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11 Disc SetCongratulations! You are now able to download the entire Awaken the Goddess Series directly to your computer. Simply right-click and “save as” in your Music/MP3 file to enjoy all the audios in the 11 audio recording series, plus a bonus Values audio and Values Worksheet. For your convenience, there is also a link included to the original Awaken the Goddess: 11 Ways to Nurture Your Goddess e-book.

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Awaken the Goddess Audio Series Download Links

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Awaken the Goddess Audio #1: Purpose 

Awaken the Goddess Audio #2: Who Am I 

Awaken the Goddess Audio #3: Life Mapping

Awaken the Goddess Audio #4: Mirrors

Awaken the Goddess Audio #5: Monsters

Awaken the Goddess Audio #6: Release

Awaken the Goddess Audio #7: Projections Awaken the Goddess Audio #8: Dreams

Awaken the Goddess Audio #9: Journaling

Awaken the Goddess Audio #10: Planting

Awaken the Goddess Audio #11: Reaping

Awaken the Goddess Audio BONUS: Values

Awaken the Goddess 11 Steps to Nurturing Your Goddess-page-001

What’s Next? 

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Not quite ready for the Queen’s Dozen? How about an intensive 3-tiered goddess awakening breakthrough session that works to effectively remove the inner barriers to your success? You bring in the one thing, that if it were to shift, would transform your entire life, and we’ll use my proprietary system to get the outcome you desire!

The Goddess Breakthrough is a rapid and powerful and effective process that creates transformation almost immediately. Whether it’s self-confidence and self-esteem that need a boost, a romantic relationship that needs enhancing, or maybe it’s a professional challenge that could use some attention and tweaking, or perhaps you are ready to look at that inner gnawing and finally start to take steps to change your life…whatever “it” is, we will use this super-awesome approach for transformation.

And as a participant in the Awaken the Goddess series, you are entitled to special pricing through the end of May or until the available spaces are full. That means you won’t pay $697 for your breakthrough. You won’t even pay half that! YOU, gorgeous goddess, can have a personal breakthrough for only $497 until they’re gone!

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Sending you bushel baskets filled with love and nurturing. 

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