Calling or Career? Day 4 of 31 Day Blog Challenge


There is a distinction between a job and a career, and there is still a greater distance between those two words and the word calling. I live my calling. Each morning when my eyes peek open, there is perhaps a millisecond of time that elapses before I jump out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, and head to my calling. I know it’s a calling as opposed to a job or career because:

  • I can ‘work’ at my calling for hours upon hours and still be excited to give more.
  • I am passionate about my purpose.
  • I am fully present when I am in the arms of my passionate calling.
  • I get annoyed when others attempt to interrupt my flow (that NEVER happened when I had a job!)
  • I have to pry myself away to take vacations.
  • I get truly excited as I contemplate the next client, book idea, campaign and such.
  • I have, in some form or another, been practicing my calling all of my life.
  • I can find the (forgive the plug for my 1st book) Blessings in the Mire.
  • I see how all my experiences are incorporated into this calling.
  • I can no longer imagine myself doing anything else.
  • I love my little stacks of ideas and notes that I lovingly refer to as “genius piles” (and clutter is definitely against my nature!)
  • My mind goes a ba-zillion miles an hour when I consider how many positive ripples I can create before I die.
  • Almost everything on my Bucket List is connected to my calling.
  • Every book I read, every class and course I attend, is on subject with my calling.
  • Practicing my calling energizes, rather than deplete me.
  • I feel purposeful.
  • I am happy.

These are just a few of the affirming conditions that let me know I am on target. And quite frankly, it has not always been like this, at least not on the surface. But when I look back, even to early childhood, I see that all my experiences have led me to this decidedly divine place in my life. Regardless of how nefarious, of how confusing, of how rewarding, of how sobering, all my life events are the rungs that have brought me to this place. The transformation is a continual process. And in every way, every single day, it, and I, get better and better.

Are you living your calling? If so, that’s terrific! And if not, take a moment to envision what that looks and feels like. What do YOU look and feel like when you are living your calling? Where do you live? The word decide means to cut away other options; what did you have to cut away in order to be living your divine calling?Did you have to leave others behind in order to break out and into your true calling? What had to change for you to give yourself permission to be your authentic, full-winged self? What choices had to be made?  Are you happy? Who do you effect by living your calling? Are you proud to be here, living your calling? In six word, create a tag line that defines you as you are living your calling.

If you haven’t yet determined your authentic calling, I can only suggest that you take the time to sit quietly with your journal and thoughts. Think over your life experiences: Regardless of how painful or rewarding, what are the highlights of your life to date? Have you downloaded your FREE values form and identified the ONE VALUE that you would go to your death to defend? If not, get it and complete it. Without a clearly defined set of values, it’s much more difficult to define your dreams and set your craft in the direction of your chosen destination. As you sit with your clearly ascribed values, contemplate the ways in which your life experience has enriched you. I’ll be honest here, although I had written for several decades, it was not until the death of my son, that my hands finally went to the keyboard to write that first book. And as horrific as it was, the experience of such great loss brought me many rewards. It also inspired a non-profit dedicated to the prevention of adolescent suicide, the ripples of which are endless. This is not something I could have put on a vision board. It is not anything my radar would have foreseen. Nonetheless, the pieces all come together to create a stronger whole; a gestalt which is richer and wiser than before. Does this mean I am happy that my son died? Oh HELL no. I would give ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to have him here. I would cheerfully give my life for him to live. But that’s not the cards I have left to play, and so, it is the catalyst to my embracing the raw authenticity of who I am, and of who I am being. Death of a loved-one provides a level of consciousness about love that many will never be blessed to feel.  It also opened me to the rarity of time, and so I use mine more wisely now.

If you are looking for a place to START your transformation, follow the hyperlink to your FREE START  download. Yep, it’s free. Because I want everyone to spread his or her own wings by owning the whole/gestalt of the ‘self’. I wish for you, FREEDOM, as that is my top value; the one I will die to defend.

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Blessings in the Mire


4 thoughts on “Calling or Career? Day 4 of 31 Day Blog Challenge

  1. It’s so empowering to ‘be’ in and of your calling. And you know what? It shows! Thanks for this comment Deanna. It’s so refreshing!

  2. Thank you Mary. Your words are inspirational in that we are all “moving towards making” our subjective lives our calling, regardless of if we are conscious of our growth or not! Thanks for the comment, and for coming to play in this garden.

  3. Jan, this is such a great post for so many reasons! I am totally living my calling, and as you said, I have been preparing and transforming my whole life! I love your “genius piles”…I have those too, and I will be stealing your phrase. 🙂 I am so very sorry for your loss. I have lost my Dad, but it is so different when it is your child. Sending LOVE and LIGHT to you! 🙂

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