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9 Steps to Having It All

You CAN have the life you desire. ABSOLUTELY. And there are only 9 steps to having it all.
But you won’t have that life until you:

  1. Make the CHOICE of what you DO want
  2. DECIDE you are worthy
  3. CLARIFY the why
  4. KNOW you deserve more.
  5. RELEASE resistance
  6. CREATE the plan
  7. INVEST in the process
  8. Take consistent ACTION
  9. Express sincere GRATITUDE daily

Deciding is the first step to reaching the outcome you desire. This is the most often missing step in life. Most people can recite a long list of things they don’t want, yet few ever take the next step in deciding what they DO want. Without knowing what you DO want, how can there be any possibility of having an exceptional life? You must make a choice of what you do want, and then decide you are worthy of realizing this desire. It’s helpful to understand why you want the specific outcome: Will achieving this goal make you a better person? Will it improve your life and/or the lives of others? What values does this goal represent? (Knowing your top values is crucial here. For example, if freedom is a top value, will achieving this goal lead to freedom?)

Once you have decided, and have clarified the why, you have effectively cut away other options. These are the powerful first steps on the pathway. But what if you have decided on a goal and you’ve clarified why you want to achieve that goal, yet you don’t quite believe you are deserving of having that outcome? It’s important to get your whole self on-board for this journey to the outcome you’ve decided on. That means, in your heart and mind and in your spirit, you must know that you deserve the end result. Your thoughts and self-talk must be supportive and affirm your right to have the outcome decided upon. If your thoughts are self-doubting, or of the “who do you think you are” persuasion, not much forward momentum is going to happen. And if your heart and spirit are not filled with enthusiasm for times when challenges arise, burn out is the typical result. The worthy goal dies a slow harsh death.

Look at ways you may be self-sabotaging. Where there is resistance, there are old messages about who you are. When you can identify those messages, can see where and from whom they were learned, you can then make a conscious choice to release whatever no longer serves you. Consciously release those blocks, and don’t pick them back up again.

Creating the plan is a crucial point in your success. Think like a pilot. You are responsible for navigating your craft to a predetermined destination. You would never board a plane with a pilot at the helm who had failed to file a flight plan! Invest whatever time and resources are necessary in order to reach the dream destination. You will encounter much less turbulence when you have worked out the possible challenges in advance of lift off!

As the pilot of your life craft, you will do as all good pilots do, and that is, you will make corrections all the way to the destination. You’ll be looking ahead for possible obstructions, and will navigate your way safely to the destination.

Once there, and several times prior to arrival, be sure to express gratitude for the wind beneath your wings…. Gratitude attracts more for which to be grateful. And in the big picture of what you do want, isn’t it nice to know the universe has your back?

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