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August is National Happiness Happens Month

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Did you know that August is National Happiness Happens Month? Who knew?!

This “holiday” got me to thinking about the ways that happiness can affect us.

  • A Mayo Clinic study proves laughter is a stress reliever
  • A study in Norway indicates that those with a sense of humor live longer
  • Laughing can help tone your abs
  • Studies show that laughter can reduce pain
  • Laughing helps reduce stress hormones
  • Laughter improves circulation
  • The happy hormones increase brain function
  • Laughing strengthens and heals your heart
  • Laughter raises hormones that fight off illness

In a nutshell, happiness is fun, and may help you live a longer giggly life. Plus, you’ll be more fun to be around so that happiness factor is contagious!

On the Flip Side:

Conversely, if “laughter is the best medicine” then what is the opposite of that? What are the effects of unhappiness?

By now we have some sobering truth that come of studies about the adverse effects of stress, depression, and unhappiness, the culprits to everything from high blood pressure, heart failure, belly fat, cloudy thinking, to suicide. The flip side of happiness is deadly.

Consciously Choosing Happiness:

Norman Cousins was told by his doctors to go home and get his affairs in order. There was nothing they could do for him; he was dying.

Norman didn’t follow the advice to go quietly into death. Rather, he checked himself into a hotel room and watched non-stop Charlie Chaplin movies all weekend.

Norman Cousins never saw a doctor again, and lived a bit over 30 more years.

Laughter, it seems, certainly was the best medicine, in Cousin’s case.

And he’s not alone. There are multiple stories of those who have chosen humor and happiness as the way to live a longer, healthier life. It’s a choice. Find something to laugh about today, and every day. You’ll be more fit, and look years younger than if you don’t.

Happy National Happiness Happens month! Share a laugh with someone!


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Escaping the Chrysalis by Jan Deelstra
Escaping the Chrysalis

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