An Offer to Transform Your Life

An Offer to Transform Your Life

Women’s Empowerment Virtual Bootcamp Offer to Transform Your Life

For the second time this week, I was asked to explain specific women’s issues that are addressed under the umbrella of “Winged~Women’s Empowerment.” It’s a fair question, yet because the services offered here are so personal and subjective (designed to meet the specific needs of each client), and because all the issues feel very personal to all clients, it may sound like an impossible task to define.

The truth is, as challenging as it is to put everything into a nice little box with a pretty bow, it is easily possible to share successful outcomes. That’s the common thread!


Participants come from all walks of life, and from all stages. One woman is just beginning to awaken to her inner voice, that calling nudge that prods her to seek “more” even as she has yet to define exactly what that “more” is.

Another woman has spent years, perhaps decades uncovering the core of her authentic self. She is on her individual path of awakening to her truest purpose and calling.

Some women are ready to jump in and “do whatever it takes” to bridge the gap between where she is and where she desires to be within a prescribed time frame. These women are already on track and just need their wings adjusted and their trajectory re-directed.

Another client may arrive at my virtual doorstep with trepidation, and ultimately end up having covered a far greater distance than she ever could have considered. In these cases, the gap is huge and so is her spectacular reward.

Each client has a unique set of needs, and each personal outcome is determined by her unique needs and desired outcome. With that truth in mind, although my niche is clearly that of empowering women, that “empowerment” means something different for each woman. Each is at a personal stage in her own life. We start always, exactly where she is on the life path.

Challenges span the spectrum from those of successful business women to struggling single moms. Each woman shares a common interest of self-improvement and living the best possible life. In each case, this end-result starts with determining the current confidence level, and creating a plan towards a determined outcome. In every case, the result is a release of pain and feelings of inadequacy, replaced with an experience of self-empowerment. Although the individualized processes may differ, the results are that of individually defined success. The results are women’s empowerment based on feminine power principles that lead directly to the outcome desired.

In all cases, clients “graduate” as empowered women -women who are empowered by their own feminine power; the power that they just misplaced and needed to re-own.

All women are forever changed in ways they didn’t even know they were missing!

What she seeks, she will find.

This depicts the feeling I am after. The copyright is to a Polish person and there is a language barrier or I would just ask permission. Love this one.

I’ll share with you that it was not always this way. In the late 1970’s and through the early 1980’s, I worked in the traditionally “male” profession of Teamster. I was a truck driver, and a single mother working far too many hours to feed my three children.

Mother Trucker w/ Hard Hat

During that period, women were still looking at each other with a facial expression of smelling dog poo on a shoe….

Sofia Loren Jayne Mansfield

  • Women were not collaborative
  • Women were not supportive
  • Women were not trusting of each other’s motives
  • Women were not receptive to other women

Times have changed. The mass collective awakenings of women globally are shifting this planet on her axis.

Women now understand the power in feminine traits of receptivity, collaboration, cooperation, and each woman recognizes that she is changed by the blessing of sharing time and space and intimate conversations which are often spiced with a dose of toughness and love. And fortunately, as we’ve learned to trust our individual selves, we no longer feel the need to distrust other women.

In all cases, I grow to love and respect each woman I work with. It’s not like in the 70’s and 80’s when we were looking at each other like we were spelling onions. The paradigm shift is fantastic and each courageous woman is on her own personal transformative journey. And I know, if you’re still reading this, you too are one of those brave women I admire and respect. I want to say thank you for that. Because that collaborative shift in consciousness just may save this planet from destruction.

As I return full circle to the question of what’s under my umbrella, I come up with such a full heart. ♥

My blessings have been many. When I consider the thousands of women I have had the privilege of working with over the decades, a warm rush permeates my every cell with love.

Facilitation of the process of empowerment, of ownership of the whole self, is what the women’s empowerment coaching services provides. I hope this answers the question. But honestly, for me, the greater yet simpler answer would be love.

I love them hard sometimes, and they end up loving me too. I love my job.

If you, or someone you know, are ready for women’s empowerment coaching services, feel free to drop us an email using the contact us form. Or better yet, apply now for admittance into the 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp. And when you graduate, you will have a toolbox full of self-empowerment tools!

Winged-Women Bootcamp

Beginning right now, you’ve got a new opportunity to attend an intensive women’s empowerment bootcamp all online.

This 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment is a virtual online 7 module, 7 week bootcamp experience based on feminine power principles and designed to immerse you in a rapid-paced, ultra-effective online course that will deliver results! Although the bootcamp is open to a group of women, it is an individual and very personal experience based on your rate of participation. Keep an eye on this page, because if you keep reading you’ll see a VERY special offer is being made to those who are subscribers….

As is our style, the 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment Bootcamp addresses multitudes of women’s issues while still addressing the individual stations of each participant.

Whether it’s help in relationships, with communications, finances and wealth building, confidence building, learning to own your voice and be more assertive to get your needs and desires met, or perhaps just a refresher to enhance your life or hone your calling, the 50 Days to Empowerment Bootcamp will energize you to live your best possible life. And of course, we will be offering a huge discount to loyal participants!

This bootcamp is currently offered at a terrific savings for $1197 and includes some time limited bonuses. BUT THAT’S NOT THE OFFER YOU’RE GETTING!

You may have seen the Spirit of Women newsletter promotion for the 50 Days to Empowerment Bootcamp at $1197, with several very nice bonuses making the package worth over $2700!

Because YOU are one of my most valued empowered women, you get it all for only $997 $497 but only through this exclusive post and PayPal link: 

Others will still be paying the $1197 price. And that’s STILL a VERY Good Deal! That’s a particularly great deal when you consider all the bonuses attached! Use the secure PayPal button on this special page offer and pay only $997 $497 to transform your life and still receive all the goodies as bonuses!

As extra incentive, attendees will receive ABSOLUTELY FREE the hard copies of both Escaping the Chrysalis and Escaping the Chrysalis Companion Workbook ; private, secure, and personal attention inside a special online portal where we will connect several times each week; unlimited email support for 60 days during and overlapping the certification point; 2 live calls with me personally; 50% off any future full-pay service claimed within the next 12 months; a certificate of completion; the self-development tools to fill your personal toolbox.

In just 50 days, you will identify the barriers and learn the tactics and receive the tools to transform your inner blocks. It is intensive and it is effective! And it is limited to only 50 participants per launch. Get in now! And own your life in only 50 days!

PLUS, I added in a special reward for those who refer a friend. You each receive a 25% refund upon completion of the bootcamp! That’s a $250 refund! So grab your best friend and get this bootcanp experience going!!!

Be prepared to transform your life. 50 Days to Women’s Empowerment: Just a mere 7 weeks for transformation. ♥ Imagine the possibilities!

**Due to time and space restrictions, this special offer is absolutely limited to the first 50 participants total! That means while the other 49 are over on the full-pay page, you have the opportunity to jump in and get this special pricing offer.

Share the love with your friends by sharing this post to your social playgrounds.

And if you have a BFF (best friend for life), why not have her join you in the bootcamp and keep each other accountable? Your friendship will grow to a new depth as you each experience the bootcamp processes, and come through with a whole new arsenal of women’s empowerment tools based on the feminine perspective of receptivity, self-love, nurturing, and owning the voice. PLUS, you’ll each receive a reward of a refund of $125!

She will thank you for sharing the journey, and the dynamic transformational tools….

I sincerely hope to see you in the portal!
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