About Gestalt

yin yangGestalt means whole, and so too, are you whole and perfect in your humanness. Your shadows and your light are the whole/gestalt of you.

When you were born, you were the complete package. You voiced your opinion and got your needs met even before you could speak or walk. At the pre-verbal stage, a child is whole and perfect and untainted by “shoulds” and “oughts” affixed by society. Most often well-meaning care-givers, parents and such, instructed you to act in certain ways, to dress in certain ways, and to speak in certain ways.

Even before you headed off to public schools, the systematic process of stripping you of your wholeness began. First, you were either pink or blue.

Baby boyBaby girl

With this color coding came an implied set of rules:

  • Pink meant you could cry when hurt
  • Blue meant do not cry under any circumstances lest you risk being treated as “less than” a man
  • Pink meant to disown strength and power, and to not speak too harshly or loudly
  • Blue meant to be more boisterous and perhaps rough, but certainly never soft and nurturing.

Well now you have reached the age of KB (know better). That’s what I like to call the point when we are consciously choosing our planned outcomes and we “Know Better” than to continue holding onto all that crap from the past. And “crap” it is. If it’s not supporting you, is not empowering you to achieve greatness, it’s crap and it’s time to flush yourself clean.

Gestalt techniques offer FAST/IMMEDIATE solutions to problems that have long plagued you. And the fastest way to a great future is to release the internalized blocks using gestalt techniques. You can own the whole of who you are by various avenues for empowerment. Schedule a Breakthrough Session, attend a virtual course where you can complete experiential assignments in the comfort of your home, attend a live group event, sign up for a Virtual VIP Day, commit to 1:1 coaching services for 1, 3, 6, or 13 months, or start your transformation by purchasing the books below.

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Traditional Gestalt theory is built on the foundation of simplicity. Human behavior is not nearly as complex as it has been made out to be. Once the stifling vines of decay and dysfunction are cleared, it becomes apparent that there are natural patterns and behaviors; there is a standard and predictable spectrum of human emotions.

These possible variables create the individual facets of each unique human being; we are each capable of any/each of the myriad emotions.

Too often, solely based on internalized fears, we focus on differences in each other. These differences are at the foundation of many fights and wars, and are at the core of human feelings of separation. Rather than eliciting an experience of belonging, even the smallest of difference can cause one man to raise a sword against another. Instead of embracing all the colors of the human condition, a sense of disconnection fosters insecurities and suspicions.

Gestalt literally means whole form. A whole form is not splintered or divided. A whole (gestalt) form is the clearest example of integrity. Just as a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, so is true of the human being. If we have damaged ourself by disowning large chunks of the self, by pretending to be who we are not, if we have whittled away at our true nature, have cast aside portions of our personality and of our behavior, the true integrity is compromised.

Holistic and balanced beingness is the foundation of gestalt techniques. Whether in gestalt dream work, in gestalt hot-seat, or in any of the multiple ways in which gestalt techniques are used as an awareness building tool, simplicity is central.

Awareness, especially self-awareness as it pertains to the ways we interact with our world, how we perceive our environment, how we interact with others, and as a direct reflection and projection of our individual self-esteem is perhaps the main tool in the shed of gestalt techniques. Learning to be hyper-aware of how the whole (gestalt) self responds to any given situation, becoming aware of the physical body as it provides signals, of the mind as it sends messages, and of the spirit as it (you) strives to be acknowledged provides a plethora of information effective in transforming the insecure into the very secure and empowered.

You are NOT broken. That’s the best starting place of all….