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Breakthrough Whatever Needs to Be Smashed, Crashed and Rebuilt! And Do It FAST!

$ave $1000 today!

Whether you are a coach, an entrepreneur, a blog follower, a client, or even if we have never met, because you may have a chronic issue that you haven’t been able to solve, a challenge you’ve been feeling for some time, I am  sharing this important information.

  • If you feel sometimes like you are not enough
  • If you feel like you could be living a more extraordinary life, if only you could catch a “break” in life
  • If you feel like you’ve attended enough seminars, summits, and webinars to educate a PhD
  • If you feel like you’ve downloaded the full set encyclopedia of self-help PDFs onto your computer hard drive…

…then it’s time for a real Breakthrough.

Maybe you’ve tried investing in group programs that gave you a little boost, but nothing lasting.

Whether it’s romance, finances, self-worth and deserving, or learning to take control and become the navigator of your life, to never again feel “less-than” or victimized…

…or maybe, like many of my clients, you are now at a point in life where you are wondering what is your life purpose?

There is nothing we cannot breakthrough and transform into something to be proud of. NOTHING.
And believe me when I say there is nothing I have not seen over my 35 years as a women’s empowerment consultant. NOTHING.

But I’m not here to tell stories.
You probably have enough of you own.

I am only here to invite you to step up and into a last opportunity to Breakthrough any internal blocks before the new pricing takes effect.

Actually, the increase IS in effect, but through this link only: Breakthrough, you can still get in on a super savings of $1000.

Yes, a thousand US dollars saving!
And this limited offer is for anyone on the globe.

And through information provided only on this page, and only until the next 25 17 placements are filled, you can have your personal customized breakthrough not for $1497, and not even for $997. Thru this page only, you can experience a major Breakthrough for less than $500.

$497 gets you the outcome you desire and DESERVE!

My Breakthrough process is a licensed proprietary trade tool that works fast.

In fact, although it’s marketed as a “30-Day Breakthrough” it is actually a near miraculous process that works very quickly.

  • Imagine you in thirty days, when you have finally had that breakthrough that you’ve known you wanted and yes, needed.
  • Imagine how you are feeling without the stress and heart-heavy energy of carrying this “thing”.
  • Imagine how much energy has been freed up, and how light and happy you feel now that you have transformed that “thing” into freedom….
  • Imagine your face, your posture, when you are no longer carrying this weight on your shoulders, on you mind….
  • Imagine YOU, smiling, radiant, and happy from the inside out….

If you’ve been “trying” and not getting the results you desire, ask yourself this: When are you going to invest with a professional women’s empowerment consultant with 35+ years of experience and a self-love toolbox filled with all the magic you’ll ever need?

Make the decision. You ARE worthy of investing in YOU. No more putting YOU on the back burner! NO MORE!

You are deserving of all you desire. I want you to really taste that truth on your tongue.

This offer is limited to 25 available openings. And when they are gone, they will never return again at this price.

Be one of those 25 to Breakthrough today!

If you have ever wanted to work with me, if you have felt that urge to connect and once and for all Breakthrough, this is your time!

KNOW THIS: You deserve all that you desire.

Don’t just read it. Don’t just think it. KNOW IT!
Because it’s true, You DO deserve all that you desire.

Start here: Breakthrough 

YOUR empowerment journey starts when you schedule your Breakthrough Session.

Change your life almost immediately with this special offer!

Schedule your Breakthrough Today!

This offer is limited!


In the spirit of love, the Breakthrough Sessions are on a Special Offer!
This is to support YOUR self-love!

  • Identify the internalized beliefs that hold you in a pattern of perceived failure.
  • Breakthrough barriers to financial freedom.
  • Never again play the victim or victimizer role.
  • Breakthrough fear of asking for what you need and want.
  • Breakthrough the pain, the inner identify, the fear that stops you.
  • Learn to release past pains and free that energy for great things!
  • Stop living in pain and frustration.
  • Release anxiety and channel that energy into fulfillment.
  • Identify the rewards for holding onto past painful memories.
  • Consciously create your experiences rather than living by default.
  • Improve your health, wealth, and more!
  • Feel sexier, more deserving, and more like the goddess you are! 
  • Get clear on your vision for your life.
  • Have more energy for the things you want to participate in.
  • Unearth hidden beliefs that keep you playing small.
  • Breakthrough barriers to intimate relationships
  • Breakthrough feelings of not being worthy.
  • Experience life on YOUR terms.
  • Breakthrough the fears that are keeping you from being all you can be.
  • Breakthrough the past pain and turn struggles into strengths.
  • Breakthrough your self-imposed limitations.
  • Learn the steps to reach further than you’ve ever dared!

You were never meant to live small. You are meant to live a life of abundance of health, wealth, joy, laughter, richness, and love. And I can help you get there. And here’s an amazing truth: It doesn’t need to take years to transform your life.

Here’s my life motto
(and you may want to make it your life motto):

“You have one purpose in this life,
and that is to learn to love every facet of who you are.”

So tell me, on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being abysmal, and 10 being extraordinary self-love, where do you rate?

If you rate at less than a 10, you deserve to invest in your self.

Since 1984 I have been empowering women.

And I have the toolbox full of techniques to change any area of your life.

HOW can I say this?

Because after 3+ decades of counseling, coaching and consulting, I have discovered the ONE SINGLE ROOT.

Every single woman I have ever worked with has self-esteem issues.

Feelings of not being “good enough” or feelings of not being “deserving.”

Feelings of not being worthy are at the core of even the most culturally aesthetic beautiful woman.


Self-esteem issues affect almost everyone on the planet.

From the celebrities I serve, to the college students, to the individual women, women in groups, and participants of the coaching certification, one constant is the repetitious pattern:



However you want to define it, it’s a matter of not feeling you are “enough.”

You are ENOUGH.

In fact, you are more than enough.

And I can help you to quickly get there.

“There” being where you want to be.

And we can get you there fast.

We can even start today, if you DECIDE* to step up.

There’s NO Time Like NOW.

All Breakthroughs* are slashed to only $497
for only 25 openings!
And then they’re gone at this price.

This means, for a limited time you can experience a permanent life-transforming breakthrough for less than $500! Typically $1497, for this limited time special all Breakthrough Sessions are offered with a special savings reduced by $1000!

  • You can wait until…whenever you decide you’re worthy of the investment (DECIDE!)
  • You can wait until you die and regret not living the life you know, deep down, you deserve….
    (Please don’t die regretting what you didn’t do for you)

*Breakthroughs consist of a 3 part process delivered over 21-30 days… 

PLUS, you’re getting a toolbox full of transformational tools as bonuses through this page only!
  • Imagine: You can break through your inner barriers and experience the freedom that comes from releasing all that pent-up energy!
  • Imagine: All the things you will do with that release of energy! Woo hoo! Maybe you’ll have the energy to complete that project you started so long ago, or to take that trip that you’ve put on the back burner, or clear the clutter from your home and office, or….
  • Imagine: Your life transformed forever for better!
  • Imagine: Having a step-by-step plan for achieving at least one major shift in only a few hours time investment!
  • Imagine: Once “secrets of the trade” now forever belonging to you as valuable tools for your self-development toolkit!
  • Imagine: You, as you will feel, look, and be after your scheduled breakthrough.
  • Imagine: Now imagine exactly what you would like to breakthrough. It could be a feeling of not being “good enough” or of a lack of confidence, or it could be something deeper and more embedded in your beliefs or behaviors. Name that ONE THING, that if it could change, would completely affect your life.

Busy with life events? That’s okay. You can still get in on this special pricing! Buy now, and schedule your session for sometime next month or next week.
Or, you may even decide to purchase a Breakthrough Session for a loved one!
Can you think of a better way to support a loved-one than with the gift of a clear direction and empowered spirit to lead the way?

But you’ll have to act now
to get in on this very limited time offer.

Today, your investment is only $497 for your Breakthrough Session!
Imagine seeing real outcomes for 2/3 less than what some clients have paid for the same service!

  • If you’re ready to discover the obstacles of your hidden beliefs and the ways in which you hold yourself small
  • If you are tired of struggling with the disconnection between your spirit and your professional persona
  • If you are ready for that something more that you know you deserve
  • If your time is now, and you are ready to get clear on the vision you have, click the secure PayPal button and experience this proprietary process. Breakthrough to your chosen desire.

Breakthrough from anywhere on the globe! This 3-tiered proprietary process utilizes a private confidential system thru Skype or phone for a personal connection! In other words, you are actually connecting with me live! This process is truly ground-breaking, not to mention barrier-breaking!

When you click the button below, you will leave this page and enter PayPal where you will pay, and will then receive directions for the next steps towards your breakthrough (which begins the second you click the button below).

Need special financing? PayPal may offer you zero financing for 6-months!

Due to the commitment of time and space, there are a very limited number of openings in these Breakthrough Sessions. We try to accommodate everyone who requests a session, but like you, our time is also filled with events. If for any reason you are not accepted, a full refund will be made.
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PS~ You will arrive on a scheduling page after your payment is processed thru PayPal. On that schedule, find a time that works with your schedule. Then, once we connect, the fun begins! The new life seeds are planted, an you will love the outcome! xox j.