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Battle Scars & Blessings

A few years ago, I was watching a gaggle of guys comparing their scars. One man had a long scar down his arm that looked like something from a Halloween costume. Another man had a nasty part in his left eyebrow. He said it bled. A lot. The third man lifted his shirt to reveal a deep wide line from his collar-bone to his belly button where it made a sharp left turn towards his back. He had experienced open heart surgery. Hands down, his scar was the winner.

It’s different with the women I know. We try to camouflage our scars with a layer of skin matching foundation. And in my entire life, I have not shared my scar stories.

[bctt tweet=”But what of those inner scars? How are those battle wounds handled?”]

Too often, inner conflict leaves invisible scars in the form of stuck energy. And when that energy remains stagnant, it stops the flow. And when energy doesn’t flow, everything backs up. Nothing moves, and new energy is not allowed to come in and circulate.

[bctt tweet=”Uncirculated emotional energy feeds dis-ease and leads to diseases.”] It often manifests as layers of body armor in the form of fat.

  • What if emotional scars were only fleeting feelings that flow through you and circulate freely?
  • And what if you could identify the benefit from every inner scar?
  • What if you discovered that your struggles were actually your strengths?

We might even see that each experience of our life, regardless of how painful it was at the time, contained a gem of rich growth potential that contributed to the person we are today. When we look closely, we may find that we really wouldn’t trade our life for any other, because all those past struggles, are now actually our strengths.

Who would you be without your inner scars?
How would you be different?
Would you really change lives with anyone else?

Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollection was written as the catalyst to healing my own inner scars. Some are brutal, and all bring gifts.

Get your copy to see how you too can find your own blessings in the mire of your life. There’s power in those inner scars. Learn to tap into it.

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