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Do We Always Want Bigger, Better, Faster Transformations?

Do we always want bigger, better, faster transformations than the others are delivering? Does speed matter? Is quality lost in slow motion? Is quality lost in high speed? And is it possible that, as in the story of the tortoise and the hare, speed isn’t always the fastest way to the end goal?

I’m of the mindset that there is little need for extended periods of counseling and/or coaching. Short term, intensive transformation programs have long been my style of both learning and teaching. And although time-limited psychotherapy is not the norm, it does exist. Likewise, I have witnessed some pretty dramatic results in clients who have attend 12-day gestalt training groups, high velocity transformational intensives such as VIP days, and unquestionably, as a result of results-focused intensive bootcamps. How do you learn best? Do you prefer a slower-paced investment or are you anxious to get to the meat of the program and hang on until the end? In addition to the speed of preference, do you learn best through your ears, your eyes, or through your feelings?


Most of us learn most successfully with layers of visual stimuli, auditory input, and with intense, or at least meaningful emotion attached. In fact, adrenaline acts as a branding tool, scorching into our memories events that have a big emotional impact. As an example, ask anyone who was alive in the 1950’s where he or she was when news of President Kennedy’s assassination reached them. The adrenal shot imprinted that memory so sharply that we will never forget. The same goes for the attacks of 9-11 on American soil. We are all aware of exactly where we were and how we initially felt when the planes hit the Twin Towers. Anyone who has survived a catastrophic event, lived through an automobile accident, has been present as a catastrophe unfolded, or has been near death for any reason, can provide details of the episode, even decades later. (For the record, the upcoming bootcamp will not be one of these catastrophes! But hopefully, the content will be as impactful!) It would be extremely helpful if you would take a moment and respond to the questions presented in this post. Additionally, it would be REALLY helpful if you would add to the answers, your #1 most important life challenge. What is the ONE BIG THING, that if it were transformed, would most improve your life, at this precise moment? I appreciate you taking time to respond with comments. Your input results in better, if not bigger and faster outcomes for all involved. If you are more comfortable, use the contact us feature and share your input anonymously. Much gratitude to you.

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