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The Break-Fast-Club

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There are some BIG changes on the horizon. Some programs and services are being discontinued permanently to make way for some exciting new offers. Much of this has to do with the up-coming public launch of the Winged-Women™ Academy. The thing is, it’s going to take some real time and concentration to get all the courses up and running in the academy, so we’ve had to thin out some of the existing offers to make room for creation and implementation and still keep a high standard of coaching services running in the foreground.

If you’re even the slightest bit creative, you must know that it’s tough to cut any of your creations, in this case, programs and services. Each one is a little brainchild. But like children, they grow up and learn to fly on their own, leaving a vacuum that must be filled. That’s sort of how it feels as I write to you today.

Anyway, sentiment aside, one of the biggest programs to be retiring is the Queen’s Dozen. This was an especially hard decision because it’s so lucrative and requires only a small investment for clients in both time and dollars. The Queen’s Dozen has long been a favorite of clients because it is a fantastic value, and because over the course of the 11 sessions, it gets superb results that last a lifetime. One of the purposes of this notice is to let you know that after this week, the Queen’s Dozen disappears. In other words, this is a “last chance” to get in on the package of eleven (11) 60-minute sessions (regularly priced at $1997) before they are retired.

As a going away special, the Queen’s Dozen is available today for half-price at $997
(Limited to the next 24 hours/25 available spaces)
Click here to purchase thru PayPal 
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The good news is the Queen’s Dozen is (sort of) being replaced by the Break-Fast Club, a program previously reserved only for the 24k Platinum Signature Elite Discreet Coaching clients. The Break-Fast Club allows YOU to decide when you need a 15 minute laser focused session. It’s effective for a variety of reasons, because it works on your schedule, as things come up in life (as they do!).

The Break-Fast Club is like having a best friend on the end of the phone or Skype line anytime you need some laser intense or ultra fast guidance or support. But the Break-Fast Club is better. The calls are short, never over 15 minutes, and in some cases the calls are followed by an email delivery that contains audio, video, or other support tools depending on your specific needs. In other words, these are completely customized to suit YOU! And they are conducted by an award-winning life coach with 35 years of empowering women (Me, Jan Deelstra).

As an example of when/why you would use a Break-Fast call:

  • Have a break up? Need a shot of support? Call or Skype the private number.
  • Feeling especially low or in lack? Call or Skype the private number.
  • Trouble at work? Call or Skype the private number.
  • Need to break through an inner glass ceiling? Call or Skype the private number.
  • Need to get some clarity? Call or Skype the private number.
  • Want help defining your purpose? Call or Skype the private number.
  • Feeling like you’re not “enough”? Call or Skype the private number.
  • Suffer a loss? Call or Skype the private number.
  • Have a chronic pattern that needs excavation? Call or Skype the private number.
  • Get bad news you need help processing? Call or Skype the private number.
  • Want some accountability? Call or Skype the private number.
  • Anything bothering you? Call or Skype the private number.

You get it: I am here for you, and the Break-Fast Club gives you the option of contacting me anytime during specific extended hours of operation from 7:00 am PST to 9:00 pm PST M-F (and extended on occasion by special circumstances).

This expanded period means that wherever you are on the globe, you should find it fairly easy to get a quick breakthrough of a pressing or not-so-pressing challenge. And the true benefit for you is that you can choose from a one-month to a six-month package.

In other words, if something is seriously pressing against your thoughts and emotions, and if you think we can breakthrough fast, you would purchase only a 30-day (1 month package).

If you thought your challenge has deeper roots, you would invest in either the 3-month (90 day) or 6-month package.

The Break-Fast Club offers the most flexibility of all services offered, and with the least commitment.  It’s a fast way to breakthrough ANYTHING fast with concise coaching, to break free of anything that comes up, or for addressing anything chronic without committing to long-term weekly scheduled coaching sessions. It’s also a nice way to try on coaching if you’re new to the concept but have some curiosity to satisfy.

And by the way, the Break-Fast Club is also a very inspiring way to start your day if you want to have an accountability partner to keep you on track as you complete any task! Some of my celebrity clients start each day with a quick call to set them on track. It’s highly effective for accomplishing those bigger creative processes. And several of my coaches from the business half of the Winged-Women™ tribe use it as a bit of a sounding board to refine those ideas and challenges that come up for coaches and entrepreneurs.

And here’s something that makes this Break-Fast Club irresistible: 
You can try it on for one week for only $9.97
Yep. Less than $10 US dollars!

But here’s the thing: These select positions fill up fast! If you want one, do not hesitate!

And one way or the other, this offer ends in 24 hours or when allotted spaces are exhausted, whichever comes first.

Below is a drop down menu that allows you to purchase as little or as much as you want. Click the secure PayPal link and prepare for take off! Because soon, you are going to be experiencing your full-wings!

Break Fast Options


Your trial week starts with our first call, not when your payment is processed!. That way, if you want to buy now while this trial offer is available, you can schedule our first contact in the future when it fits your schedule. And nothing happens to extend your trial until YOU decide to upgrade.

In other words, get in now while the trial week is available, and after your trial period ends, you may decide to proceed, or we part friends. Your card will NOT be automatically run!

As a quick point, unless you hear about the Break-Fast Club in a newsletter or on a blog post, you probably won’t hear much about it. That’s because, with the exception of the sales and landing pages, as this service is done over the phone and/or Skype, there is no need for a social media or website page for the Break-Fast Club. Again, this offer is generally reserved for the clients participating in the 24k Platinum Elite Signature Coaching Program. It is very valuable.

And the trial offer is very limited as these Break-Fast calls are with me directly. I am not sending you to an assistant!

One final thing I need to clarify:

The cost for these packages is far less than are the options for the full coaching services packages. That has everything to do with my brush with death last week, and will ultimately need to change. (In case you missed it, a recalcitrant prawn lodged itself in my throat, cutting off my oxygen for several minutes.) Very clearly,, since that brush, I am intent on reaching as many women as possible in as deep and wide net as possible.

Get in now while these are offered, and while they are still priced below the investment cost of the signature coaching packages. (Or before another attack of the shrimp!)

See you soon.


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