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Callings. Everyone has one. And it may not be what you think….

Much worse than the process of unearthing a calling is the painful experience of not living it. Click To Tweet

Callings. Everyone has one. And it may not be what you think…. It may be less or more glamorous than you imagine. And still, everyone has one. Have you discovered yours? If not, would you like assistance in revealing what your divine calling is? And conversely, if you do recognize your calling, are you making a lucrative living from it?

Over the decades, I’ve helped many women unearth their individual callings. It may have been as easy as taking note of the fact that one woman carried a pair of barber scissors and a water-filled plastic spray bottle and a comb in her purse; she was obviously a born hair stylist. All that was required to that mix was adding in the formal education. She was eager to learn, and had only lacked a step-by-step plan for the path. Together we found several scholarship options and the investigated to find the perfect school to meet her needs. These days she is the owner/operator of a thriving salon.

Other times, it’s not so obvious. In fact, much of the time it takes a little more digging to find that unique goldmine, and a little more investment in turning it into a career, if that’s what one desires. Not all callings are careers. Some are hobbies, others are interests, and for some, they are the holy grail of success and abundance.

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I like to think of callings in the same way I think of passion. There are things I am passionate about, and/or talents I naturally possess, yet I don’t necessarily have any desire to monetize them. For example, I adore creating clothing, and love to sew new creations, but I loathe mending. It would not ever be my desire to sew for a living; I would find that to be tedious. Still, in many instances, other passions are the golden thread that weaves the fabric of my life, if not my business.

I’ve been asked if we can have more than one calling. My initial response is absolutely. There is a caveat to that response, and that is the understanding that if we chase too many rabbits we catch none. What would be even better than having multiple passions to follow would be to find a way to harness all that energy into one path that leads to greatness. Think of it like a fiber. When woven together, there is greater strength in the yarn than in the individual threads. By weaving together the threads of passion and talent, your calling has more integrity and will withstand the times of stress.

I’ve also been asked if a calling is necessarily Earth-changing. My answer to that question is absolutely not! Not everyone is meant to be akin to the Dalai Lama. And not everyone desires to join the Peace Corp, or to be a borderless doctor. Not everyone has a fantasy of living in the spotlight. Your calling may be to teach preschool because you love little kids. On the surface, this may not seem like an “earth-changing” calling. However, the profound impact anyone who works with children can have is immeasurable. In this case, the unseen hero is the earth-changer, one child at a time. Another may love time behind the camera, and still another may feel compelled to incite social change. All are callings, and all have a place of value.

Since I just brought up “value,” I will add a link to this VALUES LIST. There are no authentic callings which are not in alignment to personal values. To begin to get an honest picture of what your calling looks like requires clarity of your values. What do you most value? What is your number one most cherished value? Once you know that, you will begin to get clear about your unique calling.

Beliefs come into the picture because for any of us to follow our callings requires that we develop a belief that we can turn our passions into callings. We can nurture this belief along the pathway, but there must be a seed of belief in order for it to grow.

The following is an excerpt from Escaping the Chrysalis. In about a month or less, I’ll be celebrating the release of the 2nd edition, so it seemed only fitting that I add this little excerpt when addressing callings.

Chapter Fourteen

Answer Your Calling

“We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with. We already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, callings.”    ~Abraham Maslow

Callings. Everyone has a divine calling. It’s your job to figure out exactly what your calling is, and to then allow yourself to follow the call. It may not be a position that thrusts you into the limelight; it may not appear, on the surface, to be Earth changing. And it definitely may not be someone else’s idea of what is best for you. Those factors are not important. Not everyone is born to solve the complex universal puzzles of physics, or to discover the next miracle cure. Not everyone is meant to become a celebrity and then use that celebrity in the service of bringing about global change, although it’s nice when it happens that way. Callings are not about fame. They are about service to others. Your calling is uniquely yours, and may be as simple as dog grooming, cupcake baking, holding babies in the ICU, or teaching yoga to the elderly. What is most important is that you complete the process to determine your calling. Then commit to live from the heart of your authentic empowered self, because what’s worse than the process of unearthing our calling is the painful experience of not living it.

Escaping the Chrysalis 300+

Critical to overall satisfaction with a life well-lived, is to not stifle or ignore that nudge to investigate inner urges towards a calling. Regardless of what others tell you, this is your life. Be more selfish.

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The fascinating truth is that even the most painful experiences of your life may reveal themselves to be steps on the path to your unique calling. As life unfolds, it appears that we are faced with life events that color our pages and add dimension to the bigger-picture experience of what it means to live. What seemed at the time to be a horrific event may be a step on your journey, which if missed, would resulted in having not taken you to the same place as you are loving being now. As an example, perhaps you’ve had a bad breakup with the person you considered your soul mate, and now you are happily working as a relationship consultant. Or perhaps you understand, due to personal life experience, what it means to survive a particular disease, and you can counsel others through the process. Many hospice workers find their calling as a result of having lost someone close.

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Life tends to show us what our calling is, without much of a struggle to find it. We need only be aware of how we spend our time when that time is our own to spend. If you do desire a little clarity following your inner nudge, I am here. Schedule your Clarity Call.


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