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7 Compelling Reasons & Mercury Must Be Retrograde…

cosmos1From a techie perspective, a lot went wrong today. Suddenly Window 8.1 wouldn’t play nice and the webinar went south. The end result is a recording with some background noise and a file size that is too large for my web host to allow.

Not to be one to sit on her laurels, my tenacious streak kicked in and I had the recording uploaded to YouTube in order that I could then send anyone interested to that video…

but not before I had to complete a System Restore on my computer…that didn’t fully take the first time. And there was that volume thing…but all in all, not bad for a first attempt on a new webinar. Oye vey….

Sometimes things don’t go the way WE planned. Sometimes the tasks or the whole day seem to just disintegrate into yesterday, leaving us to wonder at the results.

I blame sunspots and retrograde Mercury, although I didn’t check with the local astrologist or the Farmer’s Almanac. I just sense something larger than me is pulling my strings like a dancing marionette. It may be time that I surrender.


Ever have one of those…I mean moments? Does it often seem like there is a greater force against you? Or that the tests are “in your face” and lurking around every corner? Nah…I didn’t think so. You are far too evolved to believe that anyone or anything but you are in control of your life. Right?

So if you’re still feeling like maybe you could do a little better in the life control arena, please check out the 7 Compelling Reasons a Bootcamp May Be Right for You. And please DO share this with your friends, technology permitting….

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