Book a call* with Jan through the wonders of technology. Simply click the button below to be taken to my schedule. Skype is preferred (audio only) but telephone use will be accepted for US calls. Once you click into the schedule, find a time that suits you and schedule a quick contact session. Then send a “contact request” to Live:jdeelstra_2  (Skype)

If you have trouble finding a time that works for both of us, send an email to and we’ll work something out.

I look forward to connecting!

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*Remember, this is not a “coaching call.” It is made available as a courtesy to connect and see if we are a good fit for services. If, at the end of the session, either one of us doesn’t feel it’s a good fit, we will part friends. In some cases, referrals to other services may be recommended.

Please have the following in mind when we connect:

  • Tell me ONE THING, that if it were to change, would positively impact your life in other areas with the ripple effect.
  • What have you tried in the past?

Show up with paper and pen. You will want to take notes.
“See” you soon!

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