50 Days to Empowerment

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That’s right! You’re receiving almost $3000 value for only $497!

I want as many women as possible to be able to benefit from this life-transforming, super juicy, empowering program. So to help that concept blossom, I’ve temporarily slashed the investment costs, making it as easy as possible to open access to the content!

But make no mistake, this price will return to the original $1197 price tag without notice. And honestly, even at $1197, that’s a small investment to make in yourself, to transform your life into the life you deserve and were born to live!

And at only $497 everyone can join!

“50 Days to Empowerment” may sound like a bold claim, but the bootcamp process is a perfect venue for supporting huge transformational shifts!

And in a rapid-paced bootcamp setting, the immersive experience makes for serious, permanent solutions!

How can I make such a bold claim?

Because I’ve been facilitating change for three decades, and I’ve seen some near miraculous results happen in quick time!

  •  What is it that keeps you up at night?
  • What is the one thing, that if it were transformed, would improve your life?
  • What are the possibilities for you, if this one thing were lifted from your burden?
  • What one outcome would change your life for the better, forever?

Authentic life changes don’t have to take years to achieve. Your life can transform in short order if that’s what you choose. With my step-by-step guidance, you can step into the life you were born to live, and it won’t take years!

And the truth is, it may not even take you 50 days…. But we’re taking 50 days to empowerment because that 50 days helps to solidify the new persona of you!

The truth is, once you make the decision to invest in you, your transformational shift has begun…. All that comes after that is the icing on the cake of you!

  • Are you through with feeling “stuck”?
  • Are you ready to release the inner blocks to your success?
  • Is it finally time for you to own your voice and be heard?
  • Are you ready to step into your divine calling?
  • Do you know there’s something more, and you’re ready to get your share?
  • Do you struggle with balancing your professional life with your spiritual core?
  • Have you felt victimized by events and others in your life?
  • Are you decidedly “off-balance” in your body, mind, spirit, emotions?
  • Are you ready to experience and own the whole of you?

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In the 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment you can easily, effortlessly fill your self-development (I prefer to call it self-love) toolkit with an endless supply of tools and techniques once reserved for the professionals.

You’ll have at your fingertips, the means to work through anything life brings to you and you’ll handle it with grace and self-assurance.

Based on the award-winning nonfiction life manual, Escaping the Chrysalis and its “hot off the press” sister Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook….

Escaping the Chrysalis

The 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment is completely online so you can complete all the exercises in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

To register at any time to participate in this life-changing opportunity, and to change your life like you often say you want to, simply click any of the 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment hyperlinks included in this page content.

You decide when, where and how to complete the assignments, and you’ll be led each step of the way through the processes of releasing inner blocks to your success, and making conscious mindset shifts to open you to the flow of abundance in love, joy, health and wealth.

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Imagine only 50 days to empowerment! Imagine you, empowered in 50 short days! Now there is no waiting! You can jump in anytime and start the process of getting to the core of what’s stopping you from realizing your dreams.

    • We’ll start where you are, personally.
    • You’ll create a “rinse and repeat” blueprint to use for attaining any outcome you choose.
    • You’ll learn fabulously effective means of letting go of whatever and whomever no longer supports you on your life journey.
    • You’ll identify limiting beliefs that stop your expansion. 
    • You’ll learn communication skills for getting what you want and desire.
    • You’ll bridge the gap between professional and personal authenticity.
    • You’ll experience the miracle of energy and learn to channel your energy.
    • You’ll learn to release stagnant energy blocks before they turn deadly.
    • You will align your whole being and experience the wonder of balance.
    • You will consciously attract what you do want.
    • You’ll learn to look in the mirror and love who you see.
    • Enhance your intimate romantic relationships.
    • Improve your professional connections and opportunities.
    • Increase confidence and self-esteem levels to new heights.
    • Improve circulation of abundance of wealth, health, love and joy.
    • Experience more happiness and sense of emotional freedom.
    • Form deeper connections. 
    • You’ll own your authentic whole self within 7 weeks.
    • More, More, More!

Your life is about to change for the better! Are you excited? The clock starts ticking as soon as you register! And when you have completed all the modules, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to prove your stamina and that you were definitely up for the challenge of owning the “whole” of your life!

Here are some of the important details:

This 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment is limited!

There is a maximum capacity of the troops! This limitation is in place to ensure you receive adequate time and attention during the bootcamp.

Don’t let the temporary price reduction fool you; This is an elite and effective Intensive.

The 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Intensive is designed to be intimate and personal and most of all EFFECTIVE.

It’s more fun with a buddy! An accountability buddy helps both of you stay on track, and allows you a sounding board if you need one. Got a BFF who may want to join in? Get her on-board today before this fills up. IT WILL FILL UP! So send her to this page immediately so you won’t both be disappointed!

The ride will be intensive and emotive and effective. It will change your life.

Women's Empowerment Bootcamp

Still need more information? Watch the webinar to determine if a bootcamp is right or you.

7 Compelling Reasons a Bootcamp May Be for You

…or Send a quick note via this form:

        • Does the term “bootcamp” scare you?
        • Do you wonder if you’re up for the challenge?
        • Are you afraid of the “work” it will take?
        • Do you have doubts?

This 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp is created with the silk threads of feminine power principles and is sleek and smooth like a woman! It’s designed for the woman who is ready, willing, and able to take a good look at her circumstances and follow the path and emerge on the other side with full-winged splendor.

It’s okay if you’re a bit shy about the process….

That’s for me to handle.

Your commitment is to showing up, and to participating, and completing the assignments as they are delivered.

No one ever said your emergence would be a cake-walk. But it can be accomplished with step-by-step direction and support and expertise. And the benefits are measurable and long-lasting. This bootcamp delivers!

Common questions about 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp are:

      • Will I lose my femininity if I participate?
      • Will I be strong enough to complete the entire program?
      • Will I be alone?
      • What makes it a “bootcamp?”

The 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp will absolutely not take anything -such as your femininity, from you! It will only enhance you! It’s based on feminine power principles! We embrace the goddess side of every woman and support your wholeness!


You are strong enough to complete the program if you decide to. The very word, “decide,” means to cut away. When you decide to commit to participation and completion of the 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp, your strength is showing. The true question to ask is are you’re strong enough to own your wings if you don’t complete the program? The real fear is of being too weak to admit the benefits you’ll receive! If not now, then when will you invest in your greatest potential?

You are not alone in the 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp! You will join a community of like-minded women, each of whom are on a unique journey. Plus, you are not alone in the modules. As your coach, I am in the trenches with you throughout the entire process, regardless of how messy it gets!

The 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment is considered a bootcamp because it is intensive live bootcamp, and at times may seem challenging. The payoff is well worth any battles with inner demons, I assure you.

When you meet the enemy and she is you, it’s not a long drive to the solution…because you’ll soon discover, you are not broken. You’ve just mis-placed some pieces….It’s time to own the whole of you: Goddess. Queen. Perfect in your divine humanness.

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50 days…7 weeks…imagine…. ♥ Safety First