Escaping the Chrysalis

Escaping the Chrysalis by Jan Deelstra
Editions:Paperback - Second: $ 24.99 USD
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1515036920
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 412

A butterfly must struggle to break free of the chrysalis that once supported her so tightly. That process of gaining freedom forces fluids into her wings which then gives her the strength to fly free. Without the struggle, she would never get off the ground. So too, do humans gain strength from the struggles we come face-to-face with. Rather than stuffing down the emotions of past events, author Jan Deelstra encourages us to acknowledge and embrace the lessons and strengths that are as a direct result of the experiences and barriers we have faced. Breaking free of the psychological shackles that have stopped us from consciously creating a purpose driven life makes us stronger and more empowered, personally. Regardless of how painful, our challenges are rich additions to our life experiences, and each struggle ultimately shines clarity on our unique purpose. Escaping the Chrysalis provides readers with the tools and techniques to transform personal struggles into strengths, and pain into passion for reaching undreamed of possibilities. This is the book we all wish our parents had read! It is the life-manual that provides easy to understand and implement exercises that shortcut the process of building a more secure self-esteem. Self-esteem affects every facet of life from relationships to wealth potential, and Escaping the Chrysalis has a primary purpose of showing readers how to easily improve self-esteem and feelings of worth and deserving. From enhanced relationships, to interpreting your dreams for the messages they contain, to communicating desires more effectively, to attaining the optimal body shape, the once proprietary, self-help tools and techniques included in Escaping the Chrysalis can help to empower anyone to live a passionately fueled successful life. An award winning inspirational book, Escaping the Chrysalis is sure to be among the most dog-eared self-help books on your shelves.


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