Awakening Women Platinum VIP day

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The Awakening Women Platinum VIP Day is a virtual experience awaiting you if:

  • Everyone sees you as a woman who has it all together, while you’re crumbling inside
  • You are a woman who has achieved some successes, but feel unfulfilled
  • You intuitively sense there’s something more you’re meant to experience
  • You’ve reached a level of personal success and are stagnant at that point
  • You are authentic, and there is a whisper that calls you to more candor
  • You believe there is a place for spirituality to blend with fulfillment and success
  • You are ready to step into the Divine life you were born to live
  • There a gnawing in your core that begs to be acknowledged
  • You are ready to break through your self-imposed glass ceiling
  • You have a tight group of supportive friends, all experiencing similar feelings
  • You secretly yearn to experience deeper intimacy in relationships
  • There is a song within you that is crying to be shared
  • You wonder ‘what if’ you were to blossom into your full-winged empowerment
  • You ponder: If you do nothing, what will change 30 days from now?
  • You worry: If you do nothing, what will change in 5 years? 10 years?
  • You’re scared of what happens if you never do step into your true self
  • You’re now asking, “What’s the cost of inertia?”

If any or all of these questions resonate with you, you have attracted me into your life for a higher purpose. That purpose is to allow me the pleasure of guiding you into your full-winged empowerment. When you schedule your personally customized, premium quality Awakening Woman Platinum Virtual VIP Day you are making a clear statement of your commitment to your limitless potential. The investment is regularly offered at $2997, but when you invest today through this page, you save $1000! This special offer pricing is an opportunity to immerse in the empowering experience for $1997. That’s a small investment in transforming your life.

Awakening Women Platinum VIP day is an intensive virtual transformative day that will shift your life! This Awakening Women Platinum VIP day is effective on multiple layers!


Due to the intensive nature of the programs and services offered here, a select number of limited openings are available for Awakening Woman Platinum Virtual VIP Sessions each month.**

Schedule your Awakening Woman Platinum Virtual VIP Day today! With my guidance and trade-secret techniques and tools, you will soon realize your most desired outcome.

Once your payment has been made, you will be presented with access to my schedule for scheduling your Awakening Woman Platinum Virtual VIP Day, and you will receive instructions for your next steps to your transformational shift.

But make no mistake, your transformation starts the moment you click the PayPal button and announce to the Universe that you matter, and that you are worthy of the investment in yourself.

**Available slots fill up very quickly. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but we must be fair. Services are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
When programs are filled to capacity we utilize a lottery system for admittance, in which case you will be quickly notified.

Secure your placement today, using the PayPal checkout button below. If for any reason you are not accepted into the Awakening Woman Platinum VIP Day you will receive an immediate refund.

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