Answering YOUR Calling


Answering Your Calling

Every individual on this planet has one. And yet not every person has answered.

Why is that?

From my perspective, I see a global awakening taking place. More and more people are awakening to the truth that time is the most valuable non-renewable resource.

Time is more valuable than money or riches or dream vacations or luxury automobiles. And still, not everyone invests the time to decide what the ideal life would even look like. Fewer still live a consciously chosen life.

For over a decade I counseled clients as well as supervised Graduate School students of Social Work. Participants were urged to consider their strengths and passions, and to then transform those traits into paying activities. The results were phenomenal for both the students and the patrons. Without exception, fertile seeds took root and the sprouts of success were apparent.

It’s no different now that I am in a private practice, except that I’m witnessing more folks than ever before are answering that call to step into his or her unique spotlight. No more of living on the sidelines. No more hiding beneath the skirts of others’ dreams. It’s as if a massive hatching is taking place, and a lot of awakening is leading to further explorations.

It’s a fascinating time to be a life coach and a transformational author because the tribes are ripe for the offerings. And although a lot has changed since my first counseling sessions took place all those decades ago, some very core conditions are still at the center of personal growth for every client. In a nut shell, self-esteem and personal empowerment are still the same today as yesterday, and the unearthing of one’s truest calling is still the catalyst for super-fast transformation.

Have you ever taken the time to look at what you love to do? Have you taken time to seriously contemplate that ‘thing’ that if you were being paid for it, would not seem like ‘work’ at all? Whatever it is, have you ever taken a few minutes to be alone and really brainstorming some ways in which that passion can be converted into a calling?

Once you’ve created your list of ‘love-to-dos,’ then claim your right to fulfillment! Step into your light and be prepared to live the most passionate and rewarded life you can dream of.

All that can stop you is your own fear.

…if you need help with releasing that fear, I have the gestalt tools and techniques to help you release your fear and embrace your freedom…. When you are ready, we can convert your FEAR into FUEL for fulfillment. The question is, when are you ready to stop living small?

If you are ready, I invite you to schedule a free Discovery Session (using the vCita scheduler on the right bottom) and see if we’re a good fit. I invite you to step into your MAGNIFICENCE. You see, I have found my calling. I found it almost thirty years ago and have been offering transformational gestalt techniques and consulting for years, positively impacting the lives of thousands of loyal empowered clients.

Gestalt means ‘whole’ and so are you: WHOLE and perfect in your humanness.



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