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In order to successfully achieve any dream, we must first be an energetic match for it or we simply will not allow it to show up. We each have an internal thermostat which governs what is allowed into our lives. This governor is set at a familiar level. It keeps us at a level of comfortably receiving that which we desire, and stops anything we are not yet an energetic match for.

With that concept in mind, consider the things you have wished for over the span of your life. Have you found some levels of achievement easier to manifest than others? Have you noticed a certain threshold where your finances generally hover around? Are all the vehicles you’ve owned and the homes you’ve ever lived in of a similar value? I’m betting that’s the case. Most of us never roll far from the tree and socio-economic status into which we were born. Indeed, most humans live and die within 25 miles of the home they were born into. But all is not despair! We can loosen the governor’s grip and raise our inner “deserving” to a new level, and then allow in a higher degree of abundance. It just takes a little conscious attention.

Remember, to successfully achieve any dream, we must be an exact energetic match for it. This Alignment Technique for manifesting will help you clarify where you are and will show you how to believable raise your vibration to be in alignment with exactly what you wish to manifest.

Attached here are both the audio recording and PDF versions of the Alignment Technique. It’s a quick tool for testing your inner truths, especially as used for raising your level of being worthy of deserving that which you desire. It’s a tried and true system that takes only a few moments to use. But it’s one of the most valuable tools to add to your empowerment toolkit. Align your inner deserving with that which you seek, and watch the manifestation process do its magic.

Your FREE Alignment Technique for manifesting audio and PDF download:

Alignment Exercise PDF Download

An Empowering Opportunity for Dreamers


Have you ever wondered what your dream meant? I’m not talking about the way that some folks will say that symbols like snakes and demons represent sex….
Dreams are a treasure trove of information from yourself to you. And to really explore that wonderland, I’ve put together a 10 module online course that will empower you to never again have a dream you don’t understand or from which you don’t glean a lot of inner wisdom.

To read more about dreams click here
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Special for Empowered Women


Umbrella for Empowered Women

Umbrella of Services

A few days ago I received a request to once again provide a specific list of the women’s issues we directly approach under the umbrella of “Women’s Empowerment.”

The services are subjective, designed to meet the needs of the client, and all the issues feel very personal to all clients. But the truth is, as challenging as it is to put everything in a nice little box with a pretty bow, it is possible to share successful outcomes.

The Gift

Participants come from all walks of life, and from all stages. One woman is just beginning to awaken to her inner voice, that calling nudge that prods her to seek “more” even as she has yet to define exactly what that “more” is.

Another woman has spent years, perhaps decades uncovering the core of her authentic self. She is on her individual path of awakening to her truest purpose and calling. She is my client because we are on similar journeys with much to share and brainstorm.

Some women are ready to jump in and “do whatever it takes” to bridge the gap between where she is and where she desires to be within a prescribed time frame. These women are already on track and just need their wings adjusted and their trajectory re-directed.


Another client may arrive at my virtual doorstep with trepidation, and ultimately end up having covered a far greater distance than she ever could have considered. In these cases, the gap is huge and so is her spectacular reward.

Each client has a unique set of needs, and each personal outcome is determined by her unique needs and desired outcome. With that truth in mind, although my niche is clearly that of empowering women, that “empowerment” means something different for each woman. Each is at a personal stage in her own life. We start always, exactly where she is on the life path.

Challenges span the spectrum from those of successful business women to struggling single moms. Each woman shares a common interest of self-improvement and living the best possible life. In each case, this end-result starts with determining the current confidence level, and creating a plan towards a determined outcome. In every case, the result is a release of pain and feelings of inadequacy, replaced with an experience of self-empowerment. Although the individualized processes may differ, the results are that of individually defined success. The results are women’s empowerment based on feminine power principles that lead directly to the outcome desired.

In all cases, clients “graduate” as empowered women -women who are empowered by their own feminine power; the power that they just misplaced and needed to re-own.

All women are forever changed in ways they didn’t even know they were missing!

What she seeks, she will find.

This depicts the feeling I am after. The copyright is to a Polish person and there is a language barrier or I would just ask permission. Love this one.

I’ll share with you that it was not always this way. In the late 1970’s and through the early 1980’s, I worked in the traditionally “male” profession of Teamster. I was a truck driver, and a single mother working far too many hours to feed my three children.

Mother Trucker w/ Hard Hat

During that period, women were still looking at each other with a facial expression of smelling dog poo on a shoe….

Sofia Loren Jayne Mansfield

  • Women were not collaborative
  • Women were not supportive
  • Women were not trusting of each other’s motives
  • Women were not receptive to other women

Times have changed. The mass collective awakenings of women globally are shifting this planet on her axis.

Women now understand the power in feminine traits of receptivity, collaboration, cooperation, and each woman recognizes that she is changed by the blessing of sharing time and space and intimate conversations which are often spiced with a dose of toughness and love. And fortunately, as we’ve learned to trust our individual selves, we no longer feel the need to distrust other women.

In all cases, I grow to love and respect each woman I work with. It’s not like in the 70’s and 80’s when we were looking at each other like we were spelling onions. The paradigm shift is fantastic and each courageous woman is on her own personal transformative journey. And I know, if you’re still reading this, you too are one of those brave women I admire and respect. I want to say thank you for that. Because that collaborative shift in consciousness just may save this planet from destruction.

As I return now, full circle to the question of what’s under my umbrella, I come up with such a full heart. My blessings have been many. When I consider the thousands of women I have had the privilege of working with over the decades, a warm rush permeates my every cell with love.

Facilitation of the process of empowerment, of ownership of the whole self, is what the women’s empowerment coaching services provides. I hope this answers the question. But honestly, for me, the greater yet simpler answer would be love.

I love them hard sometimes, and they end up loving me too. I love my job.

Why do I love my job? Why do I consult with women? Because I am a woman and I have come through a lot, and I’m still standing, more empowered and centered than ever before. I consult because I have the toolbox and the intelligence to share the tools and techniques for speeding up the awakening and assisting any woman in releasing the internal blocks to her success. I empower women because I am an empowered woman and I recognize the possibilities in others, even when they have disowned the possibilities.

If you, or someone you know, are ready to own your limitless possibilities, if you’re ready to step into your full-winged splendor through women’s empowerment coaching serves, feel free to drop us an email using the contact us form.

Or better yet, apply now for admittance into the 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp. Start your year off right with a toolbox full of self-empowerment tools.


Beginning in January, you’ve got a new opportunity to attend an intensive women’s empowerment bootcamp all online.

This 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment is a 7 module, 7 week bootcamp experience based on feminine power principles and designed to immerse you in a rapid-paced, ultra-effective online course that will deliver results! Although the bootcamp is open to a group of women, it is an individual and very personal experience based on your rate of participation. Keep an eye on this page, because if you keep reading you’ll see a VERY special offer is being made to those who are subscribers….

As is our style, the 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp addresses multitudes of women’s issues while still addressing the individual stations of each participant.

Whether it’s help in relationships, with communications, finances and wealth building, confidence building, learning to own your voice and be more assertive to get your needs and desires met, or perhaps just a refresher to enhance your life or hone your calling, the 50 Days to Empowerment Bootcamp will energize you to live your best possible life. And of course, we will be offering a huge discount to loyal participants!

This bootcamp is currently offered at a terrific savings for $1197 and includes some time limited bonuses.


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Then, in January, be prepared to transform your life. 50 Days to Empowerment. Just a mere 7 weeks for transformation. Happy new you.  

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And if you have a BFF, why not have her join you in the bootcamp and keep each other accountable? Your friendship will grow to a new depth as you each experience the bootcamp processes. It will bond you in deep connected ways.

DREAMS: Your Treasure Trove of Riches


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Dreams 101

Imagine the possibilities when you are able to tap into the inner wisdom and information source that Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and other great minds depended on….

Dreams, all dreams, are a treasure trove of riches awaiting you…. And now you have access to the treasure map….

  • Your dreams contain personal messages for you, and no, not the kind that come from symbols…but the kind that come from you….
  • Your dreams are a treasure trove of inner wisdom awaiting your acknowledgment and understanding….
  • Never again have a dream you don’t understand (Even -or especially nightmares offer gems to be recognized and embraced.
  • Never again have a dream from which you don’t glean all sorts of secret messages.

This is a time-limited all online course which consists of 10 short modules that can be completed back-to-back.

And until December 13th, the course is priced at only $97 for those who pre-register. After that, it doubles to $197, which is still a great deal for 10 modules of content that will awaken you to the power of your dream states!

  • Learn to direct, produce, and star in your night show.
  • Learn to allow in divine solutions to your challenges.
  • Learn to fly, if that’s what you choose….
  • Limitless possibilities await you.

Einstein’s theory of relativity came to him following a dream of sledding….

Thomas Edison depended on secret techniques for staying lucid at the Alpha meets Theta brainwave dream state for the solutions contained there…. Einstein, Edison, and other great minds depended on their dreams as a source of divine solutions. And now you can too.

Learn More:

Or simply pre-register today using the secure PayPal connection:

 See you in your dreams!

112 Question Self-Esteem Inventory


Order the 112 Question Self-Esteem Inventory

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Have you ever wondered what keeps you spinning in the same pattern of life? Regardless of how many times you say “things are gonna be different,” not much seems to change.

Here’s what you might want to think about: “Insanity,” it’s been said, “is doing the same thing over repeatedly and expecting different results.”

It makes sense that nothing changes, if we change nothing.

Did you make New Year resolutions in January? If so, how much progress have you made in your endeavors? The year is almost over, and soon it will be time to make new New Year resolutions. Have you met your goals? Or like most, have you placed your desires and aspirations on the back burner and allowed them to grow cold?

Make 2015 YOUR year! Start with the 112 Question Self-Esteem Inventory and receive your personalized written evaluation of your results for only $47! This offer will absolutely end soon! If you are looking for a place to start, looking for the steps to take from here to get you from point A to point B, look no further than here:

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But this is definitely a time limited offer because I cannot keep up with demands for long because I have new New Year resolutions to keep too….  :-)

Start today and plan your trajectory to a successful destination of your choosing.

Remember, the bonuses are time limited so order now.


What Do YOU Want? A Secret & A Free Offer!


(I know you're busy so total reading time is less than 5 minutes...
...keep reading for a secret & a free offer!)

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  ~Napoleon Hill


When you ask yourself the question, what do you want? do you hear inner dialog that tells you all the reasons you “can’t” have, be, or do, whatever you desire?

Within all of us is a Guide. The Guide is here to protect us, but sometimes, the Guide does too much to prevent new information from entering. The Guide learned a lot along the way, and has become the gatekeeper to the subconscious mind. This Guide now uses information learned prior to about age 5 or 6 to automatically ensure a smooth ride on the path of life. But what happens when that inner Guide has learned some untruths and doesn’t open to new ideas and concepts? What if things have changed -we have changed? That Guide, although well-intentioned, uses an old, frayed rulebook that would best be discarded. But how do we get this inner Guide to embrace the new truth?

“A man is but the product of his thoughts – what he thinks, he becomes.” 
~Mahatma Gandhi

First off, do you have an answer to the question of “What do you want?” Have you taken the time to clarify what you want most, with attention to details, with clarity of how having what you want will change your life? Have you invested time in feeling what that will feel like when you have what you want? In order to get that guide to support you, you’ll have to step into the belief that you are worthy, and deserving. Only when you are on board, will your inner guide align and assist you in your new endeavors. That means, you actually have to start being the person you seek to be. Confused?

The late millionaire maker, Jim Rohn said,

“Success is something you attract by the person you become.”  ~Jim Rohn

There is no good reason for anyone to not have exactly what they want. All that ever stands in the way of achieving exactly what we want is mindset. If the desire is not believed, it will never be achieved. Period. So it’s important to get that inner Guide on board and working with, rather than against us. This happens as we start the small shifts that send the message of who we are being now. It starts when we start to be the vibrational match for that which we desire. It starts when we decide what we want, and begins to embrace our new image in correlation with our clarity and our commitment.

Here’s something you may not know about me. Although I am a certified practitioner in the field of the Law of Attraction, I do not get fully behind The Secret.  Its value is clear in that it was a great source of enlightenment for millions, and that’s fantastic; that’s the positive side of the coin. What it did to trick millions into thinking all that was necessary was to magically think of something and it would manifest, well that’s just plain silly. And it’s not true. In psychology circles, we call that “magical thinking.”

You can absolutely have anything, you can be anyone, you can do anything which you put your mind, emotions, and heart into as long as you take inspired action to reach the goal. This implies that a destination/goal has been defined. It suggests that you have an actual plan and a measurable time frame for achieving specific steps that lead to the ultimate destination. It demands that you be flexible in adjusting your wings to continue the trajectory towards your chosen destination.

Amelia EarhartThink like a pilot. You are the pilot of your own craft. Prior to takeoff, the pilot files a flight plan. She makes certain that her craft is in good-running order. She takes the time to look over the path which leads to the destination. She looks for potential obstacles along the way, and she makes an educated decision about such possible deterrents. Only when her plan is clear does she takeoff.

As example, Amelia Earhart didn’t just get in the plane and pull back on the throttle. She planned her destination, knew ahead of time exactly where she was aimed, approximately how much time it would take, and how much energy (fuel) was required to reach the destination.

We can learn much from those who have gone before us….

J. W. von Goethe holds the record for having the highest IQ (210) of anyone ever scored. So even if you don’t believe me when I tell you that you can have or be or do whatever you decide to have or be or do, or if you doubt yourself, or if your inner Guide just hasn’t quite yet released the latch to your subconscious door to let in this success potential, consider the words of the genius Goethe:

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.” ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I Hope You Choose to Live Bold.

And then, once you have made that decision, I hope you create a detailed plan of action to reach your destination, and revisit it as often as necessary to correct your trajectory. You will be, do, or have the life you desire if you create and follow a clear written plan. It’s not magic. But it may feel like magic as you look back from the finish line and see how far you’ve come….

If I can support you in your journey, use the CONTACT US form. I’ll give you a 15 minute consult FREE* ($97 Value) with NO strings or obligation attached!

Sometimes all it takes to get on the corrected trajectory to the destination is a little direction. I took flying lessons, literally, and was taught some important skills before I ever even entered the aircraft. Once I was sitting in the pilot’s seat, I knew the whole thing was on me. I was responsible for getting that airplane off the ground, and for successfully navigating it along the chosen course, and eventually for reaching that destination safely and timely.

It was a great analogy for life. And here’s a little secret that is the truth: When I was in that pilot’s seat, responsible for navigating that craft, I was not distracted. My whole self was involved in the process of reaching my destination. That laser focus is a secret that will speed up the process of getting to any pre-determined destination!

Nothing’s changed. Even when my feet are on the ground, I am now fully aware that I am the captain of my destination. It is this single-mindedness that has supported me in becoming a published writer of two books in one year, more than one time. It is the school of thought that leads me to lead the workshops, to coach emerging women, and to continue my own emerging-wings process.

Regardless of if we ever meet physically, I want you to know that I send you a flow of support and admiration for even having the thought of self-improvement. And without obligation, I offer you 15 minutes of my time at no cost. Sometimes, that one little call can lead to takeoff. And if we never work together again, it is still a blessing to have touched and shared.

*Please do note that I will only be offering this free 15 minute consult to a handful of women. -As my time is limited, so is this offer. CONTACT US

~Ahimsa  ♥

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Self-Esteem Expert Jan Deelstra has a deal for you ladies!


cropped-Logo-Header-Coach-for-Site2.jpgYour Self-Esteem Expert Jan Deelstra has a deal for you ladies!

Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook 50% savings on pre-orders only until Halloween! And the First 11 to order get a BONUS!

If you’d rather “cut to the chase” click: Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook   otherwise keep reading….

Here’s my short story: I AM an award winning transformational author and a self-esteem confidence expert who has embraced my calling of empowering women also known as women’s empowerment since 1984. Over the course of three decades, I have assisted thousands of women in finding and owning their voices, and in stepping into their full-winged feminine power. That’s the essence I hope for in my logo. I want it to represent freedom. Above all else, freedom is the value I cherish most. And it is why I do what I do, which is to write the transformational empowerment books, facilitate the process as women step into the freedom of owning their voices and their lives, and embrace my calling as the guide that has gone a few strides ahead of you.

Cropped Logo

As the predominant self-esteem and women’s empowerment expert, there’s little that I haven’t seen and been privy to over the course of a lifetime dedicated to empowering women of diverse demographics.

My colleagues tease me saying, “Deelstra literally wrote the book on self-esteem.” It’s true that one of my books is a life skills manual to open the hearts and lives of millions. For that, I am proud, but I am also aware that writing the book is not the end, but is only the beginning. The real process is getting the information from the pages of books into the psyches of the masses who would benefit. The global potential is limitless!

If you wish to be a part of this movement to enlighten, send me a quick note stating your interest, because in a few days I’ll have an offer that will spread the word about the process and will get the book in your hands for free! But I’m getting ahead of myself and need to get back to the present “deal.” I hope you like it.

Now, I am set to release the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook to assist readers in really cementing the self-esteem confidence processes and techniques into the mainstream psyche.


Escaping the Chrysalis (the softcover volume, not the Companion Workbook) was written in an attempt to get the secrets of success and empowerment to more women than ever. It’s a full volume -over 450 pages of empowerment, of once professional trade-secrets that are now available to the masses!

In the award-winning Escaping the Chrysalis, I seriously hold nothing back! And now, I am feeling generous, and want to give you an opportunity to win an autographed copy!

Using real life case examples from past clients, Escaping the Chrysalis (the book) together with Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook will walk you through the steps to becoming more confident and empowered; it will also show you why it matters and how to rectify virtually any issue that is holding you back from fulfillment!

Recently, I was quoted as claiming, “the process of owning the whole of who you are begins with perfecting first and foremost, the lost art of self-awareness as a key to a life well-lived.” I stand by the quote. Indeed, the primary reason any of us were born into this life is to learn to love every facet of who we are, and that self-love begins with self-awareness. And self-love and self-awareness are at the core of all that I represent here with Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook and Escaping the Chrysalis.

Businesswoman with magnifying glass

Here’s the thing: Escaping the Chrysalis provides the self-awareness and self-love tools and techniques for bringing about empowering alignment of mind, body and spirit, resulting in a holistic -WHOLE sense of integrity and strength. The rewarding outcome is balance -Homeostasis, the way nature intended the human organism to be.  


The Benefits Are Many!

  • Learn the tools to enlightenment!
  • Interpret empowering information from your dreams!
  • Embrace your whole perfect self
  • Own your voice
  • Communicate with clarity and effectively
  • Get what you want and need
  • Let go of the past
  • Remove obstacles to success
  • Heal old wounds
  • Step into the light of the life you were born to experience
  • Live in balance and wholeness


Take an uninterrupted moment to imagine your life five years from now.

  • What does that look like?
  • How does your future life appear any different from today?
  • Are you on your chosen trajectory for personal and professional fulfillment health-wise, intellectually, and also financially?

Allow yourself to really step into the fully detailed daydream about your dream life in five years. Feel what that feels like. See the sights and take notice of any fragrance in the environment of your future. Breathe it in. Let it fill your pores, circulate around inside you, and ooze out with your exhaled breath.

Now, let go of that image and imagining the same scenario one year from now.

  • How does that look?
  • Can you see what has changed to bring you closer to your dream life?
  • How about one month from now?
  • Can you imagine how anything has changed?

Now imagine your life if you do nothing different.

  • What does your life look like in five years?
  • In one year?
  • In one month?
  • What has changed if you have changed nothing?
  • What is the cost of your apathy and/or indecision?
  • In terms of finances, health, overall wellness, and stepping towards your dreams, what is the cost of inaction?

Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook

Here’s another quote: “Jan Deelstra cares. She cares that you are feeling blessed to experience the greatest life of your potential. She cares that you experience your divine birthright to freedom, emotionally, physically, and financially.”

That too is a quote I fully own. I do care about you. And the irony is that there was a time when I believed I could never work with women. Boy was I wrong! No longer are women looking at each other as if they are smelling doggy-poo from the bottom of their soles. Now women are becoming evolved, enlightened to the point of receptivity and of embracing the feminine principles of cooperation and collaboration.

WOMEN ROCK! Women are the face of the force that is transforming this globe. And collectively, women are shifting this Earth on her axis in a very positive way.

Because I sincerely do care, I’ve put together a 5 week/modules online program of empowerment, that takes from the basics of my live group events.

And, if that isn’t enough, I am also getting ready to release the public version of Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook so that anyone with a pen and a mind can participate in the process of what I like to call “owning the whole.”

Owning the whole means that each of us are born whole and then life sort of chips away at our integrity -meaning “integrity” as when something is solid and unbroken.

My empowerment groups have been responsible for the re-structuring of thousands, and now you too can have the workbook and go through it at your own pace.

Starting now, pre-orders are being accepted for the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook. This workbook is the sister edition to the ones used solely for participants of her Winged~Women and Feminine Journey to Empowerment groups. You can only get that edition when you invest between $497 to $24,000 to attend a session or enroll in a year’s worth of personal coaching. Not even my VIP clients get this.

And now, it’s available to anyone who desires to take the step-by-step inspired actions to achieve any worthy goal.

Here’s where it gets good:

  • Escaping the ChrysalisBy pre-ordering Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook today for a limited time special and you will receive a full 50% discount of the $97 price tag.
  • PLUS –you’ll be entered to win an autographed copy of Escaping the Chrysalis!
  • PLUS, the first 11 buyers get a 15 minute consultation session with Jan, valued at $97!
  • PLUS, as an additional bonus, pre-order the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook today and receive a gift certificate for one FREE ADMISSION to the 2015 Gestalt Empowerment Module of you choice! What better way to start 2015 than with self-esteem tools for your self-development toolkit!

I’ve been considered a Self-Esteem Expert working in the women’s empowerment business for almost thirty years. I’m a fifth generation of the Utah Pioneers, and a pioneer among women’s awakening. All those years have provided me a wealth of wisdom and trade secrets for all things considered women’s issues. And, I’ve been a woman for twice that long, cutting through the underbrush as I made my way….

But this isn’t about me. It’s about you….

(If you want to learn more go to the ABOUT ME PAGE)

Remember: Pre-order Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook today and you’ll be automatically entered to win an autographed copy of Escaping the Chrysalis, and you’ll be eligible for the bonuses as mentioned above!

Because technology can be sketchy at times, you are being given this link to take you directly to the site to get more information or to pre-order your own copy of the valuable workbook that contains so many trade secrets to success and divine fulfillment, Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook. If you have any trouble, contact

This offer for the Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook (AND ALL THE SPECIAL BONUSES) goes away in only a few short hours, so be sure to act now while you’re in view of my words! You’re really going to enjoy the journey! And I look forward to connecting with you there!


♥In Gratitude♥

PS- You may wonder why the book is available on Amazon and the workbook is not. Most of my books are made available on Amazon as it is safe, and secure, and it saves me from having rooms full of stacks or boxes of books, and it saves the publisher from having to worry about tracking buyers. Primarily, when buyers purchase my books thru Amazon, it helps my rating and lowers the price so it’s a win/win/win.

There will soon come a time when Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook is available only on Amazon, but for pre-orders, we’re using PayPal as a trusted source. When the books are made available on Amazon, I give up a certain level of control and the workbooks will not be 50% off. That would be bad math that resulted in me paying a price every time someone bought a copy! Get it now while I can make this offer.

Coping With Loss and Stress at the Holidays


Petr Kratochvil ginger bread shapesThis time of year brings a polarity of love and loss. If you’ve lost a loved-one and they are not a part of the traditions, that wound stings, even as carolers sing high notes. Coping with loss and stress at the holidays is somehow harder than coping during other times of the year.

My brother died in his sleep of “unknown natural cause” on December 4th of 1977 and I still think of him with sadness this time of year. It’s not a fresh wound of course, but the holidays changed following his sudden unexpected death. There’s a reverence in my head and heart on December 4th, even all these years later. It lingers…a residue that has no place to go…it just wafts around me through the season.

If you experience great loss, traditional family holidays are a mix of emotions. Beginning with Thanksgiving in America, and continuing through about the first week of January has always been my favorite time of year in the States.

Generally, there’s a sense of kindness in the air, and wishes for “good tidings” abound. But if you’ve suffered a loss, or if you don’t feel the abundance gods have been smiling on you lately, the holidays might be a time when you want to hide your head under the covers and not come out until next Spring.

That’s probably not a healthy or reasonable option….

What works for me, especially following the death of my son and a move to Southern California where I have no relatives, is to create a little altar where I can add my loved-ones’ energy to the holiday cheer. It’s nothing fancy, but it gives me a place to direct some of my emotions, and to feel their presence in my life. I add a pine scented candle, and a few fancy accents to make it feel festive.

Pine Cones and Candles

I confess, I talk with them…or more accurately to them. I’ve yet to get a real response that came in the form of words, but I feel them. I know they like it….

If stress brought on by the expectations of the holiday is having a negative effect on you for whatever reasons, I have a suggestion for that too…no, it’s not to drink more egg nog! It’s to find your power place within, and to contemplate what the meaning of the season is, sans the retail aspect or the external illusions of how things “should” be.

One of my favorite Christmas holidays of all time was when I was a single mom with three kids under the age of 5, and I had very little money. I baked cookies. Lots of cookies! And since I had no decorations for the little tree, I strung the cookies by yarn on all the branches. It was an edible tree! Well, at least the decorations were edible!

Of course, I had to keep baking because as high up the tree as the kids could reach, the limbs were invariably bare! But the kids loved eating those sugar cookie ornaments and even though we didn’t have a lot, we had a lot of love. It’s still a cherished memory.

So if you’re allowing an energy of stress to threaten your lovely holiday, stop. Just stop. There is no reason to stress over something so beautiful that lives in your heart. The season is about love. PERIOD. It’s not about how much you give or get in gifts. It’s about how much love you give and receive. And this equation includes how much self-love you give to you!

Coping with loss and stress at the holidays need not take over your life and force you under the blankets. Just bake more cookies. And bake them with love. 


Looking Backward and Forward


I’ve been looking backward and forward this week….

Wow. Can you believe we’re into December? How are you doing on your 2014 goals? Have your reached as far as you’d hoped? Did you accomplish some, most, or all of what you set out to achieve this year? I gotta tell you that I adopted a new vision concerning goals, and it’s one of looking back only briefly to see how far I’ve come. Otherwise, my sights are set on looking forward!

Objects in mirror

It’s like looking in the side mirror of an automobile as you drive down the street. Glance over at that mirror and see where you’ve come from, but don’t stay looking backwards too long! Keep your eye on the destination!

Things have been ultra-busy here as we get ready to tie the bow on 2014 and launch into the next twelve months. We are practicing optimism and gratitude. Some days are easier than others as we await the final stages of production of the highly anticipated Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook as well as the launch of the 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp…. And in addition to these big productions, we have other very exciting things to come….

We’ve decided on our theme for 2015: FREEDOMFreedom is a concept that infiltrates each area of our lives, whether we’re talking about financial freedom, freedom to be who we are without fear of repercussion, freedom to worship or not, freedom of…fill in the blank.

In our case, we are planning 12 unique newsletters, each month we’ll visit a fresh take on “freedom” in various areas. Regarding the issue of freedom, it’s intriguing, if not disconcerting to contemplate the ways in which we have lost ground, and also the ways in which we have stretched the goal line. There seems to be much fodder on the issue of freedom. And each month in 2015, the newsletter will have one short article designed to provoke thought, and perhaps inspire action.

It is my hope that this will be a more interactive year, with you sharing your personal perspectives, your opinions, your joys and your griefs. This playground is all about being human and all the emotions and characteristics of that humanness.

So take a moment and answer this question: In your life, what does freedom mean to you? Is freedom on your values list? It’s at the top of mine. In my estimation, without freedom, there is little to get excited about. And of course, that inner cynic asks the question of just how free we really are wherever we live… and of course I answer that inner voice because there is much to be learned by contrast.

Privilege of a lifetime

How about you? Do you feel free? Are you encumbered with psychological constraints, worries and doubts that stop you from feeling fully free? Are you physically free? Are you financially free? Are you free from abuse and neglect and stress and fear?

You don’t need to answer me. But I hope you will take time to reflect and then take any steps you feel compelled to take forward. If that means asking for help, ask. If it’s me that you ask, great, we’ll talk to see if we’re a fit. If not, that’s great too. Just vow to take the steps in your life to live free, as much as possible. It’s your life, after all….

Wherever in the world you are, I hope you are feeling free and warm and safe and loved. I appreciate you. And I hope for you all things wonderful.

To express my heartfelt gratitude, I have a little free gift for you –no opt-in necessary. No strings attached. It’s my way of saying thank you for being a part of my tribe. It’s heartwarming to consider the places we’ll be going in 2015!

To retrieve your free gift, go to:

Looking Forward with Gratitude, Jan

PS ~ Have you ordered your copy of the transformational Companion Workbook yet?

Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook

Success Tip #3: Embrace Fear


Success Tip #3: Embrace Fear….

How to be a Risk Taker Even When You’re Scared

Do you admire risk takers – especially when they win or give a thrilling performance? There’s something exciting and attractive about someone who dares takes a chance – that person who has courage to start a business in a down economy is someone who gets my attention, in someone else’s perspective, a football team that goes for the two point conversion to win the game might be more of a turn on, or perhaps those that put it all on the line to get what they want are ultimately the one that gets respect.

These folks all seem fearless….

How about you? What was the last bold risk you took? What risk did you not take that maybe would have paid off? Don’t judge yourself. Just notice….

Fear is one of the biggest culprits that holds us back from achieving our wildest (and even not so wild) dreams. If this is true for you, then you might want to invest a minute to understand fear better.

Fear, you may have heard, is often described by the acronym False-Evidence-Appearing-Real. Think of it this way: In our mind, we have conjured up some evidence that we label as “real.” Our “real” fear is that we might believe that we will fail and that we will be embarrassed, or that we will lose everything, or that we will be rejected, or worst of all, that we will feel ashamed.

Here’s the “real” truth: Every action is a shoot from either fear or love. Everything. So the next time you feel fear, trust that a love-based response is right around the corner.

And here’s a secret to conquering fear: Face it. Embrace it. Embrace fear and it loses its power. It loses its ability to stop you. Fear loses when you see it as what it is. It’s an illusion of thought, and when you recognize your spiritual nature as opposed to your physical nature, there is nothing left to fear.

Each time you “feel the fear and do it anyway,” you build confidence. When you can look in the mirror and smile, knowing that you courageously stepped into your power by owning the fear -facing the fear and moving forward anyway, you grow a few notches.

Courage vs Conformity

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Anais Nin

Be courageous and blossom into your wholeness.


Are You A Modern Day Goddess?


star-of-heavenI’m guessing if you’re reading this, you are a modern day goddess….

Or maybe you are wondering what is a “modern day goddess”?

A modern day goddess is a woman who is unfolding to her divine truth. She is on an inner quest to uncover her personal callings.

I am honored to reveal that I have been interviewed as a featured modern day goddess in the Modern Day Goddess Blog.

The process of being asked to answer a series of profound questions was cause for reflection. The by-product of time taken to reflect was enlightening.

It is also a warm feeling to be included with so many other inspiring modern day goddesses. Catch the interview and play in the garden with passionate, spirit-led modern day goddesses like you….

I invite you to join me on the Modern Day Goddess Blog where you’ll meet many of these passionate modern day goddesses, and learn from the collective wisdom and inspiration  And of course, as sister modern day goddess you will definitely want to follow the Modern Day Goddess Blog! It’s a beautiful sacred playground of goddess energies that you will surely adore!

In my interview I am asked if I have a message for women. Of course I do! To read my response to that question and others, as well as to meet other passionate, spirit-led modern day goddesses, click the hyperlinks in this blog post, or follow this link:

Let me know that you have played in the goddess garden….

~Many Blessings & Abundance

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Escaping the Chrysalis Companion WorkbookEscaping the Chrysalis

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Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook

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The Flying Game Might Give YOU Wings


The Flying Game might give YOU wings…and help you reconnect with your inner super hero…

Can you recall a time when you were super confident? Nothing scared you…well almost nothing! And then you learned that snakes are slithery, and frogs are wet, and spiders, well spiders just have too many legs so of course they became a little creepy….

Reclaim that inner super hero! Read The Flying Game and be inspired to once again be that tenacious, brave warrioress you were born as. Reconnect with your relentless tenacity and courage and step fully into the light of your limitless potential.

“Stella always won the flying game,” and so can you….

The Flying Game

The Flying Game

Clicking the cover picture or the Amazon link above will take you completely out of this site and into for purchase. Bookmark this page for easy return!

The Flying Game is a fictional account of Stella Harris, a woman who has been on the receiving end of some tough experiences. As a child, Stella dreamed of something bigger, something she didn’t quite understand. What she knew is what she saw in her small town: That birds could fly, so why should she too not be able to spread her wings and soar?

Stella practiced hard. She also often landed hard on the ground following her repeated leaps from rooftops and tall walls. As the children gathered to watch this strange girl who thought she could fly, Stella was energized. Little did she know about lift and thrust and wind currents, but much she learned along the way about how to fly….

The Flying Game might give YOU wings! It may inspire you to take your own leap, trusting your wings will be there when you believe in you….

Excerpt ~The Flying Game



Is “Entrepreneur” an Excuse to Not Work?


What do YOU think?

Is “Entrepreneur” an excuse to Not work?

Are those of us who are following our dreams, and encouraging others to do the same, really just lazy sorts who use our dream as an excuse to not work? Or are we the ones who will pull the global economic slump up by its metaphorical bootstraps as we hire our VAs, our graphics and copy writers, and enlarge our staffs?

Are those 80+ hour work weeks really just time with our heads in the clouds? Or are we more in line with the day-dreamers like Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, and Walt Disney? Entrepreneurs know how many hours are spent enveloped in the passion that gladly steals so much time and energy. And entrepreneurs also have most likely had to ward off the evil demons of doubt thrown at them by relatives who fail to see the bravery and tenacity and value of chasing dreams.

The times have changed, and the economy has changed. And although there will always be a need for rule followers and soldiers, there will also always be a need for those who color outside of the box, at almost any cost.

So weigh in with your perspective. Is “entrepreneur” an excuse to not work? Or is it the path to global economic salvation?

Pleading for Feedback


Hey, I am pleading for feedback regarding some up-coming online courses and boot camps I’ll be offering. It would be HUGELY appreciated if you would take a moment and reply to this email and let me know if you are interested in courses on the following, and if so, in which order of importance your interest lies. AND PLEASE, if you have interest in other areas of women’s life, send me a note suggesting that and I’ll investigate the possibilities of adding that topic.

As example:

  1. DREAM INTERPRETATION: You are interested in learning to interpret the messages from you to you that are contained in your dreams.
  2. SELF-ESTEEM: You are interested in confidence building, self-esteem bolstering courses.
  3. WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT: You are interested in women’s empowerment courses.
  4. CALLINGS: You are interested in determining your purposeful calling.
  5. WEALTH: My newest book, Infinite Pie, is scheduled to be released near the beginning of 2015. We’re considering a workshop to coincide. Got Interest?
  6. COMMUNICATION: Ever desired the tools for communicating your needs and wants and for decipher others’ words? This is a VERY profoundly life changing course!
  7. Escaping the Chrysalis: The Companion Workbook to the award winning self-development blockbuster, Escaping the Chrysalis is scheduled for release in softcover format in December. In addition to the workbook, we’re considering an online 7 week (7 modules) course to coincide.
  8. OTHER: Ask, and you may receive. Some options are topics which I am schooled in such as hypnosis for life transformation; neuro linguistic programming; the law of attraction; releasing inner blocks to success and fulfillment. Any other topics you have an interest in will be considered.

Please send your replies to

Gratitude in advance!

Warmest Regards,


PS ~ Anyone who actually takes the time and effort to respond will receive a FREE downloadable PDF of Escaping the Chrysalis Chapter 10. This is a meaty chapter which provides tools for letting go of anything or anyone that holds you back from your divine spotlight.  :-)


Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook


Chasing Rabbits & I Am...


Chasing Rabbits & I Am… Released With FREE Kindle Edition


Chasing Rabbits & I Am... The Art of Attainment is released! And today, it includes a FREE Kindle Version!

Chasing Rabbits & I Am...

  • Do you find yourself with too many “to-do’s” on your list?
  • Is your focus and energy scattered in too many places?
  • Is your task list getting longer instead of shorter?
  • Are you feeling stressed at not accomplishing all you set out to do?
  • Are you peddling fast and going nowhere faster?

Chasing Rabbits & I Am… is based on the adage, “if you chase too many rabbits you won’t catch any.” It connects the god/goddess “I AM” of readers with the calmness that leads to success and fulfillment –and less bald spots if you’re the sort who pulls out your hair in frustration!

Available on Amazon, Chasing Rabbits & I AMThe Art of Attainment gives you the short cut to attaining what you desire.

Check it out on Amazon, where you can look inside before you buy!

Focus on one rabbit at a time, and watch how rapidly your goals come to fruition!

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girl-chasing-rabbit-public-domain flipped

Women’s Empowerment Coach Meets Hypnotherapy


hypnosisAs a women’s empowerment coach, there’s not a lot I haven’t seen or heard in terms of human conditions and experiences. That’s not to say I am ever bored ~I am NOT! In the approximately 3 decades of studying human nature, and offering empowerment tools of the trade, there has never been a time when I questioned my calling and purpose. It’s the energy that propels me like a feather on the jet stream, leading me to write books, conduct intimate highly intensive self-esteem bolstering empowerment groups, to work one-on-one, and to continue my education, and to add new tricks to my toolbox of self-development, and spiritual development.

In a “women’s empowerment coach meets hypnotherapy” stream of evolution, I have recently become certified as a hypnotherapist. (If visions of talking like a chicken rear their ugly head, be assured, it’s not THAT kind of Hollywood-ized hypnosis techniques!) It’s been months of study, and frankly, it took a LOT of un-learning for me to embrace the idea of adding hypnotherapist to my repertoire. Mostly because I was once on stage as a charlatan attempted to get me to do that chicken-thing, I am skeptical. And for the record, I was NOT hypnotized into becoming a farm animal.

Adding new skills and techniques to my toolkit just means I’ll have more to offer. And that’s a very good thing. But in order to overcome my limiting beliefs about hypnotism I had to learn what hypnosis is, and what it is not. It’s decidedly not about making anyone do anything they do not want to do. It’s a tool for reaching the subconscious mind to open it to a new identity of the recipient, and unless they specifically ask to be made to act like a chicken, I’m not planting the suggestion!

It’s effective in changing the self-image from a smoker to a non-smoker; it works to help form the image of a healthy body as opposed to an obese unhealthy body; it is highly effective in shifting a scarcity poverty mentality to a wealth mentality; it’s fabulous for instilling the seeds of growing self-love and self-esteem and confidence.

Here’s the truth about hypnosis: The word means to sleep. We all enter hypnotic states several times each day, and it is a perfectly natural state. Consider when you are on the Internet, and realize you’ve been down the rabbit hole for hours, and not just the few minutes that you had planned to spend. You were mesmerized and lost time in cyber-space. Likewise, when you’ve been driving a long time, and suddenly you realize that you have not been paying attention. Regardless of your focus on the road, you would be able to respond if required, such as when another vehicle passes you, or when you need to be more alert. Another example of being hypnotized in the light Alpha state of consciousness is when reading a good book, or even watching a particularly involved show or movie. You may be so immersed in the storyline that you forget to be present, but if someone were to interrupt, you would be alert immediately. (And no one could get you to act like a chicken, I’m guessing….)

Alpha is the relaxed state which we are in when we are awake, and fully relaxed. I meditate so I am very familiar with this feeling, and find it enjoyable. It’s the state I am in while I sit on the boulder and listen to guided meditations with my headphones on. My eyes are often open as I look around my peaceful environment, but are just as often closed. Either way, but especially with eyes closed, we are approximately 200% more open to suggestion while in the Alpha state of consciousness. That’s a pretty big increase in suggestibility, so it’s a highly effective place to create transformative change with no fear…of farm animals!

At the deeper state of Theta consciousness, we are lightly asleep, but would awaken to a soft touch. Where the Alpha and Theta states meet is prime real estate for personal change. It’s the place where we are falling asleep, before we are in the deepest Delta state of consciousness. Delta is the depths of sleep.

Clients ask what happens if they fall asleep during a hypnotic session. It makes no difference, as when the eyes close the ears remain open. Actually, all the senses remain active, but that’s a story for another time, as this is getting lengthy and I don’t like to bore. Suffice it to say that whether a client recalls everything that transpires and remains in Alpha, or goes completely into Delta, the results are there. The benefits are apparent.

So watch for things to come, because as I record some fresh, more professional MP3s of hypnotic sessions, I’ll post them and let you decide if hypnosis is for you. For me, I am no longer a skeptic of the process, only of the purveyors of artificial acts.

To tie up this little hypnosis blip, I am compelled to mention two things:

  1. You may believe that you are not capable of being hypnotized. To this I say, read the part above about the Alpha state.
  2. Regardless of how deeply you are hypnotized, at any time you desired, you could count to three and be out of hypnosis. And again, there’s nothing to fear because hypnosis is a natural state. Maybe you’re even there now….

Chasing Rabbits & I Am…


Chasing Rabbits and I Am: The Art of Attainment… is the title of my latest short…

Chasing Rabbits & I Am… is based on a clever empowerment quote designed to get you to your dream goal line.

The pioneer of all entrepreneurs, the late Mary Kay Ash, legendary timeless founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, offered the success tip, “If you chase too many rabbits, you’ll never catch any.” The adage answers the question of why so many folks never attain desired goals, or more importantly, successfully get to live their true callings. Most of us are too busy chasing, but seldom catching numerous metaphorical rabbits to ever consciously place a foot on the pre-determined path of limitless potential. And the rabbit’s foot dangling from your key chain is not the answer! Nor is there a magic wand….

Chasing Rabbits: The Art of Attainment is food for thought. It’s offered as a sample to whet your appetite while encouraging you to belly up to the smorgasbord of life, on your terms. Taste life as if you are at a luxury winery. Taste the possibilities, and then, decide what you want from the offerings. Decide first and foremost who you are and what you stand for, and what you will not stand for. Decide to own the whole of you, as you mindfully decide her to be. Mindful awareness is empowering. Take a close look at your ‘self’ and decide consciously to enhance the traits which empower you, and to release those traits and habits which disagree with your evolving palate.

Decide to catch that one most desirable rabbit. Cut away the options and focus on having the life you deserve and desire. Chase one goal at a time, and celebrate the bounty of your chase.

Now Available on Amazon & Kindle. And if your purchase it as a physical book, you can have the Kindle Edition for FREE!  And everyone likes a freebie!   :-)

~Enjoy the feast!

Water Is A Metaphor For Human Emotions


water dropWater is a metaphor for human emotions…

…but it is also a perfect metaphor for the mind. Tides vary with moon cycles, ebbing and flowing in natural harmony. But it is only when we are still and calm that true wisdom is allowed to surface. Our best answers bubble up, rising out of the sea of thoughts, but only when the sea is calm.

When the tides are at their peak, and immense waves are crashing about, care must be exercised to not forget to listen…. We must listen to our inner voice, and to the words of others, even those who are causing waves.

It’s like that with every emotional being. We all have our rhythms. Sometimes we get caught in the fury of someone’s storm, and we may not hear their words, or heed the warnings. And sometimes, others may be drowning in the waves of our high tides.

This month has been especially challenging. Remaining whirlwinds still stir remnants of a big move; dust devils are still spinning in midair, much like a hurricane which is finally deciding to fizzle and move out to sea. The aftermath is yet to be realized….

crying eye

Salty drops seep from eyes as emotions…and tides meant to rage are stuffed until the tsunami urge passes and the beach reappears. It’s about waiting for the rainbow after the rains. It’s about humanness. Sometimes it’s about pretending to not be so human.

A participant asked me if ever there was a time to “rage.” Of course there is. And the act of primal screaming is an art-form to aspire to mastering. As anyone who has read my first book, Blessings in the Mire, knows about me…I prefer primal screaming as opposed to homicide or its sister, suicide.

Blessings in the Mire

Humans experience a whole flow of emotions. Like the stream, those feelings and thoughts are meant to be un-dammed…and un-damned by others.

Emotion is energy in motion.

We are meant to live in harmony, as much as possible, going with the flow. Afterall, it’s hard to paddle against the currents, and if we do find ourselves swimming upstream we expend a great deal of energy going nowhere. Unless you’re a spawning salmon, it’s best to float with the current and keep an anchor handy just in case the storms arise.

Next week, weather permitting, I’ll be anchoring in San Diego…and then I’ll be planning the next Women’s Empowerment Gala! Woo-hoo! I’ll keep you posted, so if you’re in the San Diego area, I hope you’ll join us for some guaranteed life-transforming special gatherings. (Yep, more than one!) As for me, for this moment, and for the coming week, I’ll just continue to set my sails firmly with the winds at my back, and intend to stay afloat….  ♥   Ahimsa.



Women’s Empowerment Brings Progressive Global Change

Businesswoman with Laptop

Since 1984, when I got my first client, I’ve heard various versions of the same questions and comments:

  • Do we really need feminism?
  • Isn’t feminism dead?
  • Will I lose my femininity if I embrace feminism?
  • I like being a female, so why would I want things to change?
  • I like having guys buy dinner, so why would I give that up?
  • Changing the constitution scares me. 

In response to those questions and comments I still shudder. Women have only had the right to vote since 1920. That’s not even 100 years! Without a feminist perspective and an amendment to the Constitution, women would still not have that right. And in spite of the 19th Amendment’s guarantee “the vote won’t be denied…on account of sex,” there are still many imbalances.

19th.tif EEOC.tif

But here’s a much larger reason to embrace feminine perspectives of cooperation, collaboration, and receptivity. Those traditionally female traits may be the salvation of the nations. We know that competition is an outdated means of governing. We also realize by now that communication is not exercised through bombs and violence. Most of us acknowledge that world peace will never come while war is being planned; it’s simply not possible.

This website is designed for empowering individual and groups of women utilizing once trade secret techniques that focus on the whole/gestalt of each participant. When we fully embrace our wholeness, we are empowered to decide what to own and what to release to allow us to move forward. With that gestalt model in mind, please understand that this is not a site where I believe I can transform all the global woes. And with that said, I also please understand that I do believe that each one of us, male and female, feminists and fair-men-ists, have responsibilities that accompany the gift of being human. Change does begin within each and every one of us. Subjectively, our whole self (emotions, beliefs, values, actions, education, responsibility to better our community and self), is at the very core of what it means to be human.

Proactive change comes always at a grass-roots level and when the universal energetic zeitgeist is right for change. It’s impossible to miss the human awakening which is taking place. Enlightenment is no longer some weird new-age mumbo. The wave of progressive change is gaining momentum, and the humanistic perspective, –a perspective that takes into consideration the whole/gestalt of each person is replacing dissected, disowned fragmented theories.

To read a report about how women’s empowerment brings progressive global change, click the link below:


Feel free to share this report with your friends and colleagues and post it to your social networks. My opinion is that the more humans who awaken to our subjective individual power, the more progressive action is taken to enact global change.


Do We Always Want Bigger, Better, Faster Transformations?


Do we always want bigger, better, faster transformations than the others are delivering? Does speed matter? Is quality lost in slow motion? Is quality lost in high speed? And is it possible that, as in the story of the tortoise and the hare, speed isn’t always the fastest way to the end goal? torthar I’m of the mindset that there is little need for extended periods of counseling and/or coaching. Short term, intensive transformation programs have long been my style of both learning and teaching. And although time-limited psychotherapy is not the norm, it does exist. Likewise, I have witnessed some pretty dramatic results in clients who have attend 12-day gestalt training groups, high velocity transformational intensives such as VIP days, and unquestionably, as a result of results-focused intensive bootcamps. How do you learn best? Do you prefer a slower-paced investment or are you anxious to get to the meat of the program and hang on until the end? In addition to the speed of preference, do you learn best through your ears, your eyes, or through your feelings? blue-eye-macro listening-ear Most of us learn most successfully with layers of visual stimuli, auditory input, and with intense, or at least meaningful emotion attached. In fact, adrenaline acts as a branding tool, scorching into our memories events that have a big emotional impact. As an example, ask anyone who was alive in the 1950’s where he or she was when news of President Kennedy’s assassination reached them. The adrenal shot imprinted that memory so sharply that we will never forget. The same goes for the attacks of 9-11 on American soil. We are all aware of exactly where we were and how we initially felt when the planes hit the Twin Towers. Anyone who has survived a catastrophic event, lived through an automobile accident, has been present as a catastrophe unfolded, or has been near death for any reason, can provide details of the episode, even decades later. (For the record, the upcoming bootcamp will not be one of these catastrophes! But hopefully, the content will be as impactful!) It would be extremely helpful if you would take a moment and respond to the questions presented in this post. Additionally, it would be REALLY helpful if you would add to the answers, your #1 most important life challenge. What is the ONE BIG THING, that if it were transformed, would most improve your life, at this precise moment? I appreciate you taking time to respond with comments. Your input results in better, if not bigger and faster outcomes for all involved. If you are more comfortable, use the contact us feature and share your input anonymously. Much gratitude to you.

To Robin Williams



To Robin Williams, I hope you didn’t “feel all alone.”

“I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone. It’s not. The worst thing in life is ending up with people who make you feel all alone.” 
– Robin Williams as Lance Clayton in World’s Greatest Dad (2009)

Like most everyone who heard the news of Robin William’s suicide, I felt deeply saddened by the loss. I couldn’t help but wonder, if someone as talented and loved and successful and wealthy felt such depression, what hope is there for the average person struggling to stay up and optimistic? More to the point, what went wrong? He survived heart surgery, and expressed a love for life. And now, he is gone.

My son shot himself in 1995. He had lost his job, and had discovered his girlfriend with another guy. That’s the story on the surface. The story, –his story, obviously had much deeper roots than that immediate trigger that ultimately took his life, and simultaneously took a huge chunk of my own. I didn’t see it coming. My son laughed a lot, and was brilliant, sensitive, artistic, and apparently deeply troubled.

Robin also laughed a lot. He made us laugh a lot, and he also reached deep into the philosophies that cause us to think…and to feel. If endorphins and serotonin are such mood enhancers, what possibly could have been missing from Robin’s life? Why was he so depressed? And why, since in almost every photo of Robin, I see his pain, why was it not successfully addressed?

Following the death of my son, I founded a suicide prevention and awareness non-profit. It was a trying job, shining the light in the darkness where most of us would prefer not to look. But we must look. We must keep shining the light on a growing trend, not for religious dogma reasons, not for judgements, but because we are human. And to save one fellow human from the depths of emotional hell that leads to the ultimate darkness is what being human is all about. In my estimation, if my non-profit helped save the life of even one human, it is all worth the energy invested.

Looking back over his vast career, I’ve tried to choose one “favorite” film or stand up by Robin Williams. In the end, there are simply too many, and there is too much diversity in his collective works. Robin will always be remembered as a comic genius, but he was so much more: a thoughtful and provocative man, he seemed drawn to those films that shined light on issues we would prefer to not address. Whether making us listen intently so as not to miss any of his rapid fire repartee in Good Morning Vietnam, or as the kind but damaged character in one of my favorites, The Fisher King, in Dead Poet’s Society, in Patch Adams, What Dreams May Come, Good Will Hunting, One Hour Photo, Awakening, as The World’s Greatest Dad, and even in Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Williams had a way of causing us to feel at a profound level. Aside from bringing us the gift of his untouchable stand up humor, he brought out our innate higher humanness. I for one, am forever grateful.

Confidence Does Not Come From Cosmetics


Confidence is sexy. It’s more attractive than any new perfume, is more impressive than any new dress, and it matters profoundly to every area of your life. Confidence is Queen. It cannot be bought, and it doesn’t come in a tube or in a bottle. Confidence does not come from cosmetics or clothes or from the soaps and shampoos, and it surely doesn’t come from that designer bag or red-soled pumps. Cosmetics Don’t get me wrong: I adore well-made, stylish things as much as the next woman…. And it is with full consciousness that I have made some questionable, albeit emotionally driven purchases of some high-end items that have helped boost my self-image…for a minute. It’s when I watch ads on the television or in print that have clearly left little of the original model, it’s when the natural beauty is airbrushed out of the authenticity in the name of advertising that I draw my line in the sands. Because the truth is, all advertising is meant to cause you to feel bad about yourself.

Read that again:


If advertising caused you to feel good, why would you purchase what they’re selling? You wouldn’t. You would not run to the cosmetics counter to buy the latest treatment if you didn’t fear what will otherwise happen to your skin. You wouldn’t care if you had grey hairs if someone hadn’t convinced you to feel otherwise. Advertisers need you to feel bad about who you are so you’ll spend your money to feel better. Hmm…. Is it working? Do you spend countless hours contemplating the wrinkles, the dark circles, the crows’ feet, the blotches and such? Do you look briefly at the old person in the mirror and wonder with disgust where she came from? Do you cover your roots, highlight your eyes, smile behind a closed mouth? Do you erase, conceal, hide behind the contents of jars and fear the worst if anyone were to see you in your natural states? Are you good enough? When you’re alone with you, do you enjoy and genuinely like the company you’re keeping? Are you most authentic when alone? Does it scare you?

You ARE GOOD Enough. In fact, you’re PERFECT.

You are perfect in your “human-ness” and it is with that loving sentiment in my heart that I bring you the following profoundly moving video. I hope you enjoy it. And if for some reason the video does not embed in this email, copy and paste the link into your browser and preview it on YouTube:

Or, click here to read it on the blog:

Mindset Madness or Something to Consider?


I gotta ask, is it “mindset madness” or is it something to consider?

We’re pretty much bombarded (or is it just me??) with messages of how critical it is to have our mindset aligned with whatever we wish to manifest. Makes sense to me. But as I was considering the power of my mind to heal this nasty virus I’ve been ravaged by over the past couple of weeks, I came to the same conclusion as Freud once had to admit to: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” And sometimes, our mindset may be willing even as the flesh is weak…in my case, weakened by a virus.

Is it “Mindset Madness” to explore the connection between being sick directly in the middle of a relocation when I need my physical strength most? I’ve been considering the angles of subconscious sabotage, simply being too overwhelmed to move, or sheer laziness thinly veiled beneath the cloak of business busy-ness. Afterall, I am in the middle of creating a fabulously dynamic empowerment program that will be capable of reaching large groups rather than one on one clients, and that’s a HUGE benefit for everyone interested. (More about that near mid-to-late August, health permitting.)

Honestly, I don’t feel at all “self-sabotaging,” nor do I sense my mindset is out of alignment with my calling. I do feel as if I want to complete the program modules, have it ready to fire, and then make the physical move. Maybe that reluctance to slow down is really the cause of this hanger-oner virus. But I gotta say, it’s not subtle in its approach to keeping me in my place. In fact, it’s brutally determined and exquisitely painful like nothing I hope to ever have to experience again.

It would be wrong not to ask if my mindset needs adjusting. Self-awareness is, after all, at the core of empowerment, and I would not be walking my talk if I didn’t take the time to question the timing of this nasty malady. In the end, I think the only alignment that may be in need of adjusting is the medication to keep the pain at bay, while perhaps effecting a bit fewer mental mindset ramblings in the haze of medication….

If you’ve got a point of view on the importance of mindset, and just how our mindset affects our ability to manifest, or if in fact “a cigar is just a cigar,” leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

xox Jan

Self-Awareness is YOUR Key to EVERYTHING


Do you believe me when I say, “self-awareness is your key to everything”? It is. And here’s a short list to back up my assertion:

  • It’s impossible to make changes and self-improvements if you don’t have the self-awareness to recognize the obstacle or challenge for what it truly is.
  • Without self-awareness, we would miss the subtleties that others intuitively pick up on in our body language, speech-patterns, energetic vibration, etc.
  • Self-awareness is the starting place on the journey to truly mindful living.
  • Self-awareness empowers each of us to make clear choices based on our skill level at any given moment, while spotlighting the areas where we can improve.
  • Self-awareness fertilizes personal growth as we consciously decide what to release that is not serving us.
  • Self-awareness is the root of authentic relationships with our ‘self’ and with others.

Having just completed the re-certification coursework for life coaching has me considering the ways in which my own awareness of the importance of self-awareness in coaching has been the thread through the years. As a women’s empowerment coach facilitating Self-Awareness &  Assertiveness Training groups, I’ve been blessed to witness frequently near-miraculous results. All the results had their beginnings in self-awareness. ALL.

Try this at home: Go into your bathroom, preferably when the house is empty, and look into your bathroom mirror. (No, you don’t have to be naked to do this!) As you look at your reflection, notice how you are feeling physically, and then emotionally. Notice the difficulty level of retaining eye contact with you. Is it a challenge to keep looking at you? Do your eyes glance only briefly, and then avert, or do you love looking yourself in the eye? What is your heart-beat doing? Is it steady or erratic? Are you sweating? Are your fists open or clenched? What is the emotion associated with looking at you? What are the inner messages that you are hearing in your head? Is someone telling you to not “be vain,” or some other lesson of supposed vanity?

There is no judgement here. Simply look in the mirror at yourself. And notice what you see with all your senses. If you hear negative self-talk, identify where you first learned the lesson or heard the words. If the message isn’t supportive, let it go. You don’t need it. The first step to empowerment is owning the whole of you. Start with the woman in the mirror.

I Thought I Was Dying Today


I thought I was dying today and the idea brought me to my knees.

Today, and for the past three days, I have been experiencing severe pain just below my ribcage. This concentrated ball of pain that initially led me to wonder if I had an aneurysm ready to burst, an ulcer, or worse, a ruptured spleen from a fall I recently took, eventually radiated around my entire ribcage and now includes my back in the left side. The pain is so profound, that I cannot bear anything to touch my skin. It seems to transform from a concentrated ache to a widespread burning sensation beneath the skin, which tells me it’s likely an inflammation. It appeared as though it was my time for finally Escaping the Chrysalis, to spread my wings and experience another calling…. (And then, I wonder if Escaping the Chrysalis will do better as posthumous humor….)

Because I was feeling too weak to write, I recorded today’s blog post. I am sure to be getting through this period, and I am just as sure to discover why I attracted this dis-ease into my life at a time when I am so busy. At this point, I’m taking it as a suggestion from my body to me, to slow down….

Click here to listen to the audio post:


To read more about it:


Anyway, I’m guessing this costochondritis is what I’m experiencing. I’ll know more after I hit the doctor’s office, but I’m feeling like I’m probably not going to die today. Feeling relieved, in spite of the pain.


Escaping the Chrysalis

Escaping the Chrysalis is available on

Number One Reason to Increase Your Confidence



There are as many ways to increase your confidence as there are “whys” to increase your self-confidence. The number one reason to increase your confidence is because self-confidence affects every area of your life.

Every area of your life either suffers from self-consciousness, or thrives with self-confidence.

Think about it:

  • Who you date, and eventually marry is a direct reflection of your confidence level.
  • How far you go in the job arena is a direct reflection of your esteem.
  • Your career affects your earning potential.
  • Your earning potential affects your standard of living.
  • Your standard of living includes standard of health care potential.
  • Your health affects your life.

The correlations are endless.

Our lives are a direct reflection of our self-esteem and over-all confidence level.

Look around your personal environment. What is apparent? If your personal space is a reflection of your self-esteem and confidence level (and it is), what are you projecting? When a new acquaintance comes to call, what is the image and energy that is front and center? Are you proud to have strangers and friends see how you live? And what of your professional environment? Does it reflect the image of the real you? Do you know the “real” you? Do others know the “real” you?

If your confidence could use a little pep talk, schedule in some “me time” and get serious. Your life, in every facet of your perfect diamond self, is worthy of the best life has to offer.

“Run your own race, and run it fast. Comparison is suicide on the installment plan.”

I have no idea of who said this, but for years it was a yellow sticky on my bulletin board reminding me to stay on track. It was good advice staring me down each day as I sat at my desk planning my day in a very type “A” business environment. It seems pertinent now, and maybe you too will post it to your desktop or wherever you’ll be reminded to keep your focus on what matter: YOU.

Confidence Image

Ways and Whys to Increase Your Confidence:

  1. STOP comparing yourself to the Joneses. As my mother said, “There will always be someone worse off, and better than. Just be your best self.”
  2. Do one thing every day that reinforces your worth. This process contains the magic of compounding interest and leads to rapid breakthroughs in confidence building.
  3. Thin your herd of those who would prefer to keep you small. Soaring with pigeons is not as fulfilling as flying with eagles, so flock together accordingly.
  4. Dilute your negativity pool by introducing new positive people into your life. There needn’t be drama when you leave behind others you’ve outgrown. Simply add more and more quality contacts and the rest will naturally filter.
  5. Repeat positive affirmations such as “Every day, I am better than the last.” The power of words is immeasurable in increasing or decreasing your feelings of self-worth and self-confidence. Hear every word you say to you. Make them count!
  6. Walk away from small minds and gossip. Nothing fancy or self-improving in the running down of others. Step into the arena of great minds and be great.
  7. Stop reading magazines and advertisements designed to make you feel inferior. All ads, in case you missed it, are created to cause you to feel a lacking, so that when you purchase whatever’s being sold, it will “fix” you. CLUE: You’re not broken.
  8. Listen to inspirational input as much as possible. Falling asleep to the nightly news is the antithesis of confidence bolstering. Break the habit and start listening to either a tranquil meditation or something developed to build your confidence as you sleep.*
  9. Go to the bathroom mirror and make eye contact with you. Notice how it feels to really look yourself in the eye. Hold the eye contact for 17 seconds without looking away or deflecting your emotion. Just notice. Practicing and then mastering the rare art of making eye-contact with yourself is at the core of your success.
  10. While looking at you, say, “I forgive me.” The act of self-forgiveness clears the way for your confidence to sprout. Without self-forgiveness, there will be no authentic confidence. To really master this, say it continuously during your commute, and you’ll arrive at the office with a stepped-up level of confidence.
  11. Repeat steps 9 & 10 daily, morning and night. Repeat the, “I forgive me” mantra for 45 days at least twice daily and watch what happens with your confidence. Shame and guilt are not conducive to self-confidence. While you’re forgiving you, if there is someone in your psyche wagging a finger in your face, forgive them too. And if you need help with this, stay tuned because next post, I’ll share some tips for achieving closure with anyone, living or dead, who made/makes you feel small.

*Check out the “FAVORITES” Page for some hypnotic options.

If you’re ready to breakthrough your limiting beliefs and own your whole potential now, schedule a BREAKTHROUGH SESSION while they’re on the Summer Special Pricing!

Download a FREE Confidential Self Esteem Assessment Questionnaire

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Escaping the Chrysalis
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50 Days of Focus


Want To Join Me For 50 Days of Focus?

Businesswoman with magnifying glass

My friend, Nicola Bird is on a personal mission to help 1000 online coaches help 1000 clients each using JigsawBox. That’s a million people that get helped as a direct result of you guys. 


And she wants do it in a way that allows us to start reaching that 1000 clients so that we both win :)  Pretty cool ehh? 

Now I know that not everyone reading my blog posts is a coach, or consultant, or even an entrepreneur, but all of us might know someone who is a coach or consultant, and so rather than cherry pick, I thought a blog post was in order.

Anyway, today Nicole’s going to do something she’s done only once before. Last time she did this she had to close the doors early as the team were swamped and the energy was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

So at the moment that I am posting this, the doors are open, but I’m not sure for how long. 
And yes, of course I’m in on it. In fact, I’m busy planning my next AWESOME empowering program for you! So do stay tuned!

Click here to find out more about how cool and exciting this is:

You can thank me later  :-)

At any rate, I could go on to tell you about the exciting happening that are in the oven, but that would spoil the surprise! And it is soo exciting and empowering that I really do not want to ruin the surprise….

Until then, round up any of your coach or consultant friends, and give them this post. THEY will thank YOU later!

xox,  Jan

PS ~ Share it fast because it really will disappear soon!

Freedom, Liberation and Fear


FREEDOM & Liberation are not the same.

OLDE Glory - Copy Freedom is the result of perceived liberation. An independent mindset leads to a prioritized value of freedom, and that freedom-mindset leads to independence. There is a cycle of liberated wholeness that once started, has no end…ideally.

Often, we are kept apart from freedom by our own beliefs.

Being prisoners of our own beliefs and mindset is a state if imbalance that once tended to can correct our trajectory for outrageous success and fulfillment. It needn’t be a time consuming exercise to re-adjust our wings and head toward a consciously determined destination once the adjustments are made. It’s a matter of self-awareness. It’s a matter of recognizing the self-imposed limitations and making the conscious decision to take another path.


Over the years, I have helped dozens of women escape from violent situations only to witness a large portion of these same liberated ladies boomerang to the familiar setting. They return for myriad reasons, most of which on the surface, have to do with financial reasoning; primarily, these women fail to thrive because they have a poverty setting to their inner wealth thermostat. These women are not necessarily destitute as a chance of birth, rather, they have developed a lack mentality and with no frame of reference to convince them that they can support themselves. Years of living in a particular familiar familial culture, regardless of how dangerous, seems less scary than the intimidating thought of being responsible for her own care and perhaps that of children as well. Because she is programmed to not recognize her abilities, she projects an expected outcome of receiving little or no support. Often, familiarity is misconstrued as comfort and freedom. With a bit of apathy and laziness thrown in the chances diminish proportionately that she will remain in the familiar situation, never exploring her truth or potential, and being a role model for the next generation of offspring to emulate.

Welcome the paradigm shift.

Women are awakening to the feminine power principle of cooperation, collaboration, communication, and receptivity. This awakening is having a tremendous global effect as the power shifts from the old masculine paradigm. The balance of that pendulum swing is somewhere in the middle, but until that balance is attained many will rise up to fight against change. Most humans are uncomfortable with change, especially if there is a chance of losing the power in a relationship. Oppressors will fight to the mat to prevent change. It’s personal, in the way that a child may be seen as a personal appendage and in a sense, immortality. Change can be fearsome.  Fear then, is the literal opposite of freedom.

 “The opposite of courage is conformity.”

Independence is the opposite of co-dependence. However, we may be free and inter-dependent. After all, we learn much through the eyes of others. And that slice of balance looks a lot like freedom to me. A visional slice of my perfect utopia is a world of freedom and interdependency where respect, integrity, authenticity, and freedom, defined as the right to live freely and in one’s chosen values system, are the structure. The vision is a safe place where all are free to believe without fear. It starts with self-awareness. Freedom is an inside job. Happy Independence Day wherever on the globe you are today.


PS~ If you would like help breaking free of self-limiting beliefs, schedule a Breakthrough Session on our Products and Services Menu.

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Transformational Tools: Syncing With New Moon Cycles


Can Syncing Your Desires With New Moon Cycles Transform Your Life?

The window of opportunity for harnessing Nature’s New Moon energies for transforming our lives is approximately three days. Every 28-ish days we are blessed with Nature’s gift of transformational tools: a fresh chance to draw on the energetic women’s wisdom cycle of Nature that supports us in our quest for self-improvement and transformation of any challenges we may be experiencing. It’s truly like receiving a monthly clean slate for manifesting whatever we wish to attract or alter during the coming weeks. And on a grander scale, new moon energy is the perfect free transformational tool for our evolution, and indeed, for transforming our very definition of ourselves as we consciously evolve, even far into the future years ahead.

Moon DanceI take the New Moon energies very seriously. No, I don’t generally dance naked in the moon-less night, but I do take time to reflect, and to then set inspired goals. Quite frankly, I’ll take any support I can get, and if it means paying homage to Luna, and reaping the energetic charge of her grace, then count me in. She’s never failed me yet.


Each New Moon window begins simply with awareness of the opportunity to take a few quiet moments and consider what seeds to plant. Farmers have been planting by the New Moon energies for generations, and there is ample proof to verify that businesses started during the New Moon phase have a higher success rate. It’s also reported that hair, when cut during a New Moon window, is reported to grow faster. That means that if you want to keep your style short, you may want to make your appointment with that stylist during a full moon! Conversely, if you’re looking to grow it out, trim those hairs during the new moon phase and reap the benefits.

Moon_Goddess_by_Osaki_KunThe moon, under any phase is a wonderful tool to add to your transformational toolbox because it is constant. If you happen to miss a shot, the window returns a few weeks later. That means you can easily test the accuracy of new moon claims, by instituting your own criteria. Spend some time deciding what you would like to improve, for example, and then set your intention for the outcome you desire. Start small so that you’ll see quick results, and build momentum from there. Personally, I like to use a journal for asking and receiving and tracking my record, but if that’s not your thing, consider other options. Once you begin to see your intended results, I assure you that you’ll make a habit of living in sync with Nature’s New Moon cycles.

As a positive side effect, syncing your dreams and commitment to transformation with new moon cycles may lead to a fuller awareness of our human connection to Nature. Living aligned with the natural rhythms lends itself to a heightened compassion that may have been cast aside along the journey. You may find yourself gazing at the night sky and considering your expansive place in the universe. Perhaps you will sit near the creek bank and allow the ripples to inspire your own limitless ripples…. Maybe you’ll spend more time being, and less time doing that hustling-bustling-competitive exercise.

The traditional paradigm is shifting to a new feminine paradigm of inspiring collaborative relationships that take Nature into account. A partnership with Nature is a core value of the feminine power principle, and is a two-way circuit of benefits and grace. Being aligned with Nature’s rhythms fosters the benefits of mind-body-spirit alignment. It balanced you by reeling you in from daily distractions which are perhaps not supporting you in your quest for transformation into the full-winged woman you know you are inside. Starting with an awareness of the energetic effects of the moon’s phases is a good place to reign in those sister energies and harness the power to transform your life.

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When you are ready, the teacher will appear. I am here, when you are ready. Schedule a Discovery Session using the pop up scheduler on the bottom right corner, or visit our Products and Services Page to jump into your transformational journey.


And once you have subscribed, you may want to peruse our products and services page, or if you’re ready to embrace your wings, using the adorable pop up in the right bottom corner, schedule a quick Discovery Session to discover how expansively, with our expert guidance, your life can transform.

Summertime and Mercury Retrograde


The first week of the official Summer Season in the Northern Hemisphere has passed with not too much fanfare. I cannot say the same for the past few days of that patience- bending, “Mercury Retrograde” that skinned my life worse than a splattering sprawl off the skates onto the scorching asphalt!

I’m told that retrograde Mercury has a negative effect on electronics. Not sure how that can possibly be the case, but I will admit that on the day that Mercury “went retrograde,” my so-called “smart phone” suddenly got very stupid. When I contacted the phone manufacturer, I was told that it sounded like I had “fried the battery by leaving it on a charger too long.”

It was not on a charger, and in fact it was sitting next to me when the last call came in, and then a few minutes later when the phone’s software was “updated.” Also, it gets very little actual use, as I live in the high desert with very spotty coverage, and the phone was purchased just barely over a year ago…just long enough to have been out of warranty coverage for a few days.

At any rate, I took the HTC technician’s advice and ordered the new battery, waited for five days for it to be rushed to me, and surprise, surprise, the battery did nothing to wake up the sleeping phone. In between of course, while I waited for the fresh battery delivery, I attempted multiple time to “hard start” it, “soft re-start” and the old stand-by, plug it in to see if some miracle of the cosmos had energized the cold HTC Evo phone.

When the battery arrived, and did nothing to alter the problem, I took the phone and the associated parts to the phone store to see if perhaps they had the magic touch that would start my phone. Nope. Nor could she test the batteries. Instead, she sent me to the Radio Shack to have the batteries tested to see if they could solve the riddle.

At radio shack, I was told that these HTC Evo phones are “notorious for getting fried when the software is up-graded,” and that the batteries were fine. They offered to sell me another phone, but I had one more call to make before I threw in the credit card.

I called HTC again. This time the technician told me that he was very sorry I didn’t have the warranty, and there was nothing he could do. He knew nothing of Mercury’s influence…and apparently, he knew even less about what could have possibly killed my beautiful, but now worthless, HTC Evo cell phone.

As I was waiting on the technician to look up my phone records, I checked my email and discovered a coupon for extending my warranty on the phone…. Don’t think for a minute that it didn’t cross my mind to hang up and quickly enroll in coverage.

But I didn’t bite. I figured karma-wise, I was already on thin ice for apologetically barking at the techie who could do no good, and anyway, my serial number was being entered into the HTC motherboard even as I ever-so-briefly contemplated.

I hung up.

A few minutes later, I received a “how-did-we-do-would-you-recommend-HTC-to-a-friend” survey, the second one in as many days, which I answered with 10 zeroes. When I submitted the completed Customer Satisfaction survey, I immediately received one of those “oops” messages that said there were technical difficulties that prevented the survey results from being submitted…. This time, I’m not blaming it on Mercury.

My computer has glitched several times, the page I created over a span of over five hours, simply dissipated into thin air yesterday. It was good copy, but I surmise that the universe didn’t want it to post.


I created an email, set the timer to blast it out for Solstice, and a few days later learned that it was never automatically sent to my subscribers. Happy Solstice, for the record.

My website has crashed several times over the past couple of weeks, and each time something “techie” goes south, I am inclined to throw up my hands and simply wait for the storm to pass, to try again after the first of July, when Mercury goes direct.

In the meanwhile, although I know of several other “internal server” issues that may or may not still be influencing my website, I am writing this, and hoping it miraculously reaches you. And if you are reading this, I hope you will comment on the new look of the website and provide feedback about the programs and services too.

Believe me, if your comment isn’t all fluffy, it’s fine. I’ll just blame any website ineptness and maladies on Mercury…or HTC.

~May all your electronic gear stay strong through the rays. :-)

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Longest Day of Your Year


Welcome Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere!

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that summer turns me on! I LOVE SUMMER! It’s the light that regenerates me, charges up my batteries and allows me to re-calibrate. The days are longer and the play is…oh how I’m resisting the urge to be grammatically incorrect and say, “funner”!!

The days are longer and the play is ‘funner’! It just has such a poetic ring to it!

I want to laugh and dance and head to the deep forests and listen to the sounds of Nature at the creek-side, or maybe throw a line in the water as I wade into the crisp currents and chase the fish…. I’ve never actually caught a fish worth keeping, but hey, a girl can dream.

I try, very briefly, as I don’t really want to go there in my mind, but I try to imagine that the sun isn’t shining on all Earth’s beings. It’s a real challenge to get that perspective, of the cold hard truth that others are freezing in the south.

This gets me to thinking about perspectives, about how we don’t all share the same perspective at the same time. Of course, anytime I pick up a newspaper or turn on the nightly news (which is rare as I don’t often allow in those sensationalized adrenaline rushes) I am reminded that human perspectives are not all humanitarian-based….

But it’s SOLSTICE! (Latin solstitium) It’s that day when the sun (sol from sol/sun) appears to stop (stitium to stop). Some places in the Northern Hemisphere will get upwards of 16 hours of daylight, start to finish. Most of use will be blessed with over 14 hours! Woo hoo, break out the barbeque, the sunscreen, and boldly sport that swimsuit!

For my celebration, I plan on celebrating with the goddesses, cooling off and rejuvenating at that creek-side I mentioned. I’ll tow my tarot and oracles just in case the guides want to come thru with some profound wisdoms….

What are you doing to celebrate your longest day? Will you feel any differently today than you felt yesterday or tomorrow? Are you attending any goddess celebrations or holding any parties to welcome in Summer?

Whatever you’re doing today, and wherever on this globe your feet are planted, I send you rays of lightness and love. Today in particular, I will be raising my frequency to touch the face of the universe and connect at a deeper level with my guides. While I’m in that frequency, I’ll be emitting all the love I can muster, so let me know if you’re receiving. I practice this art of broadcasting as like the meme says,

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.”

The art at stake is the art of allowing. As I practice sending rays of loving light energies, I am also practicing the art of receptivity. The currents are meant to circulate, and lately they’ve been a bit constricted. There was a lesson to be unearthed, I’m certain. I think I’ve finally “got it.” How ’bout you? Are you open to receiving? xox

Monday Manifesting: Are YOU Resisting?


Resistance to Success?

My Mondays are fairly structured: Monday is for behind the scenes marketing; Working on up-coming campaigns; Blasting out the Money Monday blog post; Preparing the next newsletter…and doing laundry.

Mondays are so filled with tasks, that it seems to me, “there is never enough time on Mondays.” I catch myself thinking and/or repeating that negative affirmation far too frequently.

It dawns on me that my chant is nothing less than resistance.

There’s an old message floating thru my mind’s ethers that is calling me to action. The action call is to pay attention. That’s ironic as “self-awareness” is at the deepest core of everything I promote. Yep, it’s me calling out from my spirit level, nudging me to take note that I am resisting something.

But what is it that I am denying? What, exactly am I resisting with my chants and actions? To answer the question, I do what all trained writers do: I turn to the dictionary.

Resistance: opposition; defiance; challenge; endurance; forbearance; refusal to accept…. There it is: “Refusal to accept,” feels right. That resonates somewhere deep within. And so, I continue to read on to learn the opposite of resistance is “acceptance.”

But again, what am I refusing to accept? This game could go on all day, I decide, and it’s Monday, and already, “there is never enough time on Mondays….”

And here we are back to the chant of resistance.

Now this just feels ridiculous. And the pondering is stealing precious time, but still, it is begging to be heard, and so I decide to ‘hot seat’ the resistance and see where it leads.

If you’re not familiar with ‘hot-seat’ techniques, it’s where we put “it” (whatever “it” is) on a chair in front of us and we have a conversation. Then we switch chairs and become whatever it is and respond to our self.

Resistance sits in front of me on the chair. I see it clearly as being grey, the shape of a russet potato, and about the size of a typical bed pillow. It doesn’t move, but it is the consistency of a heavy dark cloud. It just sits there, doing nothing productive.

I change seats and become Resistance. “Now I am Resistance,” I say it as if I’m a God. “And I am grey, and shaped like a lumpy potato. I sit here like a heavy dense cloud over her. I just sit here on her, and she doesn’t remove me. I’m a dark energy of self-sabotage. I see her sitting there, wondering how to get rid of me, but she never does anything beyond thinking. She’s too tired to fight me. She’s too tired to resist.”

Back in the chair as me, I consider the words of Resistance. “I hear that you are saying you are my ‘self-sabotage’ and that causes my ire to rise. I thought I had successfully released all those ineffectual limiting behaviors. You are a sneaky one, ehh? What do I get for holding onto you, Resistance? There is a payoff, or I would not hold onto you. I would not keep you around if there were no reward.” I stay longer in my chair as I am resistant to return to the chair of Resistance. I make note of my resistance to Resistance before switching chairs.

“You tell me what you get. I am your Resistance; I am you. Only you really know your own answers,” Resistance says.

Back in the chair as myself, I size up my Resistance. “I get an excuse for being busy, for spinning my wheels, for not risking the chance of failure…or success. If I am honest, I use Resistance to keep me in familiar territory. It only feels safe, though. In my heart of hearts, I know that I am holding myself back. I am resisting success, staying out of the spotlight, even as my light shines so brilliantly.”

I change chairs, and as Resistance, I respond to Jan. “That’s right. That’s the reward for holding onto me. Are you ready to release me? Are you ready to stop using me as an excuse to stay living small? Are you going to release the habit, the excuse of your Resistance?”

Slowly, I change chairs and face my Resistance. I look at the chair that once held a dark cloud, and I notice the shade is several times lighter. Then I notice that physically, I feel several times lighter. I sigh, deeply exhaling as if I’d been holding my breath for some time. And then I breathe in deeply and exhale the remnants before moving forward. It’s time to express my appreciations to Resistance, and then to let go.

When I feel ready, I say, “I want to thank you for keeping me safe. I understand that you were only trying to keep me from reaching too far and perhaps getting hurt. I appreciate it. But now, it’s time for me to let you know that things have changed. I am not fearful of stretching my self-imposed boundaries. In fact, I am quite comfortable in my expansion, especially as there is much support in the world, encouraging me to step out of the ‘living-small mindset’ and into my limitless potential. And so, I say thank you, and I say good-bye to you now. Good bye, Resistance.”

I look at the chair where Resistance had been. It’s a lovely brocade chair, and nothing more.

What are YOU resisting? What keeps you living small? Is there anything you’d like to release?

Schedule a FREE 15 minute Discovery Session using the adorable purple pop-up at the bottom right corner.


Escaping the Chrysalis

Escaping the Chrysalis


Change Is Good



Change is Good

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that my website has been under-going some extreme alterations. Just like us, this site is organic and transformative…evolving, I like to believe. In the spirit of evolution, I have been doing some serious soul-searching. As a result, this website, and indeed, my business and livelihood, are once again in that chaotic state where I feel as if the rug has been pulled from beneath my feet, not once, but at least twice in the past week.

I have been working with a personal coach, and I have the utmost respect for her. With that love and respect in my heart, I gotta tell you that I have been struggling with the balance of my authentic core message, which in case you’ve missed it, has always been one of “self-esteem,” balanced against the actual outcome my clients receive, which is transformational empowerment. Or, if I look at the cover images of Escaping the Chrysalis and The Flying Game, maybe it’s liberation…. It’s that act of labeling and categorizing and pruning things down that has me in an emotional uproar….

You see, the struggle to plug everything into a square hole doesn’t suit me. Labels make me spit; they taste bad. And lately, I’ve been bombarded with lessons on labels and pigeon holes.

Several times each week, I am seriously plugged into programs that feed me with opinionated information. Some of these programs resonate, and some…well…not so much.

So in the final wash, what I’ve come to understand is that all the coaching in the world is a lot like religion. As such, I am doing what I do naturally, and what I persuade my clients to do as well. That is, see life’s offerings as a smorgasbord. Belly up to the bar of life and taste the offerings. Then, when you have a good sampling on your taste buds, and only then, make choices of what to keep and what to never revisit again.

I know in my heart and soul that I am here to empower women and enlighten men. Most everyone who shows up here is on his or her own expansive evolutionary path, and I sincerely appreciate every visitor and most especially those who stay and play and those who return repeatedly. This has been my calling for almost three decades, so there’s a lot I’ve been blessed to experience, and there are people who have crossed paths with me that I will remember forever. Some of these folks, I have never met physically, and yet, I love them dearly in a way that is so profound and heart-warming.

Although you and I may never shake hands or embrace, I still feel you. I feel your hopes, your pains, your joys, your desires, your insecurities, your ego, your damage, your resilience, your love, your pain, your tenacity, your weakness, and your strength. I feel you. And now, I hope you feel me too.

My heart wants to open like a fragile egg, spilling the beginnings of life into your view. So here it is: This is a new place, with tender roots and fresh shoots springing forth to grow into the likes of an International Peace Garden. There has been a lot of pruning taking place. There are also new seeds planted. Sure, it’s the same garden that it was last month, but it’s been fertilized and the growth is starting to be as healthy and rapid as the flowers in springtime.

Despite all the weeding and hoeing and cultivating, I have held a sacred space for you here. Intuitively, after the rows were sown, I sensed you would be here. I knew you were coming.  And I’m glad you’re here, now.

It is my deepest desire that you will be inspired to grow and thrive and transform into the magnificent, unique flower you were born to be. Inspiring your blossoming into the full-winged version of who you are is my passionate calling. There is no doubt that this purpose is the reason I am here on this planet at this time. If we work together, it’s a magical thing. And if we never meet, please realize that your whole and perfect fulfillment are still in my heart. I send you loving energies across and around the globe.

It’s a challenge to keep up, sometimes, with each and every single one of you, but my goal is to make each one of you feel loved, and feel special. Even if we never actually talk, or meet in person, I send you love. Together, our synergy is the energetic frequency that will ultimately alter the path of humankind. And if we do work together, all the better to share the current.

If you are interested in seeing if we’re a good fit for consulting, if you are ready to embrace your whole feminine power, and if you are willing to step out of smallness and into your whole glory, I do hope you’ll schedule a Discovery Session (using the pop up scheduler at the bottom right corner) to see if we’re a good fit for services. Or, if you’re ready to cut through the growth and shift now, visit the Products & Services Page and discover your perfect elixir for transformation.

We are each here on a personal level to be empowered, and on a global level, to change the planet. And change is good.



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The Flying Game
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Confidence Is Sexy: Where to Get Some of THAT!


Escaping the Chrysalis needs better butterfly wings
Confidence is sexy. It’s an attractive characteristic that we all lean into. When we’re around confident people, we want some more of what they’ve got. And then ego kicks in and we either fade into fear or blossom….

  • What IS confidence?
  • What does it mean to you, specifically?
  • Are you attracted to confident people?
  • Would others say you are confident?
  • Do you feel confident inside?

Are you aware that your self-confidence has a direct effect on your purse holdings? Your bank account is tied to your self-confidence because your confidence is the tread that runs through the fabric of your life. It runs through your business, through your relationships both professionally and personally, and it most definitely is the thread that determines whether you have progressed up the financial ladder.

With this concept of how self-esteem affects every area of your life, I am offering a limit of 5 Discovery Sessions to select participants who wish to explore self-esteem and confidence. Together, we’ll see if there are ways in which we can enhance the contents of your purse by addressing any self-limiting beliefs or behaviors.

Here’s the thing: The sessions will be with me, not with a member of my team. And so, I MUST limit the calls to no more than 12! I simply cannot do any more than that. So if you are interested, here’s the next step: On the right bottom corner is a pop up mechanism that will allow you to schedule a FREE 15 minute Discovery Session. Use it to request a session, and provide 3 possible dates and times within the next 3 days. I will be taking only three sessions on Monday, between 11-2 Pacific Time.  I will be taking only two calls on Tuesday morning after 9:30, and none after 11:00 a.m. Pacific time.  These FREE sessions are absolutely limited, so if you are interested in exploring your possibilities, schedule your appointment now!

Here are some things we can do together:

  • In this session we can clarify the vision you hold for yourself
  • We will explore limiting beliefs and confidence busters
  • We’ll leave you with a clear vision of your next steps

If you would rather not use the scheduling tool, feel free to shoot me an email to and we’ll see what we can put together.  Due to the few slots I have open, there will be those of you who simply won’t make it into this round, this week. I’ll do my best to accommodate in the most productive way I can think of, even if we have to stretch this into next week.

I look forward to our sessions!

Much love & light &  gratitude,



Designated Wallowing & Limitless Potential


Privilege of a lifetime

Life is a series of events and experiences, not all of which are tedious. When **it happens, whatever that **it is, it may be reactive to pull inside of your protective shell. As an extreme example, when I heard news of my son’s death, I pulled immediately inside; withdrawing for several years. This is NOT the healthy means of dealing with tragic life-changing events. A healthier response would have been to take a limited time to process the loss, to get professional guidance rather than going it alone, and to then get back out into the stream of living.

There is a time for constricting, and that period needs to be finite, and confined to structure and limitation lest it becomes the new normal.

Whatever happens, it is important to not allow extended self-indulgent wallowing. Wallowing only adds to the drama aspect, and like interest on debt, compounds daily; it does nothing to solve a problem. Fearful self-sabotage will never be the best response to life’s challenges. It’s far better to acknowledge the emotion, find the message if there is one, and let go of a tendency to shrink instead of expanding through to the next level of awareness.

It’s not being suggested that you stuff your emotions.

What is being said is that breakthroughs don’t happen as a result of shrinking. Breakthroughs happen when one steps into the emotion rather than cowering from it; they happen when you take a short time to examine and understand it, and then release it.

Are you constricting when it would better suit your needs to be expanding? When life brings a steam roller to the party, rather than being flattened, it’s time to learn to operate, to expand and develop from the experience and not to become a victim who lives small and fearfully. The events of a lifetime are salt and sugar, and we can consciously determine how much to ingest.

Work-through = Breakthrough.

If you have something in your craw, find a time and place to be alone with it, and work through it.

Start by getting centered in that quiet space and connect with your inner wisdom. Breathe deeply, fully into your hips, and exhale fully, mindfully. Repeat this conscious breath until you feel your spirit. Once you are in touch with your ‘self’ describe what you are feeling, both physically and emotionally. What are your hands doing? Are your palms dry, clammy, or completely sweaty? How is your heart beating? Notice any tension throughout your body. Acknowledge the feelings without judgment. Allow thoughts to simply pass through -hold on to nothing. Now notice your emotion around this issue. Where is the emotion being held in your body? Identify the space it occupies, and describe the feeling: What color is it? How big is it? Does it move or is it stagnant? Step into the space and become your emotion. Really allow yourself to feel your emotion. Own it! It’s yours; it’s not something outside of you. It’s a part of you that you can choose to accept or release; just do so consciously. What do you get from holding on to it? (There is a payoff or you wouldn’t hold on to it, so be brutally honest here.) Once you have identified what you get from your emotion, you can consciously decide what to keep as a result of the challenge and what to let go of.

In less than an hour of attending to whatever you’re harboring, it is possible to let go and move forward, if you choose to do so.

If not, be honest and revisit that question of what you get for holding on. Perhaps you’ve carried ‘it’ for so long that it’s an appendage; maybe it’s a shield that protects you; it could be a means of getting attention; is it something you learned from a parent, peer, or caregiver? Is it a means of self-sabotaging? Is it an excuse to live small? Maybe it’s a habit that needs releasing…. Regardless, all of these reasons are fear-based, and are decidedly limiting behavior stemming on a lack of confidence, from a fear of stepping into one’s limitless potential.

Without judgment, decide what to keep and what to release.

Freeing up the energy that is wrapped tightly around ‘stuff’ is liberating and allows for expansion. Making the choice is to make the choice of living small, or of stepping into your full-winged expansive light.


EXACTLY What is Success as defined by YOU?


Jumping for Joy
If you don’t define the details of exactly what success looks like, how will you know when you’ve achieved it?
Decide for yourself what “success” looks like for you. What does “successful” you look like? What amount of money in your bank account would you define as success? Be precise. Add the details to the picture. Where do you live, what do you drive, and what does your home look like? How are you dressed? In what ways have you changed physically, emotionally, mentally?

What inspires you? What gets you out of bed in the morning with an excited pull, rather than causing you to pull the covers over your head? What are you passionate about? What stops you from reaching your defined level of success?

Whatever is stopping you, as much as possible, stop tolerating it. If it’s non-supportive friends and family, move on to those who best support your dreams and aspirations. As much as possible, surround yourself with inspirational persons who share your dreams and desires. Eliminating tolerations is liberating! Clear your life and thoughts of those things that you are ‘tolerating’ when in your gut you know you need to stop tolerating them; this act alone frees up energy and sends a clear message allowing for so much more of greater value to circulate throughout your life.

Speaking of “circulation,” money is a currency which circulates. How is it circulating in YOUR life? On a scale of 1-9, with 1 being severely over extended and 9 being debt-free and free-to-shop-and donate, where are your finances?

Do you even know where you are financially? If not, stop hiding, and show some respect to your money. It’s your responsibility to know where you are financially, and it’s also empowering! If you know me at all, you know I’m all about empowering you! So are you empowered by your money situation, or are you feeling more like a victim?

Your inner stories, your mental dialog, your learned biases, and your values affect your finances. Simultaneously, your wealth spectrum is a barometer of the stuff inside of you. If you are not where you desire to be, you may want to check out the Infinite Pie program that begins in three weeks.

Self-esteem is the way in which each of us feels about our subjective self. Self-esteem affects every area of your life, not excluding your wealth and abundance potential. You can learn how your self-esteem affects your prosperity flow, and you can learn ways of opening the channel for a smooth flow of abundance.

Money Pie

On June 21, we will be launching Infinite Pie, a program designed to get you on track for the wealth you were born to experience.

Although Infinite Pie is still three weeks away, here’s a peek behind the curtain:

  • Discover your wealth consciousness. Those internalized ideas about money and wealth are not yours! You learned them. This online course will show you how to identify where you learned the lessons, and what to do with them!
  • Develop acute self-awareness of your actions and words as they pertain to your wealth threshold. You are now the creator or your life experience! But NOW, you’ll identify exactly how you are keeping you stuck in a poverty mentality!
  • Gestalt tools and techniques are unsurpassed in effectiveness! Once you have the tools and techniques in your toolbox, you will easily and effortlessly release your attachment to the past, and will open the way to the flow!
  • Finally, with your newly learned means of transforming your mindset from one of lack to one of abundance, you will never again have to play the role of victim.

Here’s the catch: I am working personally with every participant in the Infinite Pie course. For this reason, participation in Infinite Pie is limited to 12 participants only!

Here’s a bird’s eye view of what you’ll get:

  • Infinite Pie, the eBook that will guide your way.
  • Video and audio downloadable instruction so you can watch/listen at your convenience.
  • Elite Group admission for coaching, questions and answers, and networking.
  • Daily assignments and check points for 12 Intensive days.
  • Freed up energy circulation.
  • A raised wealth setting and shifted mindset.
  • A 45 minute telephone session with me.
  • Unlimited email support for 23 days.

Why 23 days of unlimited support? It takes about that long for a positive habit to form, and to really penetrate your subconscious mind. We definitely want your subconscious mind on board for this transformative experience.

Dr. Bruce Lipton claims that “most people don’t even acknowledge that their subconscious mind is at play, when the fact is it is a million times more powerful that the conscious mind and that we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs….”

That translates to a big chunk of your brain that we need to get on board in order for your mindset to shift. And the great thing is, you’ll not lose any brain cells in the process!

Are you ready to live consciously? Are you willing to release the old tapes that keep you stuck in a predictable financial state of being? Are you ready to shift your mindset to one of allowing and deserving? If so, follow the PayPal link to reserve your place in this transformational program.

There truly is Infinite Pie. There was never a shortage. Isn’t it time you got your piece of that Infinite Pie?

Hurry and secure your piece of that Infinite Pie! The early bird special goes away at Midnight, Pacific Time Zone on Tuesday, June 3rd! After that time and date, the special price increases from $297 to $397!

Early birds get the best deals!

Regardless of how stressful your situation may be, your subconscious mind has been keeping your finances at a familiar setting for some time. It thinks it is protecting you by keeping the status quo. In order to actually transform your wealth settings, we must convince your subconscious that you are indeed capable of handling more income. With gestalt tools and techniques, we can accomplish much in a short amount of time. There is no need to spend huge amounts of time and energy and money in hopes that you will eventually reap a little benefit. We’ve got the means for rapid transformation. But you must act fast, as this special pricing goes away on June 3rd! AND this is strictly limited to only 12 participants. Reserve your seat now!

The Teacher Is The Student….


On My Knees

Ten years working in the trenches of the Department of Human Services, is too long to be immersed in societal ills. I became jaded, if not chronically cynical. In addition to being privy to every vile imaginings of human conditions, my job duties also placed me in a position to supervise Graduate School interns. It wasn’t until one of those interns, Margaret, brought to my attention my own warped perspective, that I was compelled to consider the consequences of too many years of working in such a supposedly diverse arena.

Margaret was a traditional mother and housewife, who having raised her children, decided to return to graduate school. She was devout in her religious affiliation, and although sheltered personally from the street mire, she was unusually bright and well-versed in the ways of the world. First blush had her pigeonholed as a Stepford-type robotic wife: The little woman who lived by the outlandishly sexist tenets of Fascinating Womanhood. However, that initial biased observation would prove to be the antithesis of the Margaret I came to know and respect.

As time passed, and her internship went on, I watched Margaret’s true colors seep forth in full-spectrum. She was a woman of conviction, but her convictions did not blind her to the subjective plight of the clientele. Her unhesitant full-plunge into the social sludge was as impressive as a Mormon Pioneer, elbow deep in a garden fertilized with ox manure. Margaret made home visits into the bowels of so-called civilization, bravely treading where the fringe and even roaches barely survive. She raised funding for infant and toddler caskets when mortality won. She corralled prissy senators and legislators and sought out media personnel in hopes of shining the light on the darkest of social issues. She co-conducted self-awareness groups, and fiercely rallied the wagons to protect from budget cuts those programs which were constantly in the crosshairs of conservative knife-wielding politicians.

Margaret was the best of the best interns; she did a great job. And I like to believe she learned much as a result of her immersive internship. But in the end, as it often is, it was this teacher who learned the most.

On her last day, Margaret’s words, more than the elfin-sized poetry book she handed me, were her parting gift to me. Purposefully, patiently she waited until I looked squarely at her intense face. I sensed something just shy of dire was about to be bared.

“The rest of the world is not all like this,” she said looking deeply into my eyes. “The rest of the world is not all like this,” she enunciated as my nonchalant nod was not well-enough connected to her sentiment. Clearly, Margaret wanted to be certain I had grasped the magnitude of her carefully crafted words.

It was then that I understood. Margaret was not about to leave the internship program until I had learned my lesson:

The rest of the world is not all like this.

What Margaret was telling me was that I had begun to see the entire world as broken, dysfunctional, drama-infused, addicted, heartless, hopeless, and nefarious. And she was right. She was calling me out on my jaundiced perspective. All of the teachings I communicated about our biases affecting our view of our world experience, of how all conversation is tainted with projections, all of my instructions to Margaret, to my clients, and to the past interns were in my face in one brutally profound sentence. “The rest of the world is not all like this.”

Her parting words resonated deep within me, and with a resounding truth that circled for months before finally settling into my grey matter. The job was killing me, or at very least, I was tainted and world-worn. Even as Margaret’s words swirled, I began to look for the light…the one that wasn’t a train coming at me. In earnest, I looked for my cartoon escape hatch. The gig was up. The joke was on me. I’d overstayed my welcome. All the clichés lined up. I’d look and then I’d leap. Out with the old….

Margaret was my last intern. I opened a small gift shop, Ruby Luna’s Angel Emporium, and made my escape from social work. In my estimation, the first half of my life had been hard, and I consciously vowed that the next half would be fun and rewarding….

A funny thing happened on the way to change: Customers of Ruby Luna’s were seeking something. They may have been looking for an angel lapel pin to protect them from whatever perceived evil lurks, or they may have fallen in love with the cherub shower curtain. They may have giggled at whimsy, or perhaps they were inspired to purchase a celestial statue, a gossamer dress, a beautiful otherworldly CD, an angelic journal, or a greeting card for someone in mourning. Along with the subjective searches for wares came a story…always there was a story of loss, or love, of healing, or of miracles and synchronicities. And there I was again, immersed in societies’ heroic and/or horrific stories, and still being that listening consultant, often advising, albeit in a much more pleasant venue.

Margaret was right. “The rest of the world is not all like this.” The whole is not as fractured as was the sampling of either my Human Services caseload or my angel store customers, as both microcosms are tainted by intensity of settings and content and even demographics.

And although at the time when I opened the Angel Emporium, I didn’t realize it, in both circumstances I was providing a service designed to help and hopefully enlighten and empower. Twenty-twenty retrospection completely blurs the fact that I opened the angel store because I adore Victorian design, and angels and cherubs are a big part of that interior design theme. I had believed I was opening an angel store because I could make a living selling the interior tabletop kitsch that I so love to surround myself with. What better way to get the wares at wholesale than to open a store! It seemed the furthest distance from the fox holes I had survived…. Silly me; I was only recreating a place where others would gather to mend. And in the end, it was a wonderful thing.

Following the death of my son, I had no more to give to grieving customers, and so once again, I planned my escape, and this time, moved to Southern California to heal and write through my own losses. Eventually, I exited the study of my stories, and I came out from within with a roar.

So much brilliant light lit my way, and suddenly, I knew exactly why I was born. All those stories, all those experiences were the necessary rungs on my ladder that led to my authentic calling. Actually, I was always living my calling; I just hadn’t recognized it as such.

Now that I’ve moved my consulting business from the walls of brick and mortar and into the ethers, I see so many similarities in the whole of the planet’s inhabitants. Humans are awakening, and this was evidenced in both the social work position and the celestial proprietress position. The awakening is greater now, and even though I am no longer seeking the means to buy tiny caskets, and I no longer visit drug havens searching for a signature of parental consent so that my teenaged-mother-client might receive medical help, and I am no longer surrounded by shelves full of angels, moons, suns, and stars, I am still, perhaps more than ever, surrounded by the light.

It is this light that I share on my website, through my books and articles and classes and products and services. It is the light that I hope you’ll share here too. Together, we create magnificent timeless and endless ripples at a time in history when the Universe is calling us to awaken.

Thank you for being.




Transformational Author of:

Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections

Escaping the Chrysalis: Introduction to Gestalt Techniques for Self-Esteem Transformation

The Flying Game

Shadows Attached: Mad Woman Poetry Volume One (Kindle Version)


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Books-Stacked-Up.jpgHave you ever wanted to write a book?

You know you have a story to tell, but perhaps you don’t know where to start…. I’ve certainly been there! There is so much to do and know, and mistakes can be costly. But one thing that’s clear is that in order to get your story in print requires you START. So here’s a SUPER VALUABLE piece of information! Here’s YOUR elusive starting point!

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Answering YOUR Calling



Answering Your Calling

Every individual on this planet has one. And yet not every person has answered.

Why is that?

From my perspective, I see a global awakening taking place. More and more people are awakening to the truth that time is the most valuable non-renewable resource.

Time is more valuable than money or riches or dream vacations or luxury automobiles. And still, not everyone invests the time to decide what the ideal life would even look like. Fewer still live a consciously chosen life.

For over a decade I counseled clients as well as supervised Graduate School students of Social Work. Participants were urged to consider their strengths and passions, and to then transform those traits into paying activities. The results were phenomenal for both the students and the patrons. Without exception, fertile seeds took root and the sprouts of success were apparent.

It’s no different now that I am in a private practice, except that I’m witnessing more folks than ever before are answering that call to step into his or her unique spotlight. No more of living on the sidelines. No more hiding beneath the skirts of others’ dreams. It’s as if a massive hatching is taking place, and a lot of awakening is leading to further explorations.

It’s a fascinating time to be a life coach and a transformational author because the tribes are ripe for the offerings. And although a lot has changed since my first counseling sessions took place all those decades ago, some very core conditions are still at the center of personal growth for every client. In a nut shell, self-esteem and personal empowerment are still the same today as yesterday, and the unearthing of one’s truest calling is still the catalyst for super-fast transformation.

Have you ever taken the time to look at what you love to do? Have you taken time to seriously contemplate that ‘thing’ that if you were being paid for it, would not seem like ‘work’ at all? Whatever it is, have you ever taken a few minutes to be alone and really brainstorming some ways in which that passion can be converted into a calling?

Once you’ve created your list of ‘love-to-dos,’ then claim your right to fulfillment! Step into your light and be prepared to live the most passionate and rewarded life you can dream of.

All that can stop you is your own fear.

…if you need help with releasing that fear, I have the gestalt tools and techniques to help you release your fear and embrace your freedom…. When you are ready, we can convert your FEAR into FUEL for fulfillment. The question is, when are you ready to stop living small?

If you are ready, I invite you to schedule a free Discovery Session (using the vCita scheduler on the right bottom) and see if we’re a good fit. I invite you to step into your MAGNIFICENCE. You see, I have found my calling. I found it almost thirty years ago and have been offering transformational gestalt techniques and consulting for years, positively impacting the lives of thousands of loyal empowered clients.

Gestalt means ‘whole’ and so are you: WHOLE and perfect in your humanness.



Free Is Good!


Your Journey to Wholeness

Click on any or all of the links below and download the FREEBIES directly to your desktop:


We hope you enjoy your FREE self-improvement gifts. And remember:

Gestalt Means WHOLE and So Are YOU!

Escaping the Chrysalis


Blessings in the Mire

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FREE Relationship Tools


These FREE Relationship Tools Are Not Just For Those In Relationships

Every relationship throughout our individual life plays an important role, whether it be a life lesson on love or on loss. Most especially, every relationship is a mirror for self-love. How well do you love yourself? What inner dialog throughout the day, affirms the god/goddess in you? Are you tender and nurturing with you, or are you impatient and judgmental? What energetic charge are you bringing into your relationships, including into the one with your self?

When you communicate, are you defensive, accusatory, gentle, patient, abrupt, condescending, passive, or aggressive? Do you know the secret to effective communication? In case you missed it, it’s the use of “I” messages.  When you use “I” instead of “YOU” in your communication, you are simply stating/owning your feelings. Saying “I feel sad,” or “I am angry,” is making a statement of how you are feeling. On the other hand, saying “You make me angry,” or “You are (fill in the blank) causes the receiving party to become defensive; it shuts down the communication path almost immediately.

Every thought and action and attempt at communication comes either from a place of love or fear. Where are your thoughts, actions, and words stemming from, most of the time? Do you stick to “I” messages or do you often lay blame at the feet of others?

And what about the way you treat YOU? Are you consistent in a mindset of ritualized self-care or are you a haphazard caretaker?

Are you acutely self-aware or do you refuse to see your ‘self’ in true living color?


Here’s why it matters: You attract the equal of what you emit. With this in mind, and most especially in these days when so many lessons of “manifesting” are swirling around in the Internet ethers, we know that what we are broadcasting is returning to us in the terms of experiences and people who move into and through our lives.

In essence, if you’ve done the work on yourself, you’re no longer willing to settle for less than you deserve. Even the powerfully beckoning adrenaline addiction that comes from being in an unhealthy roller coaster relationship isn’t enticing enough to get you to get back on that drama train. When you’ve done the work, you value you. And when you value YOU, you don’t accept or attract abuse in any sheep’s clothing. With eyes wide open, your heart is like an automatic garage door and you have full control over the remote. With eyes wide open, we’re back to the beginning, which is the awareness that self-esteem affects every area of life.

With that in mind, I’m giving you FREE access to a Confidential Self Esteem Assessment Questionnaire to answer in the privacy of your own thoughts. It’s a lengthy questionnaire, and it’s not designed to be a fix, or a quick fix, or anything other than a questionnaire to get you to focus on your self-esteem.

Regardless of whether or not you are currently in a romantic relationship, the Confidential Self Esteem Assessment Questionnaire can provide an idea of where you are in your self-esteem level. And if you’re not in the mood or mindset to download and answer the entire questionnaire, you may enjoy this short little Co-dependency Quiz.

To learn more about assertive versus aggressive communication, about the power of words, and most specifically, to learn more about gestalt techniques for bolstering self-esteem and enhancing your life, click the book cover below and buy the book on It’s the life manual you’ll dog-ear for decades to come!

Escaping the Chrysalis

Escaping the Chrysalis: Buy it on Amazon!

FREE Values & Why?


FREE Values & Why?

What are your top values? Freedom? Authenticity? Honesty?

When our values are not clearly defined, when we are not absolutely crystal clear about our top value, our lives generally reflect this truth through chaos. What’s worse is when we know our values, and clearly take actions outside of the boundaries of those values.

Going against the grain of one’s values, causes an internal reaction, a feeling of inauthentic behavior that will absolutely eke out in emotional response. For example, a child who has been raised to know right from wrong will feel a deep sense of regret when he/she steals cookies from the jar. Regardless of whether the child is caught or not, those instilled inner values will send a loud and clear message. That cookies will taste less delicious when tainted by remorse.


The inner emotional reaction is meant to shift us back onto the authentic track.

That gut response from our grand BS detector is like a call to action. It is an internal indicator that tells us when we veer off course. We are at our most powerful when we are aligned with our truest core values, and when we use those values as the guard rails to our path. And yet, I don’t know about you, but I was never taught to actually take a look at my values. I was certainly never taught to decide for myself what my values are. Instilled from birth, through familial and cultural norms, and through institutions, the weave of societal mores and tenets are such a part of our social fabric that most of us never take a moment to determine where those values were learned, and if they are OUR chosen views.

Before seeking a new job, or a new partner, or a new home, or before you take another step, consider your overall values and where you learned each of them. What do YOU stand for? What would you give your life to defend? When you have answered the question of what are your top ten values, narrow it down to your top three. And when you have clarifies the top three, chose the number one value you would fight to the death for.

When you have done this, take a metaphorical step backward and look at your current life. Are you living in alignment with your most cherished value? Are there some subtle shifts that you can take today to align your whole/gestalt self with your consciously chosen beliefs? Body, mind, and spirit are more than a new aged cliché. They are part of the whole you, and when aligned you are at your most powerful and authentic self. Your once chaotic life, seemingly suddenly, then works.

Click the hyperlink for a FREE Values List download to assist with your clarification.

xox Much love & light.




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Escaping the Chrysalis is Most Inspiring



 Escaping the Chrysalis is Most Inspiring!


It’s truly an honor to see Escaping the Chrysalis among the Top Ten Inspiring books, a list which includes such notables as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Judith Orloff, and others. But if I’m honest, I do believe Escaping the Chrysalis is one of the most inspiring books. It is a different caliber than is my first book, Blessings in the Mire, a true story which is inspiring on a completely different level. And although Escaping the Chrysalis is in the nonfiction self-help genre, and as such, varies from my only fictional book, The Flying Game, the two are clearly different approaches in the directions of inspiration.

Escaping the Chrysalis

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      • Learn to interpret your dreams, and use the information contained in your dreams to help you on your life journey
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      • Embrace your power and learn to get your needs met
      • Re-define selfish to mean self-care and watch your WHOLE life improve
      • Learn to communicate your needs and desires smoothly
      • Fall in love with that reflection in the mirror
      • Discover the power of words and the power of thoughts
      • Find the love of your life and experience blissful, honest relationships
      • MORE, MORE, MORE!

Escaping the Chrysalis is the life manual we wish our parents had read! It is full of true life examples, and offers affirmations, gestalt techniques, tips, and more! Is your life transformation worth 20 bucks? I’m thinking you’re worth a LOT more than that! But hurry! This is a limited time offer that will end in 48 hours.

You deserve to be happy, fulfilled, and to experience your WHOLE/GESTALT self. Gestalt means whole, and so are you! You are whole and perfect in your humanness. This book, Escaping the Chrysalis is the helping hand that you’ve long-awaited. It is different from every other self-help book in that it offers tools and techniques once reserved for the professional. Go get it!

Gestalt Means Whole, and So Are YOU!

Embrace your whole perfect self and watch your empowerment and confidence expand!

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Blessings in the Mire

Thank you, often!

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“Great Minds….”


“Great minds….”

eleanor-roosevelt with quote“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s not difficult to imagine a conversation with the insightful, Eleanore Roosevelt; perhaps over camomile tea on the White House lawn…white linens appropriately starched ~Not too much; I’m surmising the woman was not all that rigid even in terms of linens.

The conversation would be about how we, together as a collective human force, can change things for the better. We would indeed discuss the global condition, but not as to whine about it; rather, to seek the solutions that come in collaboration and cooperation.

A little gossip, a bit of complaining about the insolence of co-workers or of the ignorance of family members, is more than a “little bit” harmful. At the least, gossip mongering is doing nothing to positively alter the course of the globe, or of the participants.

Eleanore’s words got me to thinking about what one thing I can do today to encourage growth and progress as opposed to squelching (with punitive thoughts, words, or actions) all the potential this day offers. Here is what I came up with: This post. This post is the beginning of the ripples in the Universal sea. My words have power, as do the words of everyone.

Message Stones

Our words have the power to incite or the power of insight.

We are free to choose if our words are bullets or soap boxes or wraps of verbal support. We decide, consciously or mindlessly, to use our words to build or destroy.  And perhaps the biggest thing to recognize is that our words are boomerangs. What we say will exactly return to cause the havoc or rewards which we fire off.

Our words are a direct reflection of who we are experiencing our inner self to be. In other words, our words are a direct projection of how we feel about our self inside. All communication is laced, if not built around the structures and foundations of self-esteem. With a weak self-image comes a weak self-confidence and an equally dis-jointed life. Now envision that low-level of self-worth on the stage of life. What do you suppose will flow from the mouth: inciting words or insightful words?

This is not to imply that every seemingly secure individual is spewing only warm-fuzzies and love. There are multitudes of folks pretending to be secure and insightful, but when we look beneath the layers, we clearly see the inner doubts and insecurities that are not all that well masked by brandishing thunderous rhetoric and doing nothing of progressive value. Often, words are used as deflectors: An attempt to ricochet the focus in another direction. Because here’s another truth: Hot air doesn’t hide the poor self-esteem. Poor self-esteem is the reason for all that hot air. When we look closely, we see that the hot air is only that: a bunch of hot air that is doing nothing to improve conditions or create insight. And yes, most definitely, in many cases all that rhetoric is only stirring the putrid ripples and inciting less-than productive communication.

For today, in this present moment of valuable non-renewable life, I send you love, love, love, and lightness to lift your whole/gestalt self. And with that love and light, I also added a link to the Journey to Wholeness Assessment confidential self-esteem self-evaluation. Take the assessment in the privacy of your own home, and if you like, come back and schedule a FREE consult to see if we’re a good fit for further services.

Wishing you love, and fulfillment, today and always,


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Mother Trucker


Mother Trucker

Mother Trucker without Hardhat


Throw Back Thursdays: Me on the day, having completed the necessary hours and experience, I received my “A” Status Teamsters Driving Status.

#ProudMotherTrucker #TeamstersUnion #local222 #empowerment

Mother Trucker with hardhat

I only wish the photographs had been in color. The PINK hard-hat and matching fingernails were a rare visual at a time when Teamsters Unions were known as “traditional male” employers. But as a single mother of three children under the age of four, I would have done just about anything to feed my kids, and driving ~even the BIG RIGS, is something I enjoy. By the way, this is NOT the largest piece of Caterpillar equipment I ever drove, but it was the one I drove most often.

The lessons of empowerment would be ridiculously long to list here, but in the abbreviated edition, I’ll share that I learned as much from jealous wives and girlfriends as I learned about operating equipment. I expected a certain level of, shall we say, “adjustment” from the men in the field, but I did not anticipate the ways in which my sister-humans reacted to my presence in this traditionally men’s arena. It’s that look of smelling poop on a shoe that comes to mind when I envision the faces of the women who showed up to see this female truck driver.

There are enough stories to fill several volumes, and I see that we women have come a long way, and we still have a long way to travel to meet each other with support and love and collaboration, and not with competition. Afterall, I wasn’t there to steal a husband. I was there to feed my kids. And let’s be honest: Does this look like a glamorous job to you? There are no doors on that rig, and this is in Utah where the Winters and Summers are equally blistering in extreme conditions. It was brutal.

There is not one regret I have as a result of working an average of 72 hour weeks, except that of spending far too much time away from my children. Hopefully, they learned the value of owning their power. I sure did. And the lessons of empowerment are heavily woven through the Gestalt Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem courses I facilitate today. Without the self-esteem needed to stand up for myself, and for other women who would come after me, I would have faltered before the Teamsters’ Union even agreed to train me. The tenacity of a mother bull-dog with pups to feed is what it took. And if you’re in tune with your passion and just need a boost and a helping hand to facilitate your empowerment, and to bolster your self-esteem and resultant tenacity and success, I am the facilitator for you.

At the bottom of the right side of the page is an annoying little pop up that begs your attention. Feed it your information, and let’s schedule a FREE 15 minute session. You’ve nothing to lose by making the call. And you have EVERYTHING to gain.

Authenticity Is Something You Wear


Jan Deelstra (2)Authenticity is a trait that’s easily spotted. It’s your second skin. It’s also very attractive, in the sense that others are attracted to the genuineness of authenticity. It’s also apparently a rare and desirable characteristic.

The old adage, “Fake it till you make it,” has helped many people get through very challenging situations. Walking into new situations such as starting a new job, mingling with strangers, facilitating a workshop, or that number one fear of public speaking, can cause us to feel insecure.

In an attempt to neutralize our nervous energy, we forge ahead by portraying a forced persona of confidence. This kind of “faking it” can be a valuable tool and may help us to cope in uncertain situations. I prefer to see it as facing the fear and doing “it” anyway. It’s that NIKE add that says, “Just do it.”

But, here’s the thing we have to watch out for. Sometimes when we are feeling stressed, our nervous behaviors can suddenly show up as if they are on steroids. An example of this is a person who and is typically extroverted may over compensate, and is then perceived as loud and boisterous when in a stressful and unfamiliar situation. Others may get the impression that this person is arrogant, cocky, or generally inauthentic.  This may be completely untrue or not; regardless, if we don’t manage ourselves during these types of situations, we too could give the wrong impression of not being authentic or genuine.

3 Common Missteps People Make When Feeling Self-Conscious or Nervous

1. Making fun of yourself. Although it’s common to poke fun at ourselves, use this kind of humor sparingly. Self-deprecating humor is not self-esteem building behavior. Leave these jokes to the stand-up comedians. If you constantly downplay who you are, people will absolutely perceive you in the same way you represent yourself.  Remember, whatever you speak, think, or dream about, you ultimately bring about, so consistently speak approvingly of yourself, and since we know that what we are projecting is our self-perception, also speak kindly of others.

2. Bragging or dominating the spotlight. When speaking with others, do not dominate the conversation. Confident people share the spotlight by showing interest in other people. Listen. Really listen, with your whole attention on the person speaking. You’ll be astonished at the results of authentic communication and connections being created.

3. Gossiping. There’s an easy trick for breaking the nasty gossip habit. The next time you’re tempted to say something derogatory about someone, imagine the person standing next to you.  How would your words make that person feel? How would you feel if those words were directed at you? Your mother taught you, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.” Your mother was right. And anyone who has ever played the game, Telephone, can attest to the fact that the facts are wrong by the second repeating of the gossip. Have some class and don’t gossip. And if you’re tempted, bring to your mind’s eye the image of Eleanore Roosevelt saying, “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” Step consciously into the realm of “great minds.”

eleanor-roosevelt with quote


Next time you feel nervous and less than confident, pay special attention to your behaviors when fueled by nervous energy. And, if you catch yourself committing any of the missteps above, take a deep cleansing breath, and exhale most of your fears. Repeat the process three times, and reconnect with your authentic self – not with your “fake-it-til-you-make-it” self. It shows. You’ll be rewarded in kind for your rare and precious authenticity.


FEAR & Self-Loathing VS FREEDOM?


Path You Are On

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. Marianne Williamson from A Return to Love .

It’s likely you’ve heard or read that quote by Marianne Williamson a half-dozen times or more. It’s not fresh news. It is, however, at the core of what this website, and I offer.

Do you know at a soul-engraved level that your light, and the light of every other soul walking the face of the Earth, is meant to shine brilliantly, without excuse for who you are being. With that said, how few of us are actually consciously choosing who we are being?

Have you ever asked yourself who you are in your perfect vision of you?
Have you ever even allowed yourself to dream about who you are in your limitless potential being-ness?
What physical response does your body offer when you dare to dream of you, improved? Does your heart race? Do your palms sweat? Does your head shake “no” to the thought? Do you find your breath stopping in your chest? Your body is telling you the truth. Are you paying attention? What’s it saying?

Have you ever asked yourself if you are truly happy? Perhaps you don’t need to ask; maybe it’s written all over your life.

Have you ever dared dream and then write the goals ~both short and long-term, that must be met in order to reach some predetermined destination? Do you even have a clearly defined destination?


If you are not happy with your current situation, who is to blame? Is there a layer of self-loathing that needs to be peeled back in order to expose what has kept happiness at bay? Does the idea of peeling back layers send you to cower beneath the blankets of your room? The layers are blankets. Those layers were placed, one atop the next, to protect you. But do you need all that armor now? Does it support you in this life?

What needs to change in order for you to prosper, excel, be fulfilled?

Where will you be in 6 months? 12 months? 3 years? 5 years? 10? What would YOU like to change? If not now, then when?

When you are not ready to take the first mindful step into your future, is it because you fear the unknown? My grandmother said, “…better the devil you know….” I disagree. The devils and demons we know can be erased through self-awareness and enhanced self-esteem. It’s only the habit of fear that keeps anyone stuck in the mire of the past. It’s facing the fear and doing it anyway that builds self-confidence one step at a time.

Courage is the new pink 2

If fear and self-loathing are setting you apart from a life of freedom to choose who you are, and live the life you decide to live, it’s time to decide* and take the next step. When you are ready, schedule an appointment with me to see if we’re a “good fit.” If not, we part friends, a little richer in spirit from the connection.

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~As always, with love and light and gratitude,


*”DECIDE” means to cut away, as in cut away other options. When you decide to change the path you’re on, you are cutting away other options, such as failure and boredom. Decide. It’s empowering.





Authenticity, it’s a word I’ve heard thrown around a LOT lately; Maybe because of an overdose of so-called reality shows that mire the airwaves in anything but authentic behaviors.

Authenticity is one of my top values, second in line behind freedom. In my estimation, it (authenticity) is also at the very core of: success; fulfillment; quality relationships; career success; self-acceptance, thus self-esteem; and pretty much any area of life I can come up with. And yet, authenticity is more often than not, either tossed aside in exchange for some concocted image or suffocated beneath layers of poor self-esteem.

And there it is: self-esteem. If you’ve been here before, you certainly have an inkling that this website is all about self-esteem.

If you’re ever curious about why and how self-esteem came to be the foundation of my business and of my books, I’ll be happy to share the dirty details of how it came to be. But really, the whys don’t matter. It is the what is that is Queen of this Universe.

We may be invested in why something is the way it is, and we may spend long hours wallowing in our belief that the whys matter. Whys tend to get in the way of moving ahead, of letting go of that which does not support the fulfillment, so why bother to swim in that pool when you could be spreading your wings and taking flight?


If owning your authentic voice is something which you are ready to embrace, and if you have come to the place where you are ready to release the past and own your wings, use the contact forms either at the tabs above  this page or at the right page bottom pop up. There is NO CHARGE for scheduling a short session to see if we’re a good fit. And if we’re not, refer to the Gestalt Prayer.

  • Have you taken the time to discover your top values?
  • Do you know your values effect everything you do?
  • Did you know you can download a tool for FREE to help you find your values? Values List

Disowning one’s authentic self is the ultimate giveaway of personal power. And it is deadly. Seeking external validation leaves anyone vulnerable to judgements from others. The authentic self feels secure from within, and not from the opinions of others. Owning the WHOLE/GESTALT of YOU is the most authentic, empowering step you can take to fulfillment.

Escaping the Chrysalis

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The Mind Body Spirit Connection


On My Knees

Why are humans walking around in pain?

Gestalt means whole, and results in near-miracles by focusing awareness on alignment of mind, body, spirit connectedness. Most humans are walking around in pain due primarily to feelings of isolation. Separation on a globe filled with over 7 BILLION people seems like an oxymoran, and yet here we are: Skyrocketing suicide and homicide rates; ridiculously high self-medication taking place; fractured familiesanger-management issues; a seemingly endless list of human sufferings.

There is a GAP so wide, that many people are bailing out. Consciously, or subconsciously, there are multiple means to ensuring one leave sooner than later. Consider the socially acceptable ways of committing suicide: Smoking; Drug Use; Sugar in-take: Poor diet; Poor sleep habits; Exposure to stress; Reckless driving; Poor hygiene; Sedentary lifestyle; Cutting; Alcohol Addiction; Death by cop.

Suicide and homicide are the same coin. Suicide is pain turned inward. Homicide is pain turned outward. Both are as a result of feeling isolated.

Bridge the gap and heal the wounded ‘self’

To ask the questions, and/or to present the problems with no answers or solutions would be irresponsible. And so, I offer this list of possibilities as a potential first steps in healing the pains inflicted by life events.

  • Journal. Write your feelings down and explore those emotions on paper.
  • Clarity comes often as a result of focusing on the feelings, so explore the feeling.
  • Stop drinking, smoking, and taking drugs. All of these suppress emotions, and all are depressant. You’re depressed enough without adding to it! STOP.
  • Be bigger than any addiction. Join a support group to verbalize your addiction even if it’s an addiction to stress and/or drama.
  • Read. Go to your community library and read about others who have overcome issues.
  • Create a life map*; a drawing of your past, your present, and your future in that order.
  • Focus on self-care including a healthy diet free of additives, preservatives, and refined sugars.
  • Get moving: Go for a walk in nature; Go for an artist’s date** in a museum; Walk around your block; JUST MOVE it!
  • Identify one specific message you learned as a child about who you are. Journal it.***
  • Download the START Module 1 and complete it.
  • Meditate every day for at least 15 minutes, sober. ANYONE can commit to 15 minutes! NO EXCUSES!
  • In your journal, express gratitude for at least 5 things daily, regardless of how tough the day has been.

Tools for Transformation

Click here to get some fantastic meditation MindBodySpirit Music

*Life Mapping is a technique used to determine the foundation of the problem, to identify where you are currently as a starting point, and to decide where exactly you wish to be in the future. As simple as it appears, Life Mapping is a very empowering tool.

** Artist’s Date: Schedule a standard date with yourself weekly, and go out to explore things that interest you. If you’re bored, you’re boring, so go out and feed that inner thirst for art, or music, or for whatever legal activity fills your soul. Go alone! You are exploring what it is to be you. Pay attention to how you feel as you are out exploring your interests. For more information on Artist’s Dates check out ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron. 

*** Internalized Messages & Hot-Seat. To learn more about Gestalt Hot-Seat work, you may wish to purchase Escaping the Chrysalis: Introduction to Gestalt Techniques for Self-Esteem Transformation.

Blessings in the Mire  escaping-the-chrysalis-cover-tif

Both book covers are hyperlinked to Clicking on either cover will take you out of this site and into for purchase.

This blog post, of course, is not meant to diagnose or treat any dis-ease, disease, or illness. It would be impossible to do so in a post.

This post is designed to give you a fresh perspective which is increased self-awareness. It is my hope that you will take this self-awareness approach to consciously create a shift in your life. If you are in pain, you can release that pain and reach undreamed of goals. The key is to take that first step forward into your future. When you have taken the steps above, if you feel you would like to schedule a free discovery session to see if we’re a good fit for further facilitated growth, download the Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment Questionnaire by visiting our SERVICES PAGE, and then schedule the FREE Discovery Session through the form at the bottom right corner of this site. 

Life is too short to live it in pain. Let go, and let gestalt show you the life of your desires.

And since you’ve read to this point, here’s a FREE bonus for you:

Twelve Steps to Self-Esteem

Live long and thrive.


Calling or Career? Day 4 of 31 Day Blog Challenge



There is a distinction between a job and a career, and there is still a greater distance between those two words and the word calling. I live my calling. Each morning when my eyes peek open, there is perhaps a millisecond of time that elapses before I jump out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, and head to my calling. I know it’s a calling as opposed to a job or career because:

  • I can ‘work’ at my calling for hours upon hours and still be excited to give more.
  • I am passionate about my purpose.
  • I am fully present when I am in the arms of my passionate calling.
  • I get annoyed when others attempt to interrupt my flow (that NEVER happened when I had a job!)
  • I have to pry myself away to take vacations.
  • I get truly excited as I contemplate the next client, book idea, campaign and such.
  • I have, in some form or another, been practicing my calling all of my life.
  • I can find the (forgive the plug for my 1st book) Blessings in the Mire.
  • I see how all my experiences are incorporated into this calling.
  • I can no longer imagine myself doing anything else.
  • I love my little stacks of ideas and notes that I lovingly refer to as “genius piles” (and clutter is definitely against my nature!)
  • My mind goes a ba-zillion miles an hour when I consider how many positive ripples I can create before I die.
  • Almost everything on my Bucket List is connected to my calling.
  • Every book I read, every class and course I attend, is on subject with my calling.
  • Practicing my calling energizes, rather than deplete me.
  • I feel purposeful.
  • I am happy.

These are just a few of the affirming conditions that let me know I am on target. And quite frankly, it has not always been like this, at least not on the surface. But when I look back, even to early childhood, I see that all my experiences have led me to this decidedly divine place in my life. Regardless of how nefarious, of how confusing, of how rewarding, of how sobering, all my life events are the rungs that have brought me to this place. The transformation is a continual process. And in every way, every single day, it, and I, get better and better.

Are you living your calling? If so, that’s terrific! And if not, take a moment to envision what that looks and feels like. What do YOU look and feel like when you are living your calling? Where do you live? The word decide means to cut away other options; what did you have to cut away in order to be living your divine calling?Did you have to leave others behind in order to break out and into your true calling? What had to change for you to give yourself permission to be your authentic, full-winged self? What choices had to be made?  Are you happy? Who do you effect by living your calling? Are you proud to be here, living your calling? In six word, create a tag line that defines you as you are living your calling.

If you haven’t yet determined your authentic calling, I can only suggest that you take the time to sit quietly with your journal and thoughts. Think over your life experiences: Regardless of how painful or rewarding, what are the highlights of your life to date? Have you downloaded your FREE values form and identified the ONE VALUE that you would go to your death to defend? If not, get it and complete it. Without a clearly defined set of values, it’s much more difficult to define your dreams and set your craft in the direction of your chosen destination. As you sit with your clearly ascribed values, contemplate the ways in which your life experience has enriched you. I’ll be honest here, although I had written for several decades, it was not until the death of my son, that my hands finally went to the keyboard to write that first book. And as horrific as it was, the experience of such great loss brought me many rewards. It also inspired a non-profit dedicated to the prevention of adolescent suicide, the ripples of which are endless. This is not something I could have put on a vision board. It is not anything my radar would have foreseen. Nonetheless, the pieces all come together to create a stronger whole; a gestalt which is richer and wiser than before. Does this mean I am happy that my son died? Oh HELL no. I would give ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to have him here. I would cheerfully give my life for him to live. But that’s not the cards I have left to play, and so, it is the catalyst to my embracing the raw authenticity of who I am, and of who I am being. Death of a loved-one provides a level of consciousness about love that many will never be blessed to feel.  It also opened me to the rarity of time, and so I use mine more wisely now.

If you are looking for a place to START your transformation, follow the hyperlink to your FREE START  download. Yep, it’s free. Because I want everyone to spread his or her own wings by owning the whole/gestalt of the ‘self’. I wish for you, FREEDOM, as that is my top value; the one I will die to defend.

Blessings in the Mire Excerpt

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Blessings in the Mire


Women & Onions ~ Day 3 of 31 Day Blogging Challenge


Sofia Loren Jayne Mansfield

Gone are the days of women looking at other women with a turned-up-nose expression of smelling onions.

Gone are the days of women looking at other women as if other women are the competition, are the enemy.  No longer is the facial expression that of smelling dog poo on a shoe. Indeed, it is a time in her-story when women unite, and the Earth’s axis shifts with the feminine perspective; that perspective being based on nurturing, receptivity, love, and fairness. No longer is the paradigm one of ego, brute force, or competition. Words, not swords and bullets and missiles and bombs are the tools for bringing peace. Respect, not coercive manipulation, is the model from which the world blossoms into a whole, balanced, encouraged oneness.

Hey, it’s my dream and I can decide what it looks like, and it looks like an inviting place to be.

There is no fear in my utopia. In the love/fear equation, fear is at rest. There is acceptance without judgment, and there is wonder to excite the minds and compel thought and creativity. Every action and response comes from a place of centered loving oneness.

Books replace guns, and intelligence replaces apathy, and authenticity replaces artificiality. Intuition takes hand with thought.  Art and music are praised and nurtured, and the days of sitting with seats glued to chairs in linear fashion are replaced with mindful exploration in nature. Linear thinking is obsolete, and experiential learning is the means of education. Yoga and breathing are no longer looked upon as cultish; rather these are mainstream practices which each child has embraced since birth.

There is no fast food, neither are there poisons being injected into our food and water supply. Our diets are fresh and from the cycle of nature. Water is pure and unadulterated.

The result is whole/gestalt wellness, a condition of balance and of healthy circulation. Heart disease is wiped-out as there is no dis-ease. There is no hyper-tension as there is no tension. Focus is on wellness not on chasing symptoms with deadly chemicals crafted by multi-billion dollar institutions.

Men and women are not only not opposing each other, they embrace the magnificence of each other with full acceptance. Women are empowered and men are in touch with their receptivity and openness. Both men and women are balanced and whole, experiencing the power in vulnerability.

Power of Vulnerability

Yes, this is my perfect paradigm, where everyone really is created equally, and there is never a thought as to “differences,” only recognition of each’s right to transform into full-winged potential.

Has this always been my perspective on the human race? No sirree! During the period when I was a young woman working as a Teamster truck driver, I got on famously with the boys. Well, that is if we set aside little nagging prickles like sexual harassment, open hostility from those (male and female) who believed women should NOT be behind the wheel of a ‘big-rig’, and that truck driving was a ‘man’s domain’, and believed that I needed to get home and leave the jobs to those men because “those men had families to support.” Well guess what? I too had a family to support. I was a single mother of three, and driving fed my kids.

But I was accepting of the challenges. I realized early on that I was a pioneer; a scout clearing the brush ahead of the masses of women who would follow my lead. And somehow, regardless of the size of the challenges and even with threats made on my life, I still preferred the company of men. I thought I would never work with “malicious bitches” because in my indoctrination, women were not to be trusted. Oh I may have had one or two female friends, but it was men I spent my time with, both on and off the job.

Women, I surmised, were too moody, too hard to handle, were difficult, and competitive, and not to be trusted. And did I mention, hormonal? Those hormones made women predictably unpredictable and hysterical ~and not in the funny way; and who needs that? Nope, I’ll stick with working in that “traditional men’s field” and leave all that drama to others, I thought.

And then, fast forward a decade and I am co-facilitating self-awareness groups based on gestalt theory, the brain child of Fritz and Laura Perls. It was a most rewarding career where each month a group of between twelve and twenty women came together and miracle transformation took place. One by one, each participant blossomed into her divine wholeness; Group by group, positive ripples were emitted into the universal pool, shifting the paradigm month by month. And month after month, I fell deeply completely in love with the women graduates as collectively, each came into the brilliant light of her authentic self.

Collectively, women had been systematically taught to dis-own the parts of the ‘self’ which allow for such behaviors as thinking, expressing emotions typically assigned to male behavior (other than hysteria ~a word that comes from hyster and which is clearly offensive and sexist), owning personal power, and generally being worthy of recognition.

During the gestalt process, each woman learns to embrace her power, to own her voice, to effectively communicate her needs and desires, and to further trust her intuition as the guide to her continued expression of feminine energy.

The beauty is in the transformation. And the transformation came, and still comes from the synergy of the group setting where each woman is free to be. She is given permission, and learns to give herself permission to decide for herself what to own and what to discard. By deciding, the branches that no longer support her on the journey to limitless expression are cut away. That which hinders is left behind, as are those who hinder. Anything or anyone stifling her potential are not manipulated into coming along, into changing, rather they are seen as having a different dharma, and a different path to follow. And that’s all fine. In fact, it’s perfect.

Women are nurturing of each other, and empathize. It is thru the experience that each woman transforms into her whole/gestalt potential. And the friendships forged from sharing such profound experiences are permanent.

Gestalt is whole. And there is nothing more beautiful than a woman or man coming into her or his wholeness, unless that is, it is an entire group of women or men blossoming like flowers in an unbridled garden.

yin yang

Won’t you come and play in the garden?

You can start by downloading some freebies. Yep, they’re FREE. Just START.

And if you want a jump-start, click on the book cover below and you’ll be taken out of this page and into AMAZON.COM to purchase Escaping the Chrysalis, the life manual we wish our parents had read.


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Self-Awareness: It’s The New Black



You probably catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror several times each day. But how often do you actually stop and take a close look?
Oh sure, you notice if your pants are the ‘right’ length, or if your shirt is too wrinkled, or if your sweat is showing. You probably notice each new wrinkle and pimple within moments of their arrival. You may even get close up as you pick and pluck. But how often do you really stop to see the whole you in that mirror?

I’ve seriously had group participants run from the room, screaming in pain, rather than look at that face in the mirror. Their face. The one they live with day after day.


I do not chase them. Because even with the running and screaming, there is a little awakening taking place. The internal shift has begun. And many times, they return; when they are ready, they come and face the inner demons and then release those demons (who turn out to be mostly just kid stuff, after all),  and then they go on to blossom into spectacular splendor.

I’m the first to admit that it’s tough sometimes, to really make eye contact with the ‘self’ because we are seeing that ‘self’ with all the filters, biases, and guilt of our entire life to date. And admittedly, courage is a rare commodity, but when that courage is mustered and the face is…well, faced, there is a magnificent transformation that takes place.

Here’s the thing: Your personal power is wrapped up nicely in the ability to see you.

Yep. Self-Awareness: It’s the new black.


Today, I encourage you to take a fifteen-minute time out from life.

Go to the bathroom, lock the door, and gaze lovingly into your own eyes. And if not gazing lovingly, at least make it a point to make extended eye contact. Give yourself permission to see all of you.

As you look, really see with your entire whole/gestalt self: How do you feel? Are you finding it difficult or easy to make eye contact with you? Do you use your eyes as deflectors? Is so, what are you deflecting? What do you not want to see? What are your hands doing? Are your fists clenched or open? Are your palms dry or moist? “See” your heart: Is it beating rapidly or is it a typical rate? Is your jaw slack or tense? How’s your overall posture? Are you standing straight and tall or hunched with the weight of your world? Can you see your sense of humor represented by your whole/gestalt reflection? Where do you wear your battle scars?

Before you leave that mirror, name five things that you love and admire about your reflection. Pay attention to how you’re feeling as you seek out those five adorations. Just notice. This is not a self-abuse experience. This is a self-awareness experience.

Notice without placing judgments on the experience.

Notice: Is it easy to come up with your list of five attributes? Is it challenging? How does it feel to contemplate your greatness? Are you still making eye contact?

Are you breathing? Take a deep breath now, and exhale fully through your open mouth; let out some of the stress.

Consciously acknowledging your feelings, physically and emotionally, removes much of the charge and lessens the physiology. In other words, when you notice yourself feeling nervous in any given situation, taking note of the nervousness is like a release valve that allows some pressure to escape. Noticing is the place to take stock, and adjust the wings when necessary to take you to your chosen destination. (You do have a chosen destination, right?? If not, skip to the bottom and fill out the form asap! This is urgent! You must have a decided plan for your destination. Now. Right now.)

Self-awareness is the start of self-fulfillment.


Are you ready to take that first step into your Divine Wholeness? If so, or if you’re on the fence about blossoming into your full-winged splendor, fill out this form. A Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment will arrive in your email box, allowing you to answer the questions in the privacy of your own home. Even if you don’t return the assessment, rumor has it that the act of answering the questions creates a shift in awareness.  If you do return the assessment, you will receive, upon request, a Discovery Session where we ‘meet’ on the phone to determine if we’re a good fit. Not everyone will be accepted. And that’s okay. In fact, it’s perfect.

Fill out the form below to receive your Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment and to subscribe to the Gestalt G~Zine. PLEASE NOTE: We’ve had some challenges with our autoresponders delivering content. If you enter your information in the form below and do not receive your confidential self-esteem assessment questionnaire after a few minutes, please send an email to: with “assessment” in the subject line.

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Namaste. I truly bow to, and honor the greatness of you, gestalt/whole.

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Self-Esteem Is Key To Everything In Life


It seems as if everyone is looking outside of themselves for the answers to their personal problems and challenges, when the better option is to develop self-awareness and bolster self-esteem. The concept of looking outside for the answers in akin to approaching a stranger on the street corner and asking him to fix your broken zipper. In other words: It’s absurd.

And yet the truth is, folks like me make a lot of money by facilitating the process of taking participants out of pain and into potential by providing self-esteem tools and techniques. And that is a very different angle to the ask-a-stranger means of healing oneself from the accumulated pains of life. It’s also quite different from asking a friend or loved-one for the answers to your problems. Friends and relatives are often wrong as they have their own projections that blur their vision and many friendships are quickly lost when an ego investment gets in the way.

What is meant by “ego investment”?

The friend and/or loved-one takes it personally when you don’t do as they say. The friend’s ego is invested in whether or not you do as they say (and on their time-table, by the way). If you do as they suggest and it all works out, the friend can feel like your savior. If you do as your friend suggests and it doesn’t work out, there may be some resentments on either side. If you don’t do as you were advised by the friend, the friend’s bruised ego gets in the way of your transformative process. None of these options can be good for the friendship.

Here today, I offer you a gift. Today I give you the key to the universe and to releasing all your pain; I give you the key that leads to enhanced self-esteem, and to your transformation into your full-winged potential.
Are you ready? Here it is, the key to life:

key to life

Your best answers are inside.

Why? How could this claim that your best answers are inside possibly be true? Here’s the short list of reasons that will back up my claim:

 No one knows you like you know you.

Yep. Nobody knows you like you know you.

Albert Einstein said something to the effect of we can’t fix what’s broken using the same mindset with which the problem was created. This is true; however, we can shift the mindset. And we can bolster your self-esteem by utilizing highly effective, multiple gestalt-based self-esteem building tools such as self-awareness techniques that create rapid results.

That’s what I am here to do. I facilitate transformational shifts. And I don’t take it personally if you don’t invest in yourself. Our friendship doesn’t suffer when you don’t take action.

I am here to help YOU shift, if that is what you choose.

Your transformation is all that is needed to bring you out of the pain you are in. When you are ready to consciously begin the process of leaving the pain and traveling to the potential, send an email to; and then, a confidential self-esteem assessment will arrive in your email box. At your leisure, complete the questionnaire. Even if you never return it, you may receive a positive transformational shift simply as a result of having taken time to answer the questions. When you are ready…. (Now, is a good time to take that first, free, courageous step into your wholeness.)

Gestalt means whole, and so too, are you whole and complete.

You simply need to re-member the parts into a cohesive whole empowered you.

*How much is an investment into you, into your transformational life worth to you?

*Where will you be in three months if nothing changes?

*Where will you be in one year if nothing changes?

*Where will you be in five years if nothing changes?

*Where, in your dream of dreams, do you desire to be?

*If not now, then when will you decide that you are worth investing in?

*If you’re telling yourself that you “can’t afford it,” what fear is really being masked by that claim?

*What can you immediately do to start the process towards your fulfilment?

Might I suggest that simply by reading to this point, your progressive shift in consciousness has begun. And the next step is to simply shoot off an email and request your Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment. Even if you never return it, answer the questions and contemplate you. You deserve to thrive. And to make it super-duper no-brainer simple to START the process, not only am I offering the Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment, I am also giving away a FREE Module One of the START Program. COMPLETELY FREE. Go to the START PAGE and claim your FREE GIFT! The START program is the place to START to build your self-esteem. But before you do that, do yourself a HUGE favor and send for the Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment. Send an email request to Together, these two FREE self-esteem building tools can get you started on your journey to limitless potential.

You deserve to live your best whole/gestalt life.



Journey to Wholeness



The Gift

  • What pain are you in?
  • What outcome would you hope for?
  • What’s that outcome worth?
  • Are you ready?
  • If not, what will it take to get you ready to transform into your full-winged potential?

Journey to Wholeness is a very limited elite experience for no more than twelve individuals per quarter. It consists of a personal assessment to determine the “fit” into the program, and if accepted, includes four intensive weeks of transformational facilitation. If you are ready to transform into the life you were born to experience, the first step is to fill out an assessment.

To request an ASSESSMENT Questionnaire for consideration of entry into the Journey to Wholeness program fill in the form and the assessment link will be emailed to you:

The Journey to Wholeness is a fast paced course which is not open to everyone. Only 4 participants will be allowed into the individualized 4 week program at any given time. To request a copy of the curriculum, send your request by filling in the above form, and under the “comments” section write “request curriculum.”

The standard cost for Journey to Wholeness is $997. The March Special is for $497 with the caveat that participants agree to provide a testimonial at course end.

Use the form above to request further information.

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If for any reason you are not accepted into the Journey to Wholeness 4 week intensive, a full refund will be made.

Please note: The Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment is FREE of charge, and is a great tool to fill out regardless of whether you enter into the Journey to Wholeness 4 Week Intensive. By filling in the above form, you will be provided the assessment to complete at your leisure. Additionally, there will be a FREE teleseminar on March 1, 10:00 am PT.

Register for teleseminar HERE: Journey to Wholeness Teleseminar

eagle in flight

cover-flying escaping-the-chrysalis-cover-tif

Journey to Wholeness is an entry-level four-week course into the immersion of self-esteem building.


Our time, both yours and mine, is finite. Time is a non-renewable commodity. There is only so much to go around, and when it’s gone, there’s no way to get it back; we cannot simply turn the hourglass upside down and expect more time. With that in mind, forgive the brutal honesty of this assertive statement that not everyone will qualify. To ensure my clients receive all they deserve, I commit to only four individuals per month. Generally the cost for my time is just under 1K per month for 3 phone calls and four weeks worth of home study.  This allows me time for hosting teleseminars, facilitating groups, conducting one-on-one counseling, and crafting fresh materials for you. It also allows me time to interact and network and continue the pursuit of other studies in higher education, and finally, it allows me quality precious time with my loved-ones, as well as time for self-care, and most certainly, for writing new books.

Here’s the deal:

  • I will never hunt for clients.
  • I will never hound anyone to join any of our many faceted events.
  • I will pretty much always be here for you when I’m needed.
  • My premise is that given the tools, you’re responsible for your magnificent outcome.
  • Moving from PAIN to POTENTIAL is not only POSSIBLE, it’s MOST PROBABLE.
  • Moving from PAIN to POTENTIAL is a rapid permanent process.
  • Once you’ve transformed that bell will not un-ring.

To request your FREE Confidential Self-Esteem assessment Questionnaire for consideration of entry into the Journey to Wholeness program fill in the form:

Do fill out the form, and when the assessment arrives in your mailbox, download and print out the form. Then fill it out. Even if you never return the completed form, do download it and answer the questions in the privacy of your own home.

It’s been reported that huge transformational shifts take place just as a result of answering the questions.

  • If not now, then when?
  • If you do what you’re doing and nothing changes, where will you be in three months? five years? ten years?
  • How long will you remain in the pain?
  • What must happen to get you to take the first step towards your limitless potential?
  • Take a page from Nike, and Just Do It!


The “YOU” Benefits of Gestalt


jan-deelstra-2Let’s face it: FEW folks know what “gestalt” is, so how could they possibly know how impactful it is?

With that in mind, I decided to make a list of some of the “YOU” benefits of Gestalt.

First, “gestalt” means “whole.” It follows then, that each of us were born whole and complete, and were then systematically taught, conditioned, indoctrinated, culturally immersed, and otherwise melded to fit certain standards and cultural molds, and to subscribe to a determined set of social mores.

We bought into the biases of institutions and families, and of the political culture in which we were born. In other words, we are each a product of our chance of birth. And have no doubt, it was chance.

Gestalt starts at the beginning. By re-visiting the perfection of your human organism at birth, we can observe that infants get their needs met without manipulating or posturing. A baby cries when he/she is hungry, cold, wet, messy, in need of love, etc. An infant doesn’t look around the room to see how he/she compares to others; a child doesn’t really care if his/her socks are pink or blue or match their diaper; you’ll never hear a baby wondering if her/his hair style is on-trend.

And contrary to some of the recent televised pageants, babies don’t need lip gloss and rouge to look their best.

Babies, before they are tainted by society, family, and peers, are the most authentic creatures on the planet. We can learn a LOT by watching them.

Power of Vulnerability

For the next 30 days, rather than finding an infant to emulate, decide instead to become acutely self-aware. Notice everything about you. Hear each word, and note the cadence of every sentence you utter; pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally under any situation; notice how you use your eyes when you pass someone in the supermarket; feel what happens to your palms, heartbeat, breath when you are among strangers, and then again when you are among loved-ones; notice you spectral mood swings and the energy you bring into the room at any given time.

Do not judge. Just pay attention to how you feel, physically and emotionally.

Thirty days.


When you look in the bathroom mirror each morning, notice if it is awkward to make eye contact with yourself. Do you look away? Do you use your eyes to deflect whatever you don’t want to see?
I’ve had clients run (yes, literally) screaming from the room rather than look themselves in the mirror.

LOOK. Look and really see. Give yourself permission to observe your whole self as you are being reflected back.

And when you are ready, make arrangements for a Discovery Consultation. It’s FREE. And it’s (generally speaking), painless.

Here’s that list of “YOU” benefits of Gestalt:

• Skyrocket your self-esteem because self-esteem affects EVERY FACET of YOUR life.
• Communicate effectively and assertively to get your needs met and not be victimized.
• Release internal blocks to success and make-way for fulfillment.
• Heal your inner child and forgive your trespassers and more importantly, forgive YOU.
• Attract opportunities and be secure enough to take advantage when they come around.
• Achieve goals that you really desire.
• Attain your goal weight and health and balance.
• Attract healthy balanced relationships with your mirror reflection.
• Release victim behavior and never again be at the mercy of another.
• Let go of scarcity mentality and prosper because it is your optimal state of being.
• Interpret dreams for valuable content and use that information to your benefit.
• Define your life on your terms. Period.
• Own your personal power, because dis-owning it is ugly and ineffective.
• Allow the flow of wealth and abundance and circulate the energies.   freedom

Remember, “Gestalt” means “whole” and so are you, once you re-claim the disowned portions of your whole self.

The outcome being offered here is FREEDOM. Isn’t that really what we’re all seeking?

Humans are meant to live in homeostasis (balance). Gestalt gives you to tools and techniques to thrive in whole aligned balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Interact with gestalt practitioner and transformational author, Jan Deelstra at because you deserve to live the best life possible!

Subscribe to the monthly Gestalt Ezine ~G-Zine and follow our blog posts at: Lots of valuable content is broadcast multiple times each month, plus, by following, you’ll be privy to all the exciting opportunities for transformative living that come available.

To receive your Confidential Self-Esteem Assessment, fill in the form below:

(And if you’re interested in a FREE Discovery Session to see if we’re a good fit, use this form and in the ‘COMMENT’ box write Discover Me. Be sure to supply a viable email address and phone number ~which will NEVER be shared.)

The assessment is a questionnaire of just over 50 questions, and can be answered in the comfort of your own home, at your leisure. And even if you don’t return the questionnaire, do sign up to receive the download link. Many have professed great consciousness shifts simply for having answered the questions.

Don’t doubt that your transformation can be rapid and effective and also be the chasm between then and now. YOU can shift your life in real time, and you don’t need to invest thousands of hours into counseling. I’ve gone before you, and I am a product of what gestalt techniques can do.

Self-awareness means consciously choosing to create the life of one’s desires.

What do you desire?

What are you passionate about?

What would you choose?

I hand you the keys to life. When you are ready to open that door to all things wonderful, fill out the form and embrace your whole/gestalt self.

key to life

If you’re still here, I invite you to download this AWAKEN JOURNAL and see where it leads.

It’s a $9.99 value, which may be priceless to you. And it’s FREE today.  AWAKEN Journal



Remember, there’s no obligation to return the questionnaire. All that is asked of you is that you take the time to mindfully respond to the questions.

~Love & Light.

Getting To Your Divine Outcome


5d6d712c016a53860081b69412c96b4fI’ll share some personal notes here, and tell you that I have not always been at the top of the mountain. My life, as is true with most humans, has had pits and hills, and has been laden with what I like to now call, “learning experiences.” We’ve all had them, the experiences that at the time seemed so un-survivable, or that threatened to de-rail us completely. Maybe you were de-railed for a time. Maybe you still are reeling from an experience that left you wondering “What the heck was that about?” Or maybe you’ve chosen to not look for the lesson in the experience, because, you surmise, it would be too painful to look back or re-live. Instead, under the guise of survival, you look the other way.

Life is experiential. And when we live in acute self-awareness of the experience, of whatever experience we are in, as a whole, we are happier and more authentic. And the raw truth is, denial never propelled anyone to fulfillment. Just sayin’….

That word, “authentic” has been used a LOT lately. I’ve heard self-professed gurus spewing the importance of being authentic, even as those same folks are being inauthentic. Regardless of how authentic or inauthentic the guru, the message is a pure truth:

Living in one’s true authenticity means never apologizing for your life


being “authentic” is to not live small.

If you are done living “small” I can show you the path to the top of that mountain, for I have gone before you. And believe me, that overall experience has given me many life lessons and much wisdom to share.

Marianne Williamson says, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure,” and I believe it.
Are you thru playing small? Are you thru with pretending that you are less than “powerful beyond measure”?

Today, take five or ten moments in a quiet place with a pad of paper and pen (or more perfectly with your journal), and answer this question:

What outcome to my life’s challenges would I like to achieve?

Really sit with this. Breathe deeply in through your nose and exhale fully out through your open mouth. Repeat this breath exercise three times to relax into this authentic moment of truth. Allow the question to swirl around the space in your mind, and then settle into your solar plexus: What outcome to my life’s challenges would I like to achieve? Be aware of your body now. Feel the question in your body: What outcome to my life’s challenges would I like to achieve? What do you feel physically at this moment while you entertain the question? What outcome to my life’s challenges would I like to achieve? Stay present with the physicality of this.

  • Notice your heart’s beat (Rapid or slow/normal)
  • Notice your palms (Dry or sweaty?)
  • Notice your body: do you experience pain anywhere?
  • Notice your breathing (Shallow or deep/relaxed)
  • Notice your face (Tight or relaxed?)
  • Notice your spine.
  • Notice your forehead.
  • Notice your jaw.

Without judgment, just notice. Simply be with your body. Let it/you speak to you with the physical senses. Be aware. Be very self-aware.

Place your focus on your crown chakra, at the top of your head. Notice the top of your head. Now consciously relax the top of your head. Good. Now, move consciously down to your face, and relax your forehead, and then relax your mouth and jaw. Great. Focus now on your neck. Relax your neck. When your neck is loosened, move on to your shoulders and spine. Notice your shoulders and spine, and consciously relax them. Move your awareness to your heart. Send love to your heart. See your heart being fed a supply of pink light energy, and see your heart pump that pink light energy throughout your veins. Now place your focus onto your solar plexus, at the space around your umbilical cord scar. Envision an umbillical cord connected to the universal flow of light energy. See, with your mind’s eye, the energy flowing into you, coursing throughout your physical and light bodies, and moving stagnant energies. This flow releases any stuck inner blocks to your success and fulfillment. Feel the flow of universal life blood energy. You are healing emotionally and physically as this source energy circulates, purifies and rejuvenates.

Ask the question: What outcome to my life’s challenges would I like to achieve?

Answer the question. You have your own best answers. Trust you, and answer the question. LISTEN. Hear your own inner wisdom. Write down the answer.

That may sound odd coming from a life consultant. But refer to paragraph one where I clearly state there have been experiences and lessons learned. And it may seem counterintuitive for me to tell you that you, not I, have your best answers. Afterall, that sounds like I’m turning away business. And business is my livelihood.

I’m not worried.

Here’s why I’m not worried about turning away business: I KNOW that once you’ve learned the Gestalt Techniques that I can teach you, you will learn to trust you to give you the best answer. When that happens, you will, just as thousands of others have, refer your best friend, lover, co-worker, etc. When you experience the outcome to your life’s challenges that you would like to achieve, others will recognize the shift. They will ask you for the secret of your transformation, and you will turn them on to Gestalt Techniques, and to me.

You see, together, we will explore the outcome that you really desire. Just guessing here, but I’ll wager that what you’re seeking is an emotion.

  • Maybe you want to feel at peace.
  • Perhaps freedom is the challenge you’re seeking to experience.
  • Maybe it’s love that seems to be the far away goal.

It could be a better career, and that’s not an emotion. There is, however, an emotion attached to the desire of having a better career. It could be a sense of accomplishment, or freedom to make other choices, or the status that re-affirms your personal worth…. There is always an undercurrent of emotion to any desire, and when we uncover that emotion, things start to really happen. You own your wings.


You are kindred with the butterfly. Every butterfly MUST struggle to break out of the chrysalis that wraps it so tightly, because the struggle actually, literally, gives the insect the strength to eventually fly free. If, thinking yourself helpful, you were to clip the cocoon from the butterfly, the butterfly would never fly, and would die on the ground. Seriously. And so would you. Imagine if you had never experienced loss. I have lost a child, and although it was the most brutally painful experience of my life, and honestly, was one which I would not have bet on surviving, I have HUGE amounts of strength and wisdom as a result of that struggle to survive. The degree of love I felt as pain from losing my son is untouchable, and is the most responsible for my enlightenment. If, following the death of my father when I was only 18 months old, I had not been raised by a single mother, I would have missed a lot of strength-building exercises that built character and taught me that girls can be strong and competent. Had I never loved and lost, I would not have experienced the importance of true self-love. Had I not found my inner strength to leave a bad marriage, I would not have gone on to learn the gestalt techniques that turned my life around, and empowered me with full-winged self-esteem.

Whatever the outcome you are seeking, gestalt techniques, my guidance, and YOU can get you there.

When you are ready, we can schedule a fifteen minute conversation to determine if we are a good fit. And if not, we’ll part ways, no worse for the wear and tear.

(FREE Downloadable Gestalt Prayer here.)

Gestalt means ‘whole’ and so are you. With a secure self-esteem in place, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

Self-esteem directly effects:

  • your income level
  • your love life
  • your interpersonal relationships
  • your family interactions
  • your career choices
  • your wealth thermostat
  • your health and wellness
  • your education
  • your personal expansion
  • your experience of being human

Even if you’re not ready to schedule that fifteen minute interview, you may want to start by reading Escaping the Chrysalis: Introduction to Gestalt Techniques for Self-Esteem Transformation. There are some excerpts of the book available on the Free Pie Page. Or click the book cover below to order from Amazon.


When you are ready to experience your wings, when you are in enough pain that you simply must take action to transform into the beautiful full-winged version of the whole/gestalt you, fill out the form and request your fifteen minute discovery call.

(FREE Downloadable Gestalt Prayer here.)

When you reach that place where most people would give in and give up…


…reach deep within, and know your worth, your value, and your power.


Yep. A friendly reminder to keep progressing.

CA7VV5OL cover-flying Blessings in the Mire
Escaping the Chrysalis               The Flying Game              Blessings in the Mire

Shadows Attached: Mad Woman Poetry ~Kindle Edition



Gestalt As You Are…




Gestalt literally means whole form. As a therapeutic term, gestalt is intent on the wholeness and balance (homeostasis) of the human organism as nature intended. Regardless of how you see yourself, you are whole and perfect in your humanness.

If gestalt were a party, it would be a come as you are party. Masks would be placed aside. The naked truths of you, stripped of cultural mores and trends, ruffles and feathers would be exposed; the black and the white, the dark and the light would be fully present, and accepted. Warts, farts, wrinkles, zits and all, you would be, we would all be, the proverbial belle of the ball. We would know the additional cliché of unconditional love. The caveat is, the love would stem first and foremost as self-love.

There is a natural cycle of human development that begins always with awareness, specifically with self-awareness. Only when one stops to see, to acknowledge, to dissect the self is one able to determine consciously the path of his or her life as they wish to proceed. It is the same with any goal or destination; that we must have a target at which to aim. When we look inward for our answers and our desires, we are then able to draw a direct line towards them.

direction As any airline pilot knows, there are constant corrections made to keep our craft (in this case, ourselves) on the course in order to reach the chosen destination. We learn and we correct our trajectory via our lessons. We set, and eventually reach the destination of our intent.

What does not happen is the reaching of our goals when there are no defined targets. So it makes logical sense to take a moment each morning before launching into the day, and meditate and intend specific actions. For example: Today I intended to write about the meaning of gestalt. I took a few minutes to think about ways in which to present the concept most simply and most easily grasped. The concept of ‘wholeness’ is simple. It would make little to no sense if I were to pretend that I have a complex idea to present here.

Likewise, human beings are actually quite simple. We may like to think otherwise, but that’s just ego spouting off. The truth is, we are all carbon-based, mostly predictable as we most easily settle into routine and resist change, and we are all in search of the same thing, which is feeling valued.

Where and how we choose to get that emotion filled is the variable to the human condition. Many people look outside themselves for external validation and support. The real power, however, is not outside. Authentic empowerment must always come from within.

True empowerment is in the consciousness of each being.
The power is in recognizing this awareness.

Authentic growth is an off-shoot of secure, healthy self-esteem. With that said, start today to acknowledge something wonderful about YOU. Through expressions of self-love and acceptance, affirm your worth, and begin your personal journey towards wholeness, towards gestalt enlightenment, towards the whole acceptance and blossoming of you, gestalt.

~As always, with love and light.


Amazon: Escaping the Chrysalis: Introduction to Gestalt Techniques for Self-Esteem Transformation

KINDLE: Escaping the Chrysalis: Introduction to Gestalt Techniques for Self-Esteem Transformation



Life Is The Picture of Cumulative Choices


…and What Does Your Life Look Like?

Life is a Series of Decisions

Whether consciously or otherwise, at every moment of any day, we are making decisions. Even apathy and inaction are choices, decisions made to take no action. Life is the sum of choices we make thru planning and taking action, or by apathy and/or ignorance. Each of us has the opportunity to make the best use of our time, or to allow time to flood by as we wear out the sofa on the sidelines of our own lives. (Scroll to the page bottom or continue reading for a FREE download tool for Goal Setting .)

Which person are you? It’s a decision you can make this second. Choice is organic, changing, expanding, contracting; you can alter your life choices at any time. Your life is a result of the decisions you make, or don’t make. It seems obvious, yet how few realize and then respond accordingly to the limitless potential this information offers?

Life is a decision. It’s a series of decisions.

That statement doesn’t mean I have control over all the events that happen in my life, and on the fringes of my life. It does mean that I always have control over how I respond to any given stimuli. Consciously responding with thoughtful consideration is a higher road choice of empowerment than is over-reacting in a barbaric, non-contemplative knee-jerk reaction.

During the past few months, I have made some rather large life changes. I’m now more committed than ever to consciously control the experience of living. Vows to do things differently, to actually consciously, boldly choose and follow my path have been tested; in some cases, the flight plan has been altered and my wing flaps adjusted to stay my chosen trajectory.

In spite of life occasionally getting in the way of aspirations, it’s rewarding to stay oddly positive about all the events taking place. Simultaneously committing to find the goodness, or at least the valuable lesson in every episode despite how nefarious or taxing is liberating.

When a close friend died, for instance, rather than allow sorrow to derail me, I dug into my psyche in order to unearth the gift in his passing. It sounds impossible, right? Not only is it possible; it is crucial. Yes, I mourned for an appropriate time, but I found a way to use the emotion as fuel for publishing a poetry book that had long festered on a rear burner.

The first time I was instructed to “find the gift” in a particularly painful event, I lashed out against the offensive suggestion. As time passed however, I did discover that every seemingly negative situation, even the death of a loved one, has another side that glitters. Patience and pondering have reinforced the idea, and now regardless of how nefarious, automatically makes any event just a little easier to swallow.

Discipline is Not Drudgery

One of my current commitments is to write each day at least 1000 words. As a result of the discipline required to keep that pledge, I’ve successfully completed a nonfiction manuscript of over 150,000 words. The first hundred thousand words came quite quickly and with relative ease. It is the tedium of editing those words, of choosing only the most valuable and precise sentences, of throwing out my not-so-well written prose that brings the yawns. But I’ve made a commitment to a certain lifestyle, and editing must be done; it’s another life-lesson of balancing the fun with the chores. It builds character; frankly, how few of my friends, relatives and acquaintances have the tenacity and dedication to commit to sit in one place for hours each day and write a book?

The commitment to take the reins of life is liberating, and accomplishing the daily goals is a self-esteem building activity. Without making the choice to take control and to follow thru each day, there is no progress; there are only thoughts that float out-there somewhere in fantasy, never to come to fruition.

I admit that I’m a big picture sort of writer. I love the concepts, get ‘great’ ideas on a continuous basis, and start a LOT of articles and books. I’m decidedly not the sort of person who will count beans, or manicure individual grass strands for a living. The small stuff is important, and I am seriously repelled by the small stuff. Let someone else sweat that manual labor. I’m off writing the big words, honing down the large word counts, and fertilizing the creative concepts that come from meditative moments in warm scented baths. But cultivating the concept of disciplined goal setting and daily self-navigation means I get thru the minutia as well as getting to enjoy the warm scented baths.

Writing book proposals and query letters is instrumental in getting published, and so I consciously make a decision to perfect my shining letters to agents and editors, though I don’t pretend to like it. Not for a second do I consider that I have any innate strength or talent in query writing, although with all the practice, I probably am perfecting the process even as I wince. It’s part of my conscious commitment to take more control of my life that demands I write those queries, send them out to the perfect parties (In bean-counter style, having researched and determined just who those parties might be), as I envision at least one of them actually reading my application, and with excited enthusiasm.

My decision to live consciously has also included growing a thicker skin. I’m collecting ‘rejection letters’ on a regular basis (again) and have gathered them into a rather large volume that sits on my desk. At any time that my ego may attempt to get too big for her britches, I can just pull out the equalizer and cut that ego back down to size. It doesn’t happen often. Life most Earthlings, I wrestle with the balance, the homeostasis, the fodder which provides the substance for the books I write.

I’ve also designed a little book for writing down nice things, complements that others give me about my writing. I write the date, the circumstances, the quote, and the person’s name (if I have managed to get it). This when, where, what and who bolsters me when things get to me. When I’m feeling especially vulnerable, or depressed, or even hopeless, I pull out the collection of positive comments from admiring readers, college professors, and even from elementary school teachers.

“Keep writing. You’re good.”

Many times, I have reread that dog-eared praise as it was scrawled by an English Professor across my first completed manuscript. She was a dear to read it, but the praise was frosting and a cherry on top! I now have it in writing, from a professional, “Keep writing. You’re good.” It’s not an Academy Award. It’s not the Pulitzer Prize, but it’s still enough encouragement to keep my seat in the seat.

Fast forwarding from the time those words were first scrawled, in the spirit of pay-it-forward, I have said those identical words to aspiring writers. Who knows, maybe my name will end up in their little book of complements too for time when their ego needs a little TLC.

Where are your decisions taking you? Whoever you are, and whatever your aspirations, commit to the practice of perfecting. Whatever you do, keep doing it. You’re good at it. ;-)

~With Love and Light,

Jan Deelstra

For a FREE download Goal Setting Form click the picture:

The Importance of a Secure Self-Esteem


“If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the Universe against me.” Emerson

Secure self-esteem is more important than an Ivy League education. This is a debatable concept, certainly, but debate or not, here are my thoughts:

  1. Lacking self-esteem has a correlation to lack of ambition, and ambition is an important element to reaching the any desired target.
  2. Severely lacking in self-confidence leads often to lethargy and even depression, thus it is not congruent with staying on course towards achievement of goals.
  3. A poor self-image opens the doorways to gang involvement as the participant seeks recognition from outside of his/her self.
  4. A poor self-esteem blocks the flow of any ability to manifest greatness, if only due to a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom.
  5. It’s hard to formulate a clear plan towards personal development and fulfillment when one is buried beneath the weight of lacking self-confidence.
  6. No amount of education can compensate for internalized feelings of failure.
  7. External validation is not the solution for building self-esteem; it’s an inside job.

So what is the solution then? Years of experience as a Gestalt Group Facilitator have taught me that pretty much everyone has bouts of self-doubt. Even the most assertive, boisterous fellow may be hiding feelings of inferiority under the loud shoutings and laughter. In fact, the guy/gal with the biggest “look at me” attitude is generally the one needing self-esteem support the most. That guy/gal has not learned that the secure feelings are only found inside, and not outside as from external validation.

Every day, it is important to recharge those self-esteem batteries with a little awareness and a bit of attention to the ‘self’ as each of us has determined we are.

For example, it’s wonderful to re-invent oneself when a particular behavior or thought process is not as effective as we would hope or expect. It’s fantastic to learn a new skill, to risk falling flat succeeding. Being alert and open to new events, and to fresh experiences and adventures, is rewarding whether it works out as we had planned or not. Regardless of outcome, there is always a lesson, a gem, a blessing in the experiencing of anything new.

Willingness to risk trying anything new leads to a layering of self-worth that begins brick by experiential brick, to build a strong foundation of secure self-esteem. The process is a circle of effectiveness that leads to yet other wondrous adventures and resultant lessons and skills. The cycle never ends, with esteem building and building and potential increasing and increasing, perpetually.

~As always, with love and light.

Excerpt from Escaping the Chrysalis: Introduction to Gestalt Techniques for Self-Esteem Transformation, Chapter One


 Escaping the Chrysalis

~Read about it!


The Other Butterfly Effect


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The following is a story that has been told and retold countless times. And yet, here it is again, as timely as ever:

Noticing a butterfly struggling to break free from the cocoon, a gentleman, thinking himself helpful, snipped at the cocoon with a tiny pair of scissors. Although the butterfly was indeed freed, its tiny wings were shriveled, and its body was swollen making it improbable that the butterfly would ever take flight. As this condensed version turns out, the insect spent the remainder of its days crawling, never having gained the strength necessary in order to take flight.

Nature’s plan was, as the butterfly squeezed through the tight cocoon opening, the fluids would be forced from the torso into the wings. Once freed, the butterfly could have easily flown.

Nature knew better than did the kindly gentleman.

This parable is two-sided, as is true with much in life:

1. Although Nature gives us perfect lessons, this doesn’t mean you must continuously be squeezed through the hole. Nature never intended you would create a habit from dysfunction, or that you’d develop an addiction to stress hormones and drama.

2. Nature gave us struggles to create strong characteristics, because to never have any struggles would be crippling. Learn lessons of independence, and inter-dependence and let go of passivity or co-dependence.

So the moral to the story is stop whining, squeeze through, embrace the lesson, flap your wings, and fly free.

Excerpt from The Flying Game by Jan Deelstra.

Excerpt from Escaping the Chrysalis: Introduction to Gestalt Techniques For Self-Esteem Transformation by J. Deelstra.

cover-flying  CA7VV5OL

Money Monday: Dreaming and Manifesting


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Sweet Dreams Are Made of These:

You might have heard of a little film called, “The Secret”
that was first released back in March 2006.

You might even have bought the book that was based on the film.

You fell in love with the very concept of having the ability
to turn your dreams into reality, simply by tapping into The Secret.

  • You’ve thought good thoughts.
  • You’ve adopted a positive attitude.
  • You’ve channeled all your positive energy into manifesting.
  • You believe in your heart of hearts that you deserve great things.
  • You’re trying to will into existence.
  • You think the universe should serve you abundance on a silver platter.

I don’t mean to be harsh…but why aren’t you living the life of your dreams yet?

Learn why over here…

Critical details were deliberately left out in The Secret; exact steps and techniques that are required to make it work.

But chin up! I have, together with other experts like Jack Canfield,  Carol Look, Eva Gregory, and many others, discovered the real secret. And I’m sharing this missing link with you!

You’ll learn:

  • The best 6 ways to activate and supercharge the law of attraction to work for you.
  • How to eradicate limiting beliefs from your mind completely with 1 simple formula.
  • How 95% of the world’s population have been brainwashed into poverty.
  • How you can reprogram yourself to receive abundant wealth.
  • And a whole lot more!

Click this link and start living the life of your dreams:

Warmest Regards and Loving Gratitude,

Finding My Life Path In His Death


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain

…so what have you done?

Today is the birthday of my deceased brother. He died in 1977, his life cut short by “unknown, natural causes.” He was 22. Autopsy results showed a “strong heart, clean lungs, no blood clots, no aneurysms, no drugs, no alcohol,” in short, no reason. He simply died in his sleep.

We were best friends, Tom and I. We were two years and two days apart in our births, and so we shared our birthday each year. It was wonderful. As children, we had someone to play with, and to confide in when we grew older. But we didn’t grow much older together. And truthfully, I still miss him on “our” birthday. And I can’t help but wonder who he would be, had he lived more than those two short decades. What would he have done with his life?

Tom’s death was the beginning of my search for spiritual sense. Afterall, without a just cause for his death, how could I possibly believe in God, or Source, or in any label one chooses to adhere to a version of Higher Power. And if there indeed was a God, how and why would he/she take my brother for “no reason”?

All these years later, I have such perfect sight to see what went before. It is my gift of his death, to have found my path to life. Without the brutal realization of mortality, it is doubtful I would have ever begun that journey inward, to that place inside that is so decidedly beyond “the safe harbor.” And so I take only a moment to share my appreciation for the greatest gift that Tom left me: The strength to “catch the trade winds,” and to travel deep inside, and to unquestionably question everything. That’s where the answers lie.

“Explore. Dream. Discover.” Seems like a perfect mantra for life.

Blessings in the Mire

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The Flying Game Holds Truth for All of Us


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There is a bit of Stella Harris in all of us. Seemingly out of nowhere comes a hand that, at first thru fifth glance reveals no winning cards. Our subjective realities are altered then and there; everything changes.

Kelly Clarkson’s lyrics “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” play in my head, telling me that others too, have experienced events that required drawing on more inner strength than we knew we had.

Thus is the transformational current of The Flying Game. It’s a fictional self-help book with a secret nod to The Wizard of Oz as the inner wisdom that ultimate saves all of us from those blessed “learning experiences,” arguably random or destined occurrences that on the surface are too much to bear. But bear we must, and from such perseverance human character is undeniably forged and personality more deeply colored.

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Money Monday: Bypass Your Subconscious Gatekeeper


Your subconscious mind has a gate keeper. This is a survival means that keeps out a lot of bad stuff. Unfortunately, over time, this gate keeper gets more and more strict about what gets inside. It’s fine for a toddler to absorb information with the speed of Niagra Falls, but it’s another for an adult to be open to all the environmental factors that surround us.
It’s this gatekeeper that allows for children to learn language, and that same keeper makes it a bit more difficult for adults to learn a new language.

Stella Harris of The Flying Game, found a way to bypass her gatekeeper. Now you can too! Imagine being able to allow in a fresh perspective of who you are at a subconscious level. Imagine being able to free yourself from the pains of the past and move into your truest power.

One of my absolutely most favorited self-help promoters, Dr. Robert Anthony (The Secret of Deliberate Creation is a set of CDs I still listen too) has generously offered a FREE audio that YOU can immediately download. That’s my Money Monday gift to you today. My friend, Dr. Robert Anthony, has created a free audio for you that reveals how to silence your Inner Gatekeeper and change your inner blueprint once and for all! And best of all: This breakthrough audio really is free! Go listen to it now…

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