7 Days of Unique Empowering Offers, Day 4

7 Days of Unique Empowering Offers, Day 4

We’re half-way into the 7 Days of Unique Empowering Offers, and the fun is starting to take over! It’s been a ton of fun to think of special offers that I think you might enjoy, and that maybe you will feel compelled to share with others. With that in mind, today’s offer is one that you can claim for yourself, or as a gift for a friend….(or both!)

Today I offer you The Flying Game, for a small shipping and handling fee of only $7.95. That’s a savings of $16.00! Yep, you’re getting The Flying Game for free, and paying only for the book to be mailed to you! And here’s the coolest thing: The book, although it’s “fiction” is truly an inspirational book that you will empower you with self-love.

This offer is limited to the contiguous US only. Sorry. If you’re out of the states, stay tuned, because offers will be made that transcends all boundaries on days 6 and 7!

Be certain I have your correct mailing address for this offer! This is an actual book that will arrive at your snail mail address within days of purchase, so don’t wait. If you want this for a holiday gift, or for a personal present for yourself, you must act fast. This offer will be taken down in a few hours. AND it is limited to the first 50 copies sold. After that, the deal’s off and PayPal will not accept your order. So hurry, and get in on this transforming opportunity. The Flying Game will remind you of that tenacity you had as a child, and will re-introduce you to that fearlessness that will enable you to transcend the habit of failure.

PS~ Feel free to share the love, and this time limited offer!

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