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All else aside, you are the mother to your inner child…

…you may also have other children to tend to. With that sentiment in my heart, I want to wish you a happy Goddess Day. 😉

Honestly, I think every day needs to support a bit more “goddess” self-care….

That’s because, whether you have young children, grown children, or your own inner child, it’s important to care for your own spirit first. Without that conscious self-care, nobody gets the best you have to offer, including you!

  • Do feel as if you give and give and give, and no one really sees all that you do?
  • Are you exhausted from the imbalance of giving more than you receive?
  • Are you feeling like a thread-bare rug that’s been walked on too many times?

You know that when you are over-stressed, feeling under-appreciated, are experiencing ‘overwhelm’, and are over-tired, you are definitely not at your best.

And when you are not at your best, you may be cranky, unfocused, and even resentful. This is not your highest vibrational state of being!

Nobody wants that!

To honor you, and to perhaps inspire you to step more fully into your self-care, I am offering you the gift of a planned time out.

So find your ear buds, get yourself a beverage, download your gift, put your feet up and take some much deserved time for you.

Happy Goddess Day!

Download your e-book and audio MP3 and enjoy:

The Self-Loving Mother’s Handbook

Download the Self-Loving Mother audio MP3

You have one purpose in this life,
and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.

Make your best effort to adopt new self-love rituals into your daily routine, because, all else aside, you are the mother to your inner child…. Nurture her!




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