National HEART Month & Self-Love



February is National Heart Month. It’s a month for celebrating the emotion of love, and equally important, it’s for taking a moment to check in with your physical heart…. According to reasearch conducted at the UCSF University of California San Francisco:  Cardiovascular disease is arguably the number-one health problem in the United States. Despite remarkable progress in diagnosis and prevention, cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease cause disability and death at a staggering rate.   Each year, these diseases account for 950,000 deaths in the nation—twice the number of deaths from cancer, ten times from accidents, and 25 times from AIDS. In fact, cardiovascular disease is responsible for more than half of all deaths of women in the U.S.   Stroke strikes 600,000 individuals every year. Only 10 percent of these patients fully recover, with 31 percent dying and 60 percent left with disability. Yearly Continue Reading →

A FREE Women’s Global Health Summit!


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I’m excited to share with you a project I’m a part of.  It’s the: Hosted by Tammy Smith, Integrative Health Coach, this 8 day Women’s Global Health Summit is jam-packed with informative, and in some cases, life saving information. And it’s free~ With the focus of my coaching being on the whole/gestalt self (mind, body,spirit) it was a no-brainer to agree to be a speaker when I was called to participate. Transforming your body, mind , spirit and life to wholeness is my calling, and so here I am telling you about this FREE gathering of great minds and spirits. It seems like the older I get, the less time there is for accomplishing the things I set out to take care of. Being in balance becomes even more of a challenge than usual. And yet balance is the very habit that will keep us healthy and thriving. Deepak Chopra Continue Reading →



Twenty-One Experts are here to shine the light on healing from love-based trauma. Please join us in this unprecedented Supreme Love Summit. PLEASE share this page with everyone you know who has experienced any degree of trauma, or with those who know someone affected by traumatic events. Have them, as well as your self, register for this impactful, empowering 3 week summit. Register for the free empowering gifts. Attend for the life transforming content. Too often “love” comes at a high price. I remember researching for Escaping the Chrysalis and discovering some sobering statistics about women being abused and even losing their lives at the hands of a trusted lover, husband, partner…and I am not immune either. I was stalked for years by a madman, even after going into hiding. And I learned much from the experience that could not have come to me through schools’ written pages. Even after Continue Reading →

Do YOU Have a Book In YOU That’s Waiting to Get Out?


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My friend and cherished colleague, a Stevie award-winning book coach and published author, Lisa Tener is one of the most effective and admirable women in the publishing business. And GUESS WHAT? She’s got an offer (free) you can’t refuse! Lisa takes the intimidation and mystery out of the writing and book publishing process. Her unquestionable passion to help aspiring authors write their memoirs, non-fiction self-help, and “how-to’s,” and to empower writers to write successful book proposals has gained her a momentum that takes her reputation global. Lisa has appeared on ABC World News with Peter Jennings, as well as been featured on PBS-TV. She’s been widely quoted in such household magazines as Glamour Magazine, USA Weekend, and more. As a book coach, Lisa’s clients have found their way to the Oprah show, CNN, and the Montel Williams show. Many of her clients have signed contracts with publishing giants such as Continue Reading →

Solstice and The Flying Game: Using Nature’s Cycles for Personal Growth


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Solstice is one of my favorite celebrations. As the nights have infringed on daylight’s territory, I find myself hibernating; reclusive, and even pensive to a point. It’s a time of reflection, and I believe, it’s one of Nature’s doorways to personal growth. It’s a time for connecting serenely with the inner goddess, and for sifting through the “stuff” of the year. The season can be harried with gift-getting, sale chasing, and with all the festivities that come with the season. So it seems quite perfect that we are blessed with a celebration within the weeks of holiday celebrations. We are given a split between darkness and light; a moment to breathe in the gift of nature’s cycles that allow for personal growth. Forget the sales and the shopping lists for a few hours. Consider your place in the Universe: How are you contributing to the greater good? How are you Continue Reading →

Bold & Blissful Woman Summit



Have you been watching the Bold & Blissful Woman Summit? Have you downloaded all the FREE goodies from the participants of the Bold & Blissful Woman Summit? Are you absorbing tons of awesome empowering self-love tools? Does it feel like you are not truly connected to your happiness and are not fulfilled with your current life experience? Even though you have made your self-discovery and self-love a priority, do you feel as if you are not achieving all the greatness for which you are destined? Have you invested years and yet still fail to achieve great things? Are you experiencing burnout? Feeling alone? Perhaps even feeling empty or depressed? We have all seen women who radiate true satisfaction and happiness from the inside out, they’ve found their purposeful way in life. They are living an authentic life, and they are living a blissful life filled with passion, purpose, abundance of love, Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday


Birthday-Cake-Pictures-with-CandlesToday is my birthday and I am in the mood for gift giving! Click To Tweet
GiftToday, the first lucky 21 persons to buy a 2 volume set of Escaping the Chrysalis AND The Flying Game through this special PayPal link below, will also receive a 6 week PERSONAL empowerment series for FREE!
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Here are the details: The publisher has packaged one copy each of the award-winning inspiration self-help book Escaping the Chrysalis and The Flying Game. The retail value of this 2 book set is about $45.00. But to celebrate my birthday, you can get both books for $21! The set will be shipped to you via USPS Priority Mail so you will receive it within days!

Plus, the first 21 persons to order this super empowering set will be eligible for 6 personal phone or Skype sessions from me personally. This is no joke. Each individual session is valued at $400. That means the value of the 6 week calls in dollars is approximately $2400. The value to you personally may be priceless. Winners may choose to complete one session per week for six weeks*, or one per month for six months.

Some of you may know that I have recently scaled back on the personal coaching aspect of my business. That makes this offer an exceptionally rare offering. It will likely never be made available again. Personal coaching is a huge energetic endeavor. It is a balancing act that is challenging to maintain. For this reason alone, each lucky winner will be blessed with something rare and life-enhancing.

Have you ever wanted to enhance your life? Start here today, and help me celebrate my birthday giveaway. When you get this award-winning empowerment set home, you will have the tools for transformation at your fingertips. And if you’re one of the fortunate 21 to get this very limited special offer, you will compound the effects of the tools with personal guidance from me -Award-winning author and women’s empowerment coach since 1984.


*No sessions are available during the last week of any month. All sessions must be completed before November 21, 2016.

Good Luck!

Proud and Humbled to be a “best selling” author of 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul



I am both Proud and Humbled to be a “best selling” author of 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul. But here’s the truth: I didn’t do it for the recognition or for the fame. I surely didn’t do it for the money. I write because I KNOW I have something of importance to share. Writing is my podium. 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul is a group production, a divine conglomerate of soul-touching experiences from over 200 authors, each sharing the ways she/he connects with that true voice inside. And this is where the “proud and humbled” comes in. The authors who came together to share personal insights, to reveal our most private means of connecting with that all-powerful spirit which resides within, all are highly qualified writers dedicated to emitting positive ripples into the universe. I am proud to be among Continue Reading →

New M00N AND 11:11



Oh MY! Some will say that the new moon in Scorpio signifies evolution. I say it signifies YOUR evolution -your personal expansion, growth, evolution. The New M00N AND 11:11 holds a special significance, not solely because the new moon is in Scorpio, perhaps the most feared and simultaneously admired zodiac sign, but also because 11:11 is a call to awareness and self-growth. When you take a moment to plant your seeds for the future on any new moon, your odds at success are greatly improved. But when you plant your new moon seeds on a new moon that is also in Scorpio and on 11:11, your odds for success are unbeatable. Businesses started on the new moon have a much greater degree of success, and the same goes for goals planted during the new moon phase. So what’s your goal for the next 29 days? What do you intend to Continue Reading →

Celebrate YOU on 11~11 with The Flying Game


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Celebrate YOU on 11~11 with The Flying Game special pricing of only $11.11! Stella Harris is on the edge. Her life is akin to a snow globe with the snow flakes unsettled; she is unsettled and on the brink of disaster. But in spite of Stella’s reluctance to face her inner demons, she ultimately discovers the power in her subconscious thoughts, and finally learns to own her life -struggles and all. Today you can get The Flying Game for only $11.11 as a special tribute price. And when the book arrives, you may discover common ground, as you resonate with Stella. She learns to transform her past struggles into strengths that lead her to success. And you may learn to embrace your past and transform your past pains into strengths. Grab your copy today while it is only $11.11 (regularly $19.99!). This empowering “fiction” account is empowering, and it just Continue Reading →

Flying Game


The Flying Game full cover for Fiverr

The Flying Game 2 Copy Special Offer! Stella Harris has more than a few quirks…. In fact, Stella is bit neurotic, and she has that troublesome habit of counting constantly, of finding patterns in everything she sees, and of living mostly in her own chaotic thoughts…. It is not without resistance that the awkward and defensive Stella visits with the equally unique Doctor Marvel. The only thing about those visits that she sort of enjoys is that she likes to size him up as he drones on about his silly philosophies…. As he chatters, Stella is busy noticing the old desk where the doctor’s days have worn their proof of existence. She sizes up the threadbare rug on the stained wood floor. Chair casters have made their mark -the result of decades of patients. (Stella’s constant rocking not being the least invasive form of abusing the floors.) Why doesn’t he buy new stuff, Stella wonders as he continues to Continue Reading →

Winter Wombs and Women’s Wisdoms



November in North America is the doorway to winter, and I’m feeling a strong urge to hibernate in spite of the still warm temperatures. It’s a return to the winter womb where I fully believe there is a direct primal connection to women’s wisdom at an ancestral level. This drive leaves me to ponder truths and questions about human instincts. I’m wondering if there is an innate capacity that slows us down and causes us to save a few extra pounds like a squirrel with spare nuts? And what about those belly warming comfort foods that seem to demand to be made starting with the Autumn harvest? Soups, stews, and the aroma of home-baked breads…is it all part of a timeless species perpetuation plan? Are you too feeling the pull towards the good book and fireplace? By mid-afternoon are you already dreaming of snuggling up, and unwinding? As the days Continue Reading →

The Gift Experience


My heart is heavy as I contemplate the loss of my mentor, friend, and the greatest man I have ever known. Mack Gift was my group co-facilitator, my quiet guidance when life was darkest, my priceless friend, and is, in my estimation, a man who created more positive ripples than anyone who has ever lived. Those of you who have read Escaping the Chrysalis may recall that I dedicate the book to Mack, and I quote him in Chapter One: Indeed, how many people trudge through life without much thought as to where they are headed. The “sleeping” move through life without realizing they are asleep. There is no conscious intent, and then they die with their dreams unrealized. That is, if they even ever dared to dream at all…. Mack and I met in 1984, when I attended a Self-Awareness and Assertiveness Training Group for women. Although undeniably intense, the group was Continue Reading →

You Are NOT Broken. You Are PERFECT In Your Humanness


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“Every woman is beautiful and Every woman is a Goddess. Are you ready to learn to love and accept the Beautiful Goddess you are?” ~ Dr. Mary Pritchard, PhD, HHC Here’s something to consider on those days when self-doubt and questioning your worthiness and deserving creep up: You are NOT Broken. You are PERFECT in your humanness. Here’s something else to think about: Where did you learn to first doubt yourself? When you answer this question, you begin to see that those feelings of self-doubt don’t truly belong to you…. Join 30 women as each bares a piece of her soul. And maybe you will see a bit of you in them…. Each woman is generously giving away a free gift. There is nothing to buy. There is a lot to gain. Join me, along with Dr. Mary Pritchard, and 29 others, as we share intimate moments and inspiring thoughts. Continue Reading →

Embrace All of You Summit With Dr. Mary Pritchard



This is certainly one of the highest content summits I have ever attended! And no, I don’t say that JUST because I am one of the speakers…lol! If you’ve not yet registered, follow the link to get in on all the superb FREE content! We are NOT selling anything! We are offering you a load of free valuable information and goddess wisdom. Grab your booty before it disappears! Awaken the Goddess Within: Embrace ALL of You

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee



Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee sold 1 million copies since its release on July 14th! That’s got to be some sort of fantastic record! Anyway, I ordered my copy of Go Set a Watchman early through Amazon. How about you? Are you planning on reading it, or have you already gotten in on the buzz? Like me, are you anxious to see how it compares with To Kill a Mockingbird? (My secret true confession is that as a child, I identified fully with Scout…) If you’re reading it, let’s share opinions, sort of like an online book club!  




I’m in Utah for a few more weeks, and I gotta say, I’ve stumbled into some fun kitsch during my stay. My daughter and my son and I were together for the first time in a couple of years. So of course we went to Pirate O’s, a novelty store that sells everything from old-fashioned candy to aisle after aisle of various hot sauces. Among the sundries I stumbled onto is Empowermints! You just know I had to have them! lol. The adorable little tin of Empowermints got me to thinking: Most of us would fight to buy out the store if it were that easy! Yet seriously, it is not hard to claim one’s power. It takes only self-awareness, and a dedication to self-love. And in the big picture, the rewards are much greater than the temporary taste of a quick minty flavor…. So here’s my take: If you Continue Reading →

What Does Freedom Mean to YOU Personally?


Liberty Toes

Regardless of where you are on this blue globe, there are others who would love nothing more than to take away a few (or more) of your freedoms. Today I was considering the various freedoms, and the thought crossed my mind that perhaps “freedom” means something different to you than it means to me. It also occurs to me that different regions offer different freedoms and differing restrictions. As example, I live in Southern California and am free to purchase a bottle of wine in the grocery store, if I choose to do so. However, just a few miles to the north is the state of Utah, where all liquor, including wine, is controlled by the State. It’s also heavily taxed, with something the locals call “sin tax.” In order to pick up a bottle of wine, one must go to a State Liquor Store. The freedom to drink is Continue Reading →

Update On Rikka & Download Her Beautiful Song



I just received an update on Rikka and wanted to share it immediately with you. She began 2 treatments for Metastatic Melanoma Cancer and is responding well. Her loving “Adventure In Oneness” team members, Nikole, Meghann, Zach, Gina, Eric, Neil & Alexis sent word of Rikka’s progress, along with appreciations for the prayers, songs, and positive energies we’ve all been sending. Let’s keep her front and center in our consciousness each day, taking time to send loving healing energy her way. That outpouring of love is undoubtedly helping Rikka. In addition to keeping her in our prayers and thoughts, if you want to send email to Rikka, here is a special email inbox she visits often: Feel free to send love! The “Adventures In Oneness” team also sent me a fabulous offer which I am sharing with you! The following is quoted directly from the email I just received: “For the next two weeks, anyone Continue Reading →

The Embrace ALL of YOU Summit Begins On July 6th!



I’m filled with love right at this moment, and I want to share it with the world. The video recording for Embrace All of You Summit with my soul sister, Dr. Mary Pritchard was completed yesterday, and the series is set for release on July 6th. (If you missed the initial invitation go here to learn more about this potentially life-changing opportunity: Each session in the summit is a short 30 minutes, and fitting in all I want to share was a challenge! Still, I really am über excited to be a participant in this empowering summit. The content is exactly aligned with my philosophies and teachings, and I seriously can hardly wait until the summit is released! If you haven’t yet registered for this women’s empowerment summit, go here now while this is fresh on your mind and get registered! Imagine the wealth of wisdom that is going to Continue Reading →

Conversations With Women



In case you’ve missed it in the newsletter and previous posts, I have a special invitation to share with you today. Go here to get in on this potentially life transforming event: Conversations With Women aka: Embrace All of You

Removing Masks and Baring Souls



Do you sometimes dread facing the woman in the mirror? Regardless, get ready to learn to embrace her just as she is now, beyond the mask of public persona…. …along with 29 other inspiring women who are each removing masks and baring souls! Get ready for intimate and powerful heart-to-heart conversations with women just like you who despite what life has thrown their way have turned struggles into strengths, self-doubt into self-trust, and self-blame into self-love. Removing masks and baring souls feels vulnerable, yet it is empowering. It clearly also empowers others. For that reason alone, 30 women, including me, have agreed to share our stories via video interview with my cherished friend and colleague, Dr. Mary Pritchard. The Embrace All of You video series is NOT SELLING anything! In fact, it’s a big gift-fest! Each woman is offering a FREE gift, in addition to the video interview. And PLEASE Continue Reading →

Do You Ever Ask Yourself, “Why Am I Here?” Your Purpose Is In Here:


Do you ever ask yourself, “Why am I here?” It’s a timeless question, and if you’re asking, you’ve come to the right place. There are no accidents -You are meant to be here now. Period. Read that again, and create your own personal mantra! ‘I Am here to learn to love every facet of who I Am!’ Take care of you as though you were a fragile newborn, but knowing you are strong, competent, and worthy. Because when you learn (re-learn, in truth) to love and embrace every facet of who you are, the Universe benefits. And it responds. Your light oozes out, radiating into even the darkest corner, illuminating the things that need your light. And the light lights your way. You may have stuffed your natural inclination to sparkle and shine. Maybe you were discouraged from shining too brightly as a child…. Maybe your struggles have worn the Continue Reading →

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Gifts 5 Giveaway Offers Hundreds of FREE Health and Wellness Related Products, Services & Memberships


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I wanted to let you know today about a Health and Wellness site that will allow you to download 100’s of self-help gifts. And the best part is that it is absolutely FREE! If you’ve had enough of plodding along year after year and you want to improve yourself and your health to make this your BEST ever year, then you need to go here: The 5th annual Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Gifts will be open only for a VERY LIMITED TIME from June 1st to June 26th, 2015. When you go there you’ll find a multitude of products – all FREE – provided by Health, Fitness, Wellness and Prosperity experts from all over the world. Here is just a small sample of what you will find: Elevator of Recovery Audio Journey – Andrew Golay 4 Free Mind Sync Meditation Downloads – Geoff Wilkins Help Me Angels: How to Continue Reading →

Promised Guest Blog: Creating a Writing Life by Lisa Tener



Creating a Writing Life by Lisa Tener  There’s something powerful about writing for others—it can be a letter to the editor that motivates people to take action on an issue that matters to you, a blog post that inspires readers to heal or grow in some way, an article that teaches practical information, a love letter. Any of these holds the power to bring joy to someone else, even many people.   My husband’s family had an annual New Year’s tradition at his Uncle Sam and Aunt Jinny’s house and the beautiful Three Stallion Inn in Randolph Vermont. Every New Year’s Eve Eve (no, that’s not a typo), we gather ’round the table for dinner, followed by singing holidays songs and the family song (the Badger and the Bear). Each year on the way home, I composed a playful and humorous (I hope!) poem to memorialize the skits performed, the Continue Reading →

Do YOU Like to Write? Here’s How to “Write in the Zone”



Do you like to write? Maybe you’re even working on a book, blog post or article. Maybe, you journal as a therapeutic outlet for your thoughts and stress…. Or maybe you write as a means of affirming your desires and goals and tracking your successes…. Regardless of why you write, if you enjoy writing, you’re gonna love this post…. I’d like to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Lisa Tener, an extraordinary, award-winning writing coach and mentor to so many published authors.     Lisa has a wonderful system for tapping into your creative genius and writing with ease—in a state of inspired flow—consistently. She calls it “Writing in the Zone.” If you’re looking for: A way to tap into your highest inspiration and creativity—consistently A breakthrough to get unstuck Clarity about a specific aspect of your writing Support to take your writing to the next level A way to Continue Reading →

Please continue to pray for Rikka


energy healing hands

We are still urgently seeking prayers for our dearest friend and soul sister, Rikka Zimmerman. Please keep praying each day for 2-3 minutes, and bathe this angel of light with love and healing energies. Rikka is a very special light being who brings so much light and joy to this planet. She has guided many thousands to their light, healing and knowing. And now, she needs us to bring the light to her. My request to you is that you join in praying daily for 2-3 minutes for the next 16 days. Pray with the intention for Rikka’s body to be healed in light and brought to whole vibrant health through the power of love. An entourage of angels are doubtlessly encircling Rikka now. These light beings will transmute our joint prayers and healing thoughts into the purest forms for Rikka to receive. I will remind you each day for Continue Reading →

Prayers for Rikka Zimmerman


energy healing hands

If you don’t know Rikka, you are missing an angel of light in your circle. Rikka is a special being who brings so much light and joy to this planet. She has guided many thousands to their light, healing and knowing. And now, she needs us to bring the light to her. Rikka was recently diagnosed with cancer –viral metastatic melanoma. My request to you is that you join in praying daily for 2-3 minutes for the next 19 of 21 days. Pray with the intention for Rikka’s body to be healed in light and brought to whole vibrant health through the power of love. An entourage of angels are doubtlessly encircling Rikka now. These light beings will transmute our joint prayers and healing thoughts into the purest forms for Rikka to receive. I will remind you each day for the remaining 19 days. Please send love and light to our special Continue Reading →

Please send prayers for Rikka Zimmerman


energy healing hands

If you don’t know Rikka, you are missing an angel of light in your circle. Rikka is a special being who brings so much light and joy to this planet. She has guided many thousands to their light, healing and knowing. And now, she needs us to bring the light to her. Rikka was recently diagnosed with cancer –viral metastatic melanoma. My request to you is that you join in praying daily for 2-3 minutes for the next 21 days. Pray with the intention for Rikka’s body to be healed in light and brought to whole vibrant health through the power of love. An entourage of angels are doubtlessly encircling Rikka now. These light beings will transmute our joint prayers and healing thoughts into the purest forms for Rikka to receive. I will remind you each day for the remaining 20 days. Please send love and light to our special light sister. Continue Reading →

Forget the glass and ruby slippers, and especially the struggle shoes….


toe shoes

Are you where you want to be in life? Are you where you thought you would be by now? If not, dis-integrating those pesky internalized energetic blocks may be all that’s stopping you from reaching your desires. Oh I know that you have heard all about the Law of Attraction, yada yada ya…. And you have undoubtedly given meditation a spin…. You’ve probably visualized until your third-eye is cross-eyed…. You may even have an altar where you pray and set intentions…. And you have mod podged glossy magazine clippings onto vision boards for years…. How’s that workin’ for ya? Not really well, I’m guessing. Otherwise, you probably would not be reading this page. And I am not judging you for having tried! I KNOW, because I’ve been there too! And maybe you’ve even had some successes and some inspired “aha” moments. Enough to keep you hungry and trying for more…. Then, Continue Reading →

72 Hours & Gone


Front Cover

Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook Special This is a 72 hour $pecial Offer. When it’s over, it’s gone. If you’d rather “cut to the chase” click the secure PayPal button below to get in on this special $47 pricing for the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook. Here’s my short story: I AM an award-winning transformational author and a self-esteem confidence expert who has embraced my calling of empowering women also known as women’s empowerment since 1984. Over the course of three decades, I have assisted thousands of women in finding and owning their voices, and in stepping into their full-winged feminine power. That’s the essence I hope for in my logo. I want it to represent freedom. Above all else, freedom is the value I cherish most. And it is why I do what I do, which is to write the transformational empowerment books, facilitate the process as women step into Continue Reading →

Getting personally vulnerable in the spirit of transparency: Will you like if you know me?


Transparency is one of the core traits that I value in others, and more so, in myself. Yet sometimes it is painful to speak the truth, because it feels so personally vulnerable, and even risky: Maybe you won’t like me if you see who I really am. Or maybe you will judge me. Or maybe you’ll laugh at me… Or maybe you’ll turn away while covering your eyes. But maybe, just maybe, you will identify, will resonate with my core essence and my feminine strength. And that makes it all worth the risk that I am taking to share with you. So I want to say, if you’re still reading, thanks for hanging with me. Those who know me well, know me as an assertive and empowered woman. I’m seen as a woman who gets things done. If something isn’t right (from my perspective) I make sure to step in and Continue Reading →

Soup Sandwiches, Smores, and Other Messy Relationship Advice



Regardless of the relationships, be it romances, friend connections, or in professional power and subservient positions with employees and bosses, with shareholders, business owners, or investors, etc., interpersonal relationships, and most especially partnerships are like soup sandwiches: They are always gonna get messy…. …oh not at first. Initially everyone is on their good behavior like they’re in a Sunday meeting with the judge of all judges…. Everybody is all polished up and pressed with teeth clean and hair smoothed. People are mostly polite at this stage. It’s an unwritten rule of newness: Pretending to be nice, or at least cordial, at all costs. That’s because it’s human nature to want others to like us, and so we act nice. Image Church Clothes Or maybe that’s just me. Okay, so maybe it’s really not an act, and you are authentically nice all of the time. Or, like the bulk of Continue Reading →

Does Your Man Energy Out-Weigh Your Woman Energy? Addressing the Goddess Concept


Spa Day

As a trained gestalt practitioner, I am conditioned to be ever-conscious of the balance of the “whole” male and female energies as they flow through life. This is transferred onto each client as she develops an awareness of the feminine power principles, and of the goddess within. That inner goddess is the sage voice of ages, and is the part of each of us where we receive guidance, and from which our feminine powers reside. What this womb power, goddess, feminine energy appreciation does NOT mean is that we dis-own our “masculine” powers such as that which allows us to leave the emotional or even physical nest and step out into the world. It does not mean that we deny the ego, the strength, the ability to leverage our physical strength as well as our mental strengths. It most definitely does not mean that we use our emotions to create Continue Reading →

News FLASH! I Am Giving Away $100 Bills….


Usdollar100front money

Because I truly need your help in order to reach all those women who would benefit from increased confidence, from a deeper knowing of her worth, and unquestionably would benefit from the self-love enhancing tools I offer, I am requesting assistance in getting the word out as to a very special “flash sale” on women’s empowerment tools. Intrigued? Keep reading! Chances are (at least in my estimation) that if you are reading this post, you have had an experience of questioning your self-worth, or feeling a tinge of self-doubt. And as such, I am hoping beyond all reason, that in that spirit of self-reflection, you have a bit of “ambassador” in you…. In other words, I am asking that if you have felt positive effects from anything you’ve read here, or if you have experienced the empowerment groups, or have read any of my books (especially Escaping the Chrysalis) that you Continue Reading →

Breaking thru the crust of a heart hardened by life events does not require a tuning fork…or a sharp knife


Bread and Cutting Board

Do you ever think that there is no way of breaking thru the crust of a heart hardened by life events? Does this “hardened heart” syndrome seem to resonate vibrationally within your heart? Are you afraid that you are no longer open to feeling the softer emotions like caring and compassion and love? And instead of feeling these softies, do you find that you are angry or sad or suspicious or defensive, more often than not? Do you look for reasons to keep others at bay? And if they still dare tread near your heart, do you sabotage any chance at them coming in? In contradiction to that inner hard core, do you find yourself weeping at the commercials between the Lifetime Originals? Do babies from any species on the planet cause your eyes to immediately well up, a little embarrassingly perhaps? Are you one of those who are more comfortable Continue Reading →

How to Grow Your Business as a Published Author and Impact More Lives With Your Message



Have you dreamed of writing a book or becoming a successful published author? Do you have a valuable message that, once it is put into print, will help grow your business and transform more lives? Would you like to learn how to grow your business as a published author, and impact more lives with your message? Or maybe you don’t have a business, but you DO have a book inside of you, scratching to get out of you and onto the pages. Maybe you want to write a book, not for the recognition and fame, but rather for the experience of becoming an author. Maybe you simply have a story to tell, and it’s time it is told…. Either way, if you answered yes, but don’t have your book written yet… keep reading! In all seriousness, as a published author, I want to share with you that there has never Continue Reading →

Do You Believe You Can Shine Your Light & Live Your Joyous Calling?



Do you believe that you can shine your light and live your joyous calling? Or like most humans, have you been conditioned to live more like a mushroom in the dark much of the time? Maybe your life is lived somewhere in the mid-range. Life experiences can cause us to react like a potato bug, and curl into ourselves. And frankly, those times of being curled are opportunities for introspection and great growth potential, with the caveat that we not remain constricted for an overly self-absorbed period of time. In a group setting, we do an exercise that helps participants to recognize where they may be choking off the energetic flow. It’s a simple process, and wherever two or more are gathered, playing in this expansive game may have an awakening effect. Here’s how it works:  Two participants face each other with their palms touching. The facilitator asks them to Continue Reading →

Do YOU Believe in Healers? Miracles?



I didn’t believe in “healers” until I was healed by one. It’s funny in hindsight, because I had experienced many unexplainable happenings, particularly since I owned and operated the neighborhood angel store. Yet when it came to healers, I was a naysayer who lacked exposure to the miraculous gifts, until I wasn’t…. The experience came to mind today while I was listening to my coach speak about the ways in which many of us are apparently here on Earth to help heal and empower inhabitants and to create positive, endless ripples. We know what is true by how it feels, and as I heard her words, I was re-affirmed in my conviction to follow my calling. The truth is, the more we recognize the miracles in our subjective lives, the more miraculous experiences show up. In other words, we create the miracles with our appreciation for the day-to-day miracles that Continue Reading →

Never Again Suffer From Paralyzing Fear That Holds You Small



Would you like to never again suffer from paralyzing fear that holds you small? Rather than feeling insignificant and small would you like to feel competent? Would you like to emerge into your full-winged limitless potential? Many people are paralyzed by fear. They psychically coil up in a fetal position and hide beneath the blankets of diversions such as television, work, over-indulging, etc., rather than addressing the truth of what creates their fear. Feeling small is a constricted state of being. And being constricted cuts off the flow of abundance of health, wealth, love, creativity, and joy. Be really honest with yourself right now, as you answer this question in the privacy of your own thoughts:   It’s time to cease living small and emerge into the life you were meant to live. Your limitless potential is calling. And it’s time you answered.   I believe you are here on Continue Reading →

Good News/Bad News: You Create Your Experience of Being


Depending on your circumstances, this will either come as good news or bad news: So the first thing to look at is who are you being? And I suppose even before looking at that, maybe we would better look at are we happy being whatever and whomever we are currently being? What experience are you creating? Are you consciously creating the life of your desires or are you living by day-to-day default? When I learned that the average human spends more time planning a weekend vacation than they spend planning their life, it really affected me. Had I too been living unconsciously? I couldn’t help but wonder. And when I discovered my answer, I couldn’t help but take action. I’m not perfect. And neither is my life. I am, however, perfect in my humanness, as are you. And I am a work in progress, seeking my greater potential as I continue Continue Reading →

How to Hang Up Your Struggle Shoes and Consciously Choose a Life of Ease


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Several months ago, I heard Emmanuel Dagher comment that it was time to “hang up your struggle shoes.” The visual of his statement stayed with me as a reminder any time I noticed myself focused where I no longer needed to be looking. What we focus on expands, and that’s a law I have seen in force for decades, so the reminder to not stay focused on what I no longer wish to cultivate comes as an extra strength message.

If you don’t know Emmanuel’s work, or have never wondered how to hang up your struggle shoes and consciously choose a life of ease, you may still want to make a little side trip here. Emmanuel Dagher is truly one of the gifts to humankind during this time of shifting paradigms. He has many layers as a gifted Intuitive, Musician, and Catalyst for the Shift. His healing presence is palpable. His insight, profound.

As I considered ways in which I have sometimes wornout my own “struggle shoes” by being attached for too long to an old story, I came up with a little automation process to keep me on my toes…. All that is required is an increase in self-awareness, and anyone can do this.

Whenever I catch myself ruminating over past events, I notice the habit of “struggle.” When the struggle is observed as a habit, and as a worn out behavior at that, I get a bit more clarity that the perspective is mine to shift. In other words, I see “it” for what it is:

It's just a worn out habit of being in the struggle mode. Click To Tweet

Recognizing that old habit allows me to then shift consciously into a more productive state of being, where I create the new reality based on the frequency of ease instead of struggle.

Living in the frequency of ease has many payoffs. Regardless of what’s going on around me, as long as I consciously choose “ease,” the universe rises up to meet that clear expectation of ease. And even when life tries to show me other frequencies, the longer I stay committed to living my life in the key of ease, the more the universe delivers on my expectations.

If you find yourself not living a life of ease, ask yourself why? What holds you in a pattern of dis-ease? Click To Tweet
  • Is an old addiction to stress hormones holding you in that flight path of stress?
  • Is the familiar feeling of struggle holding you captive?
  • Is your identity dependent on your struggle story?

When you can look at what you get for holding onto the old boots of struggle, you are freed to make the decision of what to keep and what to release. As example, keep the lessons and discard the pain. Turn the struggle into strength.

Choose ease. Breathe in ease, even when the world tries to show you differently. Consciously decide the frequency of your life.  ♥

Let me know how that goes….
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PS~ To fill your self-love toolkit with even more valuable tools and techniques to help you release anything that no longer serves your higher purpose, get the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion WorkbookAvailable on Amazon thru the hyperlink. Transform your life in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


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There is No “5 Second Rule” for Letting Go of Inner Blocks. Don’t Pick IT Back Up.


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Here’s an example: You have had an “aha” epiphany about something that stops you from being really successful, or about some inner block that has kept you feeling small and inadequate. You make a conscious decision to release the inner belief or block or habit. You take the necessary steps, and you vow to release the behavior or energy that has held you back for so long. And ultimately, you go through the ritual of letting it go. Within hours, or days, or weeks, you are ruminating on that same inner blockage and behavior, not even conscious of the slip back into the past behavior. What went wrong? Why wasn’t the vow kept? Why didn’t the release stick? When someone makes a vow to quit smoking, and then picks up and lights a cigarette and inhales, the vow is broken. Regardless of any ritual that took place to release the Continue Reading →

How Isolation Is Blocking Adundance of Wealth, Joy, Health, and Love


God Work

In the last post, Closing Off the Heart to Love is Closing Off the Heart to Abundance, I peeled back the layer to reveal that I was in fact homeless, isolated, and feeling at the end of my life as choices go. This is a place where many gifts were revealed to me as I searched for meaning in chaos. That brings us to my discovery of how isolation is blocking abundance of wealth, joy, health, and love. Eventually, it was revealed to me that I had to go there, to experience isolation and loss, in order to understand that I could finally consciously create my life desires on my terms. And to do that, meant I had to accept where I was and start from that exact point. That’s a lesson that I would eventually take to my clients. We begin always where she is now. Meditation and journaling Continue Reading →

Closing Off the Heart to Love is Closing Off the Heart to Abundance



In my previous post, I wrote about manifesting from the heart chamber, I and promised more to come. There are a few levels to the story, but the most central is that I had closed off my heart to receiving love. I had blocked the flow of love, because the loss of my son was so exquisitely unbearable, was so unfathomable that I never again wanted to feel that level of love. The vulnerability of love was the last thing I wanted to feel. My heart hardened into a solid geode where few could penetrate, even if they dared try. I insulated myself against any attempts to get close to me, successfully isolating me and allowing me to explore the dogma, the social mores, and the cultural conditioning in which I had been indoctrinated. I peeled back each layer and then moved to the next, until I reached my core. Continue Reading →

Manifesting from the heart chamber



Recently, I discovered, or perhaps more to the point re-membered with the part of my spirit that has always known…and had apparently forgotten, the key to manifestation. And I had not only forgotten that truth, I had actually pretty much abandoned the heart chamber completely. Are you curious as to what triggered the reminder of the heart chamber as being the core of all manifestation? Because if you want to know, I will happily share this truth with you. I am not like some coaches who make you sign a 6-12 month contract in order to get drip by drip content, that may or may not suit you. My passionate purpose is to inspire and empower as many women as possible, and that means, yes, I absolutely have an individual coaching menu of services, AND I also expect myself to deliver valuable content to you whether you are a paying Continue Reading →

“My goodness, don’t you remember….”


My goodness, don’t you remember? When you went first to school, You went to kindergarten. And in kindergarten, the idea was to push along so that you could get into first grade. And then push along so that you could get into second grade, third grade and so on, Going up and up. And then you went to high school and this was a great transition in life. And now the pressure is being put on, You must get ahead, you must go up the grades, And finally be good enough to get to college. And then when you get to college, you’re still going step by step, step by step, Up to the great moment in which you’re ready to go out into the world. And then when you get out into this famous world… Comes… The struggle for success in profession or business, And again there seems to Continue Reading →

Who Talks YOU Off the Ledge?



It’s been a month of rapid personal growth ~that kicking and screaming against the flow of change sort of growth that the Universe seems to demand now and then, and which generally results in a rather raw lingering condition. It reminds me of getting a chemical peel and going thru the burn to ultimately get to the new…. And in case I didn’t fully realize the actual message from the universe, I accidentally got a third degree burn on my arm when I was being a bit too mindless…. So although in either event, the scab has yet to form, I have been transforming at an almost alarming rate, a condition of the “Quickening,” I’m told. And not the “quickening” that takes place during pregnancy, but the cosmic-changing type of “quickening” that the Hopi Indians prophesied long ago: The one that acknowledges that the speed of time is “quickening” and Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning the Energies of the Whole: Clearing the Way for Conscious Creativity



It’s time for Spring Cleaning I’m deep in the process of clearing self-doubt, fear, callousness of spirit and heart, anger, ridding the corners of those who would mistreat me and more importantly, clearing any tendencies to mistreat myself, removing scattered energies and clearing the clogged up energetic paths. It feels GOOD! It feels FREEING. It feels like Spring! Freshness of love, joy, abundance, courage, self-awareness and self-trust are being infused in my whole self, replacing the stagnant energies. All of this translates together, into a whole experience of self-love. As I clear away the fears, I envision courage and self-confidence. Sucking out the clogs in my energetic pipes, I then infuse a visual of pure radiant love flowing in through my crown chakra, and flushing my cells while washing away any old residue. As I mindfully attend to the tasks of Spring Cleaning, I Am conscious of what I Am Continue Reading →

100+ gifts in an epic heart-centered giveaway for women!


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Exciting news! THE soul-inspiring giveaway for WOMEN is open!


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My Choice. Your Choice. The Right to “Choice”


Today is a day that seemingly will forever leave me raw with emotions from the most tragic road-burn of my life. It is my son’s birthday (pictured in the middle, which is appropriate as he was my “middle” kid). He has been dead since 1995. It doesn’t quite dawn on me immediately upon waking this morning that the root of my emotional cloud, a mild-to-moderate angst, is likely more from a subconscious habit than from anything I can touch with an “aha” awareness. I simply woke feeling weepy. And then I saw the calendar and understood. And so my day has been “unproductive” in the traditional sense. I’ve spent far more time on social media than I generally do, as example. For me, social media has a double-edge of both being a luxury of spending my finite reserves of time, and a time thief that annoys me. My strong sense Continue Reading →

Do you ever wonder how to know IF your subconscious and conscious minds are aligned?


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Or equally revealing, would you like to know how to tell if they are opposed? With all that we know about the commonly touted Law of Attraction as it pertains to manifesting, it may not be clear how to recognize whether or not the two minds are on the same side of supporting your intentions. What are the signs of alignment? If you have attempted and failed at manifesting your desires using the Law of Attraction, it’s a sure sign of something beneath the consciousness level blocking your allowing. That’s the simple test. Trends A decade ago the talk was about “mind-body-spirit” connection. Prior to that trend, the language was all about “holistic” this and that. Most particularly, since The Secret was released it’s been all about the “Law of Attraction.” None of these concepts are wrong. In fact, in a sense they are all saying the same thing. What Continue Reading →

Feeling alone, and finding the blessings in your life mire, even when it hurts like hell



Following the death of my son, I fell into a resonance of aloneness. It’s an illusion, of course, as we are all connected regardless of how separate we may feel. Others tried to help, tried to reach out and bring condolences and casserole dishes, but I was alone in my experience and wanted even the kindest of visitor to leave before they even arrived. Eventually, I simply refused to answer the door or the ringing phone. I was busy. I had important business to attend to, and it consisted of immersing in the mire of death in order to make sense of the senseless. I had no energy reserves for entertaining those with goodwill and good intentions. That solo period was necessary for my introspective exploration, soul healing, and as a part of the natural grieving process. It was a time for reading, pondering, challenging the status quo, and for Continue Reading →

…do you ever wonder why you haven’t yet doubled your income?


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Forever being a student of life, I recently attended a training that promised to show me how to “double my income,” if I just bought their $3997.00 program. Hmm. Well, maybe…. Money is energy. It is available to everyone without regard for race or gender or chance of birth. That’s the basic tenet of the Law of Attraction hype that many businesses are built on and quite successfully promote. And I am a certified LOA practitioner, among other things. But keep reading, because it’s not that simple…. Long before The Secret, and well before all the books and LOA specialists began to stuff your inbox, I owned a small “angel store,” in Salt Lake City, Utah. There were many lessons to be learned there. For example, when I opened the doors, I had no idea that the predominant religion frowned on “wings” on angels. Who knew…. That “non-winged” concept is not Continue Reading →

How to Tame a Run-Amok Monkey Mind


cartoon monkey

That pesky Monkey Mind is at the root of all which remains undone. It runs off with the mind’s focus, creating a jungle of tangles…one thing entwined with another until all is a blur and your mind is a vacant lot. Your plans, if you had any, are regrettably derailed. That Monkey Mind runs amok while you’re left to piece together the ruins/remains of the day. Nothing gets accomplished. Any avenues of creating are like dust scattered to the winds. That big money-making idea that you had in the shower, dissipated into just a vague memory in the chaos…. Or maybe you sat down at your desk, fully intending to complete that tax return. You go online to do a quick check of email, and the Monkey Mind takes over. The next time you look up, you’ve lost three hours and have no idea of where you’ve been. Worse still is Continue Reading →

Is It Those Mean Boys and Girls All Over Again?


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Now that you’re an adult, do you ever feel like you’re being ignored or shunned, or worse, mistreated at your job, in your personal and professional relationships, by your peers, and even by strangers at the super market? Are you sick and tired of feeling like you’re not being seen, heard, respected? Are you tired of not being taken seriously, of having to stifle your opinion and ideas, biting your tongue, keeping it zipped in, and stuffing your true emotions? Are you tired of being the wallflower? Are you holding on to so much resentment that you fear when you do ultimately snap, you’ll make “going postal” seem like kids’ play? What if I told you I have the means to help you own your voice? What if you decided that it’s time to step out from the shadows and into the light which is your right? What if you allowed Continue Reading →

Happiness Is Letting Go of the Grief that Binds You



My eyes have seen beyond grief’s curtain. No longer am I victimized by an emotional charge that in the past would have consumed me. In fact, in the past, at some level, albeit non-conscious, I had missed the truth that pretty much everyone who has lived has experienced some level of grief. What I know for sure is that I am not alone. This awareness that we each have our own individual challenge to bear, is not what led me to explore my own grief so fully. That was a purely personal action, again made non-consciously. It was an urge to make sense of the senseless, that ultimately led me to the dark inner journey that took years to complete. But complete, I did. And with that completion came a force which causes the legendary phoenix to pale in comparison. Our journeys are personal. After all, no one has experienced Continue Reading →

Is Your Story Hurting You? Happiness is Letting Go….


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We all have stories that are pieces of our history. We may still be telling the same story decades after decades, reinforcing the energetic emotional vibration of the story and re-creating the story in different titles. So I ask you, is your story hurting you? Whatever it is, if your story is holding you back and keeping you stuck in an unhappy life, it’s time to claim your culpability for your circumstances. You’ve become addicted to the emotions of your story. The drama, comedy, love story of your life is entrenched by the telling and re-creating of the same story over and over again. You’re type-cast in the role that you continue to act on. We all know people who leave one relationship for the next, only to re-create the same circumstances with the new lover. And most humans are far removed from the truth that the drama and pain Continue Reading →

Banish the Energetic Charge of Regret and Plant Seeds of Possibility


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 There is a negative energetic charge associated with “What ifs,” of wishing things had been different: What if I had been there at the time? What if I hadn’t said what I said? What if I had done this instead of that? When asking “Wouldn’t it be great,” your imagination is allowed to express itself progressively. The possibilities are ahead, not behind you. Wouldn’t it be great to spend summers in the South of France? Wouldn’t it be great to be a successful entrepreneur? Wouldn’t it be great to feel abundant? Wouldn’t it be great to trust the future to always be there? There are seeds of potential in the “Wouldn’t it be great” query. And those seeds are nurtured and cultivated by possibility instead of being squelched by regret. When you banish the energetic charge of regret and plant seeds of possibility you dramatically increase the odds of your Continue Reading →

Battle Scars & Blessings


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A few years ago, I was watching a gaggle of guys comparing their scars. One man had a long scar down his arm that looked like something from a Halloween costume. Another man had a nasty part in his left eyebrow. He said it bled. A lot. The third man lifted his shirt to reveal a deep wide line from his collar-bone to his belly button where it made a sharp left turn towards his back. He had experienced open heart surgery. Hands down, his scar was the winner. It’s different with the women I know. We try to camouflage our scars with a layer of skin matching foundation. And in my entire life, I have not shared my scar stories. Too often, inner conflict leaves invisible scars in the form of stuck energy. And when that energy remains stagnant, it stops the flow. And when energy doesn’t flow, everything Continue Reading →

Confidence Tip #8 Making It Happen With Optimism



Optimism is a golden perspective that weaves through your attitude, your beliefs, and perhaps most importantly, through your actions. It’s far more substantiative than simply viewing all of life through rose-colored glasses. Optimism shows itself through your attitude, and through your beliefs and actions. With an optimistic frame, everything in life is connected and relevant. Traits of Optimistic People: Set clearly defined goals. Commit to reach the defined goals. Put in the effort required to reach the goal. Do what it takes despite outside opinions. Stay focused on the big picture “why” of their efforts. Stay the course through a challenge. Have coping mechanisms in place for stressful times. Are energized by their commitment to outcome. See the good in the world overall. Acknowledge personal strengths and skills. Accomplish more despite distractions. Studies reveal that optimism is a good indicator for predicting potential work performance and success. As it goes, Continue Reading →

9 Reasons to Laugh Yourself to Life


Escaping the Chrysalis Duo Meme

You’ve heard it said no doubt that, “laughter is the best medicine.” There is much scientific proof around the powers of happiness to cure disease and promote well-being, whereas a lack of humor in one’s life may lead to myriad disorders. Humor and it’s mothership, happiness, are truly the elixirs of well-being as happy endorphin hormones flood the system and wash away the blues and maladies. Think of a time when you were simply happy, in that “punch drunk” condition over an event or circumstance of your life. Can you hang onto that happy feeling for at least 30 seconds? If so, you have just injected your health, thus your life, with a huge dose of health-nurturing hormones. Your life expectancy has been raised simply as a result of that happiness. I am a HUGE fan of comedy clubs. In my life, I have been privy to some talented stand up comedians Continue Reading →

Confidence Tip #7


Hey Big Britches: Who Do You Think You Are? “If you don’t start out too big for your britches, how are you gonna fill ‘em when you grow up?”  ~Stephen King Either during childhood, or as an adult have you ever had a “big” idea, a wondrous dream, or a sudden burst of self-confidence to try something new, only to be reeled in by your internal (generally critical) voice? That inner voice generally pipes up with something judgmental that’s akin to, “Who do you think you are?” Suddenly, you find yourself in an internal tug-of-war of sorts between your confident, forward moving occasionally tenacious self and the other self –that one who holds you back by causing you to question your ability, and frankly, to doubt your worthiness and deserving. If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard those voices say things like: You always start a new project and never Continue Reading →

“The most terrifying thing…” …the Mirror Exercise



“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” Carl Jung This statement by Carl Jung contains the essence of why I am here, promoting self-esteem and gestalt techniques as the way to fulfillment. Too few humans take the journey inward, into the vastness of who we are subjectively. Recently there has been talk among Louise Hay’s circle about the mirror exercise that is included in the Self-Love Toolkit that all clients receive when working with me. Whether in the form of the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook for home study, or in the online course work, and most definitely at live events, all clients eventually learn to look in the mirror, and get very clear about what they see. My core tenet that underscores everything in my coaching practice and my life is that Regardless of where the experience takes place, at a live event, or in the comfort of Continue Reading →

YOUR Passsion Turned Into Profit? Do YOU Believe?



There is a saying that goes something like, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life…. It’s not quite the truth. There will always be things that you don’t especially love to do that must be done in business. However, with that said, you can turn your passion into profit and hire out the stuff that isn’t your “thing.” I liken this to the idea taught to me by a car stereo salesman. He assured me that my 100 watt per channel stereo was a powerful and valuable audio system, and then he advised me that any system is only as good as the weakest link. I think of that wisdom now as I consider my passion and the many ways it brings me profit AND joy. In spite of following my passionate purpose, there are many places in my business where I am the weak Continue Reading →

Guest Post on Dr. Minette Riordan’s Playground


My cherished colleague Dr. Minette Riordan has allowed me a piece of real estate on her wonderful website today. Check out my guest blog post. And if you’re too busy to read it, there’s a ten minute audio recording of me reading it. Leave some love comments while you’re there on her delicious playground!    XOX, ♥♥♥  

7 Compelling Reasons & Mercury Must Be Retrograde…



From a techie perspective, a lot went wrong today. Suddenly Window 8.1 wouldn’t play nice and the webinar went south. The end result is a recording with some background noise and a file size that is too large for my web host to allow. Not to be one to sit on her laurels, my tenacious streak kicked in and I had the recording uploaded to YouTube in order that I could then send anyone interested to that video… but not before I had to complete a System Restore on my computer…that didn’t fully take the first time. And there was that volume thing…but all in all, not bad for a first attempt on a new webinar. Oye vey…. Sometimes things don’t go the way WE planned. Sometimes the tasks or the whole day seem to just disintegrate into yesterday, leaving us to wonder at the results. I blame sunspots and Continue Reading →

Is Happiness a Choice? #I Am Choosing Happiness….



The question is an authentic one: Is happiness a choice? My cherished friend and bestselling publisher, the incomparable Linda Joy released Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness featuring the soul-inspiring stories of 27 amazing women who share their intimate stories of transformation. And because “happiness” is my favorite subject I gotta say that my favorite part of Choosing Happiness is that after the end of each story, it includes Reflection Questions which will empower you to integrate the vital lessons of each woman’s journey into your own life. And of course, there is an incentive to check this out, because for a limited time you can get over 40 transformational gifts with your copy of Choosing Happiness. Grab your copy today: And when you have read to the bottom, come back up and download your own copy of the Choosing Happiness Poster -Spread Happiness! Let’s Start a Happiness Riot!  PRINT IT Continue Reading →

Hearing With the Intelligence of Your Heart…


hear with your heart

Your heart, my heart, everyone’s heart has a brain. This heart brain is actually an older intelligence source than are the brains in our respective heads. And in my bias, the heart intellect is the most intelligent brain…. If you be still, with your point of attention being on your emotional heart, and listen with your intuition, you will hear with your heart and will receive your heart’s messages. The hearing ability of  your heart is most frequently muffled by inner voices in the head brain, but your heart is the source of much wisdom. Those head messages may say things like, “don’t trust your heart,” or “don’t let anyone in,” or “you’ve got to listen to your mind, think about it, protect yourself, who do you think you are, be reasonable….”  The head has a lot of ego invested in being considered #1. The heart is less critical and Continue Reading →

Confidence Tip #6



Confidence is the core essence of success or failure. It determines how we are perceived by others and how far we go in life. However, confidence is not a lack of fear. It’s recognizing fear and moving forward with the courage and confidence to know that regardless of outcome, you’ll still be just fine. The idea goes something like this: There is a desire which may or may not be turned into a goal, depending on whether or not it is judged “reachable/attainable.” We look at the obstacles and possible outcomes in order to decide if we will pursue the desire, in which case it will become a goal. The decision to pursue or not however, is veiled by our beliefs, biases, and values. If the desire is in line with our top values, we can check it off as possibly being something to pursue, provided it meets other criteria such Continue Reading →

Confidence Tip #5 Small Steps = Big Wins


Michael Jordan Quote

Small Steps Make For Big Wins Have you ever noticed that when your confidence is low, you downplay your strengths and overemphasize your flaws? Or, that when you feel small, you act small, or not at all? When this happens your self-esteem and confidence plummets and the cycle sends you spiraling downward until you feel as if you are a loser – a lost cause. That simply is not true. You have gifts, attributes, and skills that are uniquely yours. And if you look back over your life, you will find that you have experienced many successes, and positively impacted others’ lives. If you ever feel yourself minimizing your positive traits and maximizing your flaws, then take these steps for reversing the cycle and getting back into the winner circle. Step 1 – Celebrate your wins. By recognizing your successes, whether it’s facing a challenge, making a difficult phone call, Continue Reading →

Mind Movies for Manifesting


We’ve all heard of “Vision Boards” as a tool for the pursuit of manifesting the life of our desires. And honestly, I use a vision board and each December 31st through January 1 you will find me creating a fresh vision board for my coming year. It’s a practice which I share with close contacts as we meet with our images, our thoughts, and our dreams and individually create our renditions of our subjective perfect lives. A few years ago, I added movies to my manifesting mix. I gathered images and created affirmations and using Power Point, I created a personal movie. It was set to royalty-free music which I downloaded from My little movie is cool, but it’s very NON-Professional! And it took a lot of work to get it to even play on my old computer because the end result file was simply too large. Apparently Natalie Ledwell had the same Continue Reading →

Confidence Tip #4 Calculated Risk Taking


courage (1)

Being a “Risk Taker” even when you’re scared of falling on your figurative face is one of the scariest, yet most rewarding of all traits to hone. We all seem to admire risk takers – especially when, against the odds, they win, or when they give a thrilling performance. There’s something particularly exciting about anyone who obviously feels the fear and still takes a chance: The person who has courage to start a business in a down economy comes to mind; A football team that is considered the underdog that goes for the two point conversion to win the game; Anyone or any group making the choice to put it all on the line to get what they want. These folks seem fearless. And these folks are attractive. They also reap the rewards that would otherwise be impossible if not for the courageous action they take. And now for the Continue Reading →

Relationships: Obsession Phrases?



Some of you may have received an invitation to complete a survey. If you’ve already taken the survey, thank you! And if not, please go to the HOME page and scroll to the bottom to take the quick (10 questions) survey for me. Thus far, the number 1 request is for Relationship assistance. The next big product coming down the pike may just be centered around relationships. I’ve got a relationship enhancing guide in the works, which will focus on inspiring greater, more intimate connections, and which, as a result of those more intimate connections, will likely enhance sex lives and strengthen romantic relationships. I’m hoping the guide will be available for a Valentine’s Day launch. No promises though! Until then, I’ve done a bit of research and have come up with some relationship offerings through some apparently like-minded vendors, and I thought I may as well share the what I Continue Reading →

Confidence Tip #2: Kicking Buts & Taking Names….


Confidence Meme

To “own” your confidence and your personal power, you will likely need to kick some of those limiting “buts” from your repertoire of habitual actions. Here’s the truth: Whenever we utter the word, “but” it negates what came prior. As example, if you hear yourself say, “I would achieve my goal but…the “but” pulls all the truth from the beginning of the statement. You may as well affirm “I won’t achieve my goal.” The effect is the same. If you want to feel empowered, try saying this instead: “I would achieve my goal AND….” Feel the difference. “But” victimizes. “And” expands. Ask yourself, if you are a dreamer, a doer, or both? Is your head in the clouds, full of ideas, or are you able to plant your feet on the ground and take action? Are you a nice blend of ideas and grounding? Confident people let their imagination soar Continue Reading →

Confidence Tip #1


Smile Which Is Necessary by George Hodan

Confidence and You Confidence has an effect on every facet of your life. Your confidence level is directly correlated to your job, your finances, your friends, lovers, and even influences who you marry. And confidence is hot. Consider just for a moment, a recent social or business gathering you attended. Who were the people who clearly projected confidence? You probably remember them well because confident people radiate a warmth and enthusiasm that draws people toward them. They approach these occasions as opportunities to meet, greet and grow. They are there to network, whether for fun or business or both. Less confident people, however, generally hide in the background or stick closely to people they know…or gravitate to the buffet, ducking behind the chocolate fountain. It’s human to yearn to have confidence – to feel as if we belong. With that very “human” yearning in mind, here are a few tips Continue Reading →

January “Spring” Cleaning…and Feng Shui.



I’ve been tending to my January “Spring” cleaning and I was reminded of the great push I made a few year back to make my space “feng-shui” perfect…. It led me to put together Simplified Feng Shui: The Energy of Life. This is, just as the title suggests, an ultra simplified feng shui approach to no drive you to the point of frazzle which I drove myself to! lol… At any rate, if you’ve got money blocks, are experiencing a lack of love, or have some tension in your life, if you seek more recognition, better health, more solid connections, and even a little more travel in your life, pick up a copy of this informative, simplified feng shui approach to taking control of your life.  Feng shui, literally translates to “wind and water.” It is the energy of life, and has an effect on your life whether you realize it or Continue Reading →