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Beneath the Angry Face is Grief

There is a truth so deep and hidden that few ever realize it is there: Beneath the angry face is grief.

To complete our month of “mask” posts, I decided to end the series by looking beneath the mask of anger.

Anger is rarely an emotion all to itself; in most cases, that mask of anger is masking a low vibration of grief.

At first glance, grief may appear to be quite separate from anger. After all, grief is near the bottom of the vibrational spectrum, an ultra low frequency that debilitates, and where little movement takes place. When we’re in grief, we can barely put one foot in front of the other; we can barely make it thru the night….

In fact, on the vibrational spectrum of emotions, grief is right there along side apathy, the lowest vibrational state. Anger has energy. It’s much easier to translate the energy of anger into action than it is to create progressive movement from a place of grief.

If you’ve ever experienced grief, you’ve felt the drape of apathy. Grief stops us in our tracks; stops momentum. Very little activity takes place while we are in a state of grieving. Grief is a low energy emotion.

Anger on the other hand, can create enormous bursts of movement. And anger can be scary for the momentum it can take on, and can take on quickly. In a paradoxical vein, there is less passion in grieving than there is in anger. But anger turned inward is depression. And depression is the full circling back to grief and apathy. When we look at it, we see there is not a linear frequency pattern, but is more of a circle of possibilities that are not nearly so separate as they seem.

When we peel back the mask of anger, we may find a deep emotional wound in need of excavation and ultimately, of healing. Until the healing is allowed, that mask will continue to be the face of anger, even as it hides the true nature of grief.

We’ve all seen someone who is chronically angry. That anger is spewed outward onto anyone unfortunate to be in the cross-hairs. And an ugly truth is that an addiction to the stress chemicals takes place, and that person must constantly find reason to be mad, to continue the mainline supply of these addictive stress chemicals. For the chronically angry, there is an addiction to be fed. These persons must always have someone in their sights. The targets are anyone in their pathway.

But look closer and when the mask of anger is removed, you’ll find grief. It could be grief that comes of deep seeded self-loathing, or it could come of any other depth of insecurity, but whatever the roots, it’s there: grief beneath the mask of anger.

Am I suggesting the next time you see an angry person you should hug them and help them feel better about them self? Nope. Leave that to the professionals. But do see anger for what it is. And then get out of the cross hairs….

So what if it’s not them, it’s you?

Are you often angry? If you take a step back and become the observer. do you see an angry person? Do you notice yourself being angry?

Remember that you are energy -not made of, but that you ARE energy.  You’re like a tuning fork that vibrates in tandem with the frequencies in your environment, and they with you. Like it or not, the law of attraction is real. Use that information to peel back the mask to see what’s beneath that anger. Where are you grieving?

If you need help with that, I’m a call away. Life is too short to live in either grief or anger.

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