Being Your Own Best Valentine

Self Love: It's More Than a Selfie.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I gotta tell you, this is only a holiday because it sells chocolate, flowers, and love, and who among us isn’t in love with those things? I don’t expect to get any diamonds or gold today, although I’m not adverse to the idea. It’s just that, like many Earthlings, I am decidedly single, and so Valentine’s Day takes on a different bent. My thoughts are of taking stock of my life, and of my relationships, but most of all, I take stock of my self-care:

Have I been as good to myself as I should be?
I have neglected me lately?
Am I being a good steward of me?
What can I do to enhance my relationship…with me?

Okay, it all seems a bit cynical, I admit, but the truth is, unless we love our ‘self’ first and fully, we have little of substance to share with others.

And with that thought in mind, the second Issue of the G-Zine comes out today, and in it you’ll find some hefty giveaways. I’m feeling the love, and that means I’m sharing lots of stuff with you. But ya gotta subscribe to the G-Zine to get the loot.

Anyway, I think you’ll want to subscribe, because there’s a LOT of great stuff on the way….


Much love & light~

And wishes for a wonderful love-filled day, everyday.


Love From the Heart ~Meditation


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