Day One of 31 Day Blog Challenge



It’s March 1st, and it’s day one of 31 in the Blog Challenge that I agreed to. It’s also a New Moon, which means, like any good horticulturist, I take a day to consciously plant the seeds of whatever I wish to cultivate over the next 29 days.


For the past while, I’ve been wracking my brain to determine what I want to manifest most during the next four weeks. “Manifest” has become such a commercial term that I quite fear using it here. I’m not seeking fairies and rainbows so much as I am reaching for determined goal lines.

As odd as it seems (odd because I am a certified LOA practitioner), I sought another word to use in place of ‘manifest’ in the above paragraph. Oh I believe in Newton’s Law, Murphy’s Law, and I believe in the Law of Gravity too, but I have a struggle of conscience with sheep buying into any secret that doesn’t include measurable action. I’m pragmatic that way. And frankly, I’m grown weary of the chatter ad nauseum about manifesting and the law of attraction:

~Is it real? Is it what psychology traditionally calls “magical thinking”?

Is it so-called ‘new-aged’ mumbo jumbo?

Yep, lots of my comrades and certainly any of my past customers from my days as the local “Angel Lady” (the purveyor of Salt Lake City’s first ((by one skinny day)) Angel Store), will be dropping jaws and bugging eyes over that last comment. These folks know me as the manifestor of the Angel Store, and of many miraculous things.  And I absolutely DO believe in the power of the Law of Attraction, but only when it’s applied with a heavy dose of reality.

Is the LOA real? Of course it’s real. It’s as real as gravity. But I don’t have to meditate on gravity to keep me grounded. I don’t have to chase guru after guru for the secret sauce to perfect the art of staying stuck to the planet. Newton was on to something: Once we get ourselves in motion we won’t stop until something gets in our way. What? Wrong law? Oh. Okay, well, back to magical thinking then.

There’s no magic wand. There is instead, a deep truth to the concept that when one is following a passion, it’s easy to work at it for hours upon end, before reaching burnout. As long as we’re having fun and making money, it’s all blamed on the moon phases, the zodiac, and luck, but it’s when things don’t come about in the time-table that we determine to be the only acceptable time-table, that the LOA is to blame. And truly, it’s only when passion for the job is lacking that a task becomes drudgery.  To manifest anything which we are passionate about looks like something akin to magic, in that it comes to fruition with more ease.

Here’s what I really believe about the law of attraction: Plant the goal. Clarify the path. Take out the machete when necessary and clear the path along the way to the predetermined end destination. Make adjustments as needed along the way to the favored result. Also, it doesn’t hurt to add a big scoop of tenacity and a lot of love to the mix. And, it also doesn’t hurt to live within the flow of Nature’s cycles.

That’s how to manifest the desire in record time. Because the truth is, most people spend NO time planning the journey to fulfillment, and so, predictably, they never reach that utopia. Oh the law of attraction is working alright; it’s bringing in the dull reflection of that which has been planted under any moon cycle: Nothing.

Most people give up before they even get started. In other words, they aren’t succesful in manifesting that dream life, dream car, dream girl, because they don’t start. Many don’t even have a dream.

Even the tortoise and the hare had sense enough to show up, and to place one foot in front of the other regardless of how long it takes to reach that end goal. In fact, I’m speculating that neither a hare nor a tortoise give much thought to what’s in the way of them and where they are going. I’m thinking either has the innate sense to just keep moving forward. Of course the wildlife critters don’t have remotes to surf reality tv, so they may as well keep moving forward.

I have a few more hours to determine the seed planting details. For now, I think I’ll meditate on it.

And what will you be planting?

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