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Earlier this week, I was on a call with Dr. Jean Houston. If you don’t know her work, Google her! She’s a leading edge thinker who, for decades, has been slashing and burning the brush to allow us mere Earthlings to see the Universe as a benevolent, giving LIVING force. Astonishingly, although she claims she hates to write, Houston is the author of over 35 books! She is also, by way of the call I was on, the trigger for some incredibly deep “stuff” that came up during and after that call. In truth, even days later as I write this, some bubbling up is still going on.

On the call, Dr. Houston led the way for an inner guided journey where it is possible to alter a prior experience. In other words, go back to a moment in time that had an impact, and re-write the script. This is not a means of bringing the dead back to life, but it is highly effective as a way of altering internalized opinions of yourself. It’s a powerful, and empowering way to re-write your stories to better support you in your evolution.

Maybe a teacher told you that blue and yellow don’t match, thus undermining any confidence you may have had as a budding artist. In Houston’s message, you could go back to that time or to a similar time, and see yourself getting BIG kudos for your artistic talents. That inner shift would then free the way for a flow of creation for the rest of your life.

Or maybe someone told you that you kinda suck at math. Or maybe you learned that girls are no good at math, and that message became the block for any career that may call on math skills. By going back to that time of the message, you could see yourself getting high grades and lots of validation for having such a great mind. By doing so, you shift the outcome of a message that really never benefited you, and open the energetic pathway for new experiences

But what happens when there is so much to alter that trying to go to a single place where the blocks took root is like looking a vertical time maze with too many places that need altering, and from this perspective, all of them appear to be dead ends? What then?

What if to pull the thread of altering one thing makes your long-cemented perception of your whole life purpose unravel? What if you believed you had no regrets, until you looked at places to alter? Will YOU unravel if you dare pull that thread of change?

In other words, who would you be without those messages?
And which ones do you really want to change? What would YOU change?

I realize this is a bit deep for a Sunday, so let’s lighten it up and have some fun with this. Let’s play this as a “what-if” game and see where it goes. Maybe changing even one small thing has that enormous effect of the butterfly wings. Or maybe, you wouldn’t change a thing, because all those lessons gave you wings….





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