Balance and Wellness ~Day 6 of 31 Day Blog Challenge


When you woke this morning, how did you feel? Did you allow yourself time to gradually come to full consciousness, or did an alarm jolt you into the coffee cup?

I have an admission to make: I haven’t used an alarm for decades. If I need to be awake at a certain time, before falling asleep I tell myself what time to wake up the next day. It works, because we each have a built-in clock. Yes, it takes guts to trust this inner clock, and it’s not failed me yet.


Am I magic? Nope. I just don’t own an alarm clock.  🙂

Why?, you may be wondering by now, am I talking about alarm clocks in a post about balance?

Here’s the cut to the chase:

Waking naturally, as opposed to reacting to an alarm is healthier. When an alarm goes off it’s…well, alarming. And when the human organism is alarmed, all sorts of chemicals flood the blood stream, raise the heart rate, shut down organic processes, and trigger the flee stance.  Mega doses of the deadly stress hormone cortisol act immediately on the body, a process which, by the way, is the opposite of anti-aging. So not only do we require beauty sleep, if we truly seek to live as long and healthy as possible, we would steer clear of stress hormones.

Waking naturally, or at the most, waking to the increasing sounds of nature ~bubbling ponds, waterfalls, birds gently chirping, dolphins talking, etc., doesn’t fill the body with deadly hormones. A gentle introduction into the day allows for time to contemplate, to just be in the energy nature intended. It allows for meditation and/or introspection at the optimal receptivity time; that period closest to theta brainwaves. Awakening naturally also sets a healthier pace for the day.

Mornings are my favorite time of day. As the sunrays bring a new pallet on which to write the details of my day, I like to stretch and express gratitude for the gift. Without the sun, we would not exist in this world. And stretching, well, stretching is just one of the most wonderful things I can think of doing. I LOVE stretching in the morning sun; raising my arms to embrace the day: Stretching my spine, and aligning my whole self, breathing in deeply, a rich deep supply of healing oxygen. Even if I don’t go outside to practice this morning balance and wellness ritual, I still do it. And most mornings, before I even get out of bed, I put on the headset and meditate to various recordings, and generally, as a result of those meditations, I write my thoughts in my journal. This sets the tone for my day to come.

Each time that I pay homage to the day, I feel at peace. I sense the healing properties of aligning with the energy flow. I give thanks for one more day on Earth.

And then, I head to the coffee cup, and ultimately to my day-planner where I keep my ‘to-do’ list.

The remainder of the day is sometimes chaotic; is often affected by the moods and idiosyncrasies of others. Without having taken time to balance, to align with my most cherished values of authentic-alignment and freedom to be who I consciously choose to be, that chaos might impact me to a point of injecting those deadly hormones mentioned above. Through conscious alignment and practiced autonomy, it is generally possible to move through any day unscathed. I gotta admit though, a few years ago, I did give up the habit of watching the nightly news. It was simply not conducive to the energetic vibration I choose to have in my environment, and so I gave up the addiction to the stress hormones that the sensationalized news stories thrive on. Almost immediately, I dropped an extra ten pounds of stress induced belly fat.

Addiction to stress is deadly. That’s the bottom line in case you were looking for it.

Living in the human organism’s optimal state of homeostasis, of balance and wellness, is life enhancing.

To ‘decide’ is to cut away other options. When we decide to consciously live in balance, the positive effects are endless, the least not being life.

Here’s a little tranquility that will not put you to sleep:


Tranquility Meditation


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4 thoughts on “Balance and Wellness ~Day 6 of 31 Day Blog Challenge

  1. Yes, that “combination of stillness, peace and opportunity” are so rare as the day unfolds. I especially like that you included opportunity to that equation! Isn’t that KEY!? Thanks Aubrey for your heart-filled comment.

  2. A friend of mine was just complaining to me that there were no clocks in my house. And, ironically, she’s the one that is consistently late to our gatherings.
    I do find, exactly as you said, that living in the balance of your day allows for stress free living. And, how true, to start the day in stress mode because of the alarm…that’s such a good awareness, and a body connection I hadn’t made before reading your post.
    Thanks again, Jan.
    Oh, and mornings are almost always my favorite time of day too…must be the combination of stillness, peace and opportunity.

  3. Thanks Debbie. I appreciate you stopping by. I also visited your lovely playground. Nicely done!

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