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Breaking thru the crust of a heart hardened by life events does not require a tuning fork…or a sharp knife

Bread and Cutting Board

Do you ever think that there is no way of breaking thru the crust of a heart hardened by life events? Does this “hardened heart” syndrome seem to resonate vibrationally within your heart?

Are you afraid that you are no longer open to feeling the softer emotions like caring and compassion and love?

And instead of feeling these softies, do you find that you are angry or sad or suspicious or defensive, more often than not?

Do you look for reasons to keep others at bay? And if they still dare tread near your heart, do you sabotage any chance at them coming in?

In contradiction to that inner hard core, do you find yourself weeping at the commercials between the Lifetime Originals? Do babies from any species on the planet cause your eyes to immediately well up, a little embarrassingly perhaps? Are you one of those who are more comfortable with the loyalty of canines and felines and even rodents and reptiles than you are in the company of humans?

Doesn’t that contradiction in being easily brought to tears versus feeling like your heart is never going to feel again, cause you to consider wherein lies the actual truth?


Tearing up during commercials is a safe way to release a little of the pressure. It’s a very human tactic to remind us that…well…we’re human after all. Even when we have built more armour than a combat-ready viking, we can still feel from the inside out. So all else is just a story. And it’s probably not a true story, when we really look at the whole….


  • Are you pretending to not feel as a means of defense against past heart-break?
  • Are you pretending to not feel as a tactic to prevent future heart-break?
  • Are you losing out on the possibility of love, joy, and abundance in the present?

[bctt tweet=”You are choking off life, if you are choking off emotions.”]

Happy Birthday Jon Bon Jovi

Everything is frequency. When you are at a hard-rock concert, you feel the vibe of the music, and you are in-tune vibrationally with the rock anthems. When you are listening to the ethereal sounds of, say, Steven Halpern’s soul-nurturing Grammy nominated sound tracks, you are in tune with that vibration. I’m not suggesting that one is “better” than the other. In fact, I took the picture (above) of Jon Bon Jovi at the House of Blues in Las Vegas a couple of years ago, and Steven Halpern was playing throughout the day in my Angel Store and in my home all thru the mid nineties through the early 2000s while I healed following the death of my son. And of course, if you read my first book, Blessings in the Mire (written during that span) you know that so was Cyndi Lauper….

[bctt tweet=”Music, and indeed our vibrational frequency, tells the story of our lives.”]

Just a note or two of the song that played when [fill-in-the-blank happened] sends us down memory lane to the exact emotion that we experienced when we heard that song as the resounding soundtrack to our life. “Our song,” may have initially warmed our heart and caused a gushy response…or after the break-up, “our song” may have the effect of inciting rage…or sorrow. The song didn’t change, but our frequency sure did.

As another example, you walk into a room and you intuit the vibration without even trying. It’s an innate antennae that pics up the vibe. And if you’re anywhere near being an Empath, you pick up the lingering vibrations such as those left behind after there’s been a death on property. You may not recognize the whole picture, but still you sense that there is a frequency. Yet with all that radar, you may miss your own vibrational flux. And when we miss the subtle messages contained in our own vibrations, the Universe sends louder messages to get our attention. And louder. And louder still, until we finally hear what we need to hear, and ultimately change our tune.


Like most people, I listen to a wide range of music depending on where I am at any given moment, and I adore pretty much all music, including the sounds of silence and Nature’s songs. I’m simply using music here as an obvious analogy for how we are like tuning forks and instrument strings, each of us vibrating in rhythm with our environment and consciously or unconsciously tuned by our surroundings, both inner and outer….

orchestraAnd also like most people, I have had to learn to be mindful of my own orchestrations. When I am out of sync with my environment, I need look no further than my own inner wand to see where I am leading the flow….

Am I building inner fortresses or am I seeking to find the role I personally played in the creation of the circumstances that resulted in feeling the need to protect myself?

What frequency are you broadcasting in? If “me in the key of life” is lacking in the rhythm of your desires, is not your symphony of conscious choice, you alone can tune in to the source of discord and change the channel.

When you consciously change your frequency from feeling like you have to protect your heart, to one of self-trust and self-love, of knowing that regardless of others’ behaviors, you can trust that you will be just fine, you then attract the circumstances, events, and people into your life and heart to reflect that heart-expansion. The walls to the fortress crumble into herstory, revealing a beautiful heart chamber where you once thought there was none. Stoneheart

The heart holds many songs. And it’s a wonderful place to explore. But don’t stay too long in the broken record section. The vibe’s just not worthy of your time and life. Instead, mindfully wave your wand to a higher vibe, and watch as the all-giving Universe waves back. Wave


Blessings in the Mire


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10 thoughts on “Breaking thru the crust of a heart hardened by life events does not require a tuning fork…or a sharp knife

  1. Peggy, you depict so beautifully, and so candidly the ways in which music is truly the story of our lives. Too bad about Big Head Todd, but I supppose since it led to Etta James, it has a VERY happy ending with the new beginnings (wink, wink!). And Coldplay seeing you thru the cancer is moving and priceless!
    Your comment reminds me of the way in which REM & Michael Stipe’s “Everybody Hurts,” helped me to release the anguish of my son’s death, even as Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me,” is still like he is telling me in my ear that I helped make him a better human while he was here….
    The power of music is the power to heal, and to color our world to the heart’s core. And yes, sometimes it’s nice to simply drown out the noise in our heads…and unquestionably, in our hearts.
    Thank you Peggy, for sharing this life reel here. I am truly honored at your posting here. Much love and gratitude.

  2. Hi Jan,

    I very much identify with music – the soundtrack of my life includes The Police, The Cure, The Clash, Madonna, MJ…my list goes on and on. Certain songs trigger strong memories – Big Head Todd and the Monsters are pretty much forever soured by the affair my ex was having. Coldplay saw me through breast cancer. Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, and the Police were the songs of my divorce (or just very loud music to drown out the heart ache.)

    And then there’s the sound track from my wedding to the love of my life – songs that we both stop to when we hear them – “Baby I love your way” by Peter Frampton, “Have I told you lately that I love you,” by Rod Stewart, “Love Song” by The Cure, “I’m a Believer” by the Monkeys, “At Last” by Etta James…

    And now I’m grinning from ear to ear 🙂

  3. Oh Jill! Thank you so much for your comment! And I am intrigued as to what music you are listening to as you read…. Much love and gratitude to you. xox

  4. Sue, thank you so much for your sweet comment about listening to “inner and outer sounds.” It’s kinda funny, that I wrote this yet your comment was a timely reminder for ME to listen…. Much gratitude. xox

  5. I love music. In fact, I am listening to music as I read your blog post. Thank you for connecting music with vibrations – wonderful stuff! xoxo

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