A book that can change your abundance mindset:

INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love


A [perhaps radical] book that can change your abundance mindset, and your success with money AND love is INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love.

Do you know it’s true that your mindset
and attached emotional charge
is the source of your created life?

  • In areas of LOVE and MONEY, what have YOU created with your emotionally charged thoughts?
  • Could your ‘Abundance’ flow use a good pipe cleaning?
  • What limiting beliefs did you claim from your childhood?

If your life isn’t everything you dream it can be,
who is to blame for the creative thoughts?

We all carry energetic imprints on our psyche, and these imprints translate into our individual life experiences. Our history colors our present because our emotionally charged thoughts become our beliefs. These beliefs are creative.

Beliefs are the pattern source of our lives.

This may not be a problem if you were imbued with strong threads of self-worth
This may not be a problem if your role modeling for relationships was healthy and balanced
This may not be a problem if you were imprinted with energetic frequencies of abundance that taught you how to allow the flow of abundance

But what if, like most of us, your role models for money and love (including self-love) were less than optimal? What if instead of universal abundance being taught as the rule of nature, you learned lessons of scarcity, of there being “never enough”? How do you suppose that scarcity imprint colors all the areas of your life?

When you change your mindset about abundance, other areas of your life shift too. It’s like the first push of the dominoes…

EVERYTHING up-levels with the initial thought/belief shifting.

INFINITE PIE: From Finance to Romance, the Parallel Feminine Frequency of Money & Love doesn’t just ask the questions; It also provides answers as to why and how to change your mindset about abundance, and it offers techniques to help you make the mindset change.

INFINITE PIE is the pipe-cleaner for your abundance flow

Asking “what’s in your wallet?” isn’t enough. Now we’re asking, what’s showing up in your life? What are you creating with your mindset?

And if you are not satisfied, isn’t it time to change your mindset and open the flow of abundance of love and money and joy and creativity and opportunities?

If your abundance flow isn’t all it could be, you may want to rework your mindset to start to allow in the abundance, the INFINITE PIE that’s all around you.

Isn’t it time for you to get your piece of the INFINITE PIE?

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Infinite Pie by Jan Deelstra


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