The Flying Game

Book Cover: The Flying Game
Editions:Paperback - First: $ 17.99 USD

The Flying Game is an inspirational fiction weave about the slightly off-center Stella Rose Harris. As a child, Stella always won the flying game. As an adult, the fall is further. Now, she is playing for her life, and only the wisdom of Oz can save her. Written with a finely woven thread of connection to L. Frank Baum's original Wonderful Wizard of Oz, it ultimately becomes clear that Stella has identified with the fictional Dorothy of her youth. But Stella s is not a storybook tale for children; her demons are the evolved monsters of adulthood. Readers will cheer on the protagonist as she teeters on the precarious edge, contemplating life or death. In the end, the reader is left with a residue, a question of just how much of the Wizard and the Tin Man reside in all of us?

The Flying Game is a delightfully sneaky technique to enlighten the masses while indisputably entertaining. This is the first fictional brainchild of international best-selling author and gestalt practitioner, Jan Deelstra, and we hope it won t be the last.


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