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2020 Vision

Image by <a href="">Afishera</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>
Image by Afishera from Pixabay

Now that the magic of the holidays is in the past, gifts are unwrapped, delivered (and some returned) and the door to 2019 has closed, have you taken a moment to determine what is your 2020 vision? As we pass thru the doorway into a new decade with one eye on the lessons and experiences brought by the last ten years and simultaneously on the potentials for the future, what do you see is left behind? What is on the horizon?

I’m taking stock of the ending decade, and most especially of the final quarter of 2019 as it brought some enormous losses, and unarguably intense emotional, financial, and physical waves that have left a tsunami of damages. Yet I hear my deceased mother’s words saying, “No matter how hard you’ve got it, there is always someone who has it worse.”  As a child, my young mind was immersed for long hours hours wondering who that most unfortunate human being was: what was the absolute worst thing one could experience? 

Of course it’s subjective. We each have our own stories, and somethings are just too unimaginable to even begin to explore. But the last decades brought a balance of goodness, prosperity, and new friends that are not to be discounted by the misdirected gaze on the dire. Indeed, I have so much to be thankful for, especially when I take the decade slice by slice: I am now the author of 13 books, 8 solo and 5 co-authored; I gained status as an “International Best Selling Author” and received many accolades; I am the founder of the Winged-Women™ Academy, a space that continues to find it’s foothold, still in its infancy with so much still to come. But my most cherished gifts are those that come of connection to women who are unfolding their once dampered wings. The metamorphosis of so many beautiful women, each owning their unique wings, owning their individual and collective voice, and each indelibly etching a sacred mark in my heart. This is my greatest high of the decade.

I’ll enter the vulnerable space and reveal that there were times when I felt my own wings slipping, and doubt raised more than an eyebrow. We like to think there comes a time when we are so intact that nothing can rattle us from our achievements, but quite the opposite was true too many times for my own comfort level.  I spent a full month grieving the loss of my dearest companion, and to write about it is still too painful. There were days in the final months of 2019 when I wondered if I was becoming an invisible woman, with nothing to offer and nothing left to live for. And there were days when I thought of packing it all up, and closing it all down. These were the thoughts of depression. I had lost too much too fast. And I had stopped focusing on all there is to love. My gratitude was exhausted and my otherwise overflowing well of support and giving nature was depleted. I had failed myself, had not catered to my mind, body, spirit needs for too long. I had nothing left to give to others because I had not refilled my own needs.

Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

Finding always the “blessings in the mire” I am now grateful for the way the year and the decade ended. I’ve had to sort thru a (literal) flooded out assortment of personal belongings, all the while realizing how much worse it could have been had I not just moved some holiday gifts to higher grounds before a torrent of sewage flowed thru walls and soaked my home with a mess that is only now being remedied (Thank God and State Farm for support…). Much has gone to the landfill, and everything is in process of sterilization and the rebuild starts within days. My mind briefly returns to my mother’s words…could be worse. Some folks don’t have a home to insure and rebuild when catastrophes happen.  I am blessed.

My 2020 vision is clearing now that the sludge waters have subsided. I’m investing time to map out the next 12 months, not with a vision board (which has been my tradition each New Years eve for the past 15 years), but rather with a diary of sorts that allows me to set a short term and a long term goal, all the while tracking and jotting notes about the experience. Part of that trajectory includes a streamlining of personal coaching from the whirlwinds of the past to a new rarely available offering. I have learned that burning my candle at 2 ends and in the middle leaves me burnt out. More of my focus will be in course creation for the Winged-Women™ Academy, and in a more predictable posting of relevant bloggings. But the individual coaching is being phased out to a very few exceptions.  And as for social media, that too will be very limited. I am simply feeling a detachment to anything that even hints of ingenuous connection. My preference it to play on my own playgrounds, such as here on this website and at the Winged-Women sites. I say with a heartfelt flow of love to you, that I hope you will join me here, interacting as if this is YOUR playground/growground, because it truly does belong to you.

My resolution is to be more of my authentic self, with an open flow of communication without the hyperbole and apparent competitions of social media platforms. It’s too noisy out there. And I am more about quality than quantity, so I vow to produce valuable content that encourages the wings of all who come here to open freely, beautifully, and with an authentic connection that nurtures all of us. I am really glad you’re here. Thank you for showing up.

Best wishes for a grand decade. Please share your 2020 vision in the comments or via email to me ( What do you hope for? What have you decided to release? What will you vow to achieve? Who will you be at the end of the 20’s? Who will you be in twelve months? How can I help?





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2 thoughts on “2020 Vision

  1. Ali, thanks so much for your comment. The term, “champagne problems” truly resonates in this case, and reading that phrase put me right back on track for an energy shift that I need to be reminded of as I throw out so much of the past. It’s funny, because I just recently –maybe 6 months ago, did a major “Marie Kondo” inspired purge of so much, yet here I am again, donating, trashing, and taking stock of what truly matters…. The stripped naked floor is dried, and awaits my choice of fresh colors and textures (Deciding, “Will I choose hardwood or carpet and in what shades?” and awaiting the drywall repairs and painters is my only chore now.) The air is still, the enormous noise machines –fans and dehumidifiers are gone, and I am forever grateful for the silence that surrounds me. The smell too is now pleasant, as it lacks anything. The void is the sweetest scent.
    And you are spot on when you mention how many others have trudged this path! I’m hearing from folks who share the misery, and the insurance company and remediation crews have been very busy!
    As for the bigger picture, the significance that glares at me is to be present in the moment as we never know when we will be altered by natural and unnatural effects. It’s also an apparent call to non-attachment to the physical. Yes, we deserve to surround ourselves with beauty, and with artifacts and energies that inspire and soothe and cause contemplation. The balance of that, I suppose, is to not be too attached to the physical, as after all, we are just visiting….
    Now I am off to pray for rain for our Aussie friends, and peace for the Middle East, and compassion for and from our often compassionless Government. It puts it all into perspective, doesn’t it, to consider our “champagne problems” against the true horrors that takes place.
    Thanks so much for sharing. Much love to you my friend.

  2. Hi Jan, Happy New Year! I just wanted to share that I also have had not one but two sewage backups during the last quarter of 2019. One was manageable by us, the other required a rebuild, so I know how you are feeling about that. I, too, stopped in between all the chaos to remember how grateful I was that I had a home in the first place. 🙂 Though my personal insurance was great and did all they could, there was a lot of arguing with the HOA’s insurance company. So much arguing and back-and-forth that I was ready to give up, give in, and throw in the towel, but again I came to the realization that these are in fact, “champagne problems” no matter how much of an absolute pain in the butt the whole ordeal turned out to be. 🙂 In your opinion, what is the higher significance of all these plumbing and sewage problems? I’ve heard of many around me experiencing similar things with sewage, toilets, floods, etc. so it’s not just us! 😀

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