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Calling Out Women Who Perpetuate Oppression of Women

I’ve said it before, and it surfaces again: Women have long raised their own oppressors. Women, too fearful to trust themselves, too dependent, too victimized, too abused, too insecure, too programmed, are following like sheep to the wolf. That ugly truth has risen with the other scum of media spew. Faux news broadcasts programming of fear to those who don’t realize the truth, and faux Twitter accounts (accurately calling themselves “deplorable”) are sending atrocious tweets to incite nothing more than sensationalism, because they know that bad news and soundbites sell advertising. It’s all about the money. The media know it. Trump knows it. This is yet another trick to lead unsuspecting followers like cult members to a Kool-Aid party, and they are buying the punch.

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With that said, as I listen to those who would like to see the 19th Amendment repealed, I say, look at the big picture. Most importantly, this post is directed to the women who follow Trump-hate, like a twelve-year-old groupie follows the latest boy-band. If you are a woman who supports Trump’s values, what do you think you’re getting with a man who would love to take away your power to have a say? No more women in politics, and no more women in those closed-door meetings, and only if you meet certain standards of “beauty” would you have any merit….

[bctt tweet=”Do you meet that cleverly created standard of beauty that says you’re not enough?” username=”Jan_Deelstra”]

It’s the standard that creates the retail cycle of spending as women are continuously told they are not good enough. They must be more “beautiful” with faux lashes, faux nails, faux breasts, faux personalities….

[bctt tweet=”WHO DECIDES WHAT BEAUTY IS?” username=”Jan_Deelstra”]

  • What’s the programming being ever-so-cleverly stuffed into the female psyche?
  • What’s the payoff for women?
  • What’s the cost when you buy into the programming that you’re not enough as you are?

And to both the men and the women supporters of Trump’s values, what would that mean, to repeal the 19th Amendment? How will you face your daughters, and your awakened sons and brothers, your sisters and your mothers, when you strip half the population of America of the right to vote? When you say to the women you profess to love –with a so-called love that grows of malice and contempt, when your actions are meant to set women apart as being unworthy, what is the message you’re sending?

[bctt tweet=”What deep vein of fear and self-loathing fuels the charge for repealing the 19th Amendment?” username=”Jan_Deelstra”]

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[bctt tweet=”When your hate tries to stifle the voices and freedoms of women, we will rise. Again.” username=”Jan_Deelstra”]

Love Based Feminine Power Principles

The pain of women feeling oppressed as they’ve been taught to feel “unworthy” is the source of the feminine uprising currently taking place globally. Women are tired of being repressed, of feeling that inner gnawing that there is some greater purpose than to be victimized, repressed, and held small. Fear and hate are no longer the answer for the human race as a collective. Actions stemming from the traditional male paradigm of war before diplomacy is challenged by awakening women and men.

Women are awakening to their feminine power and courageously owning their voices, and those who fear the shift are coming out of the woodwork like roaches from a burning building, scattering with no idea of what to do next.

Women are rising because to not do so ensures the death of the Earth, and most of her inhabitants, including the men and women and children and animals and plants. The intelligence will remain, in perhaps dolphins or botany, if they survive, but intelligence is leaving the human race even as I write. That’s what the news has me believing: There is only polarity, if you believe the news. Trump and his camp refer to “The Mexicans” “The Blacks” “The Gays” “The Muslims” and “The Women.” “The” is the tiny little subtlety that keeps us all separate, because if we were to unite, there would be no “The” as in “The status quo.” And that’s very scary for the men who are so insecure that they are driven to over-compensate for that inner feeling of being small, by lording over women, and for the women who fear to take responsibility.

[bctt tweet=”The good-old-boys are getting women to do their heavy lifting” username=”Jan_Deelstra”]

Many women are buying the fear mongering tactics, because they have been trained to do so. They are programmed. And each day, they receive an update via the media, that ensures the program continues to run in the background of life; the one that reinforces what they’ve been taught about themselves, that they are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, to matter.

There will forever be those women who need to be under the guidance and/or control of a man, women who will continue to live in their self-perpetuated conditions of victimization. There’s a reward there for acquiescing: They don’t have to take responsibility for their life experience; they don’t take financial responsibility, leaving the money handling to the men; they can blame others for their depression and apathy, for their failure in life; they never have to leave that familiar cocoon regardless of how much it squeezes the joy from life. They live in a fear-based existence and never recognize it as such. And if something is unseen, how can it be improved? When huge portions of awareness have been dis-owned, how will they be found?

There are others, both women and awakened evolved men, those who are waking up by the millions around the globe, and this is what scares the Trump-eters. The Trumps of the world are fearful, because they feel threatened.

[bctt tweet=”Real men will vote with women, and not against.” username=”Jan_Deelstra”]

Real men are not threatened by a woman’s right to vote, or to speak, or to receive equal pay, or to be counted. Real men don’t view women as lesser than.

[bctt tweet=”Real men are equal to authentic women, and are not threatened. ” username=”Jan_Deelstra”]

[bctt tweet=”Real Men aren’t afraid of equality.” username=”Jan_Deelstra”]

[bctt tweet=”Real MEN embrace equality.” username=”Jan_Deelstra”]

And the woman who votes against women? The woman who raises her own oppressors? Well, she will just continue her unfulfilled existence, never owning her wings, never feeling that freedom of owning her life.
To her, I send love.

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