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There have been some years when it was a challenge to get into the holiday cheer. Maybe a loved-one had recently croaked, (sorry, but I try intentionally to be irreverent about death as it has taken me to my knees so often) or maybe money was tight, or maybe life was just not feeling all that supportive. Those are the times when we must dig a little deeper to keep believing in the goodness of humankind, and indeed, of the universe at large. That’s when the choice to believe in a possibility of peace and goodness and acceptance is most critical.

If you are in need of a bit of cheer, please go out into the world and do something kind for someone less fortunate. My mother told me decades ago when I just an inquisitive child, that no matter how “hard up” I may feel, there is always someone, somewhere, who is worse off. In my childhood mind, I spent long hours contemplating what was the absolute worst thing that one person could experience. Surely, I surmised, there was that one very worst thing. I thought that death would be the absolute worst thing, but my grandmother said she believed there were many things worse than death. That really got me to contemplating!

Of course as I grew older, I realized the concept of relativity, and I’m not referring to Einstein here. What’s the worst for me, may not be the worst for you. Our perspectives may not even align, and the truth is, there is much suffering that has taken place on this planet and which continues to afflict many. My grandmother had seen a lot in her almost 100 years on Earth; from horse and buggies to the combustible engine in the Cadillac she eventually drove, from single room school houses to the Internet, from the multiple wars and conflicts that seem to consistently favor the greed of politicians over humanity, through the spectrum of feast and famine, my grandmother had survived and had thrived. And she was right: There is much that’s worse than death.

Today, I celebrate the beauty in life that deserves my attention, and I turn my thoughts and heart to the intention of spreading only good cheer for this moment in time. It is with this heartfelt love that I send this post to you, with warmest wishes for all things wonderful. Around the globe, wherever you are, my beautiful friend, I wish you the audacity to believe in the goodness that somehow manages to remain tenacious. May you and those you love deeply, feel blessed enough to keep believing in the love and kindness that you deserve.

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