Welcome Kindred Friend!

Have you had enough of suffering?

Are you ready to ‘be’ your divine wholeness?

I offer you the most desirable outcome!

If you do nothing, what will have changed 30 days from now?

If you do nothing, what changes in 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

What is the definition of insanity? (If you don’t know, keep reading!)

What if you were to blossom into your full-winged empowerment? What if you never do?

This EXACT Moment is YOUR Precious Life!

If you’re looking for personal transformational services from a renowned and highly qualified Self-Esteem Specialist, you have come to the right place! With over 25 years of practical, hands-on experience in the self-help field, there is little I haven’t seen. As a result:

Nothing is out of bounds!

Your successful outcome will be an empowered YOU, free of the shackles that attach you to the painful past: If “it” needs to be released in order that your energy is freed and made available for more productive personal growth, together, we can make that happen through the frequently near-miraculous empowerment of gestalt techniques.

YOU and your experience of transforming into your full-winged greatness become my priority. Primarily, my objective is to create a safe, friendly, and empowering environment in which you will flourish. And while we are working and playing together on this playground, I’m here to make authentic, solid connections with you.

This is a peaceful garden with nothing but the best interest of all who come to visit in mind. With that said, here is the outcome you can expect when you sky-rocket your self-esteem by becoming a gestalt participant:

•Release stagnant negative past memories that shackle you from your magnificence

•FREE your stuck energies, allowing for creation of a fabulous future

•Cross once seemingly unreachable new goal lines with increased confidence

•Step out of a poverty mentality and into a wealth-building mindset

•Learn to use the empowering information contained in your dreams

•Identify your unique strengths and bolster your self-esteem into limitless confidence

•Discover your truly authentic self as you build self-trust and enhance self-esteem

•Embrace the fulfilling, authentic life you were meant to live

•Repair all your broken relationships or peacefully release them with love and respect

•Learn to love and nurture your WHOLE/GESTALT self

The butterfly must work to break free from the chrysalis that once bound her. And once freed, she spreads her wings in glorious full-winged splendor. You too will experience the metamorphosis of coming into your own wholeness.

You will be well-nurtured here, as well as learning the importance of self-care. You’ll be happily served as together we take this journey to your gestalt/wholeness. I am here to answer any questions you may have about the ways gestalt techniques can improve your life, with this caveat: This program is not for everyone. There is a two-part process prior to entering into the services offered here. That’s not a judgment. What it is, is an acknowledgment of my finite time, and a respect for yours too.

With that said, if you are interested in becoming considered for participation in any of our select programs, send an email to: and a Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment will be emailed to you. The questionnaire can be answered at your leisure, and in the privacy of your own home. There is NO FEE FOR THIS. Simply download the PDF when it arrives in your email, and follow the instructions.

It’s been reported that just the act of answering the questions causes a positive transformational shift in consciousness, so even if you never return the questionnaire, or if after completing the assessment you decide not to move forward, that’s okay too.

My mission is to empower at least 1,000,000 participants in the next five years. If you are one of them, that’s fantastic, and if not, it couldn’t be helped. I only hope that you continue to play here at this smorgasbord of life, and to partake from the snack trays as they are passed around. Visit the Dream Realm and learn to interpret your dreams for the valuable content they offer; Follow our Blog-Talk, peruse our on-line Book Store, and check out the About Pages to learn more about moi and about gestalt.

If you do nothing else, be sure to subscribe to the 2014 G-Zine. It’s filled with valuable tips, many (often FREE) downloadable self-improvement sundries, special access to special VIP events, news of current events, a question and answer article, and MORE, MORE, MORE! I can hardly contain my excitement over all the improvements that are taking place!

Go now to the SERVICES PAGE and download your copy of the “YOU BENEFITS” of Gestalt, plus shop around and see what products and services we offer! The list changes rapidly, so be certain to bookmark this site.

And if you happen to be a blogger with a similar client base, and would like to guest blog, send a short email to: with ‘Guest Blog’ in the subject line.

Finally, if you are currently a heart-centered, spirit-led entrepreneur, or if you are just starting out on that path, stay tuned! Because in July, we will be releasing our Train the Trainers Program and if selected, YOU just may be the next Self-Help Specialist! If you’re interested, be SURE to SUBSCRIBE to either or both the G-Zine and the Blog for updates. THESE ARE EXCITING TIMES! We are quite literally altering the ripples of the Universe. I’m hoping we’ll be doing it together!

Blessings in the Mire CA7VV5OL cover-flying

The picture above on the cover of Escaping the Chrysalis (center) is La Vérité, by Jules Joseph Lefebvre. The painting represents truth and liberation, and is the model for Lefebvre’s fellow-Frenchman, Frédéric Bartholdi, for what became the Statue of Liberty.

It is also the inspirational image representing liberation used as the cover art of Escaping the Chrysalis because it so clearly depicts the personal empowerment that comes out of struggle. Just as the butterfly builds strength through the struggle to break out of the chrysalis, so too are we humans empowered by our experiences. All three titles above are of inner strength: Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections was written following the death of my son, at a time when I believed I had no strength left for survival; The Flying Game, my first fictional book, is a weave that is clearly intended to take the reader to a place of introspection and eventual empowerment; Escaping the Chrysalis: Introduction to Gestalt Techniques for Self-Esteem Transformation is the manual for life. All three are available on Amazon.com by clicking the book covers above.

(Clicking the hyperlinked covers takes you out of this site and into Amazon.com for purchase.)

Be sure to subscribe to the monthly Gestalt-based E-Zine at the top right corner of this page! It’s FREE! Or request a 15 minute consult by using the pop up form at the right corner. It’s also FREE.

And by all means, find the FREEBIES page to download gestalt tools for your journey to wholeness.

(You are not broken; like Humpty, you just need to be re-membered….)


*The definition of Insanity is doing things the same way repeatedly and expecting different results. If you want results, send an email to and a FREE CONFIDENTIAL Self-Esteem Assessment Questionnaire will be sent to you upon request. It’s the place to start. Do it now.

Gestalt means whole and so are you:

Whole and perfect in your humanness!

Thank you.

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