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Mindset Mastery for a Miraculous Life & Limitless Wisdom


What if you always knew, without a shadow of a doubt, the right choice to make, the best action to take, the ideal approach to any problem in your life or your business?

What if, in moments of worry or stress, when there’s too much to do, when you’re not sure how you’re going to manage your life or make critical business decisions, you could immediately connect with your own personal pipeline of wise counsel, guidance and support – 24/7?

In other words, what if you had your own clear channel of Inner Guidance at your command, anytime, anywhere?

Come on. Confess it.

You would love it! Who wouldn’t?

My friend and colleague, Eva Gregory discovered how to release doubts and resistance and became a receptive channel of her own Inner Guidance well over a decade ago. Since then she’s gone on to teach thousands of others how to do the same.

And what she’s found is without the right mindset, even when you are being GUIDED to a bigger game, you play small and therefore you get small results in your business.

That’s why she’s making her Mindset Mastery Formula available for a short period of time along with a special video training series where she walks you through the process step by step.

Download your Mindset Mastery Formula here:https://god.isrefer.com/go/mindset/WingedWomen

In it, you’ll learn how to release your ego’s limiting mindset and tap into the abundant mindset of your Soul.

I strongly recommend you watch the video training for maximum results. You’ll learn things you can apply in your business and life right way.

Access your Mindset Mastery Formula now.


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P.S.  Be sure to download your Mindset Mastery Formula and learn how to release your ego’s limiting mindset and tap into the abundant mindset of your Soul. And if you are an entrepreneur, it’s like having your own cheat sheet for attracting ideal clients by mastering your mindset.

Tip: Be sure to watch the free training video for maximum results!



St Jude Children’s Hospital Benefits When You Buy Blessings in the Mire

Amazon has created a special link for Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections, and when you purchase your copy through this link
https://smile.amazon.com/Blessings-Mire-Story-Miracles-Recollections/dp/1534814426/ a donation is made to the St Jude Children’s Hospital.

Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections
Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections

Did you know that St Jude doesn’t charge any family for cancer treatment for the children, nor for housing for the family while the child is in treatment? They are completely dependent on the generosity of folks like you, me, and Amazon to support this worthy cause.

St Jude Children’s Hospital is my #1 favorite charitable cause. It’s the one I donated to, even when things were tight and I was a young single mom. Now, I able to freely choose where my money goes, and I still have St Jude Childen’s Hospital at the top of my list.

Will you join me in this worthwhile cause, and get a spiritually enlightening page-turner in the process?

I want to say thank you in advance for supporting them, and for sharing this post with as many friends as you think it may help. Because Blessings in the Mire is reported to have “healing properties” by those who have read it. It’s heart healing. And that’s a truly wonderful thing. .

Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections
Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections

If you know anyone who has lost a love-one, or anyone questioning the possibilities of life after death, of angel encounters, or of connections with our own personal spirit guides, forward this post to them, or better yet, gift them a copy of Blessings in the Mire. And do it through this link and help save a child in the process.

Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections was written following the death of my son. Through the darkest moments of my life, I eventually found the light -The blessing in the most heinous event that any woman could imagine.

Through the process of seeking answers, I went deep into the darkest corners of my past, and I came out with wisdom that would never have surfaced had I not gone through this firestorm. I believe now, that finding and then writing Blessings in the Mire is the message of my calling…. It is the purpose of my life, to share miraculous stories with you, so that you too will be more open than ever before to the truth that there is SO MUCH MORE THAN WE KNOW.

  • Come along with me, as I illustrate how time warped to save my life….
  • Witness the eagles being manifested with thought….
  • Observe complete strangers turning to me with a message that could only be from God/Source
  • Learn to find the reason for everything, because indeed, there are no accidents….
  • Connect with spirit guides and angels and ancestors.
  • Read about my visit to the world reknowned medium, George Anderson where my dead relatives came to call.

Blessings in the Mire is a true story of many stories, because like you, we are all a result of the many stories of our individual lives…. Many of my stories come from my time as the local “Angel Lady” as I share experiences of being the spiritual hub for a delightful neighborhood.

Just as many stories in Blessings in the Mire are taken from my miracle-laced early adulthood, and far back to my disrupted childhood….

I am blessed with experiences of miracles, because I was in a position to be open to those unexplained happenstance that often go unnoticed, or un-substantiated. My life is over-flowing with miraculous gifts, gifts which I share with you in Blessings in the Mire.

It is brutal. It is candid. And it is as honest and forthright as I could ever be.

If you wonder about the big questions, get Blessings in the Mire. And please get it through this link to help the kids at St.Jude Children’s Hospital https://smile.amazon.com/Blessings-Mire-Story-Miracles-Recollections/dp/1534814426/ .
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It’s Out: Proof of Your Infinite Existence

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It’s such a feeling of great satisfaction to hold the new edition in my hands. And if you want to feel that feeling of holding Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections in your hands, you can save 25% off the regular retail! Grab your copy today and save $5.00!

Have you ever questioned the possibility of life after death? of angel encounters? of spirit guides? of the potential of healers without traditional “medicine”? of mediums and psychic abilities to communicate with deceased loved-ones? of YOUR ability to connect with dead loved ones?
Blessings in the Mire will cause you to ponder all the unexplained possibilities, as you read this page-turner you’ll be in awe of the often miraculous stories I’ve shared. Written in memoir format, this book is raw, it’s intimate, and it will awaken you to your connection with the Universe, even as that Universe holds the essence of everything…and everything is infinite. You are part of that infinite everything.

Get it now before the price hike and ONLY thru the PayPal link!

What they’re saying about Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections


“…by the end, the author has made you realize the beauty that lies hidden within that pain.”

Reviewer: M. Ashley: “It is difficult to get through the first chapter. It is heart-wrenching, making your insides hurt. If you have experienced anything like losing someone close to you, you will relate in a way that makes it painful to read. But, by the end, the author has made you realize the beauty that lies hidden within that pain. There are reasons for everything; sometimes it just takes more dissecting to find them. Read it; you won’t regret it.”

Loss, Strength, Hope and Wisdom

“… truly a story of finding blessings, wisdom and miracles in the darkest of life’s mysteries.”

Reviewer: Linda Magro: “When I first began to read Jan Deelstra’s book, Blessings in the Mire, I thought it was a memoir on surviving the loss of a child. Although that is a large part of the book, it is so much more. It is a story of strength, fortitude and hope amidst all the hardships and challenges life can throw at us, from an anomalous childhood to the death of her son and beyond. The sheer strength and resilience of Deelstra to pull herself up out of the dark abyss time and again throughout her life is a lesson in bravery and the power of the human spirit. Blessings in the Mire is aptly titled, as it is truly a story of finding blessings, wisdom and miracles in the darkest of life’s mysteries. Deelstra has a profound ability to write beautiful, haunting prose. The following paragraph is one of my favorites from the book, full of such prolific wisdom that I must share it to give every potential reader a taste of her illuminating prose: “I have learned volumes, and nothing at all. A curious believer in reincarnation, at times I quip that I must have made some masochistic agreement to be hit with the “best shot” this time around. When did it become me against Goliath? When was it not? No one has the monopoly on pain, or on a hard life, and through all its sundry drudgery I wouldn’t trade my life for any other. There is great wisdom in this acceptance, or at least there is great relief. There is no need to live in any place except the challenge of the exact moment that is happening right now, or to look to any other green pastures but our own. We are the cultivators of our individual experiences. We have no one to blame the blessings on, but ourselves.” In conclusion, I couldn’t put the book down, and her words resonated with me, touching and providing healing strength to my own soul. There is wisdom in every heartbreak and synchronicity in everyone’s journey of self and universal discovery through life. Although there is a lot of heartbreak in this book, I believe only people who have been broken can help other broken people, and Deelstra has certainly accomplished this in Blessings in the Mire. I highly recommend this book to everyone who has ever had to deal with personal tragedy and hardship. It is a must read!”

Beautiful Blessings

“…an amazing story of love, hope and the triumph of spirit.”

Reviewer: M. Joy: “Blessings in the Mire is a beautifully honest book about survival and rebirth after losing a child. At times we have experiences that are so painful that we almost forget how to breathe. Jan Deelstra openly shares her complete pain in a way that any mother can comprehend. While I felt such sadness for her experience, I was even more overwhelmed by her willingness to seek strength and solace in something so much greater than the emotions and emptiness. This is an amazing story of love, hope and the triumph of spirit.”

Blessings In the Mire

“…takes the reader down a path of inspiration and enlightenment to show how to look within to overcome adversity.”

Reviewer: J. Maldonado: “Jan Deelstra had my undivided attention with her tale in Blessings in the Mire. Through a mother’s eye she tells the story of devastating loss and how she found the spark to start her recovery to begin a new life. This life is full of challenges, but if we learn the lesson that Deelstra teaches, she shows we all have the opportunity and ability to turn adversity into a healthy, happy life. She takes the reader down a path of inspiration and enlightenment to show how to look within to overcome adversity. I would like to thank Ms. Deelstra for sharing her treasure of life skills and bringing such inspiration and enlightenment to myself and her readers giving us the hope that courage and implementation of her life skills can help to make a better life.”


“…I had laughed, cried, and learned more about the human spirit than I could have….”

Reviewer: Anonymous: “The first chapter is excruciatingly painful. It is difficult to get through. By the end, I had laughed, cried, and learned more about the human spirit than I could have otherwise. This book is inspirational. It is healing. It is empowering. I definitely recommend it, especially to those who have suffered any sort of loss, abuse, sadness, depression, or death of a loved one. And to those who believe in miracles, this will reinforce that belief.”

Powerful. Insightful. Candid. Moving.

“…a book that will remain with you long after the end.”

Reviewer: Anonymous: “This book, Blessings in the Mire begins as an excruciating journey into the author’s life. The first page had me in tears as she wrote with such raw emotion and candor. It is a book that will remain with you long after the end. This is a wonderful healing tool for anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one, but it is so much more than that. She sees the light, and humor in so many ways. And the awareness she has of the field of coincidences and intention is acute and thought-provoking. Highly recommended, especially if you are interested in metaphysical issues of energies, angels, mediums, reincarnation, coincidences and the like.”

Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections
Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections by Jan Deelstra


Blessings In The Mire
A True Story Of Miracles & Recollections

Blessings in the Mire Front Book Cover Preview

Next week, on the 21 year anniversary of my 21-year-old son’s death, I am re-releasing the second edition of Blessings in the Mire. With a few edits and a brand new cover, the book is almost ready to ship!

To celebrate the re-release, I am offering a special discount of 25% to my favorite blog readers 🙂 Rather than paying $19.99, you can order thru this limited time offer for only $14.99.  You’ll also save on S&H! Pay only $2.99 to get this riveting, true story of miracles and recollections….

Blessings in the Mire is written from my brutally honest heart. This candid true story is part memoir and part spiritual miracles stories, and it is the most vulnerable book I will ever write.

At the time it was written, I (the author) had lost my son to suicide, had handed the keys to my ‘Angel Store’ to new owners, gave my life over to the morass of depression, and fell to a place of such profound imbalance (mind-body-spirit separation) that it seemed most preferable and likely that I would follow my son into death.

Leaving behind all I had ever known, and undoubtedly attempting to out-run the memories of all I had ever known, I packed my belongings and moved to Southern California.

Rather than succumb to the grief, I mustered strength enough to sit at the keyboard as the otherworldly flow came thru me. Yes, I do realize how insane this sounds. And let there be no doubt about it: The death of a child leads to insanity, at least temporarily.

Although the journey I share is at times bitter, and is more often horrific and painful, it is worth holding onto my hand as I take you on the path of survival and near death. My unique position as the sole-proprietor of an “Angel Store” adds multiple dimensions to the story, while it doubtlessly also provided fuel for my quest to uncover answers to the questions most dare not ask.

Don’t Fear the Darkness!

Against all odds, this profoundly moving book ends on a high note. Ultimately, the reader is left with a profound love and respect for this vision of survival, and in some cases, readers report “healing effects” as a result of reading it.

A powerful, and empowering “MUST” read for anyone who has suffered loss, has questions about spirit transformation after death, or for anyone who has the guts to question indoctrination, dogma, and karma.

Read an excerpt: Excerpt from Blessings in the Mire by Jan Deelstra

What They’re Saying About Blessings in the Mire

“A ‘MUST READ’ for anyone who has lost a loved one.”

Customer Reviews of Blessings in the Mire


“…by the end, the author has made you realize the beauty that lies hidden within that pain.”

Reviewer: M. Ashley: “It is difficult to get through the first chapter. It is heart-wrenching, making your insides hurt. If you have experienced anything like losing someone close to you, you will relate in a way that makes it painful to read. But, by the end, the author has made you realize the beauty that lies hidden within that pain. There are reasons for everything; sometimes it just takes more dissecting to find them. Read it; you won’t regret it.”

Loss, Strength, Hope and Wisdom

“… truly a story of finding blessings, wisdom and miracles in the darkest of life’s mysteries.”

Reviewer: Linda Magro: “When I first began to read Jan Deelstra’s book, Blessings in the Mire, I thought it was a memoir on surviving the loss of a child. Although that is a large part of the book, it is so much more. It is a story of strength, fortitude and hope amidst all the hardships and challenges life can throw at us, from an anomalous childhood to the death of her son and beyond. The sheer strength and resilience of Deelstra to pull herself up out of the dark abyss time and again throughout her life is a lesson in bravery and the power of the human spirit. Blessings in the Mire is aptly titled, as it is truly a story of finding blessings, wisdom and miracles in the darkest of life’s mysteries. Deelstra has a profound ability to write beautiful, haunting prose. The following paragraph is one of my favorites from the book, full of such prolific wisdom that I must share it to give every potential reader a taste of her illuminating prose: “I have learned volumes, and nothing at all. A curious believer in reincarnation, at times I quip that I must have made some masochistic agreement to be hit with the “best shot” this time around. When did it become me against Goliath? When was it not? No one has the monopoly on pain, or on a hard life, and through all its sundry drudgery I wouldn’t trade my life for any other. There is great wisdom in this acceptance, or at least there is great relief. There is no need to live in any place except the challenge of the exact moment that is happening right now, or to look to any other green pastures but our own. We are the cultivators of our individual experiences. We have no one to blame the blessings on, but ourselves.” In conclusion, I couldn’t put the book down, and her words resonated with me, touching and providing healing strength to my own soul. There is wisdom in every heartbreak and synchronicity in everyone’s journey of self and universal discovery through life. Although there is a lot of heartbreak in this book, I believe only people who have been broken can help other broken people, and Deelstra has certainly accomplished this in Blessings in the Mire. I highly recommend this book to everyone who has ever had to deal with personal tragedy and hardship. It is a must read!”

Beautiful Blessings

“…an amazing story of love, hope and the triumph of spirit.”

Reviewer: M. Joy: “Blessings in the Mire is a beautifully honest book about survival and rebirth after losing a child. At times we have experiences that are so painful that we almost forget how to breathe. Jan Deelstra openly shares her complete pain in a way that any mother can comprehend. While I felt such sadness for her experience, I was even more overwhelmed by her willingness to seek strength and solace in something so much greater than the emotions and emptiness. This is an amazing story of love, hope and the triumph of spirit.”

Blessings In the Mire

“…takes the reader down a path of inspiration and enlightenment to show how to look within to overcome adversity.”

Reviewer: J. Maldonado: “Jan Deelstra had my undivided attention with her tale in Blessings in the Mire. Through a mother’s eye she tells the story of devastating loss and how she found the spark to start her recovery to begin a new life. This life is full of challenges, but if we learn the lesson that Deelstra teaches, she shows we all have the opportunity and ability to turn adversity into a healthy, happy life. She takes the reader down a path of inspiration and enlightenment to show how to look within to overcome adversity. I would like to thank Ms. Deelstra for sharing her treasure of life skills and bringing such inspiration and enlightenment to myself and her readers giving us the hope that courage and implementation of her life skills can help to make a better life.”


“…I had laughed, cried, and learned more about the human spirit than I could have….”

Reviewer: Anonymous: “The first chapter is excruciatingly painful. It is difficult to get through. By the end, I had laughed, cried, and learned more about the human spirit than I could have otherwise. This book is inspirational. It is healing. It is empowering. I definitely recommend it, especially to those who have suffered any sort of loss, abuse, sadness, depression, or death of a loved one. And to those who believe in miracles, this will reinforce that belief.”

Powerful. Insightful. Candid. Moving.

“…a book that will remain with you long after the end.”

Reviewer: Anonymous: “This book, Blessings in the Mire begins as an excruciating journey into the author’s life. The first page had me in tears as she wrote with such raw emotion and candor. It is a book that will remain with you long after the end. This is a wonderful healing tool for anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one, but it is so much more than that. She sees the light, and humor in so many ways. And the awareness she has of the field of coincidences and intention is acute and thought-provoking. Highly recommended, especially if you are interested in metaphysical issues of energies, angels, mediums, reincarnation, coincidences and the like.”

Buy YOUR Copy NOW and Save!

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Okay, Okay! Here’s the Manifesting Secret Technique for Your Toolbox!

envision-thisA week or so ago, I wrote about how I had been compelled by current events in the news to meditate on sending out love into the ethers. In that same email, I mentioned a process I use with my coaching clients to help them manifest beyond the typical vision board. In that email, I invited anyone who might want to learn the technique, to send an email and schedule a short call where I would walk you through the simple but effective process.

Well, I should have known better! So many of you asked about it, that my in-box and my schedule filled up and little else has gotten accomplished!

So what’s a coach to do?

I’ve decided to write out the steps here, and let you try it for yourself and see where it goes. So here’s the manifesting secret technique to add to your toolbox!

Here’s a heads-up:

  • It sounds simple
  • It IS simple.
  • It won’t take much time to set up. 
  • It gets rave reviews from clients who invest the time and effort to do it.

If you follow these instructions, you too may find yourself manifesting more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want!

Typically, I see clients invest a lot of time and effort to create the perfect vision board. They seek out the images of their dream life, dream car, dream house, dream partner, dream job, etc., and they cut and paste and dream about all the things they want to have….

That’s great. Truly, I am all for creating vision boards. Even before I became certified in the Law of Attraction, I was creating vision boards. In truth, I have several, and each New Year’s Day, you’ll find me waist deep in clippings and glue sticks. And at the end of each year, you’ll find me dissecting what did and didn’t manifest from that board and adjusting accordingly.

It was only when I finally unearthed a couple of missing keys to manifesting that my manifesting really began to take off. I call it my manifesting muscle. And like all muscles, the more we use it, the stronger it becomes. And we exercise that manifesting muscle by consciously infusing it with both our emotions and our envisioning…. We do it by infusing the vision with our infinite spirit frequency. We are infusing it with our whole self -mind, body, spirit essence, and when we do, wow!

Here’s what I’ve learned, and what I encourage my clients to do too:

Infuse emotion into the images as you cut them out and paste them down. Really FEEL yourself as having whatever you are putting onto that board.

PUT YOU in the board! I don’t know how many vision boards I’ve looked at, that were missing the most important part: YOU!

Place the finished product in a place where you can easily gaze at it while relaxing and playing some of your favorite music in the background.

Look at it each morning, and at night just before you fall asleep, and do so, always with the feeling of how you feel having manifested whatever is on the board.

Invest a full minute being the person -YOU- that you will be when your manifestation comes to fruition. The more you feel it, the faster it will come.

You probably know about the previous basic steps to manifesting, and maybe you’ve had a little luck, but you’re not consistently or predictably manifesting. Often, my clients come to me having had a bit of success, but without a clear concept of why they are sometimes able to easily manifest their desires and other times success eludes them….

Here’s the secret manifesting sauce I promised you….

Create TWO vision boards.

Create the one of all your desires and dreams, just as instructed above, and then create a second one of all the crappy things in and about your life.

Yep. I want you to create the vision board of everything that holds you back, that gets you down, that makes you feel small and insignificant. Fill the board with images that re-affirm a lack of self-worth, or lacking confidence, or emptiness, or whatever your life looks like right now. I want you to really get into this process and create the most heinous of all vision boards. Get it all out there and stuck down to that vision board.

And when you are through, I want you to hang them side-by-side on your wall in a conspicuous place where you will see them morning, noon, and night.

Keep them hung on your wall for at least 48-72 hours, even up to a week.

And notice how you feel when you see each of them.

Pay close attention to your physical feelings as well as your emotions. Be really aware of your thoughts as you look at both of these creations.

This exercise is a mind-body-spirit experiential exercise, so please do take the time to get a clear take on your experience at a mind, body, and spirit level….

Journal this experience daily. Really get into the process. This process is creating a shift, and you are about to shift…that’s another word for transformation.

At the end of the 48-72 hour window (you’ll know by the way it feels) look one final time at the two boards.

~Decide which of these visions you choose to manifest.

~Decide means to “cut away” and when you decide which of these visions you will manifest, you’re cutting away the other as an option.

~Destroy the one you didn’t choose. Rip it up. Burn it in a sacred ritual. Release it to the Universe for purification. Doing so gives a directive to your subconscious mind that things are now heading in a prescribed direction. So make a decision. Release the one you did not choose.

~And don’t ever, ever, ever pick it up again.

Stay committed to the vision you chose. Move consistently in the energetic frequency of the vision you’ve chosen and you will begin to see the results in a faster rate of manifestation than ever before.

The secret sauce for manifesting what you want, is the act of breaking through to your sub-conscious mind, and re-directing the vibrational frequency flow. And this technique works to that end by using the whole (gestalt) of who you are mind, body and spirit.

I told you it was simple.

Let me know how it goes, and what comes up for you as you complete the process. Send me an email or schedule a quick call.

My Signature

PS ~ Just for fun, I’ve included the MP3 Is Your Vision Board Repelling Your Desire?

An Affinity with Strawberries, the Moon, and You

An Affinity with Strawberries, the Moon, and You

There are a few affinities I claim, and an affinity with anyone who reads -and especially with those who comment on these posts, and an affinity with the moon’s cycles are near the top of my list. And I kinda like fresh strawberries too….

But only fresh.

In fact, I once owned a new-age “angel” store named Ruby Luna’s Angel Emporium. It was named in jest following a conversation I had with a friend when I was contemplating changing my name back to my maiden name after 2 decades of being divorced. The kids were grown. I saw no reason to keep a name that never really fit quite right…if you know what I mean….

“Rather than change it back, why not change it to something unique that suits you,” my friend suggested.

“Like Ruby…Luna?” I laughed as I said it, but there was, as is generally true, a bit of truth beneath the laughter.

For as long as I could recall, I had been very connected to lunar cycles, especially to those of new and full moon energies. My friends knew this about me. How could they miss it?! More often than not, I wore tops embellished with crystals in moon configurations, usually rhinestone crescents. Moons hung in my home (still do…) and office.

And when I opened Ruby Luna’s Angel Emporium, the signage above the doorway was a big crescent moon with a full-winged angel perched there in the curve like it was a swing meant just for her enjoyment. And you just know she was holding a ruby….

Being that it was a “celestial venue” there was no shortage of educated customers who shared all sorts of tidbits about the moon. I learned, for instance, about the Gibbous Moon, about how when people come into your life during the Gibbous phase, they are in your life to help and support you. This Gibbous lesson has played out numerous times throughout my life. It’s an especially important realization that I am happy to have learned and witnessed repeatedly. The fun thing is, now when someone does something really helpful, or happens to show up in near miraculous fashion to lend some expertise, I can’t help but look at the lunar calendar to see what phase it is….

The Ruby connection is less clear. Even though I don’t particularly love the color red, I’ve always loved rubies. That affinity is probably because my grandmother wore both her own, and those of her mother in a wedding set. Beautiful rubies and diamonds were deftly set in platinum gold. It’s very sweet.

Ruby Luna may truly have been a more authentic name for me, but I settled for my birth name instead. Customers assumed I was Ruby, so in part, the name did stick somewhat. Until I moved to San Diego from Salt Lake City, hundreds of customers called me Ruby. I didn’t correct them. And when I got to California, I do admit to being Luna for a while…. It was following the death of my son, and I think, looking back, I just needed to re-invent myself for a little while. Plus, it was tempting to try to rid myself of any vestiges of the past pains, and I think owning the celestial label while I was seeking blessings in the mire of his death helped me to connect with my higher power and stay in that higher realm even as I was snorkeling in the depths of hell seeking answers.

Then I resurfaced as me, albeit changed at a deeply transformative level where those who become angel mothers transform into the new normal way of being. It was then, that I stepped back into my birth name. I claimed it. Because it holds the essence of me at an ancestral level and at a present level. I no longer felt the need to disown it. Maybe more to the core, I no longer dis-owned me.

Anyway, this post is not really about rubies, or angels, or strawberries, and it’s not even really about me. It’s about the moon’s gifts to us. And on this 2016 North American Solstice, the moon is giving us a special connection with the strawberries. This full moon –The Strawberry Moon, falls on Solstice. And honestly, I am excited to allow for whatever that means.

…and yes, I will be eating strawberries and gazing at the moon.

The other thing about this day is that it means the year is half-way over. Can you even believe that? It seems as if I was just pasting my vision board with intentions, and here we are half-way through the year. It’s time to take a close look at that vision board to see if any alterations are called for. It’s time to measure my progress, and maybe to set some new intentions.

I’m compelled to share a secret tool with you that I use with my coaching clients. It’s simple. And it’s truly powerful and empowering. If you want to know about it, you’re gonna have to reach out and connect with me either via email, or Skype. You can send me a contact request to LIVE:jdeelstra_2 or an email to jandeelstra@jandeelstra.com. It’s worth the reaching out. Afterall, it will be free. And as a tool for your toolbox, this is one transformation tool you’re gonna want to own!

Happy Solstice.

My Signature

PS~ In case you really just have to have a free gift without the effort of reaching out, here’s another transformation tool for your toolbox: Calling On Your Divine_795x1003

PSS~ Ready to schedule that Breakthrough Session and truly transform your life before the second half of the year is past?

Save $200 today:

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Is YOUR Vision Board Actually Repelling Your Desire?

Imagine this: You’ve spent hours and days gathering and cutting and pasting and creating.

Now you have a beautiful vision board in front of you, one that you can look at every day and hopefully bring about the desires you wish to manifest.

You’ve hung it front and center where you will see it often.

There it is: Your dream life. Your perfect car. Your perfect house. Your perfect life partner.

You have spent a lot of energy considering what to put on this vision board. Afterall, it is the depiction of all you wish for, all you desire to manifest.

And you’ve studied the Law of Attraction, so you know that creating a vision board is among the best ways to manifest that dream life.

But imagine instead of manifesting that dream life, all your good intentions are stopped at the paste stage.

Because not only have you created a beautiful vision board, you have also created a vision of what’s missing from your life.

You’ve created a gigantic affirmation of separation from all that you wish to manifest.

And it’s now hanging on your bedroom or office wall, greeting you throughout the day, taking your thoughts to that place of wishes and dreams.

Is Your Vision Board Actually Repelling Your Desire?


Your vision board could actually be repelling your desire by creating a sense of separation between you, and what you wish for.

Your vision board may not even include YOU in the big picture!

Today’s podcast is a short 4 minute audio recording about how your vision board may be repelling what you desire, and offers ways to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

Before you get too annoyed with me, or with the thought of your vision board sabotaging your good intentions, let me reassure you that I am a certified Law of Attraction expert. And I am not here to say the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. The Law of Attraction works every bit as well as gravity works on Earth.

And because it works so automatically, we must take it literally.

We must trust that it works, and that our desires are coming.

And with a bit of insight, we can have the desires, pretty much automatically.

What I offer you today, is a tiny piece of insight.

I think you’re gonna like it.

Let me know in the comments down below.  🙂

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PS ~ Here’s another little tool for aligning with your desires: Alignment Exercise


Communication: Owning Your Voice

Tell me honestly:

  • Are you getting your needs and desires met?
  • Are you being well-received?
  • Are you listened to, and understood?
  • Is there something you want to say, but lack courage?
  • Would you benefit from setting better boundaries?
  • Do you need a lesson in saying “No”?

For several decades, I have helped women to learn to own their voices, and to be assertive in order to get her needs met. Often times, when a woman is first learning to step into a more effective assertive way of communicating, she swings wide to the other side, in essence becoming not assertive, but rather, becoming aggressive.

The victim then becomes the victimizer.

This is clearly NOT what is in the best interest of anyone involved! To better center that communication pendulum, it’s important to learn to use “I messages” when asking for what you want or need. As this video illustrates, when we start a sentence with “I” instead of “You” we are much more likely to be heard.

This video is almost an hour long. That means yo may or may not have time at this moment to watch it. But even if you are busy, I hope you will subscribe to my new YouTube channel (it will soon fully replace my old channel). The channel is the new home for women’s empowerment videos. Once they are posted here, they will show up in my YouTube Women’s Empowerment Toolbox. I hope you’ll subscribe!


As a final thought, learning to own your voice comes with the responsibility to also listen effectively, respectfully to the other person, with open lines and heart. It is to trust your intuition when entering into any conversation with another. Trust yourself to walk away if the situation becomes dangerous. And trust your intuition if it tells you to hold your tongue for fear of danger.

Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig. Click To Tweet

My objective is to give some tools for more effective, safe, and clear communication. Words have power. They have the power to empower. Let me know how these techniques work for you.

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The Self-Worth Experience

The Self-Worth Experience

You are a perfect seed. Inside of you, there is a growth that was planted when you were very young, and which has been cultivated by your behaviors.
You unconsciously repeat the self-talk and the habituated behaviors to ensure the continuous growth of this inner vine….
You choose situations and players that reinforce your commitment to this growth, and you do it all, while protesting the truth, even as you feed it….


That vine is the weed of self-doubt.
And that self-doubt is at the core of poor self-esteem.
And self-esteem affects every facet of your life. EVERY. SINGLE. AREA.


Your self-worth affects your wealth potential.


Your self-worth affects how you see yourself….


Your sense of worthiness affects how you perceive the Earth….


Without feelings of confidence you continue to cultivate situations to keep you rooted in familiar feelings…never straying too far from the tree of insecurity and self-doubt.


When we dig a little deeper, we see that your feelings of not-being good enough are actually fear-based habits which keep you safe in the status quo….

You never have to be seen or judged when you stay small.

But what are you missing?

Is your passionate purpose to live small?

Are you living by default?

Or are you ready to really step into your goddess self…

…cultivate the divinity that is within you

and BE that woman?


Are you ready to let go of the victim role?

Are you willing to release your investment in being unworthy?

Would you like to tend to your garden now? If so, I have a fantastic opportunity for you:
Cultivating Self-Worth: You Are a Perfect Seed


Start by listening to the audio.

Then click the button where you will enter into the secure online portal where you will begin immediately to cultivate the goddess in you….

REGISTER NOW Purple Button

The downloadable audio version of the Self Worth Experience is below.

Stress Killer for Killer Stress

Take a Break

Everyone knows about breast cancer because pretty much everyone loves the boobs. But are you aware that there is a much greater threat to your health?

Stress is deadly. It causes hypertension, stroke, heart disease, brain damage (yep), and is a preventable source of disease. So today, I am giving you a stress killer for killer stress.

Many people are addicted to the biological chemicals that flood the brain and body with deadly hormones. These folks are the ones who are constantly finding reasons to be annoyed, or out-and-out angry.

The angry outbursts are subconscious ways of stimulating the brain in those with untreated A.D.D. ~Attention deficit disorder, and others. These same repetitive, explosions show up on brain scans as craters in the brain, having effectively killed off parts of the brain.

Too many people turn to their social media fronts, stuff their heads with noise and busy virtual happenings, instead of getting calm and going within –which is a much healthier behavior, and one which is not only less deadly, but which is actually the means to health and wellness.

With that bit of information in mind, find a place to sit back and prepare to relax as I take you on a brief 20 minute journey designed to lower your blood pressure, remove the crick in your back, and feed your mind, body and spirit with healing self-care.


Download your Stress Killer for Killer Stress meditation. #stressrelease #womensempowerment Click To Tweet

Feel free to share this Podcast with anyone who could benefit from a dose of tranquility.

How Isolation Is Blocking Adundance of Wealth, Joy, Health, and Love

How Isolation Is Blocking Adundance of Wealth, Joy, Health, and Love


In the last post, Closing Off the Heart to Love is Closing Off the Heart to Abundance, I peeled back the layer to reveal that I was in fact homeless, isolated, and feeling at the end of my life as choices go. This is a place where many gifts were revealed to me as I searched for meaning in chaos. That brings us to my discovery of how isolation is blocking abundance of wealth, joy, health, and love.

Eventually, it was revealed to me that I had to go there, to experience isolation and loss, in order to understand that I could finally consciously create my life desires on my terms. And to do that, meant I had to accept where I was and start from that exact point. That’s a lesson that I would eventually take to my clients. We begin always where she is now.

Meditation and journaling are staples in my life. Regardless of where I am and of what is going on with me, I am fairly consistent about daily meditation and not quite daily journaling. These are power tools in my self-development toolkit, and are among the many tools I share with clients. Whether writing down goals, appreciations, events, or as a sounding board, journaling allows us to track the path of where we’ve been to where we are. And meditation simply allows for the spirit to be heard. That’s a critical piece of manifestation, as the spirit brings to fruition that which we seek.

During my point of homelessness, I considered much, including the loss of property, and of my grandmother who died, and then of my mother and all the dysfunction that swirled around her up until her sudden death. I began to get really clear about the ways in which I had taken on some of their abundance-blocking characteristics.

My grandmother was spunky and outgoing and very social, as long as it was with select people she enjoyed. She had lived through the Depression era, and when she died the signs of her fears were apparent: G-ma had stashes of plastic spoons and forks and knives and sugar packets and washed empty jars and plastic containers. Her supply of “just in case” items was laughable, if not revealing as to her fear of lack.

My mother, at the time of her death, was a withdrawn hoarder, with the psychological protection of double fencing around her home and make-shift booby-traps to ward of would-be intruders. Her garage was jammed with floor to ceiling boxes of catalog items she had purchased, all with the future in mind. “One day,” she reasoned, she would have the extravagant home in which to showcase all the wares that were stored, many unopened until that time, which never came.

On the surface, my mother and her mother seemed to be polar opposites. Yet, as I began to consider them both, I understood that both wore a defensive shield: My grandmother’s was her abruptness. My mother’s was more obvious with the traps and fences. Both hoarded, and both were alone when they died. Both were near destitute. They had choked-off the flow.

I understand isolation, and in fact, I have written often about the difference in being alone versus being lonely. And it wasn’t until I experienced great loss and ended up homeless that I ever felt lonely. It’s never been an issue for me, as lucky for me, I really enjoy time spent alone with me. Well, “it’s never been an issue,” until it was….

If you’ve read the previous posts, you may already have a clue that what I learned about isolation is tied in with the blockage of abundance, ehh? It’s true. Again, when one energy channel is blocked, all energy channels are blocked. And I had to learn that the hard way by living in lack of abundance in every area of my life, until I realized that I alone held the keys to the kingdom. I had to cease being in isolation, and come out into the light of abundance.

Abundance, as I like to say now, is the offspring of alignment. Click To Tweet

Consider the low vibration of feeling alone and isolated and lonely, as opposed to feeling alone as in, “Woo hoo! Thank God everyone is gone and I can now take a nice relaxing bubble bath.” In both scenarios, the result is being alone, yet the vibration of one is decidedly low-frequency and is quite high in the second.

What causes this variation in frequencies?

The answer is of course, the person’s emotions behind the interpretation. That’s it. It is only the emotion attached that alters the vibration from one of either attracting more for which to be… Click To Tweet

So the next naturally sequential question is: Who decides?
And of course, the answer is: You do. I do. We each do, individually.

Our entire life results come down to our individual perception, and to the emotional attachment we have to any event. Click To Tweet

And when, following a (once in my life) call in to a stranger’s webinar, I became mindful of my role in creation of my own predicament, that “a-ha!” moment was singed into my mental toolkit! Of course I create! And the light of a stranger, who also turns out to be a priceless healer, brought me to the clarity of my own creative power, until I could do nothing but claim my culpability and consciously create my way into what I desired. Suddenly, with that awareness came the alignment. Events aligned perfectly to take me step-by-step into my desired life. All I had to do was be aware, and take inspired action.

Steps of success

Now with that in mind, I promised to share a technique for manifesting from the heart chamber. Normally, I would record this sort of information so you could listen at your convenience, but I have recently had major mouth work done and am not yet ready to speak into a microphone. That may change in the next few weeks. Until then, simply try this example:

Be in a place where you will be undisturbed, and in a comfortable chair or lounging. I’m not a stickler for having your feet connected to Gaia unless you are most used to drawing on the power of the Earth’s crystalline core for strength and energy; in that case, do sit with your feet touching the floor.

Take a Break

Breathe in deeply through your nose, and exhale audibly through your open mouth to bring you into the present moment, and to relax you. Repeat the inhalation through your nose, consciously breathing in the energy of universal abundance of love, joy, health, and wealth, and exhaling through the mouth, any stagnant inner energies. Repeat this breath three full times, or more until you are relaxed.

Now place your awareness on your physical body. Notice any sore spots and direct a flow of loving energy specifically to the point of pain. Do this anywhere you sense a tense muscle or discomfort.

When you are sufficiently relaxed and in your body, move out of your head and down into your heart. The heart is the source of the original intellect. Go there now, and use that inner source as your place from which to simply be.


As you are now in your divine heart chamber, what do you see? Is it colorful? Are you alone in your chamber? Most importantly, what do you feel?

Breathe deeply and fill the chamber with love. Exhale any old psychic debris.

Now, still from this inner place of your heart intelligence, what do you wish to manifest? Perhaps you wish to create a life of ease, in which case you would hold onto the emotion of ease: Easy life; easy flow of abundance; easy family relations; easy living with no focus on stress; etc. Whatever it is, feel it as if it is your condition now. Because it is, if it is what you are choosing. Stay with the emotions of having manifest this desire. Hold the feeling in your consciousness. Breathe deeply into the emotion of having manifested this wondrous fruit of your desires. Just hold the emotion.

When the emotion begins to wane, express gratitude three times out loud to Source for your creation: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

After a short while, when you are ready, raise your hands up to the air and wiggle your fingers as you once again express thanks for the blessings. Congratulations. You have just exercised your creative skills.

Next time we’ll uncover why you will not be picking back up the discards of your psychic debris.

Until then, love you hard, and thank you often.
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7 Compelling Reasons & Mercury Must Be Retrograde…

7 Compelling Reasons & Mercury Must Be Retrograde…

cosmos1From a techie perspective, a lot went wrong today. Suddenly Window 8.1 wouldn’t play nice and the webinar went south. The end result is a recording with some background noise and a file size that is too large for my web host to allow.

Not to be one to sit on her laurels, my tenacious streak kicked in and I had the recording uploaded to YouTube in order that I could then send anyone interested to that video…

but not before I had to complete a System Restore on my computer…that didn’t fully take the first time. And there was that volume thing…but all in all, not bad for a first attempt on a new webinar. Oye vey….

Sometimes things don’t go the way WE planned. Sometimes the tasks or the whole day seem to just disintegrate into yesterday, leaving us to wonder at the results.

I blame sunspots and retrograde Mercury, although I didn’t check with the local astrologist or the Farmer’s Almanac. I just sense something larger than me is pulling my strings like a dancing marionette. It may be time that I surrender.


Ever have one of those lives..er…I mean moments? Does it often seem like there is a greater force against you? Or that the tests are “in your face” and lurking around every corner? Nah…I didn’t think so. You are far too evolved to believe that anyone or anything but you are in control of your life. Right?

So if you’re still feeling like maybe you could do a little better in the life control arena, please check out the 7 Compelling Reasons a Bootcamp May Be Right for You. And please DO share this with your friends, technology permitting….

Is Happiness a Choice? #I Am Choosing Happiness….

PrintThe question is an authentic one: Is happiness a choice? My cherished friend and bestselling publisher, the incomparable Linda Joy released Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness featuring the soul-inspiring stories of 27 amazing women who share their intimate stories of transformation. And because “happiness” is my favorite subject I gotta say that my favorite part of Choosing Happiness is that after the end of each story, it includes Reflection Questions which will empower you to integrate the vital lessons of each woman’s journey into your own life. And of course, there is an incentive to check this out, because for a limited time you can get over 40 transformational gifts with your copy of Choosing Happiness. Grab your copy today:  http://bit.ly/Happiness_Book

And when you have read to the bottom, come back up and download your own copy of the Choosing Happiness Poster -Spread Happiness! Let’s Start a Happiness Riot! 

PRINT IT OUT! TAKE a PICTURE of YOU holding this and POST on FaceBook!


Happiness Questions to ask yourself:

Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you realized that your happiness was an internal choice that could be made despite your outside circumstances?

My answer is that there have been many pivotal reminders throughout my life, reminding me that I alone have the choice to “be” happy regardless of the external indicators and environment. Most challenging, was after my son died. It took me a full eighteen months to search through the inner mire and find my spirit again. And in the end, it was THE most pivotal moment of my life, spiritually. It was also the event that led to the first book I ever published, Blessings in the Mire: A True Story of Miracles & Recollections (the one that still gets 5 Stars on Amazon!) In that regard, along with the obvious life changes that come with the blessed curse of the Reaper, the shift to my life was as the hand of God picking me up from one path and sitting me down on another in a split second where I had to make the decision to live, or to die. Since I am writing this, you know which path I chose. There is happiness in even the most nefarious event, if we in fact, choose it. It has to do with letting go of the attachment to a specific outcome, or in the case of the loss of a loved one, it has to do with realizing that the length of grief is not indicative of the amount of love felt. We truly must release the grip that death leaves our hearts with, and embrace the love.


Q: How do you remind yourself that happiness is always within and catch your footing in those whirlwind moments of life that can throw us off balance?

My honest answer to this is, Nature. I have learned to walk barefoot on the Earth and allow Gaia to ground and simultaneously replenish me when I am feeling weak and human. I have a special rock I go to, to have my “God Talks.” It is where I am most connected and clear and it is where I spend much time in tranquil contemplation.

Q: What is your personal definition of happiness today?

This question made me laugh a little, because the truth is, my “personal definition of happiness” is different today than it was a decade or two ago. As I have matured at considerably slower rate than the speed of Merlot, my perspective has wound around the “now” as being the place of happiness, as opposed to the things that once seemed to bring happiness. Life becomes simple when we cease seeking externally for what has been within all along. That’s what my “personal definition of happiness is today.” Just being in my own authentic skin, free of the energies which do not support my growth and spirit is my definition of happiness. Time on the rock. Which translates to self-love.


Q. Share three things that bring you happiness.

3 things that bring me happiness are peaceful moments of reflection, the love I feel for special family members and friends, and a sense of purpose when my client “gets it.” There is no greater warmth to my heart than when my client suddenly lights up and announces, “I get it!” And to that I say, “That’s right. You do. It’s always been inside.” Quite honestly, it is at these moments, that all is most right with the world. When her light shines from the inside out, and the energy is palpable, I am as happy as she is.


I want to express thanks to my friend, Publisher Linda Joy, for these inspiring questions! And I invite you to share how you choosing happiness moment in the comments below.

And be sure to check out, Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness. Grab your copy today at http://bit.ly/Happiness_Book to receive the bonus gift bundle worth thousands!

May happiness spring from your core and shower you with love and abundance. xox


Confidence Tip #5 Small Steps = Big Wins

Confidence Tip #5 Small Steps = Big Wins

Small Steps Make For Big Wins


Have you ever noticed that when your confidence is low, you downplay your strengths and overemphasize your flaws? Or, that when you feel small, you act small, or not at all? When this happens your self-esteem and confidence plummets and the cycle sends you spiraling downward until you feel as if you are a loser – a lost cause.

That simply is not true. You have gifts, attributes, and skills that are uniquely yours. And if you look back over your life, you will find that you have experienced many successes, and positively impacted others’ lives.

If you ever feel yourself minimizing your positive traits and maximizing your flaws, then take these steps for reversing the cycle and getting back into the winner circle.


Step 1 – Celebrate your wins. By recognizing your successes, whether it’s facing a challenge, making a difficult phone call, confronting something or someone, or cooking a juicy turkey, giving yourself a pat on the back for your successes regardless of how large or small, will quickly boost your self-confidence. So with that in mind, whenever you win, make the time to stop, celebrate, and savor your success.

Step 2 – Learn from your mistakes. If we are trying, we will stumble and make mistakes, especially when learning or trying something new and unfamiliar. Learn to look at mistakes as valuable learning tools in the education we receive whenever we seek to expand our horizons. These tools/mistakes indicate that we actually have movement and progress; that we are in fact making an effort, and are moving forward, even if there is a detour. Thus, the more we try something new, the more mistakes (learning opportunities) we are bound to have in our history of what not to do.

People who do not make mistakes are standing still in so-called “safe” territory, or their familiar (misconstrued as comfortable) routines. I don’t know about you, but in my estimation, living in such a groove/rut is a mistake. No risk means no gain.

Step 3 – Keep trying. I appreciate the tenacity of people who achieve their goals, not stopping until they’ve reached the finish line. When we want to win big, we must be willing to miss, learn from the attempt, and try again. With persistent and determined action, we’re guaranteed an eventual win. So if you falter, vow to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and get going again. And the next time you feel your confidence slipping,  remember to celebrate, learn, and keep at it. At the goal line, you will be glad you did.

Michael Jordan Quote

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Need help identifying and releasing your fear? Schedule a life-transforming 3 layer Breakthrough Session.



Want to read more about confidence?

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Mind Movies for Manifesting

Picture2We’ve all heard of “Vision Boards” as a tool for the pursuit of manifesting the life of our desires. And honestly, I use a vision board and each December 31st through January 1 you will find me creating a fresh vision board for my coming year. It’s a practice which I share with close contacts as we meet with our images, our thoughts, and our dreams and individually create our renditions of our subjective perfect lives.

A few years ago, I added movies to my manifesting mix. I gathered images and created affirmations and using Power Point, I created a personal movie. It was set to royalty-free music which I downloaded from www.melodyloops.com.

My little movie is cool, but it’s very NON-Professional! And it took a lot of work to get it to even play on my old computer because the end result file was simply too large.

Apparently Natalie Ledwell had the same experience! Because she came out with a fantastic tool for creating your own “mind movies” and I have asked to support her endeavor to empower the masses with her awesome technology. Check it out here: http://www.mindmovies.com/?27169

Those of you who know me, know that I am passionate about empowering you to live the life of your dreams. I’ve made it my life mission to study the best ways of most easily and effortlessly creating that dream life, and that included discovering the tools that empower. MindMovies are at the top of my list!

You can create your own personal mind movie in around ten minutes and it will be set to the emotion-evoking music of your choice. This is the COOLEST technology for getting into your subconscious mind where real permanent shifts take place.

Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and see how quickly new opportunities show up in your life. Discover the power of gratitude for opening the path to receiving. Live the life of your dreams on your terms! Create it now!

Create the life you deserve! Create the life YOU were BORN to Live!

Relationships: Obsession Phrases?

Relationships: Obsession Phrases?

Some of you may have received an invitation to complete a survey. If you’ve already taken the survey, thank you! And if not, please go to the HOME page and scroll to the bottom to take the quick (10 questions) survey for me.

Thus far, the number 1 request is for Relationship assistance. The next big product coming down the pike may just be centered around relationships. I’ve got a relationship enhancing guide in the works, which will focus on inspiring greater, more intimate connections, and which, as a result of those more intimate connections, will likely enhance sex lives and strengthen romantic relationships. I’m hoping the guide will be available for a Valentine’s Day launch. No promises though!

Until then, I’ve done a bit of research and have come up with some relationship offerings through some apparently like-minded vendors, and I thought I may as well share the what I came up with.

The hottest thing I came up with is for women. It’s called Obsession Phrases and it is selling like blockbusters! If this is something that may interest you, Click Here!

Obsession Phrases (yes, I checked it out…I admit sheepishly) is a course brought to you online by the man who was once a “player” but who was enraptured by a woman who had learned the “love cocktail” phrases to reach men at an emotional level. Click Here!

The woman is Kelsey. And Kelsey is apparently a woman who has mastered the phrases to bring men in like a fish on a fat-wormed hook! Now she teaches other women the secrets to get any man to desire you, to take care of you, or to move into any role you want him to occupy….

Now I don’t know about you, but all that felt pretty manipulative. And then my curiosity took hold and I clicked into the short video. Now…well, I’ll let you make your own unadulterated decisions about the “obsession phrases.”

Can words really empower you to attract and keep the romantic relationship of your dreams? Can you really alter the hot and cold man into a deeply committed relationship? Can obsession phrases actually make you a secret fantasy? In short, this Obsession Phrases course promises to give you the “love cocktail” phrase that will make a man do whatever you want him to do for you.

So here’s the bottom line: The course was taught live for $300. And that’s reasonable. But get this: The Obsession Phrases Course is available for a short time for $97 BUT if you purchase it at the end of the video recording, you can have it for only $47 AND receive a ton of bonuses and a guarantee! Personally, I’m in for the “Man Dictionary” bonus….

The value of this is $411 for only $47. Act FAST! It WILL end SOON. And a word of advice: It’s a “first come, first served” offer. By the end of the video, be prepared to purchase or your space will probably be given to another woman…and she may use it on your target….
Click Here!

lovers vintage

Confidence Tip #2: Kicking Buts & Taking Names….

Confidence Tip #2: Kicking Buts & Taking Names….

Confidence Image

To “own” your confidence and your personal power, you will likely need to kick some of those limiting “buts” from your repertoire of habitual actions.

Here’s the truth: Whenever we utter the word, “but” it negates what came prior. As example, if you hear yourself say, “I would achieve my goal but…the “but” pulls all the truth from the beginning of the statement. You may as well affirm “I won’t achieve my goal.” The effect is the same. If you want to feel empowered, try saying this instead: “I would achieve my goal AND….” Feel the difference. “But” victimizes. “And” expands.

Ask yourself, if you are a dreamer, a doer, or both? Is your head in the clouds, full of ideas, or are you able to plant your feet on the ground and take action? Are you a nice blend of ideas and grounding?

Confident people let their imagination soar with possibilities and then have the courage to take action to achieve whatever they set their sights on.

Conversely, if you find yourself dreaming big but acting small, you might need to kick some of the “buts” that hold you back. The first step is to recognize the “buts” before they come out of your thoughts and words. It cannot be changed if it cannot be seen.

Test yourself on this by thinking of a dream, whether large or small. As you consider this dream, do you notice that you have any “buts” holding you back? As example:

  • “But I don’t have enough time…”
  • “But there’s not enough money…”
  • “But I need more education….”

Here’s a confident approach:

  • Examine the “buts” to see if they are really true – or if they are just excuses that you use to keep you playing small. If so, are you ready to expand?
  • Turn your “buts” into truths by owning them and re-wording them into positives. As example: I used to use “buts” to keep me small, AND now, I choose to live large!

Consider creating your own self-affirming mantra, or using any of these:

  • I have as much time as anyone in the world AND I choose how to spend it wisely each and every day.
  • I make smart decisions around money and time so I can achieve my dreams.
  • I can have all the education and certifications I want and feel like I need.
  • I am willing to take any necessary steps to reach my goals as long as I hurt no one, including myself, in the process.
  • I start by taking a first step everyday because even the smallest steps lead to the attainment of the big goals.

Do you want to find a better job, or quit smoking, or learn to skydive, or build a house? Regardless of how “far-fetched” your dream is, realize the barriers are only stories you have created that stop you from stepping into your limitless potential. The stories are the “buts” that you can, if you choose to, re-craft into fuel to help propel you to your mindfully chosen destination.

Now that you realize that a tiny little word may have such control over your success, don’t let your “buts” hold you back! Kick your buts by honestly acknowledging them, addressing them –including finding appreciation* for what the “buts” gave you, by developing an inspired action plan, and then by following that action plan.

*Here’s a little pearl for your self-awareness toolkit: If you were not receiving a benefit from holding on to the “buts” you would have released the excuse long ago. When you can identify what, precisely, you get from the “but,” you can express gratitude and let it go. As example, perhaps you get a sense of safety, an excuse for not being seen, or some sort of veil from the human race. Whatever ‘it’ is, once you can honestly see the benefits, and then express gratitude, and then release the excuse that is no longer viable, you will be free to transform and free up the energy for greatness.

Are you ready to release your “would but”? Schedule a Breakthrough Session

Want to read more about Confidence?

Finally, as you go about the business of identifying and transforming “buts” take note of how successful others have gotten out of their own way. Spend time with high-minded others, and allow those who live small in the shadows of “buts” to self-filter from your circle of associates.


Transform your life using the self-study set that empowers: Click either the book, Escaping the Chrysalis or the workbook, Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook to be taken to Amazon for purchase.

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Confidence Tip #1

Confidence Tip #1

Confidence and You

Confidence has an effect on every facet of your life. Your confidence level is directly correlated to your job, your finances, your friends, lovers, and even influences who you marry. And confidence is hot.

Confidence is Hot

Consider just for a moment, a recent social or business gathering you attended. Who were the people who clearly projected confidence? You probably remember them well because confident people radiate a warmth and enthusiasm that draws people toward them. They approach these occasions as opportunities to meet, greet and grow. They are there to network, whether for fun or business or both. Less confident people, however, generally hide in the background or stick closely to people they know…or gravitate to the buffet, ducking behind the chocolate fountain.

It’s human to yearn to have confidence – to feel as if we belong. With that very “human” yearning in mind, here are a few tips to help you feel confident no matter what you’re doing or whom you’re with.

Smile Which Is Necessary by George Hodan www.publicdomainpictures.net
Smile Which Is Necessary by George Hodan

Smile. Or as my good friend Lily says, “Show some teeth.” Confident people smile – they smile with their mouth and their eyes. Their energy is positive. Even when they are nervous inside, they don’t show it on their facial expression.

Breathe. If you feel a little anxious around people or situations that are unfamiliar to you, take a few deep breaths to relax. Slow, mindful inhales and exhales lower anxiety and nervousness immediately.

Show Interest.  Take the focus off yourself and put it on others by asking thoughtful questions and listening with interest. People with confidence care about others. So always ask, listen and learn.

Use Positive Self Talk.  Give yourself positive messages, reminding yourself of your strengths, talents and successes.  Recite a simple mantra for when you are feeling anxious or uncertain. Repeat your personal mantra prior to entering into a new setting so you will be bolstered and up for the challenge.

The truth is, any new situations can make anyone feel a bit anxious and uncertain. And by applying these simple tips, you will feel less nervous, more empowered, and more confident. And confidence, in case you missed it, is the purpose of this website and all the tools offered here.

If you haven’t subscribed to the Spirit of Women newsletter, be sure to do so before leaving this website. There are subscribe boxes at the top and bottom right column. When you subscribe, you will not only be subscribing to an informative, confidence building newsletter, you will also receive an immediate download of self-esteem kick starting tools. That’s my way of saying thanks for trusting me with your name and email address. And by the way, your information will never be shared.



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Escaping the Chrysalis: Introduction to Gestalt Techniques for Self-Esteem Transformation

Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook

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Change Your Life with this Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook

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  • I’m scared, honestly of what will happen to me if I really participate. Any suggestions for a scared cat? ANSWER: Oh if only you knew me in my youth! I was a backward, shy, pathetic really, little girl who got straight “A” report cards and lived in an ultra dysfunctional family. From the ashes, I soar. And so can you. Thousands of my clients came to me with no “ownership” of their respective lives. And in the end, In 100% of the participants who graduate, the transformational emergence into full-winged splendor replaced the awkwardness. You were not meant to live small. It’s time to step into your light.

Never Try to LOSE Weight Again!

Never Try to LOSE Weight Again!


If you’re a person who has ever struggled with maintaining your optimal goal weight, you are not alone. According to the Center for Disease Control in America, more than one-third of all Americans are not only overweight, but are actually in the obese category. http://www.cdc.gov/obesity/data/adult.html

Every year, especially around this new year beginning, billions of dollars are spent on diets, supplements, exercise equipment, and spa memberships, as well as on nutritional programs, and lest we forget, rising health insurance premiums.

It’s not about vanity. Unhealthy weight is deadly and leads to diabetes, coronary problems, heart disease, myriad other diseases and premature death. And yes, a little self-love goes a long way in the battle of the bulge.


In many of these cases, particularly where morbid obesity is concerned, body armor is the culprit in these deaths. And body armor comes from emotions which are held in the body as protection against intruders, in many cases.

For over a decade, my clients included women who had been victimized either sexually or physically. These women insulated themselves against further assault by adding layer upon layer of protection. The fat was the equalizer. It also served to make these women less attractive, thus less prone to sexual attack, as far as the subconscious mind could take them.

Of course this logic is not true. It is not only culturally aesthetically attractive women who are abused. But the human spirit has a way of making corrections based on the information presented. And if the victim believes that all she can control is the size and weight of her body, she may have a conscious or subconscious response that provides her with some [imagined] sense of control.

In other words, she puts on the weight because it is the one thing she feels she can control in the circumstances. It may be a passive-aggressive response based on an inability or unwillingness to face the real issue, which in some cases may be another person who is bigger, stronger, and more intimidating than she is.

Let’s back this off of the extreme example, and address the average Josephine who is carrying a dozen extra pounds or so, weight that has stacked on over the years of not taking mindful care of the self. And yes, it could still be a passive-aggressive response to a judgmental partner, or as a result of trying to fill an emotional hole that needs tending to. Regardless, the weight is an issue if it’s an issue to you, or if it’s a condition that places you at risk health-wise.

So with all this said, you may be wondering about the punch line that actually addresses the title of this post, “Never try to lose weight again.”

We all recognize the dangers in not living a life committed to wellness. Yet here we are at the first of each year, looking in the mirror and wondering what the…. When did it all start to go south?

We may have excuses: Oh woe is me, I had a nasty case of Shingles that kept me in bed for six weeks, and I couldn’t eat healthy or exercise…. Or maybe it goes more like this: I am so busy with work and kids and [fill in the blank] that I don’t have time to get to the gym…or I haven’t got the money for all that expensive exercise equipment. 

You get the picture.

  • It’s a matter of priorities.
  • It’s a matter of self-love.
  • It’s a matter of choices.

Your mind, my mind, everybody’s minds are programmed with a little inner detector that is designed to help us locate our keys when we misplace them. It is an innate radar that is designed to help us find our way, when we are lost. And it’s an inner trigger that hears the word, lose, and seeks to find whatever is lost.


Trying to “lose weight” is far less productive than is trying/committing to achieve something such as a chosen “goal weight.” I could hypnotize you into thinking it’s okay to lose weight, but I’ve gotta tell you that we would be much more successful if instead, I hypnotized you into a self-love mindset that believed there was a better way to live.

  • When emotional baggage is released, weight is released
  • When inner beliefs of unworthiness are replaced with self-worth, the body firms up
  • When self-loathing is replaced with self-love, the weight melts off
  • When health and wellness are the focus, health and wellness are the reality

This year, please don’t set about the process of trying to lose weight. Instead, take a look at the real issue. And if it’s self-loathing, laziness (which is self-loathing), apathy (which is self-loathing), emotional eating (which is self-loathing), poor diet (which is self-loathing), or any of myriad excuses, take a look in the mirror and commit to doing whatever it takes to fall in love…with that reflection in the mirror.

And if that’s a struggle do something else. Either join the 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp, or join a gym, and start eating healthy. And then do whatever it takes to fall in love…with that reflection in the mirror…. I can help.


Jan Freedom: The Literal Feeling of ‘YES’

Businesswoman with magnifying glassIn the spirit of freedom (our chosen theme for 2015), using the magnifying glass to shine the light on what stops that full-winged freedom seems a nice starting point….

As a purpose-driven human, are there times when your life path seems dimly lit? If so, is this because you are blocking clarity? The clarity is always within you, if only you learn, as Abraham says in the video below, to “enhance your receptivity.”

Indeed, being open to “receiving the signal” is your primary purpose if you truly desire to live in the light of your divine purpose. As another valuable layer to embracing and expanding your wholeness, you may wish to learn to “enhance your receptivity” by getting to the literal feeling of ‘yes’ as much as possible.

The literal feeling of ‘yes’ comes when you focus on what’s good in your life. Instead of looking for trouble or worrying about what’s “not” showing up in your life, sit still and allow the long list of what is working to surface. You have much for which to be grateful. And altering your point of focus -practicing feeling the “yes” as opposed to focusing on what Abraham Hicks calls “sloppy thinking,” will open the channel to more abundance in all things for which you feel the “yes.”

“Sloppy thinking” is when your thoughts fray and stray off to what’s not working for you, or to what’s “wrong” with the world. Instead of being a productive thought, sloppy thinking derails your success by taking your momentum off the energetic path that’s leading to your desires. Sloppy thinking is the opposite of affirming. Sloppy thinking creates the shade that blocks the clarity. And clarity is the light on your path. As we focus on the good that comes to us, as we are being in the literal feeling of ‘yes’ we are connecting with the light frequency and opening the channel to allow in the light of abundance.

Shift your point of focus to give attention to that which brings the literal feeling of ‘YES” into your whole beingness. Your inspiration is in the ‘YES’ feeling. And that feeling raises your frequency to allow more good feelings which raises your frequency to allow more good…which allows…. You get the picture.

What warms you? What is really working in your life?

Take a moment to be with the feeling which affirms that you are indeed on your life’s path, and feel the emotion when you know that the universe is desirous of supporting your highest good.

“If I have lost confidence in myself, I have the universe against me.”             ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Remain in this vibration of “yes” and feel consciously how you co-create your experience of being human by determining your point of attraction. Keep this literal feeling of ‘yes’ as your primary point of attraction. It is your beacon. It will light your way.

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January Affirmations:

  • I am the recipient of a lot of well-being coming into my life.
  • Abundance comes to me in food, friends, intelligence, opportunities, wealth, joy, love, and unexpected miracles.
  • More good is coming!

Happy New You.

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Lisa Tener

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Lisa Tener

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Let Go of Blocks FREE Downloadable Gift!

Let Go of Blocks FREE Downloadable Gift!

Let it goAs we enter into 2015, instead of allowing the typical “down weeks” between December and January to eat up valuable time with scattered space and mistletoe, use that time to contemplate exactly what you intend for the coming months.
And if there are old pattern, stale beliefs, worn-out internalized messages of self-worth holding you back, do whatever it takes to release them.

Commit to YOU!

Create your private ritual of balloon release, or burning a written account to free the energies once and for all, or by following the techniques included in the FREE download at the bottom of this post. Make the ceremony your own, and consciously choose to let go of whatever stops you from stepping into your wholeness. It’s time.


If you need a little step-by-step guidance, make the commitment to yourself. You deserve to live a life complete and free of the baggage from long ago. Take a look at the FREE download below that includes some suggestions for closure.

Closure is important to growth. Think of it as a farmer tilling the soils to make them fertile for the next growth.

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Let’s make a step-by-step plan to create the transformation you desire.

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An Empowering Opportunity for Dreamers

Have you ever wondered what your dream meant? I’m not talking about the way that some folks will say that symbols like snakes and demons represent sex….
Dreams are a treasure trove of information from yourself to you. And to really explore that wonderland, I’ve put together a 10 module online course that will empower you to never again have a dream you don’t understand or from which you don’t glean a lot of inner wisdom.

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DREAMS: Your Treasure Trove of Riches

DREAMS: Your Treasure Trove of Riches

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dreams 101

Imagine the possibilities when you are able to tap into the inner wisdom and information source that Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and other great minds depended on….

Dreams, all dreams, are a treasure trove of riches awaiting you…. And now you have access to the treasure map….

  • Your dreams contain personal messages for you, and no, not the kind that come from symbols…but the kind that come from you….
  • Your dreams are a treasure trove of inner wisdom awaiting your acknowledgment and understanding….
  • Never again have a dream you don’t understand (Even -or especially nightmares offer gems to be recognized and embraced.
  • Never again have a dream from which you don’t glean all sorts of secret messages.

This is a time-limited all online course which consists of 10 short modules that can be completed back-to-back.

And until December 13th, the course is priced at only $97 for those who pre-register. After that, it doubles to $197, which is still a great deal for 10 modules of content that will awaken you to the power of your dream states!

  • Learn to direct, produce, and star in your night show.
  • Learn to allow in divine solutions to your challenges.
  • Learn to fly, if that’s what you choose….
  • Limitless possibilities await you.

Einstein’s theory of relativity came to him following a dream of sledding….

Thomas Edison depended on secret techniques for staying lucid at the Alpha meets Theta brainwave dream state for the solutions contained there….

http://www.JanDeelstra.com/dreams-101 Einstein, Edison, and other great minds depended on their dreams as a source of divine solutions. And now you can too.

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 See you in your dreams!

Coping With Loss and Stress at the Holidays

Petr Kratochvil ginger bread shapesThis time of year brings a polarity of love and loss. If you’ve lost a loved-one and they are not a part of the traditions, that wound stings, even as carolers sing high notes. Coping with loss and stress at the holidays is somehow harder than coping during other times of the year.

My brother died in his sleep of “unknown natural cause” on December 4th of 1977 and I still think of him with sadness this time of year. It’s not a fresh wound of course, but the holidays changed following his sudden unexpected death. There’s a reverence in my head and heart on December 4th, even all these years later. It lingers…a residue that has no place to go…it just wafts around me through the season.

If you experience great loss, traditional family holidays are a mix of emotions. Beginning with Thanksgiving in America, and continuing through about the first week of January has always been my favorite time of year in the States.

Generally, there’s a sense of kindness in the air, and wishes for “good tidings” abound. But if you’ve suffered a loss, or if you don’t feel the abundance gods have been smiling on you lately, the holidays might be a time when you want to hide your head under the covers and not come out until next Spring.

That’s probably not a healthy or reasonable option….

What works for me, especially following the death of my son and a move to Southern California where I have no relatives, is to create a little altar where I can add my loved-ones’ energy to the holiday cheer. It’s nothing fancy, but it gives me a place to direct some of my emotions, and to feel their presence in my life. I add a pine scented candle, and a few fancy accents to make it feel festive.

Pine Cones and Candles

I confess, I talk with them…or more accurately to them. I’ve yet to get a real response that came in the form of words, but I feel them. I know they like it….

If stress brought on by the expectations of the holiday is having a negative effect on you for whatever reasons, I have a suggestion for that too…no, it’s not to drink more egg nog! It’s to find your power place within, and to contemplate what the meaning of the season is, sans the retail aspect or the external illusions of how things “should” be.

One of my favorite Christmas holidays of all time was when I was a single mom with three kids under the age of 5, and I had very little money. I baked cookies. Lots of cookies! And since I had no decorations for the little tree, I strung the cookies by yarn on all the branches. It was an edible tree! Well, at least the decorations were edible!

Of course, I had to keep baking because as high up the tree as the kids could reach, the limbs were invariably bare! But the kids loved eating those sugar cookie ornaments and even though we didn’t have a lot, we had a lot of love. It’s still a cherished memory.

So if you’re allowing an energy of stress to threaten your lovely holiday, stop. Just stop. There is no reason to stress over something so beautiful that lives in your heart. The season is about love. PERIOD. It’s not about how much you give or get in gifts. It’s about how much love you give and receive. And this equation includes how much self-love you give to you!

Coping with loss and stress at the holidays need not take over your life and force you under the blankets. Just bake more cookies. And bake them with love. 


112 Question Self-Esteem Inventory

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Have you ever wondered what keeps you spinning in the same pattern of life? Regardless of how many times you say “things are gonna be different,” not much seems to change.

Here’s what you might want to think about: “Insanity,” it’s been said, “is doing the same thing over repeatedly and expecting different results.”

It makes sense that nothing changes, if we change nothing.

Did you make New Year resolutions in January? If so, how much progress have you made in your endeavors? The year is almost over, and soon it will be time to make new New Year resolutions. Have you met your goals? Or like most, have you placed your desires and aspirations on the back burner and allowed them to grow cold?

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Confidence Tip #3: Embrace Fear

Confidence Tip #3: Embrace Fear

How to be a Risk Taker Even When You’re Scared Click To Tweet

Do you admire risk takers – especially when they win or give a thrilling performance? There’s something exciting and attractive about someone who dares takes a chance – that person who has courage to start a business in a down economy is someone who gets my attention, in someone else’s perspective, a football team that goes for the two point conversion to win the game might be more of a turn on, or perhaps those that put it all on the line to get what they want are ultimately the one that gets respect.

These folks all seem fearless….

How about you? What was the last bold risk you took? What risk did you not take that maybe would have paid off? Don’t judge yourself. Just notice….
courageFear is one of the biggest culprits that holds us back from achieving our wildest (and even not so wild) dreams. Click To Tweet

If this is true for you, then you might want to invest a minute to understand fear better.

Fear, you may have heard, is often described by the acronym False-Evidence-Appearing-Real. Think of it this way: In our mind, we have conjured up some evidence that we label as “real.” Our “real” fear is that we might believe that we will fail and that we will be embarrassed, or that we will lose everything, or that we will be rejected, or worst of all, that we will feel ashamed.

Here’s the “real” truth: Every action is a shoot from either fear or love. Everything. So the next time you feel fear, trust that a love-based response is right around the corner.

And here’s a secret to conquering fear: Face it. Embrace it. Embrace fear and it loses its power. It loses its ability to stop you. Fear loses when you see it as what it is. It’s an illusion of thought, and when you recognize your spiritual nature as opposed to your physical nature, there is nothing left to fear.

Each time you “feel the fear and do it anyway,” you build confidence. When you can look in the mirror and smile, knowing that you courageously stepped into your power by owning the fear -facing the fear and moving forward anyway, you grow a few notches.

Courage vs Conformity

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Anais Nin

Be courageous and blossom into your wholeness.


Are You A Modern Day Goddess?

Are You A Modern Day Goddess?

star-of-heavenI’m guessing if you’re reading this, you are a modern day goddess….

Or maybe you are wondering what is a “modern day goddess”?

A modern day goddess is a woman who is unfolding to her divine truth. She is on an inner quest to uncover her personal callings.

I am honored to reveal that I have been interviewed as a featured modern day goddess in the Modern Day Goddess Blog.

The process of being asked to answer a series of profound questions was cause for reflection. The by-product of time taken to reflect was enlightening.

It is also a warm feeling to be included with so many other inspiring modern day goddesses. Catch the interview and play in the garden with passionate, spirit-led modern day goddesses like you….

I invite you to join me on the Modern Day Goddess Blog where you’ll meet many of these passionate modern day goddesses, and learn from the collective wisdom and inspiration  And of course, as sister modern day goddess you will definitely want to follow the Modern Day Goddess Blog! It’s a beautiful sacred playground of goddess energies that you will surely adore!

In my interview I am asked if I have a message for women. Of course I do! To read my response to that question and others, as well as to meet other passionate, spirit-led modern day goddesses, click the hyperlinks in this blog post, or follow this link: http://awakeningthegoddesswithin.net/everyday-goddess-jan-deelstra/

Let me know that you have played in the goddess garden….

~Many Blessings & Abundance

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What Do YOU Want? A Secret & A Free Offer!

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“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  ~Napoleon Hill


When you ask yourself the question, what do you want? do you hear inner dialog that tells you all the reasons you “can’t” have, be, or do, whatever you desire?

Within all of us is a Guide. The Guide is here to protect us, but sometimes, the Guide does too much to prevent new information from entering. The Guide learned a lot along the way, and has become the gatekeeper to the subconscious mind. This Guide now uses information learned prior to about age 5 or 6 to automatically ensure a smooth ride on the path of life. But what happens when that inner Guide has learned some untruths and doesn’t open to new ideas and concepts? What if things have changed -we have changed? That Guide, although well-intentioned, uses an old, frayed rulebook that would best be discarded. But how do we get this inner Guide to embrace the new truth?

“A man is but the product of his thoughts – what he thinks, he becomes.” 
~Mahatma Gandhi

First off, do you have an answer to the question of “What do you want?” Have you taken the time to clarify what you want most, with attention to details, with clarity of how having what you want will change your life? Have you invested time in feeling what that will feel like when you have what you want? In order to get that guide to support you, you’ll have to step into the belief that you are worthy, and deserving. Only when you are on board, will your inner guide align and assist you in your new endeavors. That means, you actually have to start being the person you seek to be. Confused?

The late millionaire maker, Jim Rohn said,

“Success is something you attract by the person you become.”  ~Jim Rohn

There is no good reason for anyone to not have exactly what they want. All that ever stands in the way of achieving exactly what we want is mindset. If the desire is not believed, it will never be achieved. Period. So it’s important to get that inner Guide on board and working with, rather than against us. This happens as we start the small shifts that send the message of who we are being now. It starts when we start to be the vibrational match for that which we desire. It starts when we decide what we want, and begins to embrace our new image in correlation with our clarity and our commitment.

Here’s something you may not know about me. Although I am a certified practitioner in the field of the Law of Attraction, I do not get fully behind The Secret.  Its value is clear in that it was a great source of enlightenment for millions, and that’s fantastic; that’s the positive side of the coin. What it did to trick millions into thinking all that was necessary was to magically think of something and it would manifest, well that’s just plain silly. And it’s not true. In psychology circles, we call that “magical thinking.”

You can absolutely have anything, you can be anyone, you can do anything which you put your mind, emotions, and heart into as long as you take inspired action to reach the goal. This implies that a destination/goal has been defined. It suggests that you have an actual plan and a measurable time frame for achieving specific steps that lead to the ultimate destination. It demands that you be flexible in adjusting your wings to continue the trajectory towards your chosen destination.

Amelia EarhartThink like a pilot. You are the pilot of your own craft. Prior to takeoff, the pilot files a flight plan. She makes certain that her craft is in good-running order. She takes the time to look over the path which leads to the destination. She looks for potential obstacles along the way, and she makes an educated decision about such possible deterrents. Only when her plan is clear does she takeoff.

As example, Amelia Earhart didn’t just get in the plane and pull back on the throttle. She planned her destination, knew ahead of time exactly where she was aimed, approximately how much time it would take, and how much energy (fuel) was required to reach the destination.

We can learn much from those who have gone before us….

J. W. von Goethe holds the record for having the highest IQ (210) of anyone ever scored. So even if you don’t believe me when I tell you that you can have or be or do whatever you decide to have or be or do, or if you doubt yourself, or if your inner Guide just hasn’t quite yet released the latch to your subconscious door to let in this success potential, consider the words of the genius Goethe:

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.” ~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I Hope You Choose to Live Bold.

And then, once you have made that decision, I hope you create a detailed plan of action to reach your destination, and revisit it as often as necessary to correct your trajectory. You will be, do, or have the life you desire if you create and follow a clear written plan. It’s not magic. But it may feel like magic as you look back from the finish line and see how far you’ve come….

If I can support you in your journey, use the CONTACT US form. I’ll give you a 15 minute consult FREE* ($97 Value) with NO strings or obligation attached!

Sometimes all it takes to get on the corrected trajectory to the destination is a little direction. I took flying lessons, literally, and was taught some important skills before I ever even entered the aircraft. Once I was sitting in the pilot’s seat, I knew the whole thing was on me. I was responsible for getting that airplane off the ground, and for successfully navigating it along the chosen course, and eventually for reaching that destination safely and timely.

It was a great analogy for life. And here’s a little secret that is the truth: When I was in that pilot’s seat, responsible for navigating that craft, I was not distracted. My whole self was involved in the process of reaching my destination. That laser focus is a secret that will speed up the process of getting to any pre-determined destination!

Nothing’s changed. Even when my feet are on the ground, I am now fully aware that I am the captain of my destination. It is this single-mindedness that has supported me in becoming a published writer of two books in one year, more than one time. It is the school of thought that leads me to lead the workshops, to coach emerging women, and to continue my own emerging-wings process.

Regardless of if we ever meet physically, I want you to know that I send you a flow of support and admiration for even having the thought of self-improvement. And without obligation, I offer you 15 minutes of my time at no cost. Sometimes, that one little call can lead to takeoff. And if we never work together again, it is still a blessing to have touched and shared.

*Please do note that I will only be offering this free 15 minute consult to a handful of women. -As my time is limited, so is this offer. CONTACT US

~Ahimsa  ♥

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Is “Entrepreneur” an Excuse to Not Work?

What do YOU think?

Is “Entrepreneur” an excuse to Not work?

Are those of us who are following our dreams, and encouraging others to do the same, really just lazy sorts who use our dream as an excuse to not work? Or are we the ones who will pull the global economic slump up by its metaphorical bootstraps as we hire our VAs, our graphics and copy writers, and enlarge our staffs?

Are those 80+ hour work weeks really just time with our heads in the clouds? Or are we more in line with the day-dreamers like Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, and Walt Disney? Entrepreneurs know how many hours are spent enveloped in the passion that gladly steals so much time and energy. And entrepreneurs also have most likely had to ward off the evil demons of doubt thrown at them by relatives who fail to see the bravery and tenacity and value of chasing dreams.

The times have changed, and the economy has changed. And although there will always be a need for rule followers and soldiers, there will also always be a need for those who color outside of the box, at almost any cost.

So weigh in with your perspective. Is “entrepreneur” an excuse to not work? Or is it the path to global economic salvation?

Chasing Rabbits & I Am… Released With FREE Kindle Edition

Chasing Rabbits & I Am… Released With FREE Kindle Edition

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Chasing Rabbits & I Am...


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  • Are you feeling stressed at not accomplishing all you set out to do?
  • Are you peddling fast and going nowhere faster?

Chasing Rabbits & I Am… is based on the adage, “if you chase too many rabbits you won’t catch any.” It connects the god/goddess “I AM” of readers with the calmness that leads to success and fulfillment –and less bald spots if you’re the sort who pulls out your hair in frustration!

Available on Amazon, Chasing Rabbits & I AMThe Art of Attainment gives you the short cut to attaining what you desire.

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Water Is A Metaphor For Human Emotions

Water Is A Metaphor For Human Emotions

water drop

Water is a metaphor for human emotions...but it is also a perfect metaphor for the mind. Click To Tweet

Tides vary with moon cycles, ebbing and flowing in natural harmony. But it is only when we are still and calm that true wisdom is allowed to surface. Our best answers bubble up, rising out of the sea of thoughts, but only when the sea is calm.

When the tides are at their peak, and immense waves are crashing about, care must be exercised to not forget to… Click To Tweet

When the tides are at their peak, and immense waves are crashing about, care must be exercised to not forget to listen.We must listen to our inner voice, and to the words of others, even those who are causing waves.

It’s like that with every emotional being. We all have our rhythms. Sometimes we get caught in the fury of someone’s storm, and we may not hear their words, or heed the warnings. And sometimes, others may be drowning in the waves of our high tides.

This month has been especially challenging. Remaining whirlwinds still stir remnants of a big move; dust devils are still spinning in midair, much like a hurricane which is finally deciding to fizzle and move out to sea. The aftermath is yet to be realized….

crying eye

Salty drops seep from eyes as emotions…and tides meant to rage are stuffed until the tsunami urge passes and the beach reappears. It’s about waiting for the rainbow after the rains. It’s about humanness. Sometimes it’s about pretending to not be so human.

A participant asked me if ever there was a time to “rage.” Of course there is. The act of primal screaming is an art-form to aspire to mastering. Click To Tweet

As anyone who has read my first book, Blessings in the Mire, knows about me…I prefer primal screaming as opposed to homicide or its sister, suicide.

Blessings in the Mire

Humans experience a whole flow of emotions. Like the stream, those feelings and thoughts are meant to be un-dammed…and un-damned by others.

Emotion is energy in motion.

We are meant to live in harmony, as much as possible, going with the flow. Afterall, it’s hard to paddle against the currents, and if we do find ourselves swimming upstream we expend a great deal of energy going nowhere. Unless you’re a spawning salmon, it’s best to float with the current and keep an anchor handy just in case the storms arise.

Next week, weather permitting, I’ll be anchoring in San Diego…and then I’ll be planning the next Women’s Empowerment Gala! Woo-hoo! I’ll keep you posted, so if you’re in the San Diego area, I hope you’ll join us for some guaranteed life-transforming special gatherings. (Yep, more than one!) As for me, for this moment, and for the coming week, I’ll just continue to set my sails firmly with the winds at my back, and intend to stay afloat….  ♥   Ahimsa.


Do We Always Want Bigger, Better, Faster Transformations?

Do we always want bigger, better, faster transformations than the others are delivering? Does speed matter? Is quality lost in slow motion? Is quality lost in high speed? And is it possible that, as in the story of the tortoise and the hare, speed isn’t always the fastest way to the end goal? torthar I’m of the mindset that there is little need for extended periods of counseling and/or coaching. Short term, intensive transformation programs have long been my style of both learning and teaching. And although time-limited psychotherapy is not the norm, it does exist. Likewise, I have witnessed some pretty dramatic results in clients who have attend 12-day gestalt training groups, high velocity transformational intensives such as VIP days, and unquestionably, as a result of results-focused intensive bootcamps. How do you learn best? Do you prefer a slower-paced investment or are you anxious to get to the meat of the program and hang on until the end? In addition to the speed of preference, do you learn best through your ears, your eyes, or through your feelings? blue-eye-macro listening-ear Most of us learn most successfully with layers of visual stimuli, auditory input, and with intense, or at least meaningful emotion attached. In fact, adrenaline acts as a branding tool, scorching into our memories events that have a big emotional impact. As an example, ask anyone who was alive in the 1950’s where he or she was when news of President Kennedy’s assassination reached them. The adrenal shot imprinted that memory so sharply that we will never forget. The same goes for the attacks of 9-11 on American soil. We are all aware of exactly where we were and how we initially felt when the planes hit the Twin Towers. Anyone who has survived a catastrophic event, lived through an automobile accident, has been present as a catastrophe unfolded, or has been near death for any reason, can provide details of the episode, even decades later. (For the record, the upcoming bootcamp will not be one of these catastrophes! But hopefully, the content will be as impactful!) It would be extremely helpful if you would take a moment and respond to the questions presented in this post. Additionally, it would be REALLY helpful if you would add to the answers, your #1 most important life challenge. What is the ONE BIG THING, that if it were transformed, would most improve your life, at this precise moment? I appreciate you taking time to respond with comments. Your input results in better, if not bigger and faster outcomes for all involved. If you are more comfortable, use the contact us feature and share your input anonymously. Much gratitude to you.

Mindset Madness or Something to Consider?

I gotta ask, is it “mindset madness” or is it something to consider?

We’re pretty much bombarded (or is it just me??) with messages of how critical it is to have our mindset aligned with whatever we wish to manifest. Makes sense to me. But as I was considering the power of my mind to heal this nasty virus I’ve been ravaged by over the past couple of weeks, I came to the same conclusion as Freud once had to admit to: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” And sometimes, our mindset may be willing even as the flesh is weak…in my case, weakened by a virus.

Is it “Mindset Madness” to explore the connection between being sick directly in the middle of a relocation when I need my physical strength most? I’ve been considering the angles of subconscious sabotage, simply being too overwhelmed to move, or sheer laziness thinly veiled beneath the cloak of business busy-ness. Afterall, I am in the middle of creating a fabulously dynamic empowerment program that will be capable of reaching large groups rather than one on one clients, and that’s a HUGE benefit for everyone interested. (More about that near mid-to-late August, health permitting.)

Honestly, I don’t feel at all “self-sabotaging,” nor do I sense my mindset is out of alignment with my calling. I do feel as if I want to complete the program modules, have it ready to fire, and then make the physical move. Maybe that reluctance to slow down is really the cause of this hanger-oner virus. But I gotta say, it’s not subtle in its approach to keeping me in my place. In fact, it’s brutally determined and exquisitely painful like nothing I hope to ever have to experience again.

It would be wrong not to ask if my mindset needs adjusting. Self-awareness is, after all, at the core of empowerment, and I would not be walking my talk if I didn’t take the time to question the timing of this nasty malady. In the end, I think the only alignment that may be in need of adjusting is the medication to keep the pain at bay, while perhaps effecting a bit fewer mental mindset ramblings in the haze of medication….

If you’ve got a point of view on the importance of mindset, and just how our mindset affects our ability to manifest, or if in fact “a cigar is just a cigar,” leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

xox Jan

Self-Awareness is YOUR Key to EVERYTHING

Do you believe me when I say, “self-awareness is your key to everything”? It is. And here’s a short list to back up my assertion:

  • It’s impossible to make changes and self-improvements if you don’t have the self-awareness to recognize the obstacle or challenge for what it truly is.
  • Without self-awareness, we would miss the subtleties that others intuitively pick up on in our body language, speech-patterns, energetic vibration, etc.
  • Self-awareness is the starting place on the journey to truly mindful living.
  • Self-awareness empowers each of us to make clear choices based on our skill level at any given moment, while spotlighting the areas where we can improve.
  • Self-awareness fertilizes personal growth as we consciously decide what to release that is not serving us.
  • Self-awareness is the root of authentic relationships with our ‘self’ and with others.

Having just completed the re-certification coursework for life coaching has me considering the ways in which my own awareness of the importance of self-awareness in coaching has been the thread through the years. As a women’s empowerment coach facilitating Self-Awareness &  Assertiveness Training groups, I’ve been blessed to witness frequently near-miraculous results. All the results had their beginnings in self-awareness. ALL.

Try this at home: Go into your bathroom, preferably when the house is empty, and look into your bathroom mirror. (No, you don’t have to be naked to do this!) As you look at your reflection, notice how you are feeling physically, and then emotionally. Notice the difficulty level of retaining eye contact with you. Is it a challenge to keep looking at you? Do your eyes glance only briefly, and then avert, or do you love looking yourself in the eye? What is your heart-beat doing? Is it steady or erratic? Are you sweating? Are your fists open or clenched? What is the emotion associated with looking at you? What are the inner messages that you are hearing in your head? Is someone telling you to not “be vain,” or some other lesson of supposed vanity?

There is no judgement here. Simply look in the mirror at yourself. And notice what you see with all your senses. If you hear negative self-talk, identify where you first learned the lesson or heard the words. If the message isn’t supportive, let it go. You don’t need it. The first step to empowerment is owning the whole of you. Start with the woman in the mirror.

Number One Reason to Increase Your Confidence

Number One Reason to Increase Your Confidence


There are as many ways to increase your confidence as there are “whys” to increase your self-confidence. The number one reason to increase your confidence is because self-confidence affects every area of your life.

Every area of your life either suffers from self-consciousness, or thrives with self-confidence.

Think about it:

  • Who you date, and eventually marry is a direct reflection of your confidence level.
  • How far you go in the job arena is a direct reflection of your esteem.
  • Your career affects your earning potential.
  • Your earning potential affects your standard of living.
  • Your standard of living includes standard of health care potential.
  • Your health affects your life.

The correlations are endless.

Our lives are a direct reflection of our self-esteem and over-all confidence level.

Look around your personal environment. What is apparent? If your personal space is a reflection of your self-esteem and confidence level (and it is), what are you projecting? When a new acquaintance comes to call, what is the image and energy that is front and center? Are you proud to have strangers and friends see how you live? And what of your professional environment? Does it reflect the image of the real you? Do you know the “real” you? Do others know the “real” you?

If your confidence could use a little pep talk, schedule in some “me time” and get serious. Your life, in every facet of your perfect diamond self, is worthy of the best life has to offer.

“Run your own race, and run it fast. Comparison is suicide on the installment plan.”

I have no idea of who said this, but for years it was a yellow sticky on my bulletin board reminding me to stay on track. It was good advice staring me down each day as I sat at my desk planning my day in a very type “A” business environment. It seems pertinent now, and maybe you too will post it to your desktop or wherever you’ll be reminded to keep your focus on what matter: YOU.

Confidence Image

Ways and Whys to Increase Your Confidence:

  1. STOP comparing yourself to the Joneses. As my mother said, “There will always be someone worse off, and better than. Just be your best self.”
  2. Do one thing every day that reinforces your worth. This process contains the magic of compounding interest and leads to rapid breakthroughs in confidence building.
  3. Thin your herd of those who would prefer to keep you small. Soaring with pigeons is not as fulfilling as flying with eagles, so flock together accordingly.
  4. Dilute your negativity pool by introducing new positive people into your life. There needn’t be drama when you leave behind others you’ve outgrown. Simply add more and more quality contacts and the rest will naturally filter.
  5. Repeat positive affirmations such as “Every day, I am better than the last.” The power of words is immeasurable in increasing or decreasing your feelings of self-worth and self-confidence. Hear every word you say to you. Make them count!
  6. Walk away from small minds and gossip. Nothing fancy or self-improving in the running down of others. Step into the arena of great minds and be great.
  7. Stop reading magazines and advertisements designed to make you feel inferior. All ads, in case you missed it, are created to cause you to feel a lacking, so that when you purchase whatever’s being sold, it will “fix” you. CLUE: You’re not broken.
  8. Listen to inspirational input as much as possible. Falling asleep to the nightly news is the antithesis of confidence bolstering. Break the habit and start listening to either a tranquil meditation or something developed to build your confidence as you sleep.*
  9. Go to the bathroom mirror and make eye contact with you. Notice how it feels to really look yourself in the eye. Hold the eye contact for 17 seconds without looking away or deflecting your emotion. Just notice. Practicing and then mastering the rare art of making eye-contact with yourself is at the core of your success.
  10. While looking at you, say, “I forgive me.” The act of self-forgiveness clears the way for your confidence to sprout. Without self-forgiveness, there will be no authentic confidence. To really master this, say it continuously during your commute, and you’ll arrive at the office with a stepped-up level of confidence.
  11. Repeat steps 9 & 10 daily, morning and night. Repeat the, “I forgive me” mantra for 45 days at least twice daily and watch what happens with your confidence. Shame and guilt are not conducive to self-confidence. While you’re forgiving you, if there is someone in your psyche wagging a finger in your face, forgive them too. And if you need help with this, stay tuned because next post, I’ll share some tips for achieving closure with anyone, living or dead, who made/makes you feel small.

*Check out the “FAVORITES” Page for some hypnotic options.

If you’re ready to breakthrough your limiting beliefs and own your whole potential now, schedule a BREAKTHROUGH SESSION while they’re on the Summer Special Pricing!

Download a FREE Confidential Self Esteem Assessment Questionnaire

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50 Days of Focus

Want To Join Me For 50 Days of Focus?

Businesswoman with magnifying glass

My friend, Nicola Bird is on a personal mission to help 1000 online coaches help 1000 clients each using JigsawBox. That’s a million people that get helped as a direct result of you guys. 


And she wants do it in a way that allows us to start reaching that 1000 clients so that we both win 🙂  Pretty cool ehh? 

Now I know that not everyone reading my blog posts is a coach, or consultant, or even an entrepreneur, but all of us might know someone who is a coach or consultant, and so rather than cherry pick, I thought a blog post was in order.

Anyway, today Nicole’s going to do something she’s done only once before. Last time she did this she had to close the doors early as the team were swamped and the energy was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. 

So at the moment that I am posting this, the doors are open, but I’m not sure for how long. 
And yes, of course I’m in on it. In fact, I’m busy planning my next AWESOME empowering program for you! So do stay tuned!

Click here to find out more about how cool and exciting this is: https://jigsawbox.isrefer.com/go/50k/EmpoweredWomen

You can thank me later  🙂

At any rate, I could go on to tell you about the exciting happening that are in the oven, but that would spoil the surprise! And it is soo exciting and empowering that I really do not want to ruin the surprise….

Until then, round up any of your coach or consultant friends, and give them this post. THEY will thank YOU later!

xox,  Jan

PS ~ Share it fast because it really will disappear soon!

Women’s Empowerment’s Energetic Charge

“Women’s Empowerment” carries an energetic charge as it focuses on shifting the paradigm from competition to cooperation, from closed to receptive, win-win….

Women’s Empowerment: What energetic charge does the term hold for you? Does the term bring images of suffragists to the mind’s forefront? Do you picture burning bras and posters touting equality? How does it feel in your gut? Do visions of amendments dance in your head? Is your reaction to “women’s empowerment” fear-based? love-based? neutral?

burning bras

Words have an energetic charge. A simple grouping of letters may cause us to take an immediate stance into defending our beliefs, our homelands, our homes, and our loved-ones. Mostly, we take a stand to defend the status quo. We refer to our “values” as the core reason for digging in. And some values are worthy of going to the mat to defend.
Defending the familiar, however, is often a blind attack born of cultural and/or familial mores. It’s what you’re used to that is being defended rather than what may be in the best interest for the Earth and for the species living on her crust.

Message Stones

All words have power.

I’ll freely admit that I own the word “feminist,” and that I am not at all interested in being a man. And with that said, there was a time when I worked “traditional men’s jobs” (i.e. truck driving) in order to level the financial playing field and feed my kids. I’ll also admit that prior to bra-burning and talk of “women’s lib,” I still had a strong streak of fairness and equality. I believe in women’s empowerment and I believe in human empowerment. I believe in equal pay for equal work; equal rights for everyone. I believe misogynistic thinking comes from being ill-educated as to the benefits of empowerment for all, and I believe the misogynistic behavior and belief comes from fear. Who likes change? More to the point, who trusts change? “Better the Devil you know,” I hear my grandmother’s words….

But grandma was wrong.

Change is an important concept to embrace; in evolutionary terms, those who adapt/change survive. Those who do not adapt/change perish. We’re there. It’s time. There are no do-overs. There are only do it right-nows. And do it right and in the interest of all, and not for the few.

Women are awakening to the strength there is in owning their voices. And women are awakening to the power in numbers, and to the power in self-love. And in my estimation, all empowerment starts with self-love.


Today, I hope you’ll do something really loving for yourself. Even if you take only fifteen minutes for a personal time-out, sip a favorite beverage, and ponder your universe and the ways in which your light rays contribute to the whole of humankind.

Lotus Position

Go to your solar plexus and radiate consciously for a few moments. Send endless ripples of love to the pool and notice when the love returns magnified. This is my perspective of women’s empowerment. Indeed, even if you are a man reading this, the movement supports you. Balance is what’s achieved. And homeostasis/balance is the optimal condition for the human organism.
BalanceWhat women’s empowerment is not:

  • It’s not a man-hating attribute.
  • It’s not a feminine trait hating attribute.
  • It’s not a one-up attribute.
  • It’s not a competition.
  • It’s not a man-replacing attribute.
  • It’s not a belief that women are better.

What women’s empowerment is, is a belief in balance. It is a belief that as a collaborative whole, we can accomplish much that needs tending to. It is a belief that the old paradigm is broken and that it is up to women to step up. And it starts within each awakening woman, and evolving man.

Why do I consult with women? Because I am a woman and I have come through a lot, and I’m still standing, more empowered and centered than ever before. I consult because I have the toolbox and the intelligence to share the tools and techniques for speeding up the awakening and assisting any woman in releasing the internal blocks to her success. I empower women because I am an empowered woman and I recognize the possibilities in others, even when they have disowned the possibilities.


And from a clearly ego perspective, I empower women because it feels so good when a woman awakens and releases all that crap that has kept her stuck for so long, when she starts to feel her wings coming in…. It’s beautiful.


And the Universe is counting on us. Together, we are change agents creating magnificent waves, and individually, we are creating wondrous ripples of change.

If you are being held back by inner beliefs, schedule a breakthrough session and let’s release your barriers to success and fulfillment.

Freedom, Liberation and Fear

FREEDOM & Liberation are not the same.

OLDE Glory - Copy Freedom is the result of perceived liberation. An independent mindset leads to a prioritized value of freedom, and that freedom-mindset leads to independence. There is a cycle of liberated wholeness that once started, has no end…ideally.

Often, we are kept apart from freedom by our own beliefs.

Being prisoners of our own beliefs and mindset is a state if imbalance that once tended to can correct our trajectory for outrageous success and fulfillment. It needn’t be a time consuming exercise to re-adjust our wings and head toward a consciously determined destination once the adjustments are made. It’s a matter of self-awareness. It’s a matter of recognizing the self-imposed limitations and making the conscious decision to take another path.


Over the years, I have helped dozens of women escape from violent situations only to witness a large portion of these same liberated ladies boomerang to the familiar setting. They return for myriad reasons, most of which on the surface, have to do with financial reasoning; primarily, these women fail to thrive because they have a poverty setting to their inner wealth thermostat. These women are not necessarily destitute as a chance of birth, rather, they have developed a lack mentality and with no frame of reference to convince them that they can support themselves. Years of living in a particular familiar familial culture, regardless of how dangerous, seems less scary than the intimidating thought of being responsible for her own care and perhaps that of children as well. Because she is programmed to not recognize her abilities, she projects an expected outcome of receiving little or no support. Often, familiarity is misconstrued as comfort and freedom. With a bit of apathy and laziness thrown in the chances diminish proportionately that she will remain in the familiar situation, never exploring her truth or potential, and being a role model for the next generation of offspring to emulate.

Welcome the paradigm shift.

Women are awakening to the feminine power principle of cooperation, collaboration, communication, and receptivity. This awakening is having a tremendous global effect as the power shifts from the old masculine paradigm. The balance of that pendulum swing is somewhere in the middle, but until that balance is attained many will rise up to fight against change. Most humans are uncomfortable with change, especially if there is a chance of losing the power in a relationship. Oppressors will fight to the mat to prevent change. It’s personal, in the way that a child may be seen as a personal appendage and in a sense, immortality. Change can be fearsome.  Fear then, is the literal opposite of freedom.

 “The opposite of courage is conformity.”

Independence is the opposite of co-dependence. However, we may be free and inter-dependent. After all, we learn much through the eyes of others. And that slice of balance looks a lot like freedom to me. A visional slice of my perfect utopia is a world of freedom and interdependency where respect, integrity, authenticity, and freedom, defined as the right to live freely and in one’s chosen values system, are the structure. The vision is a safe place where all are free to believe without fear. It starts with self-awareness. Freedom is an inside job. Happy Independence Day wherever on the globe you are today.


PS~ If you would like help breaking free of self-limiting beliefs, schedule a Breakthrough Session on our Products and Services Menu.

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Transformational Tools: Syncing With New Moon Cycles

Can Syncing Your Desires With New Moon Cycles Transform Your Life?

The window of opportunity for harnessing Nature’s New Moon energies for transforming our lives is approximately three days. Every 28-ish days we are blessed with Nature’s gift of transformational tools: a fresh chance to draw on the energetic women’s wisdom cycle of Nature that supports us in our quest for self-improvement and transformation of any challenges we may be experiencing. It’s truly like receiving a monthly clean slate for manifesting whatever we wish to attract or alter during the coming weeks. And on a grander scale, new moon energy is the perfect free transformational tool for our evolution, and indeed, for transforming our very definition of ourselves as we consciously evolve, even far into the future years ahead.

Moon DanceI take the New Moon energies very seriously. No, I don’t generally dance naked in the moon-less night, but I do take time to reflect, and to then set inspired goals. Quite frankly, I’ll take any support I can get, and if it means paying homage to Luna, and reaping the energetic charge of her grace, then count me in. She’s never failed me yet.


Each New Moon window begins simply with awareness of the opportunity to take a few quiet moments and consider what seeds to plant. Farmers have been planting by the New Moon energies for generations, and there is ample proof to verify that businesses started during the New Moon phase have a higher success rate. It’s also reported that hair, when cut during a New Moon window, is reported to grow faster. That means that if you want to keep your style short, you may want to make your appointment with that stylist during a full moon! Conversely, if you’re looking to grow it out, trim those hairs during the new moon phase and reap the benefits.

Moon_Goddess_by_Osaki_KunThe moon, under any phase is a wonderful tool to add to your transformational toolbox because it is constant. If you happen to miss a shot, the window returns a few weeks later. That means you can easily test the accuracy of new moon claims, by instituting your own criteria. Spend some time deciding what you would like to improve, for example, and then set your intention for the outcome you desire. Start small so that you’ll see quick results, and build momentum from there. Personally, I like to use a journal for asking and receiving and tracking my record, but if that’s not your thing, consider other options. Once you begin to see your intended results, I assure you that you’ll make a habit of living in sync with Nature’s New Moon cycles.

As a positive side effect, syncing your dreams and commitment to transformation with new moon cycles may lead to a fuller awareness of our human connection to Nature. Living aligned with the natural rhythms lends itself to a heightened compassion that may have been cast aside along the journey. You may find yourself gazing at the night sky and considering your expansive place in the universe. Perhaps you will sit near the creek bank and allow the ripples to inspire your own limitless ripples…. Maybe you’ll spend more time being, and less time doing that hustling-bustling-competitive exercise.

The traditional paradigm is shifting to a new feminine paradigm of inspiring collaborative relationships that take Nature into account. A partnership with Nature is a core value of the feminine power principle, and is a two-way circuit of benefits and grace. Being aligned with Nature’s rhythms fosters the benefits of mind-body-spirit alignment. It balanced you by reeling you in from daily distractions which are perhaps not supporting you in your quest for transformation into the full-winged woman you know you are inside. Starting with an awareness of the energetic effects of the moon’s phases is a good place to reign in those sister energies and harness the power to transform your life.

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When you are ready, the teacher will appear. I am here, when you are ready. Schedule a Discovery Session using the pop up scheduler on the bottom right corner, or visit our Products and Services Page to jump into your transformational journey.


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Monday Manifesting: Are YOU Resisting?

Resistance to Success?

My Mondays are fairly structured: Monday is for behind the scenes marketing; Working on up-coming campaigns; Blasting out the Money Monday blog post; Preparing the next newsletter…and doing laundry.

Mondays are so filled with tasks, that it seems to me, “there is never enough time on Mondays.” I catch myself thinking and/or repeating that negative affirmation far too frequently.

It dawns on me that my chant is nothing less than resistance.

There’s an old message floating thru my mind’s ethers that is calling me to action. The action call is to pay attention. That’s ironic as “self-awareness” is at the deepest core of everything I promote. Yep, it’s me calling out from my spirit level, nudging me to take note that I am resisting something.

But what is it that I am denying? What, exactly am I resisting with my chants and actions? To answer the question, I do what all trained writers do: I turn to the dictionary.

Resistance: opposition; defiance; challenge; endurance; forbearance; refusal to accept…. There it is: “Refusal to accept,” feels right. That resonates somewhere deep within. And so, I continue to read on to learn the opposite of resistance is “acceptance.”

But again, what am I refusing to accept? This game could go on all day, I decide, and it’s Monday, and already, “there is never enough time on Mondays….”

And here we are back to the chant of resistance.

Now this just feels ridiculous. And the pondering is stealing precious time, but still, it is begging to be heard, and so I decide to ‘hot seat’ the resistance and see where it leads.

If you’re not familiar with ‘hot-seat’ techniques, it’s where we put “it” (whatever “it” is) on a chair in front of us and we have a conversation. Then we switch chairs and become whatever it is and respond to our self.

Resistance sits in front of me on the chair. I see it clearly as being grey, the shape of a russet potato, and about the size of a typical bed pillow. It doesn’t move, but it is the consistency of a heavy dark cloud. It just sits there, doing nothing productive.

I change seats and become Resistance. “Now I am Resistance,” I say it as if I’m a God. “And I am grey, and shaped like a lumpy potato. I sit here like a heavy dense cloud over her. I just sit here on her, and she doesn’t remove me. I’m a dark energy of self-sabotage. I see her sitting there, wondering how to get rid of me, but she never does anything beyond thinking. She’s too tired to fight me. She’s too tired to resist.”

Back in the chair as me, I consider the words of Resistance. “I hear that you are saying you are my ‘self-sabotage’ and that causes my ire to rise. I thought I had successfully released all those ineffectual limiting behaviors. You are a sneaky one, ehh? What do I get for holding onto you, Resistance? There is a payoff, or I would not hold onto you. I would not keep you around if there were no reward.” I stay longer in my chair as I am resistant to return to the chair of Resistance. I make note of my resistance to Resistance before switching chairs.

“You tell me what you get. I am your Resistance; I am you. Only you really know your own answers,” Resistance says.

Back in the chair as myself, I size up my Resistance. “I get an excuse for being busy, for spinning my wheels, for not risking the chance of failure…or success. If I am honest, I use Resistance to keep me in familiar territory. It only feels safe, though. In my heart of hearts, I know that I am holding myself back. I am resisting success, staying out of the spotlight, even as my light shines so brilliantly.”

I change chairs, and as Resistance, I respond to Jan. “That’s right. That’s the reward for holding onto me. Are you ready to release me? Are you ready to stop using me as an excuse to stay living small? Are you going to release the habit, the excuse of your Resistance?”

Slowly, I change chairs and face my Resistance. I look at the chair that once held a dark cloud, and I notice the shade is several times lighter. Then I notice that physically, I feel several times lighter. I sigh, deeply exhaling as if I’d been holding my breath for some time. And then I breathe in deeply and exhale the remnants before moving forward. It’s time to express my appreciations to Resistance, and then to let go.

When I feel ready, I say, “I want to thank you for keeping me safe. I understand that you were only trying to keep me from reaching too far and perhaps getting hurt. I appreciate it. But now, it’s time for me to let you know that things have changed. I am not fearful of stretching my self-imposed boundaries. In fact, I am quite comfortable in my expansion, especially as there is much support in the world, encouraging me to step out of the ‘living-small mindset’ and into my limitless potential. And so, I say thank you, and I say good-bye to you now. Good bye, Resistance.”

I look at the chair where Resistance had been. It’s a lovely brocade chair, and nothing more.

What are YOU resisting? What keeps you living small? Is there anything you’d like to release?

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Escaping the Chrysalis
Escaping the Chrysalis


Answering YOUR Calling


Answering Your Calling

Every individual on this planet has one. And yet not every person has answered.

Why is that?

From my perspective, I see a global awakening taking place. More and more people are awakening to the truth that time is the most valuable non-renewable resource.

Time is more valuable than money or riches or dream vacations or luxury automobiles. And still, not everyone invests the time to decide what the ideal life would even look like. Fewer still live a consciously chosen life.

For over a decade I counseled clients as well as supervised Graduate School students of Social Work. Participants were urged to consider their strengths and passions, and to then transform those traits into paying activities. The results were phenomenal for both the students and the patrons. Without exception, fertile seeds took root and the sprouts of success were apparent.

It’s no different now that I am in a private practice, except that I’m witnessing more folks than ever before are answering that call to step into his or her unique spotlight. No more of living on the sidelines. No more hiding beneath the skirts of others’ dreams. It’s as if a massive hatching is taking place, and a lot of awakening is leading to further explorations.

It’s a fascinating time to be a life coach and a transformational author because the tribes are ripe for the offerings. And although a lot has changed since my first counseling sessions took place all those decades ago, some very core conditions are still at the center of personal growth for every client. In a nut shell, self-esteem and personal empowerment are still the same today as yesterday, and the unearthing of one’s truest calling is still the catalyst for super-fast transformation.

Have you ever taken the time to look at what you love to do? Have you taken time to seriously contemplate that ‘thing’ that if you were being paid for it, would not seem like ‘work’ at all? Whatever it is, have you ever taken a few minutes to be alone and really brainstorming some ways in which that passion can be converted into a calling?

Once you’ve created your list of ‘love-to-dos,’ then claim your right to fulfillment! Step into your light and be prepared to live the most passionate and rewarded life you can dream of.

All that can stop you is your own fear.

…if you need help with releasing that fear, I have the gestalt tools and techniques to help you release your fear and embrace your freedom…. When you are ready, we can convert your FEAR into FUEL for fulfillment. The question is, when are you ready to stop living small?

If you are ready, I invite you to schedule a free Discovery Session (using the vCita scheduler on the right bottom) and see if we’re a good fit. I invite you to step into your MAGNIFICENCE. You see, I have found my calling. I found it almost thirty years ago and have been offering transformational gestalt techniques and consulting for years, positively impacting the lives of thousands of loyal empowered clients.

Gestalt means ‘whole’ and so are you: WHOLE and perfect in your humanness.



Free Is Good!

Your Journey to Wholeness

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Gestalt Means WHOLE and So Are YOU!

Escaping the Chrysalis


Blessings in the Mire

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FREE Relationship Tools

These FREE Relationship Tools Are Not Just For Those In Relationships

Every relationship throughout our individual life plays an important role, whether it be a life lesson on love or on loss. Most especially, every relationship is a mirror for self-love. How well do you love yourself? What inner dialog throughout the day, affirms the god/goddess in you? Are you tender and nurturing with you, or are you impatient and judgmental? What energetic charge are you bringing into your relationships, including into the one with your self?

When you communicate, are you defensive, accusatory, gentle, patient, abrupt, condescending, passive, or aggressive? Do you know the secret to effective communication? In case you missed it, it’s the use of “I” messages.  When you use “I” instead of “YOU” in your communication, you are simply stating/owning your feelings. Saying “I feel sad,” or “I am angry,” is making a statement of how you are feeling. On the other hand, saying “You make me angry,” or “You are (fill in the blank) causes the receiving party to become defensive; it shuts down the communication path almost immediately.

Every thought and action and attempt at communication comes either from a place of love or fear. Where are your thoughts, actions, and words stemming from, most of the time? Do you stick to “I” messages or do you often lay blame at the feet of others?

And what about the way you treat YOU? Are you consistent in a mindset of ritualized self-care or are you a haphazard caretaker?

Are you acutely self-aware or do you refuse to see your ‘self’ in true living color?


Here’s why it matters: You attract the equal of what you emit. With this in mind, and most especially in these days when so many lessons of “manifesting” are swirling around in the Internet ethers, we know that what we are broadcasting is returning to us in the terms of experiences and people who move into and through our lives.

In essence, if you’ve done the work on yourself, you’re no longer willing to settle for less than you deserve. Even the powerfully beckoning adrenaline addiction that comes from being in an unhealthy roller coaster relationship isn’t enticing enough to get you to get back on that drama train. When you’ve done the work, you value you. And when you value YOU, you don’t accept or attract abuse in any sheep’s clothing. With eyes wide open, your heart is like an automatic garage door and you have full control over the remote. With eyes wide open, we’re back to the beginning, which is the awareness that self-esteem affects every area of life.

With that in mind, I’m giving you FREE access to a Confidential Self Esteem Assessment Questionnaire to answer in the privacy of your own thoughts. It’s a lengthy questionnaire, and it’s not designed to be a fix, or a quick fix, or anything other than a questionnaire to get you to focus on your self-esteem.

Regardless of whether or not you are currently in a romantic relationship, the Confidential Self Esteem Assessment Questionnaire can provide an idea of where you are in your self-esteem level. And if you’re not in the mood or mindset to download and answer the entire questionnaire, you may enjoy this short little Co-dependency Quiz.

To learn more about assertive versus aggressive communication, about the power of words, and most specifically, to learn more about gestalt techniques for bolstering self-esteem and enhancing your life, click the book cover below and buy the book on Amazon.com. It’s the life manual you’ll dog-ear for decades to come!

Escaping the Chrysalis

Escaping the Chrysalis: Buy it on Amazon!

FREE Values & Why?

FREE Values & Why?

What are your top values? Freedom? Authenticity? Honesty?

When our values are not clearly defined, when we are not absolutely crystal clear about our top value, our lives generally reflect this truth through chaos. What’s worse is when we know our values, and clearly take actions outside of the boundaries of those values.

Going against the grain of one’s values, causes an internal reaction, a feeling of inauthentic behavior that will absolutely eke out in emotional response. For example, a child who has been raised to know right from wrong will feel a deep sense of regret when he/she steals cookies from the jar. Regardless of whether the child is caught or not, those instilled inner values will send a loud and clear message. That cookies will taste less delicious when tainted by remorse.


The inner emotional reaction is meant to shift us back onto the authentic track.

That gut response from our grand BS detector is like a call to action. It is an internal indicator that tells us when we veer off course. We are at our most powerful when we are aligned with our truest core values, and when we use those values as the guard rails to our path. And yet, I don’t know about you, but I was never taught to actually take a look at my values. I was certainly never taught to decide for myself what my values are. Instilled from birth, through familial and cultural norms, and through institutions, the weave of societal mores and tenets are such a part of our social fabric that most of us never take a moment to determine where those values were learned, and if they are OUR chosen views.

Before seeking a new job, or a new partner, or a new home, or before you take another step, consider your overall values and where you learned each of them. What do YOU stand for? What would you give your life to defend? When you have answered the question of what are your top ten values, narrow it down to your top three. And when you have clarifies the top three, chose the number one value you would fight to the death for.

When you have done this, take a metaphorical step backward and look at your current life. Are you living in alignment with your most cherished value? Are there some subtle shifts that you can take today to align your whole/gestalt self with your consciously chosen beliefs? Body, mind, and spirit are more than a new aged cliché. They are part of the whole you, and when aligned you are at your most powerful and authentic self. Your once chaotic life, seemingly suddenly, then works.

Click the hyperlink for a FREE Values List download to assist with your clarification.

xox Much love & light.




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Escaping the Chrysalis is Most Inspiring


 Escaping the Chrysalis is Most Inspiring!


It’s truly an honor to see Escaping the Chrysalis among the Top Ten Inspiring books, a list which includes such notables as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Judith Orloff, and others. But if I’m honest, I do believe Escaping the Chrysalis is one of the most inspiring books. It is a different caliber than is my first book, Blessings in the Mire, a true story which is inspiring on a completely different level. And although Escaping the Chrysalis is in the nonfiction self-help genre, and as such, varies from my only fictional book, The Flying Game, the two are clearly different approaches in the directions of inspiration.

Escaping the Chrysalis

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Escaping the Chrysalis is the life manual we wish our parents had read! It is full of true life examples, and offers affirmations, gestalt techniques, tips, and more! Is your life transformation worth 20 bucks? I’m thinking you’re worth a LOT more than that! But hurry! This is a limited time offer that will end in 48 hours.

You deserve to be happy, fulfilled, and to experience your WHOLE/GESTALT self. Gestalt means whole, and so are you! You are whole and perfect in your humanness. This book, Escaping the Chrysalis is the helping hand that you’ve long-awaited. It is different from every other self-help book in that it offers tools and techniques once reserved for the professional. Go get it!

Gestalt Means Whole, and So Are YOU!

Embrace your whole perfect self and watch your empowerment and confidence expand!

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Blessings in the Mire

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“Great Minds….”

“Great minds….”

eleanor-roosevelt with quote“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s not difficult to imagine a conversation with the insightful, Eleanore Roosevelt; perhaps over camomile tea on the White House lawn…white linens appropriately starched ~Not too much; I’m surmising the woman was not all that rigid even in terms of linens.

The conversation would be about how we, together as a collective human force, can change things for the better. We would indeed discuss the global condition, but not as to whine about it; rather, to seek the solutions that come in collaboration and cooperation.

A little gossip, a bit of complaining about the insolence of co-workers or of the ignorance of family members, is more than a “little bit” harmful. At the least, gossip mongering is doing nothing to positively alter the course of the globe, or of the participants.

Eleanore’s words got me to thinking about what one thing I can do today to encourage growth and progress as opposed to squelching (with punitive thoughts, words, or actions) all the potential this day offers. Here is what I came up with: This post. This post is the beginning of the ripples in the Universal sea. My words have power, as do the words of everyone.

Message Stones

Our words have the power to incite or the power of insight.

We are free to choose if our words are bullets or soap boxes or wraps of verbal support. We decide, consciously or mindlessly, to use our words to build or destroy.  And perhaps the biggest thing to recognize is that our words are boomerangs. What we say will exactly return to cause the havoc or rewards which we fire off.

Our words are a direct reflection of who we are experiencing our inner self to be. In other words, our words are a direct projection of how we feel about our self inside. All communication is laced, if not built around the structures and foundations of self-esteem. With a weak self-image comes a weak self-confidence and an equally dis-jointed life. Now envision that low-level of self-worth on the stage of life. What do you suppose will flow from the mouth: inciting words or insightful words?

This is not to imply that every seemingly secure individual is spewing only warm-fuzzies and love. There are multitudes of folks pretending to be secure and insightful, but when we look beneath the layers, we clearly see the inner doubts and insecurities that are not all that well masked by brandishing thunderous rhetoric and doing nothing of progressive value. Often, words are used as deflectors: An attempt to ricochet the focus in another direction. Because here’s another truth: Hot air doesn’t hide the poor self-esteem. Poor self-esteem is the reason for all that hot air. When we look closely, we see that the hot air is only that: a bunch of hot air that is doing nothing to improve conditions or create insight. And yes, most definitely, in many cases all that rhetoric is only stirring the putrid ripples and inciting less-than productive communication.

For today, in this present moment of valuable non-renewable life, I send you love, love, love, and lightness to lift your whole/gestalt self. And with that love and light, I also added a link to the Journey to Wholeness Assessment confidential self-esteem self-evaluation. Take the assessment in the privacy of your own home, and if you like, come back and schedule a FREE consult to see if we’re a good fit for further services.

Wishing you love, and fulfillment, today and always,


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Mother Trucker

Mother Trucker

Mother Trucker without Hardhat


Throw Back Thursdays: Me on the day, having completed the necessary hours and experience, I received my “A” Status Teamsters Driving Status.

#ProudMotherTrucker #TeamstersUnion #local222 #empowerment

Mother Trucker with hardhat

I only wish the photographs had been in color. The PINK hard-hat and matching fingernails were a rare visual at a time when Teamsters Unions were known as “traditional male” employers. But as a single mother of three children under the age of four, I would have done just about anything to feed my kids, and driving ~even the BIG RIGS, is something I enjoy. By the way, this is NOT the largest piece of Caterpillar equipment I ever drove, but it was the one I drove most often.

The lessons of empowerment would be ridiculously long to list here, but in the abbreviated edition, I’ll share that I learned as much from jealous wives and girlfriends as I learned about operating equipment. I expected a certain level of, shall we say, “adjustment” from the men in the field, but I did not anticipate the ways in which my sister-humans reacted to my presence in this traditionally men’s arena. It’s that look of smelling poop on a shoe that comes to mind when I envision the faces of the women who showed up to see this female truck driver.

There are enough stories to fill several volumes, and I see that we women have come a long way, and we still have a long way to travel to meet each other with support and love and collaboration, and not with competition. Afterall, I wasn’t there to steal a husband. I was there to feed my kids. And let’s be honest: Does this look like a glamorous job to you? There are no doors on that rig, and this is in Utah where the Winters and Summers are equally blistering in extreme conditions. It was brutal.

There is not one regret I have as a result of working an average of 72 hour weeks, except that of spending far too much time away from my children. Hopefully, they learned the value of owning their power. I sure did. And the lessons of empowerment are heavily woven through the Gestalt Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem courses I facilitate today. Without the self-esteem needed to stand up for myself, and for other women who would come after me, I would have faltered before the Teamsters’ Union even agreed to train me. The tenacity of a mother bull-dog with pups to feed is what it took. And if you’re in tune with your passion and just need a boost and a helping hand to facilitate your empowerment, and to bolster your self-esteem and resultant tenacity and success, I am the facilitator for you.

At the bottom of the right side of the page is an annoying little pop up that begs your attention. Feed it your information, and let’s schedule a FREE 15 minute session. You’ve nothing to lose by making the call. And you have EVERYTHING to gain.

confidence 1600 450

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7-7-7 Special BELOW WHOLESALE Pricing on The Flying Game!

This is a flash sale for the first 77 of you to get The Flying Game for only $7.77! Regular $19.99, you are saving a whopping ton of cash! That’s priced for FAR LESS THAN WHOLESALE! But ONLY thru this page, and ONLY for the first 77 copies sold! After that, the price goes back to $19.99!

The Flying Game
The Flying Game

The Flying Game is an inspirational fiction story of the quirky Stella Harris. As a child, Stella was afraid of nothing…and…to the astonishment of peers, and the horror of teachers and her mother, Stella believed she could fly….
It wasn’t until later in life, when Stella had long forgotten that childhood pluck, when she had misplaced that childhood tenacity that had once moved mountains…it was only when it was perhaps too late, that Stella remembered…. As a child, Stella had always won the Flying Game. As an adult, this time, she was playing for her life…and only the wisdom of Oz could save her….

Get your copy of The Flying Game today! Maybe you’ll be inspired to fly too!

It’s never too late to own your wings. And today, through this special secure PayPal link only, you can get it for less than the wholesale price!

Read an excerpt: Excerpt ~The Flying Game

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