Can $11 Change Your Life?

I ask, “Can $11 change your life?”

I ask, because I truly want to know what you think….

Do you really need to pay thousands of dollars to a self-professed “guru” in the hopes of a magic bullet or miracle pill that can immediately transform your life life a quirky Fairy Godmother with a magic wand and a couple of glass slippers? (WHO wears GLASS SLIPPERS?? -ouch)

I know this may seem odd, especially as it’s coming from a woman who has worked since 1984 to empower women (not the least of them, my SELF). But, before you start to think I’m off my rocker, let me remind you that I have stated multiple time before:

I am NOT your guru, but YOU are. 

All of those sought-after answers that can help heal your spirit, the wisdom that sheds timeless sage advice, all of that is within reach when you connect with your source of Infinite Wisdom.

Unfortunately, most of us are too distracted by what really should be known as “Nosebook” and with byte-sized morsels under 140 characters, of course…. In fact, maybe we should all start attaching the hashtag #Distraction to much of what we do each day. How much of our time is REALLY spent in quality substance? How little is invested in conscious, mindful life creation?

I watched a news story of someone walking in front of a train, because whatever was on that iPhone screen was so distracting. Train horns are not subtle. Yet this person didn’t respond to the warning sounds, nor to the flashing red light, nor to the speed of the on-coming freighter….

Have we really become such victims to technology?  

Mindfulness as a lifestyle choice is the obvious reaction to distraction. As society becomes more engaged thru tiny screens, it’s an easy prediction to make: The balance will eventually tip in favor of more mindful living.

After all, it shouldn’t take being hit by a train to enlighten us to the reasons to become more mindful of what we are doing, and of the myriad ways mindfulness can enliven us.  

So can $11 change your life? It can if you do it right. 

In fact, maybe you don’t even need to invest the $11….

Maybe it’s enough to download this free PDF:
11 Ways to Practice Mindfulness without Meditation

My brother (one of 5!) advised me to always start with the least expensive option when making repairs. It’s with that wisdom in mind, that I suggest you start here:
11 Ways to Practice Mindfulness without Meditation   

And then, if you decide to invest the $11, go here:
Winged-Women Academy’s MINDFUL LIFE CREATION
(But make the decision fast, because the price goes up to $47 next week)

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