7 Days of Unique Empowering Offers, Day 6

7 Days of Unique Empowering Offers, Day 6

Life is Like a Hot Fudge Sundae….

My belief is that we each have a divine purpose, and that once we step into this role, which is guided by a divinely inspired, unique purpose, our lives unfold in an easy manner. It’s like going from an uphill struggle to instead, flowing as warmed fudge syrup sliding down an ice-cream slope. Sometimes life gets a little messy, but mostly, it’s meant to be effortless, sweet, and enjoyable.

When you live your life while following your passionate purpose, it’s a pleasure, not a chore to wake up each morning. It’s exciting to see what the day brings, to create the day’s content from an inner space of knowingness -of knowing that you are living the life you were born to live. This knowingness inspires creativity and brings rapid success. And anyone can have this lifestyle, simply by goring through some wash and repeat steps.

If life has been challenging you lately, regardless of in which area you are experiencing the pinch, you need look no further than your own psyche for both the cause and the cure to that imbalance. There is a pathway for you that is not rough. There is a way to flow rather than struggle. And it is a simple matter of you learning to consciously create your life, and stop living by default.

Today is day 6 of the 7 Days of Unique Empowering Offers, and the offer is indeed one of the most potentially life-changing offers being made in this short series. The offer is for an instantly downloadable electronic copy of Escaping the Chrysalis,* the book that I consider my life’s work (this, despite it being only a single book from the dozen I’ve written). …but there’s more to today’s offer than just an e-book that can change your life in every area from love, to money, to relationships, to passionate purpose, to learning to interpret your dreams, to learning to communicate, to letting go of past pains….

Escaping the Chrysalis by Jan Deelstra

Escaping the Chrysalis does contain all that and much more, and it is the confidence bible that all my clients go to time and time again for clarity and empowerment. And it does have a sister-support workbook, Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook** (available on Amazon) which is chock-full of all the experiential exercises we use in group settings, as well as in personal coaching. In essence, Escaping the Chrysalis is the 400+ page guide to life. And you can open it at anytime and find the tools and techniques to get you from stuck to liberated in many areas of your life.

And today, you can buy a downloadable e-book version for only $7. (Regularly priced at $24)

This instantly down-loadable e-version is the same content that comes in the physical book, but without shipping and handling and wait times! It’s the life-transformation volume that has empowered thousands of women, each of whom has paid thousands of dollars to learn the proprietary trades secret tools found in this book.

And the only way to get it for $7 is thru this secure PayPal link:

Here’s something to consider: You could master your confidence, your communication skills, improve your health, own your voice, and you could even enhance your relationships in both personal and professional arenas… You could also learn to interpret your dreams for the information they bring you (messages from you to you), and you could learn once and for all, how to let go of whatever holds you back….

…and you can have all this mastery at your fingertips, for only $7 through today’s special, limited offer.

And that’s not all…
Anyone that opts to take advantage of this offer today, is also privy to the following highly limited offer of a one-time Passionate Purpose Breakthrough Session valued at $397, today available to the first 10 to claim it for only $47.
This is a one-hour breakthrough session where we will clarify your passionate purpose, during which you will learn the steps to take to live that purposeful life.
But only if you’re one of the first 10 to claim it. After that, the offer for the Passionate Purpose Breakthrough Session goes away. And it’s only available to those who take advantage of this day 6 of the 7 Days of Unique Empowering Offers special. Once your payment for Escaping the Chrysalis e-book is processed, you will land on the download page, where you will be given the option of claiming this Passionate Purpose Breakthrough Session.

Your life can absolutely be as enjoyable as eating an ice cream sundae, most of the time. It starts with you having the right tools for the job. Those tools can be found in Escaping the Chrysalis.

** To get a soft-cover edition of Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook, use this link: https://smile.amazon.com/Escaping-Chrysalis-Companion-Work-Book/dp/0988533413/

When you purchase either volume thru the above links, a donation is made to St Jude Children’s Hospital. Thank you.

Escaping the Chrysalis by Jan Deelstra

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