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Celebrating Equinox (with a handful of hankies!)

I am in the Northern Hemisphere, so today brings the promise of warmth and sunshine following a long cold season. It also brings itchy sneezy sinus challenges, but it’s well worth it! I much prefer the Spring season to what I perceive to be the dreaded onset of winter….

Every season has its own special magnificence. But Spring in the Northern Hemisphere brings the promise of new life, rebirth of the dead, and with that, it brings “hope” for another cycle. There is a mastery in the essence that causes me to ponder how this fresh growth cycle will support my evolution for the next few months. I think like that: Living in flux and flow with the cycles of Nature. And today, that includes an enormous and powerful full moon to shine light on my life experience.

In Persian culture, Spring is the New Year celebration. Millions celebrate Nowruz, the new year celebration. I like that. I think the new year being in sync with the Spring season is much more appropriate than the new year being celebrated on January 1, when ice locks down the possibility of any new growth in my neck of the cosmos. Spring brings newness. Little white and purple and yellow crocuses have sprung up and the greenery of what will soon blossom into daffodils and tulips are apparent. After a long frozen spell, the earth cracks open to reveal such beauty that cannot be ignored. It feels to me like that is an accurate depiction of what a new year could bring, particularly if the past year wasn’t quite so full of beauty.

For some pretty good reading about the Nowruz New Year holiday, click the link below::

Celebrating Spring Equinox in the north, consistently brings to mind how amazing Nature truly is. I stop to consider my friends in Australia, moving into the Autumn season. We are like a big balanced sphere, with each of us experiencing our little space in time, and simultaneously being connected in a perfectly orchestrated inter-connected world. It’s all perfect, even when we are unaware of that perfection.
Wherever you are on this blue marble, I send you love, and the promise of a new opportunity to grow. Wherever you are, I hope you bloom. Happy Equinox!



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