“And So This Is Christmas….”

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Today as I was baking, straightening, stirring fudge batches, and listening to contemporary holiday music on SiriusXM Radio, I heard my favorite song, War Is Over by John Lennon. It’s the song I played each year to alert my children that it was time to wake up and open the gifts. It’s the song that reminds me of the truer meaning of the holiday season. As I witnessed crabby shoppers earlier this week, listened to wails of discontent, greed,  expectation, and later, noted the disappointment as my granddaughter opened the pajamas that matched her sister’s, I leaned back and remembered that the holidays have nothing to do with retail.  It may be too late for those crabby shoppers, but I seriously hope the granddaughters live long enough to learn that valuable truth. Love, Peace, and Joy are not purchased. Nor, I surmise, is there any permanent growth affixed to any physical gift we might give or receive. What I want is not bought at Walmart or Saks. And the truth is, the disappointments have nothing to do with retail, or pajamas either.  We all have these holes that need to be filled. And it’s not the sock-filling by some magic jolly elf that will ever fill the holes. It’s only a greater purpose that will satisfy that cavity. (But a new year is coming, and we’ll have time enough then to address dark holes. ~Subscribe to the up-coming G-Zine to keep up!)
So, at the risk of alienating you, I am inserting this terribly profound YouTube video, even as I send you immense measures of gratitude, bushels of love and light, and limitless wishes for a safe holiday, filled with love. It’s my grandest desire that we each have a day filled with only joy. Is that too much to ask that the globe be drenched in joy for a day? No stress. No disappointment. No familial outburst. No broken toys. Only pure, rich, heart-stretching, mind-expanding, blood-warming joy.

Happy Holidays.
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War Is Over


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