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Being ‘One With This Moment’ Means Being Aligned With Your Life


“Be one with this life. By being one with this moment.”

There is much wisdom in “being one with this moment.” We recognize, at a spiritual level, that our whole self (mind, body, spirit) thrives when allowed to simply be in its natural state of beingness

Being one with this moment doesn’t mean to not plan for retirement, not to pay our bills, not to look squarely in the face of life, nor does it imply that our heads, when tucked neatly below the sands, are more wise for the hiding….


Being one with this moment is a gentle precise reminder of mindfulness in an era where life is measured in 140 characters or less, and multi-tasking is perceived as an abstract accomplishment of which to boast.

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Being one with this moment is advice of sages, and as such, may sometimes seem like an impossibility -a reward allowed only to brown cloaked monks seeking enlightenment thru meditation on desolate sacred mountain tops in Eastern lands.

But here’s what I’ve discovered in my quest for my own enlightened vision: Being one with this moment can be practiced at every moment, and being one with this moment means to be aligned with one’s life. It means, being present….

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Being present and acutely mindful while:

  • Standing in the grocery checkout line in Mountain Pose
  • Mindfully choosing the produce which will be eaten later that day
  • Watching birds flutter and sing and dance on the air waves
  • Observing the breath at anytime the traffic thickens to a halt
  • Choosing the outfit for the day
  • Reading from a favorite book of verses
  • Creating and repeating a personalized sutra
  • Listening to water
  • Observing children as they interact with their surroundings
  • Smelling and/or feeling the air
  • Tenderly gardening and tending to plants and environment
  • Washing the dishes with care and loving gratitude
  • Stretching the body to briefly elevate the weight from your spine
  • Lighting the candles and incense with set intentions
  • Placing a clear intention on your glass of water and drinking it in mindfully
  • Beginning the day with 5-15 minutes of communication with the inner goddess
  • Soaking in a scented bath of aroma-therapy
  • Looking inward and listening to the inner voice of the goddess within
  • Walking meditation wherever you are walking to or from
  • Being fully immersed in Nature
  • Standing barefoot on the Earth, mindfully connecting with Gaia’s core energy
  • Expressing gratitude for at least five things each night just prior to falling asleep

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  • Sanity, as the cluttered mind settles
  • Health, as the dis-ease is transmuted before it can become deadly disease
  • Connection to the spirit, which allows for expansion and whole-self awareness and a stretch in personal growth and expansion.

It’s easy to get caught up in the raucous energies of day-to-day living. And yet being one with the moment is easier still, yet oddly rare in the mainstream population.

Although others’ energies may be constantly swirling around you like dust devils …that does not necessitate you allow those energies to impinge on you.

So tell me please, how do YOU find a way for being one with the moment? Do you have a special ritual for grounding and balancing? Leave a comment in the comment section. Let’s share our favorite rituals and expand our sacred toolkits as we learn from each other.

We humans are meant to live in balance (homeostasis). We are not designed to live in chaotic energy fields….

I caught myself spinning in the energy of others’ chaos, one day… as a result of that unsettling frequency, Chasing Rabbits& I Am… The Art of Attainment was born. It’s a little story that, I’m betting, we can all identify with at one time or another!

I think you might like it. And maybe, you’ll want to give a copy to someone who is still Chasing Rabbits and not catching any! Get it on Amazon!

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