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Are You Superstitious about Friday the 13th?

Are you superstitious? Does the number 13 cause you pause? Would you stay in a room on the 13th floor of a hotel?

Today is Friday the 13th as I write, and I am snickering a bit too nervously, if you get my under the radar meaning….

There’s a part of me that recognizes a positive history for Friday the 13th past…. Most were days, if not over-flowing with positive happenings, were at least not at all dreadful at the end of the day. But even to say that, is to hint at a bit of superstition, isn’t it…. After all, if it were any other day, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Here’s my truth:

  • I don’t walk under ladders because that would be stupid.
  • I may toss a grain or two of salt over my shoulder from time to time.
  • I have been known to knock on wood to avoid a jinx that would otherwise haunt me.

But am I superstitious about the number 13? Not one bit.

In fact, if any of the 5-Star resorts get wind of this post, I would be happy to verify my non-superstitious nature by agreeing to stay overnight on the 13th floor of their hotel, on any Friday the 13th….  But only if they are a genuine 5-Star hotel…with unsurpassed room service, and preferably with a breath-taking view….   😉

Even with a 3 or 4 star rating there’s not a nearby hotel with anywhere near 13 stories, so I won’t be proving my super-heroic wonder-women fearlessness against the number thirteen this time around. But it sure would be nice if someone from the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Resort in Dubai, United Arab Emirates got wind of this, and took me up on my offer…. I’m thinking a fully comped one night (or week) stay at the most luxurious hotel on Earth would be a worthy trade for my bravery…. 

Of course, this particular Friday the 13th, also comes with a full-moon…so who know what that could bring!?!

Happy Friday. (The 13 is just a bonus.)

PS ~ I’ll let you know if I get “lucky” or if the superstition has merit. You do the same!

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