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This Jan Deelstra, Women’s Empowerment Life Coach and Transformational Author playground may have my name on it, but it is all about YOU, and your balance and wholeness. I am here to help you move out of your way, to help you release any pain you are experiencing, or more precisely, to supply you with the trade secret tools to live your most bold and empowered life possible.

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Now, is an era of awakening. The old paradigm is not working, and women globally are beginning to learn to trust their own spirit, heart, and voice. Personal empowerment is not some wild-hare concept, but is now critical for perhaps saving the race, the planet, and for effecting a positive contagious shift in response to the crumbling status quo.

You have purpose.

At a personal level, perhaps you feel an unsettling, an inner voice is giving you the nudge to now step into your wholeness. No longer are you content to deny certain parts of your self. Now you are eager to own the whole of you, including owning your voice.

I am here for you. In fact, I have been here for you for many decades, paving the path ahead of your journey, making way for those who follow in my pioneering footsteps of women’s empowerment via self-awareness and confidence creation tools.

Thousands of women have come here, have been coached, counseled, and have sought consultation. Each has graduated with honors. Each inspired participant has transformed, has changed permanently, and has evolved in immeasurable ways effecting continuously rippling patterns of positive degrees.

Will you be among the women who are transforming the Earth? Just by showing up here, your consciousness shift has begun. And that’s a wonderfully radiant thing.

Join us in the Winged~Women forum on Facebook. It’s a safe place to be you.
Winged~Women is a private group, which is a bonus when clients participate in the $997 Bootcamp. For a very limited time, you are invited even without Bootcamp access.
You’re Welcome. ♥  :-)

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