Authenticity, it’s a word I’ve heard thrown around a LOT lately; Maybe because of an overdose of so-called reality shows that mire the airwaves in anything but authentic behaviors.

Authenticity is one of my top values, second in line behind freedom. In my estimation, it (authenticity) is also at the very core of: success; fulfillment; quality relationships; career success; self-acceptance, thus self-esteem; and pretty much any area of life I can come up with. And yet, authenticity is more often than not, either tossed aside in exchange for some concocted image or suffocated beneath layers of poor self-esteem.

And there it is: selfesteem. If you’ve been here before, you certainly have an inkling that this website is all about self-esteem.

If you’re ever curious about why and how self-esteem came to be the foundation of my business and of my books, I’ll be happy to share the dirty details of how it came to be. But really, the whys don’t matter. It is the what is that is Queen of this Universe.

We may be invested in why something is the way it is, and we may spend long hours wallowing in our belief that the whys matter. Whys tend to get in the way of moving ahead, of letting go of that which does not support the fulfillment, so why bother to swim in that pool when you could be spreading your wings and taking flight?


If owning your authentic voice is something which you are ready to embrace, and if you have come to the place where you are ready to release the past and own your wings, use the contact forms either at the tabs above  this page or at the right page bottom pop up. There is NO CHARGE for scheduling a short session to see if we’re a good fit. And if we’re not, refer to the Gestalt Prayer.

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Disowning one’s authentic self is the ultimate giveaway of personal power. And it is deadly. Seeking external validation leaves anyone vulnerable to judgements from others. The authentic self feels secure from within, and not from the opinions of others. Owning the WHOLE/GESTALT of YOU is the most authentic, empowering step you can take to fulfillment.

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