Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ Series Audio #3: Life Mapping

11 Disc Set

Past, present, and future:

  • Where have you been?
  • Where are you now?
  • Where are you going?

Life Mapping is the place to begin when setting out on any journey towards whatever destination you desire reaching. And yet, more time is spent on planning a weekend vacation than is spent in mapping life. And this is indeed sad, because a Life Map is quite akin to a treasure map, in that it leads to your riches in so many ways.

The difference between those who accomplish their dreams and those who only dream, is the plan. And the Life Map is an easy, effortless, and creative way to define the path that will ultimately lead you to that place you desire to go.

Does it seem too simplistic? Would you rather we make it harder? It’s been hard. And now it’s time to acknowledge that it has been difficult only because you lacked the step-by-step map to get you from here to there…. It’s time to let go of “hard.”

Life Mapping is one of the first exercises I encourage all of my clients to complete. It comes early on in the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook as well as in the live groups and online courses. That’s because Life Mapping is THE most basic, and unquestionably, the most reasonable place to start.

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(The book cover is linked to Amazon for purchase)

So get out your Crayolas, and gather your colored pencils and markers and a great big piece of poster board or butcher paper. You are about to create the treasure map to your chosen destination. Notice any excuses that start to creep into your mind to stop you from starting this simple exercise. Put excuses aside. And if one of those excuses is that all you have is computer printer paper, draw small or use multiple sheets. 🙂


Awaken the Goddess™ Series Audio #3: Life Mapping ↑ is an empowering destination-clarifying audio.






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