Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ Series Gifts Audio #7: Projections

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Awaken the Goddess™ Series Gifts Audio #7 Projections

Projections are at the core of every conversation of which you are a party. They are the filters that color and shade your awake-time world as well as your dreams. And the next audio in line will colorfully explore and explain how your projections are woven thru your dreams, so be sure and keep an eye on your in-box for that. But lest I get ahead of ourselves, first we have to understand exactly what “projections” are, and that’s what today’s audio is designed to do.


When you learn the secret of projections, nothing is the same. You will understand the underlying messages that come with others’ words, even when they do not know the projections are present. And on the flip side, you will also learn to recognize your own biases and beliefs as they are projected into your conversation.

All-in-all, an awareness of projections is one important tool for your self-awareness toolkit. And when you have access to that level of transformational tools, your life possibilities open up endlessly…. Enjoy your possibilities!

In fact, as I look back over my own personal emergence, it seems that I owe a great deal of my transformation to the discovery of projections. Everything changed when that secret door opened to the rich discovery of this golden nugget.

I hope you find this concept of projections as inspiring as I have. Understanding projections truly opens the door to more authentic communication, and to deeper connections, including a deeper connection with your inner wise goddess self.

Let’s get at it!

Awaken the Goddess™ Series Gifts Audio #7 Projections ↓

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