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Manifesting Beyond Vision Boards

What if I could help you in creating manifestations beyond ordinary vision boards…. What if there is a way to enhance your vision board so that you will be even more inclined to reach your goals this year?

For the past several years, I’ve adopted an annual New Year tradition of creating a fresh vision board to help focus on my desires for the next 12 months. While the year comes to an end with cocktails, cheers, and the glitter ball dropping in the Big Apple, I can be found at home wearing comfy lounge-wear, cutting and pasting glossy images while setting my clear intentions for the coming year.

This year is different. Oh yes, I will still be tearing at the pile of collected magazines, ripping out images that feed my soul and represent my ideals and dreams, but this year, I am adding new deeper levels to the tradition.

This year, I’ll be infusing my vision with vibrational layers of sound and color…

Along with consciously projected intensifying, deeply-rooted emotions being vibrationally set onto the page, I will also have a stream of relevant music playing in the background as I create my vision board. Sticking visually significant images and heartfelt intentions onto the board while playing a relevant stream adds another vibration to the creation, and intensifies the effects of all that I am intending to manifest.

When we listen to a meditation set to music, the next time we hear the music (sans the meditative words) our subconscious mind recalls the deeper original meaning of the audio meditation. In other words, although the words are not on the second recording, our memory recalls the initial meditation. This means that during the coming year, whenever I hear any of the soundtrack that was playing as I created my vision board, my mind will subconsciously remember the intention being set. It’s like a magical mix that will enhance the process of bringing my desires to fruition.

Infusing The Law of Attraction into Your Vision

Although I have been a certified LOA specialist for about a decade, this year, I’ve gone light years deeper into the Law of Attraction than ever before. I’ve seen some things in my clients over the past few months that have propelled me to go deeper into the study of manifesting. Why are some people so quick to manifest, whereas others struggle and still never really manage to improve their lives? I know the law of attraction is as dependable as is the rotation of the Earth. I have no doubts as to the viability of setting intentions and seeing them come into physical creation. In my own life, I witness how easily some things are manifested, while other desires remain elusive. And, I have seen clients still struggle to bring about any consistent shape to the art of manifesting….

In delving deeper, I have begun to hone my own abilities to manifest quickly. And one of the tools I’m now using in my practice (both personally and professionally) is the layering of vibrations. This layering has resulted in my being consistently surprised by the speed at which my desires manifest. And because my passionate purpose is to empower, I am sharing this layering concept with you.

If you are creating a vision board this year, I urge you to really invest your emotional intentions. As example, for rapid manifestation, go silently into your core center and reach your inner spirit. Spend a few moments with her. Listen intently to the voice that shares with you exactly what you need, and what you dream of. Acknowledge the message and the messenger. Express gratitude for your inner wisdom (all the answers you’ll ever need are in this sacred space within you, and the more you come to listen, the stronger your connection will be). Consider adding a new practice of starting each morning with a 15 minute minimum meditation for connecting to your core vibration (aka, your inner goddess….  :-).

At the very least, meditate for 15 minutes prior to starting your vision board. Get clear on what you are intending to manifest over the coming twelve months. Give yourself permission to free-flow creatively. This is meant to be a natural process of unfoldment, so in other words, no criticism; only love and appreciation for how your vision board blossoms is allowed. Your emotions are being infused into the vision board, and are being broadcast into the ethers, so consciously emit high vibrations.

 Everything is Vibration 

You, me, your chair, your pet, your parents, your automobile, your plants, your home, your everything is vibration. Yes, it looks solid. It may even feel solid to the physical touch. Yet that favorite chair or bed is vibration. And as egocentrics, we all like to believe that we are each unique physical beings, somewhat akin to snowflakes. Yet even as we each flaunt our physical personal style like a peacock in full splendor, we are vibrational beings with vibrational senses.

Hearing/sound is a vibrational interpretation process.

Taste is a vibrational interpretation process.

The sense of smell is a vibrational interpretation process.

Touch is a vibrational interpretation process.

Thought is a vibrational interpretation process.

Sight is a vibrational interpretation process.

Intuition is a vibrational interpretation process.

Interpretation of emotional feelings is a vibrational process.

The whole/gestalt mind-body-spirit of you, is vibrational. And when you have left your physical body, your vibration will still remain. You’ve left an indelible vibrational footprint on this life, and that vibration continues, infinitely.

Realizing all the vibrational pathways available,
what are some ways you can call on your senses to increase your frequency?

With all of those vibrations at your fingertips as tools for infusing your intentions onto a consciously created vision board (that in essence will be your life map for the coming twelve months), your mindfulness of the reality of everything being vibrational is powerful. Being mindful of such a vibratory connection to the conscious creation of your life means that you are the sole captain of your craft. Can there be anything more empowering than realizing you are in the pilot’s seat of your life destination?

There’s no one to blame if your life isn’t what you dream it could be. There is only you. The truth is however, beating yourself up for not having, being, or doing all that you know you are capable of having, being, or doing, is unproductive. It’s self-sabotaging. That level of self-condemnation does nothing but keep you in the same low frequency of non-success. It may feel safe, and it may seem familiar, but it certainly won’t feel like a high vibration of satisfaction. And being in that “safe” “familiar” frequency will do nothing to improve your life conditions or to propel you to your desired state.

Do You Believe in You?

Whatever vibrational frequency you are emitting, is the vibrational frequency you are receiving. With that in mind, a good place to begin is to take a few minutes to really be with the question posed: Do you believe in you? When you get in touch with the level of self-trust you have, you can enhance your knowingness of your capacity to take yourself to the level of living you desire. Do whatever it takes to start to feel competent to create the life you desire. Invest time to increase your belief that you CAN have that life by paying attention to the vibration you broadcast. And now that you understand that you are the vibration that attracts all that shows up in your life, you can consciously decide how to adjust your trajectory to be the vibrational match to that which you wish to manifest. You can mindfully design your manifestations using a vision board, and you can then make adjustments all the way to your predetermined destinational outcome.

Your vision board is an organic (vibrational) thing that changes a bit each time you revisit it. During the last week of each month, I invest a few minutes to an hour to check my trajectory, and to make any necessary tweaks in my plan. That way, I am not surprised when the year winds down, and I trace my pathway to some desolate off-course place. It’s not that I don’t like surprises. I just don’t like them to show up in my life as mistakes. I really enjoy being able to see the pathway laid out in front of me for at least the next 12 months. I like starting each month with a “next-step” in front of me. Having realized that I am the captain of my craft, that I am the master of my thoughts and emotions and intentions, that I am the responsible party, I have now empowered myself to be the boss. And when I talk, I listen. 😉

That was a joke, but the truth is, we each are taught to give up our power to others from the time we are born. We are taught to be quiet for long periods of time as we sit for endless hours in classrooms when really, we would be better educated when allowed to be bubbling up inside with excitement at learning new things. And then later in life, as we enter into the workforce, we are still meant to obey certain rules of code conduct that dictate our clothing style to our thoughts and words. Our core essence is threatened at every stage of development, too often resulting in squelched personalities and insecurities. Those insecurities and self-doubts are vibrations, which unless we transmute them into positive, higher vibrational frequencies, will continue to sabotage our dreams for a better life.

We must become acutely self-aware. Hear every word that comes from your mouth; is it positive, love-based, or is it fear-based, drenched in doubt? Listen to your thoughts with that same deep level of acute self-awareness: what are the thoughts that circulate in your head? What are the primary emotions that make up the vibration which is you?

Are your actions/behaviors working for or against you?
What are you broadcasting?

If your words, your thoughts, your actions, your emotions, your beliefs are not high vibratory broadcasts, you will not attract a higher vibrational response. It is not possible. In order to bring desires to fruition requires being that vibrational match. And it takes practice. You cannot spend an hour haranguing about your poor lot in life, and then expect checks to arrive in the mail. Likewise, you cannot complain that “all the good ones are taken” and expect healthy love to show up at your threshold.

The component that is missing in those who are unsuccessful at manifesting their desires is self-awareness, a conscious intention of broadcasting only that which they wish to see come into life. Those who successfully manifest their desires are aware that they are the ones calling in the results with their emotions, words, actions, thoughts, beliefs, and perhaps most importantly, their behaviors.

Taking your life by the propeller means you’ll give up excuses. It means you take responsibility for every outcome. But maybe most empowering is that it means you no longer wait for life to happen, that you are not living a default life course, but that you are planning on a delicious destination of your choosing. And that’s a beautiful result of owning your power to live intentionally, vibrationally.

If you do create your own vision board, please consider sharing it in the Winged-Women™ Facebook Group. I will do the same. And next year (2019), we can compare notes, as to who was the better pilot….

Much love and gratitude to you.

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PSS~ Here’s an MP3 that may be of interest: Is Your Vision Board Repelling Your Desire
(Forgive the audio of the MP3 as it was recorded following oral surgery)

Make it a happy, rewarding new year.

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