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Are Butterscotch Candies the Elixir for Grief?

My grandchild said that “Butterscotch candy must make everyone happy.”

When I asked the foundation for that conclusion, she said “because every funeral place always has them.”

Ouch. That means she’s been exposed to multiple funerals, which is true. We have lost many loved-ones along the way. In fact, during one eighteen-month period, we lost nine loved-ones. Double ouch.

I’d long heard that “death comes in threes,” but never would I have imagined it would show itself three times “in threes.” That was a rough patch.

I’ve thought about that butterscotch comment a lot, and wondered if the sweet taste of butterscotch has some magical healing properties.

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I don’t know that answer to that question. What I do know is that if we can find a sweet taste anywhere in life, we should savor it. We never really know when bitterness will be served….

I’m off to get a roll of butterscotch Lifesavers….

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