Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ Series Audio #4: Mirrors


Mirrors have been a source of pain for a lot of people for a long time. In fact, in my own women’s empowerment practice, I can think of nothing as intimidating, as powerful, or as effective in getting to the place we need to get to in order to create an inner shift.

When you look in the mirror, do you love who is looking back at you? Are you proud and confident, or are you immediately barraged with negative messages, most likely old worn out messages you learned in childhood.

  • When you truly look, whose voice do you hear in your head?
  • What is it saying to you about looking in the mirror?
  • As you look at yourself, is the message you hear and/or feel expansive or repressive?
  • What monsters appear when you really linger and make eye contact?
  • Are you ready to face whatever you see?


Awaken the Goddess™ Series Audio #4: Mirrors ↓


If, at any time during this 30 day, 11 part series, you run into questions, or would like a bit of clarity, claim your 15 minute complimentary Clarity Call with me. Or, if you are ready to dig a little beyond the mirror and:

  • Get clear on your vision
  • Increase your confidence & self-esteem
  • Discover inner blocks that stop your fulfillment
  • Create a step-by-step plan to release those blocks
  • Connect with your inner goddess guidance
  • Own your voice and communicate your needs and desires
  • Enhance your personal and professional relationships
  • Open to allow abundance of love, joy, health and wealth to flow freely
  • Just run something by me
  • Get accountability from a trusted source

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If you prefer a quick and effective, albeit intensive course of action, check out the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook. It contains the same experiential exercise offered in the live groups and on-line courses, and are fabulous for getting to the core of you, in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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