Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ Series Audio #5: Monsters

11 Disc Set

Monsters. When we’re children, they are never far away…hiding beneath the bedskirts, lurking in the closet shadows, and endlessly tucked deep into the darkness of the night. In childhood, monsters were vivid and powerful and threatening, and most often, unseen. But we knew they were there -knew that we could be surprised at any time; and not in a “happy birthday present” good way, but rather in a paralytic “Oh My Gosh! I’m gonna be devoured” sort of way.

monster under bed

We surmised that we would be frozen in that paralytic state while our heads screamed “help” and our tongues and lungs could not utter a peep, and we were at the lack of mercy of the frightening foul-faced beast. We believed we would be doomed if the monster ever showed that ugly mug. Were we to actually come in contact, we would not dare make eye contact with that terrifying force. And we were petrified merely by the thought….

And then we grew up.

And some of us are now the heroes, the monster-busters, the ones with flashlights and re-assurances that “all is well,” as our offspring shudder at their imagined monsters.

But if we look a little closer at the hero, she may still have monsters lurking. And those inner monsters hold a ferocious grip around the ankle of happiness, so it’s important to get the key and free that happiness.


And I have the key…

…and more importantly, so do you….

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