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Adding Aromatherapy & Essential Oils to the Quarantine Life List of Interests

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One of the additions to my ever-expanding interests list during this extended “stay at home” period is Aromatherapy. Specifically, I am interested in learning more about essential oils as they affect wellness, are effective cleaning agents and pest deterrents, and how to infuse each unique room of my home with therapeutic scents. My daughter, the librarian, led me to a lovely website that offers lots of variety when it comes to continued learning. And although I’ll admit to having signed up almost immediately for 5 courses that span the spectrum from Abnormal Psychology to Zen Meditation, I dove first (make that head first!) into Aromatherapy 101. It’s an in depth course that has me pretty much obsessed with expanding my collection of therapeutic essential oils, but even more importantly, the course sent me out into the virtual world to compare websites that sell oils, herbs, and all things related to natural wellness. Out in that virtual world, I found some real gems as well as some sites that may be peddling less-than kosher products, many of which are not 100% pure essence oils. First lesson learned: It must say “100% pure essential oil” on the label. Good to know.

The thing about living in quarantine, is that there is an undercurrent of why we are being asked to stay home. And as a human, our nature dictates that we seek ways to alleviate the looming threat. For me, that means finding natural disinfectants, natural mood enhancers and stress relievers. It also means learning as much as possible so that this time spent under threat is not wasted. Plus, it’s nice to relax in a warm bath scented with something lovely that may remind of gentler, happier times.

Scent is powerful. Did you know that scent is the only thing that can go directly into your brain? The olfactory system is astonishing. And did you also know that each of us have a unique scent, like a scent fingerprint? It’s true. And in case you wondered, oily skin holds scent for longer than does dry skin, so if you are one of those who applies a fragrance and find that it doesn’t last, find an essential oil or two or three, and create your own personal favorite by adding a few drops to a carrier oil that will help it last longer. By the way, NEVER APPLY PURE ESSENTIAL OILS DIRECTLY TO SKIN; They can bite. And if you have pets, be sure to Google the essential oils before you purchase, as cats especially are sensitive to some essential oils, and those oils can be deadly to pets.

Check out Eden’s Garden Essences if you’re in the market for some PURE essential oils, synergy blends, and for a wonderfully informative blog!

Image by monicore from Pixabay

I sincerely hope you are finding ways to entertain yourself during this unusual period we find ourselves in, as it’s crucial to feed your mind, body, and spirit, perhaps more now than ever before in our lifetimes. What are you doing? How are you feeling? Can you find one thing for which to be grateful that has come as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

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