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Break Through Your Inner Barriers to Fulfillment NOW

  • Have you achieved all your dreams and desires?
  • Have you set and met all your goals?
  • Have you kept all your self-improvement promises?

How few women, do you suppose, can honestly answer a resounding, “YES!” to that question? If you can, then I offer congratulations. If not, keep reading….

If you have not achieved all the goals you’ve set (or worse, you’ve failed to even set goals), if you have not reached that place of personal fulfillment, if you are feeling defeated or resigned to the unsatisfying status quo, then in the privacy of your own thoughts, candidly answer the question of “why?”

Regardless of how painful that “why?’ may be to answer, and regardless of how brutally honest you must be, it begs to be acknowledged and answered candidly.

  • What inner beliefs keep you from reaching towards your limitless potential?
  • What personal values are you not being true to?
  • What are you waiting for?
  • What are the possibilities if you DO stretch your current boundaries?
  • What will your life look and feel like in a year if your don’t change anything? 
  • Now imagine yourself in 5 years if you have a step-by-step plan towards a chosen destination…. 
  • If not now, then when will you break through your inner barriers to success, and finally step into the life you were meant to live?

If you are not living the life you were born to live…it’s time to Breakthrough Your Inner Blocks finally and forever!

It’s time you schedule your semi-customized Breakthrough to You session!

And when you schedule today, you’re saving $500! Get in today for just $497 and transform your struggles into strengthsâ„¢ permanently!

Have you noticed any patterns in your life? Patterns that are keeping you held steady in the orbit of sameness… or stuckness… or self-doubt….

  • Do you feel an inner gnawing that something is holding you back from what you know deep within, is your potential?
  • Or is it perhaps that it’s most obvious that you have been self-sabotaging for some time, and that self-sabotaging behavior is becoming a pattern?

Truth is Exposed in Results

There comes a time when the truth is in front of us, like a beacon lighting the way on the new path…. And all you need to do is step onto that path…. The path is in front of you now.

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Get In Now! Register for the phenomenally effective Breakthrough!

This empowering proprietary package is a 3-tiered process which combines our personal interaction in a private online portal, plus personal one-on-one coaching! It promises to be the beginnings of your dramatic shift! And today, save $500 and enter your private online portal where we’ll connect and dis-integrate the blocks that hold you small by clicking on the REGISTER BUTTON! Regularly priced at $997 you’re in for only $497!

…it’s time to Breakthrough Your Inner Blocks finally and forever!

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This premium package is especially designed as a semi-customized experience to help you breakthrough limiting beliefs and achieve success via step-by-step directional guidance and trade secret tools for enhancing your confidence and improving your life in every area.

Imagine accomplishing that for less than $500!

Your job in this experience, is simply to show up, and to complete the assignments….

My guess is that showing up will be the hard part. Old habits may have you self-sabotaging in the spirit of habitual procrastination (in reality procrastination is FEAR), but I promise you that if you do show up and honestly participate, you will blossom!

That inner self-sabotaging glass ceiling is self-imposed. It limits your life in myriad ways –not just financially. Your inner worth is reflected onto your outer circumstances and has a direct effect on every facet of your life.

That’s where my leadership comes in.

Since 1984, I have been helping women own their subjective and collective voices, eliminate limiting beliefs, and soar to their greatest potential. And I never get tired of watching those inner barriers to success shatter!

As your coach and accountability partner, I will provide you with tools and techniques to break through those internalized barriers, and I will even call you on your behavior if need be. But honestly, in my thirty plus years working with women I can honestly say I have had to use tough love only a handful of times. After all, this is your investment in you.

And you matter.

So push the button and enter the portal. It’s $497 that will change your life. A very small investment in YOU. And You ARE Worthy!

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You’ll get what you need to succeed.

This Breakthrough to You process includes assignments to be completed outside of the secret portal and outside of our private SKYPE call. You’ll receive extra material in the download section of your special private online portal both prior to and following our conversation. Because this is a semi-customize process, following our actual telephone or Skype conversation you may be given extra assignments and bonus materials at my discretion….

The life-transforming process of Shattering Your Inner Barriers Once and For All is confidential and your responses and information will not be shared.

I hold a safe and secure space for you to be authentically you. Your honest involvement and answers to questions which will be posed to you provide valuable direction, and helps both you and your coach determine the precise place to start. It is always important to begin at the point where you are at this moment.

Your successful transformational outcome is the only goal.

Once you click the purple button, and your payment is processed, you will receive entry into your private portal where you will receive the next step directions. This is where your online portion of the coaching will take place. This private portal coaching is an additional bonus to the offline Breakthrough telephone portion of the program. This secret portal is also where you will receive the link to my schedule for scheduling your personal confidential Breakthrough Session call either through SKYPE or phone.

Please take note: When scheduling your breakthrough session phone call, allow for at least two full hours when scheduling the call as you may want to have time following the call for taking inspired action and for reflection. My best advice is to schedule at least an afternoon alone, and preferably well into the evening to allow the process some time to take root and the energies to settle.

For optimal results, it is most effective to remain as long as possible in the energy of the breakthrough session. This is an investment in you. You deserve to invest this time in yourself. Think of it as a spa day to recharge and recalibrate….

At the time of your Breakthrough Session call, please ensure you have the following:

  • Fresh drinking water –No Exceptions. This is Critical.
  • Uninterrupted PRIVACY & QUIET –Also Critical.
  • Pens and paper for note taking.
  • A list of any questions you have compiled for the coach
  • Your answers to the following questions

Following your Breakthrough Session call, you will receive access to the second module of steps to help further imprint the breakthrough content into your daily life. This helps you to fully immerse in the experience, creating a deeper, more outstanding, layered effect.

BONUSES: (You knew there’d be bonuses!)

  1. As a special bonus, you are eligible for a 15 minute follow-up session anytime during the 30 day period following the Breakthrough Session ($97 value) to clarify or ask questions, etc. at your convenience.
  2. You’ll receive unlimited email support* for 30 days following the session!

Remember, your phone session will last between 60-90 minutes. Following the call, you may wish to spend the remainder of your day processing the experience and completing any unfinished assignments. A day later, you will receive a second module with steps to take to reinforce your breakthrough.

*Please note that the last week of the month we do not accept calls. We are available via email.

Your semi-customized Breakthrough to You service is available to a select few particupants each month for only $997. At less than one-half the current cost of a VIP Day, that’s a great offer. And here you’re getting in for only $497! And you’re getting a ton of tools and information tailor-made for you!

Here’s the clear picture:

I get $497-697 per hour for a typical coaching call, or $97 per each 15 minute session. Imagine having me personally guiding you, providing you with step-by-step actions to take, and giving you a blueprint to follow to get to where you decide to go….

You save $500 PLUS, you’re receiving access to your very own private portal where you and I will also interact! Curious? Ready to take control of your life?

If you are ready to step out of the “smallness” and emerge into your wholeness, this is a FABULOUS place to start to own your wholeness!

This premium breakthrough package is designed to help you breakthrough limiting beliefs and achieve success via step-by-step directional guidance and trade secret tools for enhancing your confidence and improving your life in every area.

Your job is to just show up…
and to complete a couple of very simple assignments online…

Businesswoman with Laptop

…and to have the breakthrough conversation….


…and to take a close look at what’s really going on….

Businesswoman with magnifying glass

…and to then explode through the inner barriers is that have held you back.

Happy BusinesswomanAgain, my guess is that showing up will be the hard part. But we won’t allow old habits, which may have sabotaged you in the past, to win this time!

Thousands of women have embraced the process I use, and now you can too! If you’re ready to stop living small, if you’re ready to step into your light, if you’re ready to live the life you were born to live, stop what you’re doing and get in on this time-limited special savings.

Even at full price of $997 it’s a small investment to make in yourself, to transform your life!

Here’s what to expect:

  • Breakthrough Sessions are typically 60 minutes and often up to 90 minutes.
  • You will get the time that you need.
  • We will be on task the entire time.
  • This Breakthrough to You Session includes short assignments to be completed outside of the call.
  • You’ll receive the extra material in the online portal where a questionnaire will be delivered for you to answer prior to the breakthrough call.
  • Following the breakthrough call you will receive access to Module 2.
  • This layering process will allow you to fully immerse in the experience, creating a deeper, more outstanding effect.
  • Expect to be inspired to continue to unfold your limitless possibilities following this breakthrough session.
  • Expect your changes to be noticeable even to outsiders.
  • Expect that you will be more in-tune with your inner wisdom.
  • Expect to become acutely self-aware….
  • As a special bonus, you are eligible for a 15 minute follow-up session anytime during the 30 day period following the Breakthrough Session ($97 value).
  • PLUS, you’ll receive unlimited email support* for 30 days ($197 value).

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When you first enter into the program, you will enter into the classroom portal where you’ll receive Module #1, which includes a brief questionnaire to help us really get a head start on your desired outcome. Once your online answers are completed, your breakthrough phone session will be scheduled.

Plan extra time for processing the content following the breakthrough call as well as after your portal experiences. You’ll want time to reflect and possible form some questions for your next contact with the coach. Reflective time is important. Allow the breakthrough to really flush through you.

Following Module #1 and after our breakthrough call, you will receive access to Module #2, which includes directions for taking the next steps to reinforce your new breakthrough.

*Please note that the last week of the month we do not accept calls.

Time is running short. Breakthrough to You sessions are available to only a small handful of clients each month, and the available time slots are extremely limited and filling up fast.

Click the Purple Button and rest assured that your breakthrough has already begun….

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Your confidential transformation starts here.

If you have any questions prior to your breakthrough phone session, send an email to, subject line: Breakthrough.