuro pathways in your brain.
  • You are engaging your brain’s reticular activator for attracting more of what you now mindfully create, as opposed to going about life without thinking of where it is you’re going.

Life can be harsh and can seem to be tipped off-balance with injustices. And we can become addicted to the stress hormones. We are affected in our mind/body/spirit whole self when we are subjected to the non-stop flow of information that comes to us in this age of technology.

On a daily basis, we each encounter hundreds if not thousands of energetic darts that pierce our otherwise aligned nature. Maybe you turn on the cable news station, or you log into any social media account and instead of finding the warm fuzzy feelings brought by adorable antics of kittens, you find instead that your blood pressure is rising at every new dart that shares something controversial, political, or sensationalized.

Instead of the happy serenity you were feeling, your heart is now pumping deadly stress hormones through your system and you feel angry, or sad, or any number of low range emotions….

When you introduce even a couple of new life affirming practices into your daily routine, you naturally bring your whole self – mind/body/spirit into alignment. And because you are now being self-aware, chances are good that you won’t stay out of alignment for long when you are in the crosshairs of those energetic darts.

When the new practices become habituated, you will notice the times when you move out of those “good” feeling balanced emotions, and you will consciously take action to step back into the healthier state of being. When this automation happens, the speed at which you begin to manifest more for which to be happy, increases, thus, your life overall us up-leveled more rapidly!

Incorporating up-leveling practices into daily life is really about your wellness and success is a by-product. That’s because, as an important caveat here, you can’t change one area of your life without other areas shifting simultaneously; when one area of your life is up-leveled, the other areas are like dominoes and simultaneously shift upward too.

As example, when you decide which one or two areas (never more than 3 at a time please) to focus on up-leveling, other areas are pulled up.

You may decide that you want more confidence and self-esteem in your life, and when you place your focus on up-leveling your confidence, areas such as your wellness and love life are elevated too!

Maybe you decide to pay attention to your health, and so you incorporate a new mindful mealtime habit into your life. The next thing you notice is how radiant your skin looks, and how people are asking you if you’ve lost weight. Your life is up-leveled in multiple ways simply by adding in a dose of mindfulness!

In other words, you are transforming your entire life by making small enjoyable changes in other areas.

This easy to navigate course is created to up-level lives with little effort, and with a healthy dose of self-love. It’s almost effortless. And it’s highly effective when you actually put the steps in place and follow the path.

So, what are you waiting for?

Enroll today and start today.
It’s easy. It’s fun. And it’s effective.


Here’s the core idea:

  • If your life isn’t all you desire it to be, it doesn’t take 12 more years of school to change it
  • Your thoughts are creative, so what have you created up to this point that you’d like to change?
  • At least 30 methods to up-level your life are included and can easily be added to your daily routine

If you’re ready to let go of excuses for living small, if you are willing to implement some enjoyable practices into your day or week, if you are serious about up-leveling areas of your life that are not quite working at an optimal level, dive into this fun immersive course.

How it works:

The course starts with a short 15-minute video and contains a few questions designed to set the stage for taking mindful control of important areas of life. Those questions are available for download as slides which you can download and turn into a physical eBook if you desire. You may wish to watch the video through, and then at a time when you won’t be disturbed, invest some time to give real thought to the questions before answering.

Then, after you have completed the questions, choose one or two (please not more than 3 to start) areas of your life to focus on. Your answers from the questions presented will give you the guidance necessary to help you make the inspired decision of which area of life is most apt to benefit fastest from the implementation of new practices.

Remember, when you change one area of your life, the others change too. So up-leveling one area will influence other areas of your life.

And it’s going to be fun, relaxing easy!
(Did you ever think that changing your life could be fun??)

If you think you must struggle to change your life, think again. You learn best when the learning is enjoyable, and not forced.

Mindful Life Creation shows you how to make life more of a flow and less of a struggle. It’s the difference between swimming upstream or going with the flow….

…But maybe you’ve been conditioned to struggle.

Maybe you learned that life is “hard” and so you’ve continued to create a life that’s “hard”.

Life is meant to be enjoyable and giggle-filled. It’s meant to be rewarding and fun, and filled with many more happy moments than sad ones. It’s not supposed to be a constant challenge -something to survive.

Yet here’s the truth:
Upwards of 80% of the world’s inhabitants are victims in their own lives.
Most of the world’s population has not determined how to create the life they desire.

What did you learn from your up-bringing, about how life is? 
Is it time to unlearn those messages?
Is it time to decide for yourself what YOUR life will be?

If your life isn’t everything you dream it could be,
there is no one to blame but yourself.

That may seem harsh. It may make you angry. Maybe that statement makes you sad or defensive.

In any case, GOOD. Because that rush of emotion is your infinite spirit talking to you. It’s alerting you that this message in front of you is true. It reaffirms that it’s time for you to make some basic changes, because you deserve more.

It’s up to you to change your life.

Let go of making life miserable. Try something different. Try Mindful Life Creation rather than living by default if default is a day-to-day habit of humdrum.

Implement some consciously chosen, fresh practices into your daily routine that will enliven you, and will up-level every area of your life. Create habits that actually lift you up instead of holding you down.

Don’t wait until you’re dead to decide you could have done it better.
Do it now.

Create the life you desire and deserve while you can still enjoy it. And do it all with a few mindful tweaks to your current routines.

Power of Magnification

You may want to call your best friend and invite her/him to join you. The two of you could complete some of the tasks together, as well as make great sounding boards to discuss whatever comes up for each other.

You may also decide to create a group that meets weekly to keep you all on task.

When there are two or more of you completing the 90-day process, you are built-in accountability partners for each other. We seem to benefit from that sort of accountability that keeps us on target long enough to form a healthy habit. That synergy is a force that imbues the results in record time.

Finally, as is true with all of life, you get results in response to what you put into the program. This program will only be effective if you work it. It’s not meant to be another shelf sitter that collects dust on your bookshelf. But the “work” is not hard, and the payoff is a life well-lived and well-loved.

Make a decision to step up. You deserve all that you desire.

Start today.

Invest your time and effort and intend the outcome that you desire.  Remember, no excuses are good enough when you’re on your death-bed lamenting about what you could have done differently.

Commit to your best life now. And then, go create it.

Enroll today. Start today.

A book that can change your abundance mindset:

INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love


A [perhaps radical] book that can change your abundance mindset, and your success with money AND love is INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love.

Do you know it’s true that your mindset
and attached emotional charge
is the source of your created life?

  • In areas of LOVE and MONEY, what have YOU created with your emotionally charged thoughts?
  • Could your ‘Abundance’ flow use a good pipe cleaning?
  • What limiting beliefs did you claim from your childhood?

If your life isn’t everything you dream it can be,
who is to blame for the creative thoughts?

We all carry energetic imprints on our psyche, and these imprints translate into our individual life experiences. Our history colors our present because our emotionally charged thoughts become our beliefs. These beliefs are creative.

Beliefs are the pattern source of our lives.

This may not be a problem if you were imbued with strong threads of self-worth
This may not be a problem if your role modeling for relationships was healthy and balanced
This may not be a problem if you were imprinted with energetic frequencies of abundance that taught you how to allow the flow of abundance

But what if, like most of us, your role models for money and love (including self-love) were less than optimal? What if instead of universal abundance being taught as the rule of nature, you learned lessons of scarcity, of there being “never enough”? How do you suppose that scarcity imprint colors all the areas of your life?

When you change your mindset about abundance, other areas of your life shift too. It’s like the first push of the dominoes…

EVERYTHING up-levels with the initial thought/belief shifting.

INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love doesn’t just ask the questions; It also provides answers as to why and how to change your mindset about abundance, and it offers techniques to help you make the mindset change.

INFINITE PIE is the pipe-cleaner for your abundance flow

Asking “what’s in your wallet?” isn’t enough. Now we’re asking, what’s showing up in your life? What are you creating with your mindset?

And if you are not satisfied, isn’t it time to change your mindset and open the flow of abundance of love and money and joy and creativity and opportunities?

If your abundance flow isn’t all it could be, you may want to rework your mindset to start to allow in the abundance, the INFINITE PIE that’s all around you.

Isn’t it time for you to get your piece of the INFINITE PIE?

Get it on Amazon:
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Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra


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“You have one purpose in this life, and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.”

PS~ Did you know that Winged-Women™ Academy just released a new course designed to help you create change in every area of your life? It’s called Mindful Life Creation  and the doors just opened!
Clicking the hyperlinks here will open a new page so you can check it out.


…From Finance to Romance,
the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love

When I started out with the concept of writing Infinite Pie in mind, it was with the understanding that if I had been wrong all my life, so too, have others. The beliefs I held, the thoughts that filled my head, the messages I had internalized, and the emotions that I felt about money, and indeed, about love, were wrong. Very wrong.

And where there is one person’s ‘a-ha’ realization, there are more people unknowingly waiting to resonate with the new message. I knew I had to share….

What I had learned about both money and love could fill a book. And that book, I surmised, could reach millions of people (women in particular), much more efficiently and certainly more quickly than I could ever reach in my coaching practice.

I have spent decades studying the “haves” and “have nots,”
as they are so indelicately classified.

I wanted to figure out why there is such a separation in a world with so much abundance. I needed to know why so many people live in loneliness when there are over seven-billion-four-hundred-million earthlings sharing the planet. All one need do is walk out the front door to find other humans to interact with, and yet few actual connections are being made.

I was intent to discover the ‘rinse-and-repeat’ formula for allowing a consistent flow abundance of love and wealth and joy into the lives of everyone who desires those fulfilling gifts, which are our birthright.

My craving for answers was insatiable. So, with the tenacity of a mother pit bull holding fiercely onto a fresh pork chop that she’ll feed to her pups, I sought answers.

The result of such prolonged hunger, of years of seeking, researching, and of finally truly understanding and then fully embracing the universal connection to all, is the creative source of Infinite Pie: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love.

And now I share it with you.

If you feel lack in any area of your life, Infinite Pie is the sweet dessert you’ve been waiting for. It’s an easy to read journey that leads you into your erroneous beliefs, helps you to dissect and release the cycling thoughts that lead to the fear-based emotions that keep you in a holding pattern of lacking love, money, and/or joy.

And by the end, Infinite Pie is the story that will lead you to the ultimate feminine frequency of receptivity, where you will begin to allow-in the flow of abundance of so much more than just money….

• Learn to identify ways in which you may be blocking love and wealth
• Learn to release internalized energetic blocks to the circulation
• Learn to open to the natural feminine state of receptivity

Give yourself permission to answer honestly the following questions about love and money. Allow yourself to really feel your way into your responses.

1. What does money do for you?
2. What does love do for you?
3. What will you do when you have more than enough love and money?
4. WHO will you be when you have more than enough love and money?
5. How will your lifestyle be different when the flow of abundance is allowed to freely, easily flow into and throughout your life?

Buy the book. Open to your natural state of receptivity. Let love, wealth and joy come in.
Get it on Amazon. The special link above provides a contribution to St Jude Children’s Hospital.
Thank you for your support.

Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra

If you struggle with issues around money and/or love, it’s time to re-write the money stories and learn ways to allow abundance of love and money to flow into your life. There is Infinite Pie, and you deserve all that you desire.
Get it on Amazon.

And share this post with a friend. She’ll appreciate it!

And if you are ready to dis-integrate your blocks, connect with me to see which coaching or courses offered will best suit your lifestyle.
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Finding Balance in a Mad World

Finding Balance in a Mad World

There is a poison that seeps into the essence of mundane life when we’re not paying attention. And it festers silently like a flesh-eating bacteria both claiming and devouring its territory. The thing is, it’s beginning to feel like there’s nowhere to hide from the toxicity. And the poison is addictive. It taunts you, challenging you to dare to stay away. And even as you know you should, you can’t.

I’m beginning to feel the dizzying effects. The imbalance has altered my daily ritual of meditation with my inner goddess. My thoughts don’t settle long enough to allow the divine wisdom to surface. My energy is low, almost depleted, and I grasp for the answer which I know can save me. But it’s grabbing at fists full of air, and it stays beyond my reach. And I am here with my thoughts, trying to find the equilibrium thru my writing. Thus far, finding balance in a mad world eludes me.

I think I’ll take a nap. Step back from the stinking piles of constant chaos being stirred. And take a hiatus from social media and from the news.

But the truth is, I have sworn off the news long ago, and still it manages to find me. (I told you it seeps into the essence when we’re not paying attention. There truly is nowhere to hide.)

The nap is out because I am not a good day sleeper. And lately, I’m not much of a good night sleeper either.

I talk about options: Australia? Canada? Italy? France? And I am shortly, curtly really, told that the malady runs rampant now, and running has never been my style anyway, unless it was sprints at competitions when I was younger, or when escaping from relationships that exhibited the least bit of a throat hold when I was older than that…but that kind of running is patterned, and is not at all the same.

This urge is something completely new. There’s a rooster chested boogie man chasing and although his hands are small, his noose is wide. He has a corral of mostly pasty sheeple awaiting their chance to prove themselves as loyal. They expect kudos and attaboys for loyalty. What they don’t know is the contagion is spreading…

…and they too are not immune.

Even those who profess “neutrality” are not without fear. It’s beginning to show in their silence.

We’ve been here before, not you and me, but the world as generations can take merely a brief peek back in time to see history repeating. And the rise and fall of every country is a shelf life of 200 years. America is a petri dish. And we Americans are rotting, from the inside out. It starts at the head, they say. The sparsely tufted head of an aggressive banty cock in this case.

Today, I have made a decision to stop the madness, at least in my corner of sanity. We’ll see how it goes. My day will be spent in frequencies of higher beings. My focus will be set with iron will, to do the tasks and enjoyable activities that don’t cause my blood to boil or my heart to run that race, that sprint away from the monster we all once laughed at.

How can I coach from a place of love and light, how can I create the essence of women’s confidence content while I am in a drained state? I cannot. And so, the advice I could give a client would be to self-nurture, to rejuvenate. That’s the advice I’m taking from myself.

Today, there will be no media aside from this post. I won’t check my email accounts. I won’t tune into Facebook, or Google+, or to Instagram, or Twitter feeds, or LinkedIn, or to the cable television aside from maybe catching a movie later into the deep evening as I sip a dark red wine as the enticement to sleep.

Maybe there, I will regain my sense of self: Mind-Body-Spirit, aligned.

But then again, it is a full moon….





Carve out some quality nurturing time for yourself this weekend. Heal any imbalances you may be experiencing.

Two Apples and a Banana

Two Apples and a Banana

Two apples and a banana…it sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it? Two apples and a banana walk into a bar….

Although the story is (ahem) ripe with humor, it’s also a tragic reminder to live each day on your terms. Because as the story goes, a once brilliant woman, was raised to be prim, proper, and to always “act like a lady.” And when this woman became elderly, she broke loose from all that social and familial conditioning. She entered a beauty pageant at the care facility that kept her safe and clean and cared for. She was very proud. She’d won first place, and the prize was two apples and a banana. About that same time, the woman decided to live nude. And so, she began to run giggling and naked while orderlies chased her. It’s hard to catch a naked woman who doesn’t wish to be caught.

History/herstory reveals that those who live without the shame, guilt, and rigidity of social controls, are less apt to experience a psychotic break or to step off into dementia. The lesson is, while you still have your conscious abilities and mental faculties, decide and commit to change your life. That doesn’t mean you should run naked through life, but if that’s something you enjoy, there are options. What it does mean is that you have choices to make while you still can.

  • Unlearn the lessons of childhood that stop you from being you, authentically
  • Let go of anger, at yourself and at others
  • Say what needs to be said without lashing out or hurting others (“I” messages)
  • Forgive yourself
  • Trust yourself
  • Do something to up-level your life and reinforce your ownership of your life

DNA does have an effect on your life. But the majority of your outcome stems from learned values and beliefs, as opposed to a concrete genetic source. In fact, only approximately 3% of anyone’s DNA is directly attributed to characteristics, and then to those such as which parent you most resemble.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the remaining 97%, once considered “junk DNA” may contain genetic viruses that stop you in your tracks.

More good news: I can show you how to alter the pathway by addressing any mind or genetic viruses. And it can be done within 90 days or less.

If you feel like your ancestral lineage may have more of an effect on your current life situation than is healthy, it’s time to learn to transmute the energies and reclaim all the facets of your life.

The ways a genetic virus shows up:

  • You try your hardest and cannot seem to break through a financial level
  • Your romances mimic those of your closest parent
  • A pattern emerges in one or more areas of your life
  • You recognize ways in which you could be repeating hereditary stories
  • You haven’t pin-pointed the source of your remaining stuck

With a 90-Day Deep Dive you’ll find the source of anything that gets in the way of your best life. And once that source is discovered, you’ll learn ways to dis-integrate from the ties and ultimately experience a whole new rush of freed energies….

90 Days….

What were you doing 3 months ago?
What will you be doing in 3 months from now?

Break the cords by starting now.

Subject to Availability

Does a Genetic Virus Stop You from Thriving?

Does a Genetic Virus Stop You from Thriving?

If you are not yet where you want to be in life, I invite you to answer this question:

Does a genetic virus stop you from thriving? 

Could it really be that the habits, beliefs, fears, and experiences of your ancestors have a role in the internal blocks to your success?

The answer to that second question is yes; it is absolutely possible that ancestral energetic strands are tethering you to a certain socioeconomic level, to a similar standard of romantic and platonic and business relationships, to a stagnant frequency of existing that doesn’t inspire you to create your best self and to up-level your life.

It’s easy to see physical resemblances in families, and it isn’t much more of a stretch to see the similarities in behaviors, beliefs, religious and political affiliations, wealth standards, the type of relationships that are (re-) created, prejudices, values, beliefs and behaviors.

Regardless of the health or sickness of the family tree, the fruit rarely falls far from the roots. In fact, even with the advances of modern day transportation and the ease of traveling the globe, most people live and die within 25 miles of their birth place. They also rarely stray far from the familial and cultural mores they’ve ingested. These internalized beliefs, opinions, biases, and values are not of your own making. You were spoon fed this potentially toxic, generally limiting mixture beginning before you were even born.

Why do I say, “potentially toxic and generally limiting?” Patterns imprinted onto the soft tissue of the brain at such a vulnerable even pre-verbal stage in life may serve a purpose of keeping you safe. But when the imprinted lessons are left unquestioned, the risk becomes offspring that are nothing more than clones without question of environment. The unquestioning behavior of children as little obedient clones does not bring innovation and creativity to society. Those who fail to look at the lessons of childhood with their now adult perspective leave no chance of growth apart from the familiar. All creativity ceases. And in the extreme fatalistic version of this unquestioning existence, the human species dies out. That’s the extreme of course. There are plenty of rebels who seem to exit the birth canal with a separate agenda and do manage to move beyond the invisible boundaries. But taking a closer look, will still reveal tangled familial roots.

So what’s a person to do? 

As a life coach with thirty-five years experience, there’s not much I haven’t seen. From the raw, gritty shadows of life that most never see, to the narcissistic celebrity side, and everything in between, I’ve worked with the full spectrum of personalities. One would imagine there is a clear delineation of challenges in this vast spectrum, but the closer truth is that the roots are always the same. It doesn’t matter how much money, fame, or opportunity a person has, there are invisible energetic cords that must be recognized before any great change can be achieved. And no life will be fully enhanced until the option of breaking away from the familiar is presented. Most people don’t know that they can create a life by design. Most are simply going thru life on autopilot, living each day by default.

With the goal of enhancing anyone’s life experience in mind, step one is self-awareness. Without awareness there is no chance for change. That may sound basic,as in the sort of statement that causes ire to raise and a reflexive thought of something like, ‘well of course I know who I am,” but look closer beneath the defensive reflex and you’ll find a sea of undiscovered truths, not available to the naked eye.

Your beliefs, values, and opinions have been with you since pre-birth, and were firmly installed in your subconscious and conscious minds before your seventh birthday. In fact, most of what you believe to be true, you learned before you were two-years-old. How adept were you at discerning what would best suit you when you were two? or even seven? My experience says that neither a two nor a seven-year-old is equipped to solve the challenges of adulthood.

That leads to step two: Take personal inventory; Examine all that you hold dear. And do it as a neutral, unbiased observer.

Just because it’s the way it’s always been, doesn’t make it “right”

You have been conditioned to believe, to value, to behave in certain ways according to the conditioning of your ancestors. You were indoctrinated, educated, scolded, shamed, molded, praised, imprinted, immersed in cultural mores, and baptized into a family history going back thousands of years. And chances are, you never once questioned where all that content came from. Now you are being asked to question everything you think you know about your religious beliefs, your politics, your opinions, biases, prejudices, and even your most highly held values. You’re being asked to look at your role models for love. You’re being asked to define what love is…. You’re asked how far from the tree you have come financially, romantically, educationally, politically, spiritually, physically, mentally, bias-wise, and oh so much more.

Does a genetic ‘virus' stop you from thriving? 

Since you are no longer a child, you can re-evaluate all the lessons you learned, now with adult perspective. But chances are, you’ll still not see clearly, as your filters are very deep. You’ll want someone with clear vision to be an observer to help you see your blind spots, and to help you work thru them.

That’s step three: Hire a coach.

That may sound like a shameless advertisement for services. And here’s the other side of that:

If you could have, you would have, and you haven’t.

  • You haven’t yet cut the ancestral cords that keep you tethered to that energetic 25 mile psychological existence.
  • You haven’t yet cleared your mind of the genetic virus that keeps you as small as were your ancestors.
  • You’ve not yet claimed YOUR beliefs, YOUR values, YOUR way of being, YOUR lifestyle on YOUR terms.

By the way, no one is making you or your ancestors “wrong.” This is not about notions of right and wrong. This is about empowering you to live your life by your design, free from the ties of any mind virus, of any genetic viruses, of any lingering energetic ties that do not feed your whole mind-body-spirit growth.

This leads to step four, which may be the most important step of all: Let go of resistance, and open your mind and heart to the possibilities of being liberated to an up-leveled life experience. Again, if you could have done this alone, you would have. And having a professional to guide you thru the underbrush makes for an easier, more successful journey and results in an extraordinary outcome.

A lot of coaches like to hook clients for a long-term commitment. That’s not the case here. The truth is, my preference has always been for short-term, long lasting results. I cannot think of any better experience than when a client is flooding with emotions of gratitude for having been given the instructions on how to navigate the currents, and are then handed the keys to new lifestyle. It’s priceless. It’s so much richer than drawn out coaching that lasts sometimes for years. And the really beautiful thing is that the transformation is observable. A woman loses years, maybe decades from her face when the stress leaves as the self-love flushes out all that old stuck “stuff” that no longer suits her (if it ever did!). And it all happens in 90 days. In three short months, a complete life transformation takes root, and a new “family tree” can grow. One which is not sick with a genetic virus, but rather blossoms into a most beautiful growth imaginable.

This leads to step five: Invest in a 90 Day Deep Dive and excavate any genetic viruses. Find and transmute the lessons that don’t support your magnificence.And do it all from the comfort of your own home or office, in only 3 months, from anywhere on the planet.

What would you give to live the life you desire?
What’s the value of that premium lifestyle?
What’s the cost of doing nothing?
Now think about the cost of doing nothing and how it impacts every area of your life. EVERY. AREA.

The price for a 90-Day Deep Dive is $2997, and payment options are available in most cases.

By the way, I think you’re worth the investment. Do you?
Here’s something to consider: Take an honest look at where you are in life. Is it where you hoped to be by the time you reached this age, regardless of how young or old you are currently?
If you haven’t found the love you yearn for, if you haven’t yet broken through the self-imposed financial glass ceiling, if you have a chronic inner gnawing that there is something more to this life, that you have a purpose if only you can find that purpose, why do you think that is?

Something else to consider is how long you have been feeling this way. And then the question becomes how long are going to tolerate a “less-than” optimal life?
I’m fighting the urge to paste the definition of insanity here, but I trust by now you know what that is. I also trust that you are not insane, and will not forever keep doing what you’re doing and expecting different results.

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You have one purpose in this life, and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are. That self love spills over, onto those closest to you, up-lifting their genetic make up too! The potential positive ripples are endless. And it all starts with you.

90 days. Think about it.
Then invest in you.

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Life as a Pronoun

Life as a Pronoun

It’s fascinating that “life” is so often made to be a Monster outside of the self that can cause all sorts of damage. As though we have no input, Life (as a pronoun) controls, impacts, and basically runs the show.

This victimization by Life runs deep. It’s the thread in all beliefs, opinions, values, in the giving away of power, and it creates the tapestry of resultant outcomes that come of these inner weaves.

Life, as a pronoun, steals personal power and confidence, leaving bewildered carcasses of its energy-depleted victims strewn along the highway.... Click To Tweet

“Change my life,” is the battle cry I hear on a weekly basis. It’s the chant, the affirmation most repeated when awareness that YOU can change your life is missing. You can change your life rapidly when you cease to see life as a pronoun, but rather take back your power, decide that you are the creator, and begin to live life by conscious design, rather than as a victim of….

Carmen is a client who has been with me for several years, not because she has so much to “fix.” Carmen is not broken. And neither are you. Carmen has realized that she thrives with my help as her life coach, in the same way an Olympic contender thrives.

But here’s the thing: It’s not magic. It’s a set of tools that anyone can use. And although I truly love coaching, I don’t believe that long-term coaching is for everyone. In fact, I actually prefer the 90-Day Deep Dive coaching to the more intensive 24k Platinum Elite Signature Coaching that’s a 12 month investment. I like to get in and get out, and really blow the cover off Life, as a pronoun, and give you back the controls to navigate your experience on your terms.

Is coaching for you? Only you can answer that. What is certain is that if you’ve tried and failed to change patterns that continue to show up, you will benefit from skilled guidance and the right tools to create the permanent positive change in life that you do deeply desire (and deserve). And whether that coaching is from me or from someone else, it’s a very worthwhile investment. That’s because you probably “cannot see the forest for the trees.”  It takes a neutral observer to see beyond the layers of beliefs, values, and opinions that make you tick.

When Carmen says it’s magic, well, that’s how it appears. But what it really is, is a mixture of intuitive and practiced skills that allow me to shine the light of awareness on things you may have missed. And when you begin to see really clearly, the ways in which you are creating less than optimal results, then you can change your life. It’s not magic. But it sure feels like it.

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All else aside, you are the mother to your inner child…

All else aside, you are the mother to your inner child…

…you may also have other children to tend to. With that sentiment in my heart, I want to wish you a happy Goddess Day. 😉

Honestly, I think every day needs to support a bit more “goddess” self-care….

That’s because, whether you have young children, grown children, or your own inner child, it’s important to care for your own spirit first. Without that conscious self-care, nobody gets the best you have to offer, including you!

  • Do feel as if you give and give and give, and no one really sees all that you do?
  • Are you exhausted from the imbalance of giving more than you receive?
  • Are you feeling like a thread-bare rug that’s been walked on too many times?

You know that when you are over-stressed, feeling under-appreciated, are experiencing ‘overwhelm’, and are over-tired, you are definitely not at your best.

And when you are not at your best, you may be cranky, unfocused, and even resentful. This is not your highest vibrational state of being!

Nobody wants that!

To honor you, and to perhaps inspire you to step more fully into your self-care, I am offering you the gift of a planned time out.

So find your ear buds, get yourself a beverage, download your gift, put your feet up and take some much deserved time for you.

Happy Goddess Day!

Download your e-book and audio MP3 and enjoy:

The Self-Loving Mother’s Handbook

Download the Self-Loving Mother audio MP3

You have one purpose in this life,
and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.

Make your best effort to adopt new self-love rituals into your daily routine, because, all else aside, you are the mother to your inner child…. Nurture her!




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If at the end of that session YOU decide you would like my coaching services, we will discuss the options. Either way, you will leave the call inspired to take action.
I look forward to our connection.

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Are You Blocking the Flow of Love & Money?

Are You Blocking the Flow of Love & Money?

Are you guarding yourself against heartache?
If so, you’re blocking the natural abundant flow of love, wealth, joy, and opportunities.
Watch this short video to learn more, and to open yourself to abundance.
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Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra

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Never EVER EVER Try to LOSE Weight Again!

Never EVER EVER Try to LOSE Weight Again!

If you’re a person who has ever struggled with maintaining your optimal goal weight, you are not alone. According to the Center for Disease Control in America, more than one-third of all Americans are not only overweight, but are actually in the obese category.

Every year, especially around this new year beginning, billions of dollars are spent on diets, supplements, exercise equipment, and spa memberships, as well as on nutritional programs, and lest we forget, rising health insurance premiums.

It’s not about vanity. Unhealthy weight is deadly and leads to diabetes, coronary problems, heart disease, myriad other diseases and premature death. And yes, a little self-love goes a long way in the battle of the bulge.


In many of these cases, particularly where morbid obesity is concerned, body armor is the culprit in these deaths. And body armor comes from emotions which are held in the body as protection against intruders, in many cases.

For over a decade, my clients included women who had been victimized either sexually or physically. These women insulated themselves against further assault by adding layer upon layer of protection. The fat was the equalizer. It also served to make these women less attractive, thus less prone to sexual attack, as far as the subconscious mind could take them.

Of course this logic is not true. It is not only culturally aesthetically attractive women who are abused. But the human spirit has a way of making corrections based on the information presented. And if the victim believes that all she can control is the size and weight of her body, she may have a conscious or subconscious response that provides her with some [imagined] sense of control.

In other words, she puts on the weight because it is the one thing she feels she can control in the circumstances. It may be a passive-aggressive response based on an inability or unwillingness to face the real issue, which in some cases may be another person who is bigger, stronger, and more intimidating than she is.

Let’s back this off of the extreme example, and address the average Josephine who is carrying a dozen extra pounds or so, weight that has stacked on over the years of not taking mindful care of the self. And yes, it could still be a passive-aggressive response to a judgmental partner, or as a result of trying to fill an emotional hole that needs tending to. Regardless, the weight is an issue if it’s an issue to you, or if it’s a condition that places you at risk health-wise.

So with all this said, you may be wondering about the punch line that actually addresses the title of this post, “Never try to lose weight again.”

We all recognize the dangers in not living a life committed to wellness. Yet here we are at the first of each year, looking in the mirror and wondering what the…. When did it all start to go south?

We may have excuses: Oh woe is me, I had a nasty case of Shingles that kept me in bed for six weeks, and I couldn’t eat healthy or exercise…. Or maybe it goes more like this: I am so busy with work and kids and [fill in the blank] that I don’t have time to get to the gym…or I haven’t got the money for all that expensive exercise equipment. 

You get the picture.

  • It’s a matter of priorities.
  • It’s a matter of self-love.
  • It’s a matter of choices.

Your mind, my mind, everybody’s minds are programmed with a little inner detector that is designed to help us locate our keys when we misplace them. It is an innate radar that is designed to help us find our way, when we are lost. And it’s an inner trigger that hears the word, lose, and seeks to find whatever is lost.


Trying to “lose weight” is far less productive than is trying/committing to achieve something such as a chosen “goal weight.” I could hypnotize you into thinking it’s okay to lose weight, but I’ve gotta tell you that we would be much more successful if instead, I hypnotized you into a self-love mindset that believed there was a better way to live.

  • When emotional baggage is released, weight is released
  • When inner beliefs of unworthiness are replaced with self-worth, the body firms up
  • When self-loathing is replaced with self-love, the weight melts off
  • When health and wellness are the focus, health and wellness are the reality

This year, please don’t set about the process of trying to lose weight. Instead, take a look at the real issue. And if it’s self-loathing, laziness (which is self-loathing), apathy (which is self-loathing), emotional eating (which is self-loathing), poor diet (which is self-loathing), or any of myriad excuses, take a look in the mirror and commit to doing whatever it takes to fall in love…with that reflection in the mirror.

And if that’s a struggle do something else. Either join a gym, start eating healthy, and focus on wellness, or hire a coach who knows how to support you and keep you accountable and helps you focus on doing whatever it takes to fall in love…with that reflection in the mirror…. I can help.


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Confidence Tip #3: Embrace Fear

Confidence Tip #3: Embrace Fear

How to be a Risk Taker Even When You're Scared Click To Tweet

Do you admire risk takers, especially when they win or give a thrilling performance? There’s something exciting and attractive about someone who dares takes a chance; the person who has the courage to start a business in a down economy is someone who gets my attention. In someone else’s perspective, a football team that goes for the two point conversion to win the game might be more of a turn on, or perhaps those that put it all on the line to get what they want are ultimately the ones that get respect.

These folks all seem fearless….

  • How about you?
  • What was the last bold risk you took?
  • What risk did you not take that maybe would have paid off?
    Don’t judge yourself. Just notice….

courageFear is one of the biggest culprits that holds us back from achieving our wildest (and even not so wild) dreams. Click To Tweet

If this is true for you, then you might want to invest a minute to understand fear better.

Fear, you may have heard, is often described as the acronym for False-Evidence-Appearing-Real. Or, as a colleague recently joked, “F*k everything and run.”

Maybe she’s on to something, because fear does elicit the “fight, flight or freeze” response.

Think of it this way: In our mind, we have conjured up some evidence that we label as “real.” Our “real” fear is that we might believe that we will fail and that we will be embarrassed, or that we will lose everything, or that we will be rejected, or worst of all, that we will feel ashamed. This level of anxiety is a fear-based reaction in full gear throttle.

We may fear losing beloved connections if we get too successful. This is a bigger one for women than it is for men. Women are taught to not be in full-forward success mode if it means making a bigger picture for themselves than for their partners. As women, we are taught to not outshine our potential mates: “Better to dim that brilliance than to scare of would-be suitors,” is the message learned. And so, many women get caught in a place where seeds of hidden resentments flourish….

Courage vs Conformity

Here’s the “real” truth: Every action is a shoot from either fear or love. Everything.

So the next time you feel fear, trust that a love-based response is right around the corner.

And here’s a secret to conquering fear: Face it. Embrace it. Embrace fear and it loses its power. It loses its ability to stop you. Fear loses when you see it as what it is. At best, it’s an illusion of thought, and when you recognize your infinite spiritual nature as opposed to your physical nature, there is nothing left to fear.

Each time you “feel the fear and do it anyway,” you build confidence. When you can look in the mirror and smile, knowing that you courageously stepped into your power by owning the fear -by facing the fear and moving forward anyway, you grow a few notches.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Anais Nin

Be courageous and blossom into your wholeness.




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Are You A Modern Day Goddess?

Are You A Modern Day Goddess?

star-of-heavenI’m guessing if you’re reading this, you are a modern day goddess….

Or maybe you are wondering what is a “modern day goddess”?

A modern day goddess is a woman who is unfolding to her divine truth. She is on an inner quest to uncover her personal callings.

I am honored to reveal that I have been interviewed as a featured modern day goddess in the Modern Day Goddess Blog.

The process of being asked to answer a series of profound questions was cause for reflection. The by-product of time taken to reflect was enlightening.

It is also a warm feeling to be included with so many other inspiring modern day goddesses. Catch the interview and play in the garden with passionate, spirit-led modern day goddesses like you….

I invite you to join me on the Modern Day Goddess Blog where you’ll meet many of these passionate modern day goddesses, and learn from the collective wisdom and inspiration  And of course, as sister modern day goddess you will definitely want to follow the Modern Day Goddess Blog! It’s a beautiful sacred playground of goddess energies that you will surely adore!

In my interview I am asked if I have a message for women. Of course I do! To read my response to that question and others, as well as to meet other passionate, spirit-led modern day goddesses, click the hyperlinks in this blog post, or follow this link:

Let me know that you have played in the goddess garden….

~Many Blessings & Abundance

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What Do YOU Want? A Secret & A Free Offer!

(I know you're busy so total reading time is less than 5 minutes...
...keep reading for a secret & a free offer!)

What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.  ~Napoleon Hill


When you ask yourself the question, “what do you want?” do you hear inner dialog that tells you all the reasons you “can’t” have, be, or do, whatever you desire?

Within all of us is a Guide. The Guide is here to protect us, but sometimes, the Guide does too much to prevent new information from entering. The Guide learned a lot along the way, and has become the gatekeeper to the subconscious mind. This Guide now uses information learned prior to about age 5 or 6 to automatically ensure a smooth ride on the path of life. But what happens when that inner Guide has learned some untruths and doesn’t open to new ideas and concepts? What if things have changed -we have changed? That Guide, although well-intentioned, uses an old, frayed rulebook that would best be discarded. But how do we get this inner Guide to embrace the new truth?

A man is but the product of his thoughts – what he thinks, he becomes. 
~Mahatma Gandhi

First off, do you have an answer to the question of “What do you want?” Have you taken the time to clarify what you want most, with attention to details, with clarity of how having what you want will change your life? Have you invested time in feeling what that will feel like when you have what you want? In order to get that guide to support you, you’ll have to step into the belief that you are worthy, and deserving. Only when you are on board, will your inner guide align and assist you in your new endeavors. That means, you actually have to start being the person you seek to be. Confused?

The late millionaire maker, Jim Rohn said,

Success is something you attract by the person you become. ~Jim Rohn

There is no good reason for anyone to not have exactly what they want. All that ever stands in the way of achieving exactly what we want is mindset. If the desire is not believed, it will never be achieved. Period. So it’s important to get that inner Guide on board and working with, rather than against us. This happens as we start the small shifts that send the message of who we are being now. It starts when we start to be the vibrational match for that which we desire. It starts when we decide what we want, and begins to embrace our new image in correlation with our clarity and our commitment.

Here’s something you may not know about me. Although I am a certified practitioner in the field of the Law of Attraction, I do not get fully behind The Secret. Its value is clear in that it was a great source of enlightenment for millions, and that’s fantastic; that’s the positive side of the coin. What it did to trick millions into thinking all that was necessary was to magically think of something and it would manifest, well that’s just plain silly. And it’s not true. In psychology circles, we call that “magical thinking.”

You can absolutely have anything, you can be anyone, you can do anything which you put your mind, emotions, and heart into as long as you take inspired action to reach the goal. This implies that a destination/goal has been defined. It suggests that you have an actual plan and a measurable time frame for achieving specific steps that lead to the ultimate destination. It demands that you be flexible in adjusting your wings to continue the trajectory towards your chosen destination.

Amelia EarhartThink like a pilot. You are the pilot of your own craft. Prior to takeoff, the pilot files a flight plan. She makes certain that her craft is in good-running order. She takes the time to look over the path which leads to the destination. She looks for potential obstacles along the way, and she makes an educated decision about such possible deterrents. Only when her plan is clear does she takeoff.

As example, Amelia Earhart didn’t just get in the plane and pull back on the throttle. She planned her destination, knew ahead of time exactly where she was aimed, approximately how much time it would take, and how much energy (fuel) was required to reach the destination.

We can learn much from those who have gone before us….

J. W. von Goethe holds the record for having the highest IQ (210) of anyone ever scored. So even if you don’t believe me when I tell you that you can have or be or do whatever you decide to have or be or do, or if you doubt yourself, or if your inner Guide just hasn’t quite yet released the latch to your subconscious door to let in this success potential, consider the words of the genius Goethe:

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.
~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I Hope You Choose to Live Bold

And then, once you have made that decision, I hope you create a detailed plan of action to reach your destination, and revisit it as often as necessary to correct your trajectory. You will be, do, or have the life you desire if you create and follow a clear written plan. It’s not magic. But it may feel like magic as you look back from the finish line and see how far you’ve come….

If I can support you in your journey, use the CONTACT US form. I’ll give you a 15 minute consult FREE* ($97 Value) with NO strings or obligation attached!

Sometimes all it takes to get on the corrected trajectory to the destination is a little direction. I took flying lessons, literally, and was taught some important skills before I ever even entered the aircraft. Once I was sitting in the pilot’s seat, I knew the whole thing was on me. I was responsible for getting that airplane off the ground, and for successfully navigating it along the chosen course, and eventually for reaching that destination safely and timely.

It was a great analogy for life. And here’s a little secret that is the truth: When I was in that pilot’s seat, responsible for navigating that craft, I was not distracted. My whole self was involved in the process of reaching my destination. That laser focus is a secret that will speed up the process of getting to any pre-determined destination!

Nothing’s changed. Even when my feet are on the ground, I am now fully aware that I am the captain of my destination. It is this single-mindedness that has supported me in becoming a published writer of two books in one year, more than one time. It is the school of thought that leads me to lead the workshops, to coach emerging women, and to continue my own emerging-wings process.

Regardless of if we ever meet physically, I want you to know that I send you a flow of support and admiration for even having the thought of self-improvement. And without obligation, I offer you 15 minutes of my time at no cost. Sometimes, that one little call can lead to takeoff. And if we never work together again, it is still a blessing to have touched and shared.

*Please do note that I will only be offering this free 15 minute consult to a handful of women. Due to time constraints, this offer is limited. CONTACT US


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Water Is A Metaphor For Human Emotions

Water Is A Metaphor For Human Emotions

Water is a metaphor for human emotions...but it is also a perfect metaphor for the mind. Click To Tweet

Tides vary with moon cycles, ebbing and flowing in natural harmony. But it is only when we are still and calm that true wisdom is allowed to surface. Our best answers bubble up, rising out of the sea of thoughts, but only when the sea is calm.

water drop

When the tides are at their peak, and immense waves are crashing about, care must be exercised to not forget to listen. Click To Tweet

When the tides are at their peak, and immense waves are crashing about, care must be exercised to not forget to listen.We must listen to our inner voice, and to the words of others, even those who are causing waves.

It’s like that with every emotional being. We all have our rhythms. Sometimes we get caught in the fury of someone’s storm, and we may not hear their words, or heed the warnings. And sometimes, others may be drowning in the waves of our high tides.

This month has been especially challenging. Remaining whirlwinds still stir remnants of a big move; dust devils are still spinning in midair, much like a hurricane which is finally deciding to fizzle and move out to sea. The aftermath is yet to be realized….

crying eye

Salty drops seep from eyes as emotions…and tides meant to rage are stuffed until the tsunami urge passes and the beach reappears. It’s about waiting for the rainbow after the rains. It’s about humanness. Sometimes it’s about pretending to not be so human.

A participant asked me if ever there was a time to “rage.” Of course there is. The act of primal screaming is an art-form to aspire to mastering. Click To Tweet

As anyone who has read my first book, Blessings in the Mire, knows about me…I prefer primal screaming as opposed to homicide or its sister, suicide.

Humans experience a whole flow of emotions. Like the stream, those feelings and thoughts are meant to be un-dammed…and un-damned by others.

Emotion is energy in motion.

We are meant to live in harmony, as much as possible, going with the flow. Afterall, it’s hard to paddle against the currents, and if we do find ourselves swimming upstream we expend a great deal of energy going nowhere. Unless you’re a spawning salmon, it’s best to float with the current and keep an anchor handy just in case the storms arise.

Next week, weather permitting, I’ll be anchoring in San Diego…and then I’ll be planning the next Women’s Empowerment Gala! Woo-hoo! I’ll keep you posted, so if you’re in the San Diego area, I hope you’ll join us for some guaranteed life-transforming special gatherings. (Yep, more than one!) As for me, for this moment, and for the coming week, I’ll just continue to set my sails firmly with the winds at my back, and intend to stay afloat…. Ahimsa.

PS~ To get a copy of Blessings in the Mire AND help support the kids with cancer through St Jude Children’s Hospital, use this special Amazon Smile link


Veteran Daddy

With a nod to the Veterans around the world, I send love. My own dad was a Veteran, but it wasn’t war that took his life. His single-engine plane made a nose-dive into the earth when he was just 26 years old. I was a toddler of only 18 months. That young age, does not imply I am without memories….

I recall the cold tile on my pudgy baby thighs as he sat me next to the kitchen sink, tiny mosaic hexagon shaped tiles set with darker grout as my seat.

I have a memory of tiny fists gripping chain link as my grandmother pointed to the sky, saying, “That’s your daddy way up there….”

It’s sad, and of course impactful in ways I cannot begin to know, to lose a daddy. But I am really glad he wasn’t killed in war. That scenario would have impacted me differently. And I prefer to see him flying “way up there….”

Shame was the wolf in my fairytale

Shame was the wolf in my fairytale

The Winged-Women™ self-love movement began with a punchline….

“What’s black and white and red all over?”

The punch line was, “the newspaper,” as it was actually “read” and not “red.”

That’s a joke from the third grade that still makes me cringe a little, because inside of my insecure self, the punch line had felt like “me.”

The joke really was on me. As it turned out, Shame was the wolf in my fairytale.

Let me explain….and I promise to leave out the ancestral drape of incompatibility between my mother and grandmother, but will brush on instead, their only apparent common ground, which was the love of the color red. In fact, I think (for those of you who have read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale) my grandmother would have been the first woman to willingly sign up to be a handmaid, if only for the red robes…. She loved red. “The redder the better,” she’d say. But grandma “T” was nobody’s handmaid! And red is the exact color to depict her colorful, exuberant personality.

For brevity, I start with the fact that my mother had 9 children and many more pregnancies. There are, of course, multiple ways I could take this story down that road, but let’s leave it alone for today….

I bring it up only for context; to provide the background story of the scarcity culture that took root like wild weeds on fertilizer. It’s challenging to care for and feed nine hungry mouths…especially when the reaper throws a random ‘death bomb’ that explodes your family dynamic, and leaves no psychic glue to put the pieces back together (if ever they had been together).

Being the third generation of incredibly strong-headed women (I changed “bull-headed” to “strong-headed, just because it sounds nicer, but bull is more accurate), one would assume my roots would have been firmly thriving in soils of security. But childhood did not lend itself to that sort of inner security. At least not until after first, in “sink or swim” fashion, drowning me in a quicksand of shame that supported only the cultivation of insecurity….

Scrapping my way out of that mire did eventually build self-image. But it didn’t do much for my sense of worthiness. When eventually, I figured out that shame was the wolf in my fairytale, and that it was up to me to re-write the story, only then did the wolf retreat. That had to come much later, after the soul searching and requisite forgiveness…and the important lesson of learning to give up an identity of “survivor.” Owning that label only brought more to survive. That’s one of those lessons in hindsight that has us saying, “If only I had known then…” but then, hindsight always has been a bit of a tease.

There is a difference in worthiness and deserving. I heard Iyanla Vanzant say it to Oprah one day while they were making amends. I found it quizzical, and from there, I contemplated deeply to find my difference, and to clarify my worthiness and my deservingness for a fulfilling life.

The joke about what’s black and white and red all over hurt me because I had only one dress for school, and in my mother’s insensitive way, she bought me a bright red dress that no one could miss. I felt so conspicuous. I felt shame, even though I had done nothing wrong. The circumstances created a guilt about poverty, about not having the same lovely things as did my school chums. And the thing is, those classmates were never cruel to me. I was not bullied or shamed. All the ostracizing took place inside my head; the same head that was creating walls brick by brick around my increasingly tender heart. And that doesn’t mean it wasn’t real. It was as real as I made it. There was an enormously transformative lesson in that awareness that eventually, allowed me to sort, sift, and release, and to share the gifts of my excavation with you.

The thing is, everything in my life has led me to the woman I am. And I like her very much. I also like to wear red dresses. 🙂 And without the wolf in my fairytale, there would have been no deep excavation, and no transformation. There would be no Winged-Women™ Academy. I wouldn’t have the skill set that shame brought. That’s the gift in my story. I am blessed with clarity and passionate purpose that only came of peeling back the layers to find my truth, and my power.

My hope is that you too, have found yourself, and that you enjoy your company. And I hope you wear whatever makes you feel fempowered. I hope you feel both worthy and deserving, because you are. If Shame or Guilt or Self-Doubt or Worry or….whatever, are the wolf in your story, let’s change that.

And to support you in that transformation, here’s a little freebie to help in the process….

Here’ the thing: Your self-acceptance, self-worth and deserving are in the pilot’s seat of your life. You alone have the power to decide the trajectory for your life. But for a smooth flight, your inner navigator probably needs some training. You wouldn’t just hope into the cockpit of a 747 and start down the runway. You would take ground school before you solo. And you would take instrumentation school before you stepped in the pilot’s seat of the jet powered craft.

In other words, if you could have created the change, you would have. And you haven’t. You haven’t learned to read the instruments yet….

So, here’s an introduction to ground school, and it’s completely free. It’s a mini course offered at the new online Winged-Women™ Academy. Enroll, and quickly get this refresher on confidence and worthiness, because it’s really time to fly on your own….

Learn more and/or Enroll: Confidence Becomes You.

Enjoy your free flight.




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The Fear-Based Nature of Masks

The Fear-Based Nature of Masks

The masks we wear, are fear-based. They are contrived to keep others out of our lives -to prevent them from seeing, or more specifically, touching us at a heart-level, which by the way, is an effective way of scaring away possible suitors….

OR, the masks are a defense mechanism that hides our insecurities as we pretend to feel much more bold than we feel inside.

And by the way, both types of masks are often worn by the same person. We’re not consistently one way or another. And masks are like the hats we wear: They change with the purpose of our nature at any given point.

Think about it:

  • What roles do you take on throughout a typical day?
  • How different are you when you’re in a formal setting than in a casual situation?
  • How varied are your connections with friends?
  • If you’re a parent, you have a different face than you have for your boss, or your lover
  • Maybe you attend religious groups that call for yet another mask….
  • Maybe you have an angry mask for an ex….
  • Maybe you have a ‘smiley face’ for the grocery store check out line.
  • Maybe your main mask is angry, ensuring only those who care enough to get to know the ‘you’ beneath the angry face are friends worth keeping.
  • Sometimes the mask is test for others. They usually fail.

What are you masking?

Because the blog this month is all about the masks we wear, just for fun and self-awareness, take some time to consider all the ways you show up in the world. It’s not a test and you won’t be judged. But you might discover something really empowering….

The only real face is the one you wear for yourself when no one else is around. Click To Tweet

Have a great week.




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