Awaken the Goddessâ„¢ Series Gifts Audio #8: Dreams


Dreams are the subject of enchanting lore and cocktail parties and therapist’s couches. And dreams hold a tremendous amount of information and enlightenment.

Your dreams hold an enormous amount of wisdom, important messages sent from you to you. As such, your dreams are one of the most empowering self-awareness tools you can add to your self-love toolkit. If you are fascinated by the idea of learning more about getting in touch with the wisdom and power of your dreams, you may want to enroll in Dreams 101, an on-line course that provides a strong foundation.

Dreams 101 Edward-Robert-Hughes-Dream-Idyll-Valkyrie-1902But before you go running off to the next step of dream interpretation, let’s start with revealing how your dreams can serve you best. They are truly a fascination wonder, and I sincerely hope you enjoy this week’s audio in the series, Dreams.

Awaken the Goddess™ Series Gifts Audio #8 Dreams ↑

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