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A Serious Holiday Message

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Here we are on the eve before Christmas when a huge portion of the population are traveling, shopping, gathering, preparing and celebrating….

  • What are you doing tonight, and tomorrow, and for the next week?
  • Are you with a support group of those who love and cherish you?
  • Are you feeling stressed or depressed?
  • Are you feeling loved?

This is the time of the year that single people may experience the deepest sense of separateness from what appears to be “the rest of the world.” This sense of isolation heightens the potential for risky behavior, depression, or even worse, suicide.

If you have single friends, please reach out to them during this time of celebration. It’s all about the love, and seriously it’s not about the retail.

And if you are alone during the holidays, and if you are feeling sad or isolated, get up and out of your house! There are nearly 8 BILLION people on this little blue globe. And chances are, you may see some of these 8 billion out on the streets. All you have to do is leave your cocoon to meet them.

Additionally, if you have knowledge of a widow who has lost her/his vet, or if you know of a veteran who is struggling, do something nice for that person. Military suicides are at an all time high. Let’s do everything we can to make sure everyone feels the love this year. If it’s the least we can do, then let’s do the least we can do.

If you’re surrounded by loved-ones, celebrate the blessing. We truly never know who will be missing from the next gathering. Life is precious. Love them hard.

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Much Love to you.

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