Brave Hearted Summit

Did you know that your Brave Heart can empower your love life?

WOW! LOOK at this line up of experts, coming together to help you to heal your wounded heart and learn to use your vulnerability for creating or enhancing an authentic and most fulfilling relationship….

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Each expert speaker not only offers invaluable information to improve your love life, but also, each comes bearing a special gift created just for attendees. I am so excited to bring you this Brave Hearted Summit, with my treasured friend and colleague the incomparable, Paola Postiglione.

Register bow, because this starts in less than 24 hours and you want to get in on every important interview! (Did I mention gifts?)

April 24th Speakers:

Katherine Woodward Thomas

Dr. Diana Kirschner

Marina Ormes 

April 25th Speakers:

Barry Paul Price

Mia Saenz

April 26th Speakers:

Moi, Jan Deelstra

Kimberly Seltzer  

Andrea Cairella

April 27th Speakers:

Camille Sheppard-Parrish

Lori Ann Davis

April 28th Speakers:

Dr. Ruth Schwartz & Dr. Michelle Murrain

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zental Weaver

April 29th Speakers:

Dr. Elena Estanol

Layan Bubbly

Nikki Jade

April 30th Speakers:

Matt Artisan

Marni Kinrys

May 1st Speakers:

Emyrald Sinclaire

Mike Goldstein

May 2nd Speakers:

PJ Dixon

Ayanna Mojica

JJ Flizanes

May 3rd Speakers:

Lynda Nguyen

May 4th Speakers:

Derek Hart

Ellen Smoak

May 5th Speakers:

Sandy Weiner

Cherry Norris

Annie Lalla

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Brave Hearted Summit

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